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April Stash Bust - 2nd Annual!

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April Stash Bust - 2nd Annual!
Swap Coordinator:racheljohnson (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items  Ephemera  Craft Supplies 
Number of people in swap:178
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Rating requirement:4.80 (unrated swappers allowed)
Last day to signup/drop:April 22, 2011
Date items must be sent by:May 2, 2011
Number of swap partners:1

Let's celebrate Earth Day by using and swapping what we have instead of buying new! Let's pledge to make April a craft destash month! Together, we can have a really big impact on the environment and on our own wallets.


Many of us have ginormous stashes of craft supplies with many fun and creative projects waiting to be born, but we also probably have some extra items that haven't quite found their way into our projects and maybe never will.

For this swap, you'll send your one partner a 6 x 9 inch (or larger) envelope stuffed full of your excess craft supplies. You can send paper scraps, fabric, ribbon, yarn, stickers, embellishments, etc... Anything you already have on hand and that you think your partner would enjoy. You are sending supplies that you have not had a use for, but like always, only send clean, quality items that you would like to receive.

Notes on envelope size: 6 x 9 inches is the smallest size envelope you can send, but any larger size is great, too. Recycled shipping materials are welcome to be used. "Stuffed full" can be a subjective term, so let's all try to include at least five different types of items in our packages. This is a wide open swap, but remember: the intent is to help us reduce our personal stashes while, in turn, receiving some "new-to-us" supplies in the mail! Be sweet to your partner! :)

New users are totally welcome in this swap! In fact we are inviting new members to Swap-bot specifically for this special earth-friendly swap. However, all current users must have over a 4.8 rating with no recent 1 ratings. I will remove anyone who looks suspicious. This swap is eco-friendly and people-friendly!!

For the entire month of the April, let's pledge not to buy any new craft materials, tools or supplies for the April Stash Bust!


CelticCatShop 04/ 6/2011 #

I definitely want to join in this! Can't seem to find the "join this event" button tho. Please help? :) Looking forward to this!

racheljohnson 04/ 6/2011 #

It looks like you got signed up successfully, @CelticCatShop - yay! I am excited that we already have 23 participants!

taytay01 04/ 7/2011 #

Ok, this is my very first swap! I am excited....do I wait for a name of my swap partner? I hate to sound ignorant....what's next?

racheljohnson 04/ 7/2011 #

Yes, partners get randomly assign right after the sign up deadline. you can come back to this page to get your partner's mailing info at that time. (You will get an email letting you know when the info is available.) Also, just an FYI: you send to a different person that you receive from in Swap-bot swaps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

lizzmathwhiz 04/ 7/2011 #

I found this swap on a different site and that is how I found Swap-bot. I am addicted already.

grandmaroro 04/ 8/2011 #

I have spent the last year destashing by renting a booth in a craft mall and keeping the booth filled. And - I told DH today that I cannot miss a thing. I still have plenty. I'm signing up even though I will receive an envelope. But I love surprises and I love Swap-bot.

Shanti 04/ 9/2011 #

Oh my, I sure wish I would have found this swap when I first joined! I've been an artist /crafter for 30 years. These are the kind of swaps I want to join! Cause boy oh boy , do I have STUFF! (but someones elses STUFF always looks better and is more fun ; )

rockermum 04/10/2011 #

This is my 1st swap here. I'm really excited.

racheljohnson 04/11/2011 #

Oh yay! I am so glad so many of you are signed up (we are a top swap!) and that many of you found Swap-bot through this swap. It is a really easy and fun was to get swapping here.

Cocobean 04/11/2011 #

Still on the fence .. newie .. had probs w/ other swaps. I'll decide on the 15th. Thankfor beings here.

fawnscrafts 04/12/2011 #

@Cocobean if you have had problems and you are not a week old user, then perhaps a huge swap like this is something to give it a rest on.

I cannot understand how there could be a problem swap for such a newbie, there is no official time to have rated. Perhaps this is a second ID?

I guess, that anyone that has problems in the first 7 days of using this site.......

pedal2u 04/12/2011 #

I would love to join but I hope not to disappoint my partner. I just started and don't have much in my "find a use for bin". I do collect cloth for sewing so I could cut from that or ribbon but my bin has cardboard,who would ever need that? and scraps of copy paper and white card stock.I haven't built up much stach at allI could search the house or make envies or put in note cards but would that be disappointing to someone else? Shall I just check their profile. I would really hate not to send enough good stuff or disappoint. someone.

reauk 04/13/2011 #

iv got craft items but not into crafts been sent items in swaps...im into penpalling .will it be ok to join?

racheljohnson 04/13/2011 #

Everyone (who meets the rating requirements) is welcome in this swap. However, you do need to send a 6x9 inch envelope FULL of craft supplies. That is also what you will be receiving. Only join if that sounds like fun to you.

Cocobean 04/14/2011 #

racheljohnson, Ooops .. the problem wasn't with this site. I'm in .. need to DE-STASH. There are envelopes and then there are ENVELOPES. Am I right?

CelticCatShop 04/15/2011 #

Can't wait!!! Already packing a goodie box for sending!!

NikonGoddess 04/15/2011 #

Finding a super exciting "envelope" to send. My daughter got a HUGE one the other day...looking to fill it with goodies...will check my partner's profile when assigned. Can't wait. This is going to be fun!

Craftyrie 04/15/2011 #

Lol, I'm just moving house & have just discovered a hidden treasure trove of craft stuff... I'm definitely in!!!

