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Big Fat Stuffed Envelope Swap #9-USA

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Swap Coordinator:wolfeagle (contact)
Swap categories: Miscellaneous  Newbie  Craft Supplies 
Number of people in swap:157
Location:Regional - USA Only
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:March 23, 2011
Date items must be sent by:April 9, 2011
Number of swap partners:1

Easy swap. Newbies with filled out Profiles encouraged. I understand we all have to start somewhere and this is a great swap to do that. Send a stuffed envelope with all sorts of goodies to one partner. Please send, at least a long business size envelope that measures approximately 4 x 9 inches, however you can certainly choose to go bigger if you want. The items you send are senders choice, however it is always nice to look at your partners profile and try to send items they can use. This is not a Profile swap, so please do not spend a lot of money shopping for profile surprises. This is more for you to send items that you have on hand, that are in good usable condition. This does not mean you can send your trash, send only items in good, usable condition. Please do not send items like, like your used candy wrappers, or written on apt. card, etc. Do send items from the list below. If you are unsure of items, you can ask me. Examples Include (but are not limited to )

Post cards,

Greeting Cards




Scrapbook papers, chipboard, etc ephemera



recipes/recipe cards

old photographs

small books

handmade items

craft supplies

teas/coffee/drink mixes

fabric scraps, sewing items

rubber stamps



Or anything else you want to share that is in good, usable condition.

PLEASE REINFORCE your envelope with tape at the seams or use a larger envelope, if you think there is a chance it will explode during mailing. You may also choose to put stuff in a baggie in case the envelope tears in transit. This is a USA only swap. Have fun. No recent no sends allowed. Please rate your partner. No FLAKERS ALLOWED. Do Not Flake. I will list all flakers. I reserve the right to ban individuals.

Please do not send scraps of memo paper/notebook/post-it type paper, etc. You may send the whole memo pad or notebook but scraps of note paper does not equal scrapbook papers.

New Swappers- Profile Help: To fill out your profile, go to Profile. Then select Edit Profile. Next select Personal. You will be brought to a screen where you can fill in the sections or add your own information. Things like favorite colors, crafts you do, items you collect, hobbies, likes/dislikes, etc...all help your partner to send you items that you will like.

USA Only


kirstykai 03/ 3/2011 #

Are you planning on doing an International version? I loved this swap when I did it before

wolfeagle 03/ 5/2011 #

No, I'm not going to host my International swap any more, but I'm happy to say that @sosiejude will be hosting the International version of this swap from now on. Jude loves envelope swaps also, and has started the International version Here Feel free to join one or both swaps.

Kariexoxo 03/ 9/2011 #

Just joined swap-bot yesterday. I'd be a new swapper :) Please let me know if you need any additional info in order to join this swap. Thanks so much :)

terrygirl17 03/11/2011 #


pedal2u 03/12/2011 #

I thought I understood until I got to the Movie/dvd/cd's could you explain how some of these items will fit in a simple bussiness 4 1/8 by 9 1/2 inch envelope? do you mean I should go to the post office for a better envelope? Do you fold the scrap book papers to fit them in and a clipboard? I am really confused. Sorry. I want to join as it sounds like fun.

BranSews 03/12/2011 #

@httpedal2u You would NOT fold your papers or items, you would just buy a bigger envelope OR choose smaller items to send. FOLDING papers is a no no, as you can never really get the crease out.

BranSews 03/12/2011 #

No idea why it added the http, should have been just @pedal2u

wolfeagle 03/12/2011 #

@pedal2u Don't be sorry for asking a question. The minimum size of the envelope is 4 x 9, many people choose to go larger. The above list is just an example of things that are acceptable. There are many other things that would also be acceptable. And, yes @bransews is correct in saying that papers are better left unfolded. You can cut them to 4 x 9 size, and chipboard.........not a clipboard......is used in scrapbooking and other crafts. It comes in many sizes and shapes and can easily fit in a 4 x 9 envelope. Movies, books, cds and many other larger items can fit nicely in the 6x 9 envelope, though that is completely up to you. All that is required is the 4 x 9 envelope, and those envelopes can hold a lot :) If you are uncertain of anything you want to send, just ask me.

bobogrl 03/13/2011 #

I misunderstood as well, just went around the house and stuffed everything into a big manilla envelope (9x12), now I'm going to unfold those scrapbook papers I put in there (figured they could cut them down smaller to get rid of the crease). I dunno, seems I go overboard in these swaps and my partners do the very minimum...maybe I should scale back and not be so over excited to do these?

But anyways happy swapping and I hope we all get something we need :)

bruxbaby 03/13/2011 #

If only @bobogrl was my partner... I agree with how we sometimes go overboard and get the bare minimum in return. I would love to join, but I am afraid to be disappointed.

bobogrl 03/13/2011 #

bruxbaby check your inbox!

funkhoup 03/13/2011 #

I agree with @bobogrl and @bruxbaby I've belonged to Swap-bot 2 years this month (I think) and I go overboard and end up disappointed some times too. I always say the next partner will do better. I always try to think positive. I'm joining this one anyways.

ArtsOnFire 03/13/2011 #

It can be disheartening to put in a lot of effort only to receive the bare minimum; but I'm not just swapping for what I can get, I swap because I enjoy brightening someone else's day. That, too, is part of what I receive when I swap.

Malana 03/13/2011 #

This will be my first swap (I just joined today) and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm already looking around my apartment for ideas of what to send.

bobogrl 03/13/2011 #

Arts, I agree it's more fun to give than receive..but many of my swap partners don't even rate, so there's no joy found in how they feel about their package!

I'm not trying to be bitter..I genuinely love swapping. But my hopes is that the person sending me a package puts as much love, care and effort into their gift as I am putting into mine :)

Happy swapping, friends!

wolfeagle 03/14/2011 #

It would be nice if every swap received was awesome and put together with love, care and effort but unfortunately that isn't always the case. I will say that I have received a few swaps that have been totally disappointing but in general, most swaps and swappers are considerate and take time to read profiles and put together good swaps. That's also why rating is so important....so please take the time to rate your partner...not only do they know their package has been received but you can also note if there was a problem with the swap also. You can also give a big WooHoo! Happy Swapping.

auntmaymay1221 03/14/2011 #

I am learning...I get such awesome packages that I am trying to step up my game, so do not judge others by what they send as they might just be learning, as I am.

Linda52156 03/15/2011 #

I agree with you bobogrl I get excited and overstuff also. But I look at it this way for 4.95 postage envelope I can put alot in it and makes someone smile. And if I don't get as much back that is fine. I enjoyed stuffing mine to send and making someone else happy with what is in it.

Margothecat 03/15/2011 #

My first swap was a BFSE swap. I did what was required. But the gal who sent to me went overboard. The more involved I got in SB, the more I realized that it is nice to send extras. It gets you hearts and makes the person happy. I also, whether required or not ALWAYS check my partner's profile for every swap to see if I have some things they would really like. Not everyone does that, but it gets hearts, and you genuinely make people happy because you cared enough to take a little time to read their profile. I'd like to do more of them, but it is getting expensive. Have fun!

CINDYAC 03/15/2011 #

If it says USA only, does that mean if i do not live in USA I cannot participate? Sorry I am new and want to make sure i follow the rules. Thanks

angeleyes79 03/16/2011 #

If I get an open slot I will join. The people I have been sending my swaps too have been slow to posting so I am only allowed 5 at a time right now.

wolfeagle 03/16/2011 #

Yes, this swap is for USA mailing addresses only.

SIGLES 03/18/2011 #

I agree with Linda52156. I love doing these stuffed swaps. I love sending and recieving, no matter what I get. I'm here to have fun.

angeleyes79 03/20/2011 #

Yes, I am in for this one

meganlyon87 03/21/2011 #

Would love to do this, I love getting mail :)

Deeno1105 03/21/2011 #

As @wolfeagle stated in the swap instructions and requirements, PLEASE, PLEASE have a decent profile with likes and dislikes. You can even mentions things for family members as well. The last swap like this I was in, my partner had nothing on her profile except that she liked chocolate. I messaged her trying to get some idea of what she would like because I always try to please my partner and send something they like. She would never respond. I ended up sending the chocolate (expensive kind) and the rest of the items were my choice. I never got a rating from this person so I don't know if she got it or not. I asked several times for a rating but she never ever responded. PLEASE give me some ideas so if you're my partner, I can have a nice choice or at least know what you might like. Thanks all and good luck with your swapping!

Swapbotbaby007 03/21/2011 #

Ok...here we go LOL! I am new tothis and this is my FIRST SWAP!!! been watching this site for about 6 months now and ready to start joinin' IN!! Will be so fun!

And thans for saying NOT to send junk! lol! I would be so very upset if I got a bunch or trash!

Nandin 03/21/2011 #

I bought some items today! I'm excited for this one!

MrsAlderman 03/22/2011 #

this sounds amazing!!! first day on the site and i already feel at home ^u^

elbowmacaroni 03/22/2011 #

I just signed up and joined this swap!! I am sooo excited! i am ready to get home and stuff an envelope!!!

3goldkeys 03/22/2011 #

I just discovered Swap-bot several days ago and his will be my first swap. I feel like a kid in a candy shop....I just can't wait to be assigned my partner. Swap-bot members seem so excited and it is rubbing off on me.

Lois63 03/22/2011 #

I joined Swap-bot in Jan this year the first swap I did was a Valentine Card. So that was what I sent, it was homemade and they were nice. When I got my cards they had little extras in them and I thought "Hey that's a really neat idea, I wonder how they knew that I liked these kinds of things?" I finally realized that they read my profile Duh!!! and so when I got my next partner I read her profile and found out what she liked and sent just a few extras in the envelope Wow I got a star I couldn't believe it. What the site needs is a how-to on swapping. Almost everything that I have swapped has been wonderful and I have seen so much talent in the things I have recieved I try to go above and beyond not for me but to know that whomever opens that package will have a smile on their face. I signed up for this swap when it first came out so my envelope is ready to go. Happy Swapping everyone!!!!!!!

NickiSlater 03/22/2011 #

Newbie here! I just joined swap-bot and this will be my first "go around". How do I select a partner? Thanks! Looking forward to stuffing an envelope!

Deeno1105 03/22/2011 #

@NickiStater .........swat-bot automatically generates partners on the day after the swap deadline join date. You'll get an email telling you that your partner has been assigned and you may begin swapping. Welcome swap-bot and happy swapping!

panthyrr 03/22/2011 #

This is gonna be swap number three for me. My first one's on the way, the second one is made and will be on the way soon. This one looks like a blast. :)

Swapbotbaby007 03/22/2011 #

Hi! I have never done this as stated above!

How do I tell who my partner is and where to send the items! I am so excited because this reminds me of "secret Santa" LOL!

tresak 03/23/2011 #

This will be my first swap and I am excited. I can't wait to start stuffing!

wolfeagle 03/23/2011 #

If you are new, please read the FAQs and new user info. Rachel has put a lot of important information in there, all about swap-bot and how swapping works.

For swaps and when you will get your partner, In general, the host has 7 days to review profiles, and drop people from the swap, then the host will click assign partners and then the swap-bot computer will randomly assign partners for the swap. When that happens, you will get an email saying partners have been assigned. This can be anytime within the first 7 days after the sign-up date has passed. I have already started reviewing profiles, and will be dropping people, so we can have our partners assigned sooner rather then later. :)

3goldkeys 03/23/2011 #

I've put more information in my personal profile. I hope that it is acceptable. It was hard to type and preview my text because the advertisments partially covered the boxes. This swab looks like so much fun. I hope I'll be able to get in on the excitement in time.

jennifergordon 03/24/2011 #

is there a way to find out who has you as a partner? I like to read their profiles so i have a little bit of knowledge of the person sending to me. thanks. Jen

panthyrr 03/24/2011 #

I'm so excited about this one! The person I get to send to is awesome, so I'm gonna have fun with this.

@jennifergordon if you click on 'rate your partners' it'll list who got you. :)

panthyrr 03/27/2011 #

Just packed mine up. I went a little overboard, but it was fun. ;)

Swapbotbaby007 03/29/2011 #

AHHHh! Finally sending my envelop tomorrow morning!

I m excited for my partner to get this! Especially when I paid particular attention to the profile!

Nandin 04/ 5/2011 #

I just want to say, my partner Lyn Anderson (lyn44246)- is so completely awesome! Thank you @Lyn44246 . You made my day and then some!

wolfeagle 04/28/2011 #

Reminder: If you have been flaked on...Please Rate your partner and then let me know.

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