KraftyKash 04/15/2011 #

This will be my 1st official swap. How do I know who my partner will be? Thanks!

rockermum 04/15/2011 #

Will we receive a list of our partners "likes" & be able to send our likes? I would like to send them things that they will use & want. I should probably add to my profile. I am new on here. I don't think I filled out my info on what I like.

racheljohnson 04/15/2011 #

You'll be able to access your partner's mailing info after the sign up deadline has passed. You'll get an email then letting you know that the info is available. At that time you can also click through to your partner's profile page to view their likes and dislikes, if you'd like to personalize the package. However, this is a sender's choice swap, so you do not have to personalize...

I am so excited! We almost have 100 participants. Wow!

Dibrittain 04/15/2011 #

My husband would wish I would send a crate. I have to get a open top dumpster he tells me for all my junk. Hee hee.. Well my partner hopefully has a good want list since I did 10yrs at a craft store so I have one area in the basement of just odds and ends for crafting. I will fill what I can afford.

olivias 04/16/2011 #

I really want to take part in this swap. I have SO much stuff but I couldn't post until May 14 (I'm travelling right now). That's way too late, isn't it?

Barbtower 04/16/2011 #

Can't wait to get my partner. I am already getting my package together to send! What a fantastic idea!!

annyenil 04/17/2011 #

This is TOO COOL!!! I'll definitely join!!=)

racheljohnson 04/18/2011 #

@olivias - yes, you must mail the package by April 29th... so you might have to site this one out. I am sorry.

I am so pumped that we have over 100 participants!!

probie1 04/18/2011 #

how do i know my partner will also be a knitter?

probie1 04/18/2011 #

I have a LOT of yarn in my stash...how do I know which one or ones would be most helpful to a partner

islandgirl 04/18/2011 #

once your partner is assigned, you can check their profile link to find out if they are a knitter. I hope you get a partner that knits, as for me, I am a paper crafter!

coleenfranks 04/19/2011 #

I've done these kinds of swaps before. I'm an American and I teach scrapbooking to ladies in Ukraine and this is one of the ways I get supplies for them since we don't have scrapbook stores here. They love flowers, nature things and anything shiny, sparkly. This will be fun. And I have lots of fun stuff to send too.

KizzyMama 04/21/2011 #

I don't think I have quite enough so I am going to back out reluctantly. I don't want to disappoint

quhogqueen 04/21/2011 #

quhogqueen I'm a knitter and a needlepointer and I do live on an island

TreeHearts 04/23/2011 #

ahh... i was thinking whether i should take part.. and now it's too late! :(

KnitSewCrafts 04/23/2011 #

This is my first swap! I haven't received my partner info yet, though. Does this mean I may not be assigned one? I'm not sure how this works. Thank you!

scrappnswapr 04/23/2011 #

A lot of new swappers without profiles filled. I hope they add something....

racheljohnson 04/24/2011 #

I am sorry for the delay. Partners have now been assigned. There are a lot of new swappers in this swap, which can be scary, but I hope that this swap will be a successful introduction to Swap-bot for them. Plus, I will angel this swap. Let me know if you have any questions.

snpyrunner 04/24/2011 #

Just as a side note, might want to have swappers have SOMETHING in their profile! My partner has absolutely nothing in their profile, so I hope they like their tote :(

snpyrunner 04/24/2011 #

uh... meant to say package... not tote

kittenred 04/24/2011 #

in the UK, the 29th is a bank holiday for the royal wedding, which means no postal services :( I won't be able to mail until 30th. I will PM my partner to make them aware of the mini delay.

joyegail 04/24/2011 #

I think I accidentally got myself into 2 swaps on here, this being one of them, but I don't want to be on this one, only the yarn swapping one. I am a newbie to this whole thing, and this site, so please forgive me, but I need to be removed from this one. Thanks.

joyegail 04/24/2011 #

I will say if it's too late to be removed, then I can participate, but I would prefer to be removed. Thanks,

kittenred 04/25/2011 #

it will be too late to be removed, once partners have been assigned, that's it. newbies are allowed in up to 5 swaps. doing this one would give you a type 3 rating which is more favourable with the groups/hosts.

Crunchysews 04/25/2011 #

I agree with you, snpyrunner. I wish my partner had a filled in profile. I hope they like their swap.

reddirttraveller 04/25/2011 #

I also agree with snypyrunner, my partner dosn't have a profile either so I emailed to ask what sort of things they liked so they sent me on a web journey to their shop which for me told me little. :(( I was not inspired sadly nor was I impressed that they could not take a moment to list a few things.....I will send a parcel hope I am not wasting what I am sending.

racheljohnson 04/25/2011 #

Hi all - The April Stash Bust swap was promoted by a few of my friends on their websites in the hopes of attracting new users to the 'bot. Therefore, I allowed in any new users who wanted to participate. I know that the blank profiles seem risky, but I do think it is best if you do send. Some users take a while to get used to the site...

Also, I am going to angel any unset swaps. So all legit participants will definitely get a package.

I am going to extend the mail deadline to Monday, May 2nd. That will allow those in the UK a few extra days to send.

Shanti 04/26/2011 #

I'm very new and I also got a brand new partner with a VERY limited profile. I really would like to make every swap special, but I can't when I really know Nothing about my swap buddy. I guess all I can do is send stuff I'd like to receive.

kjcc 04/26/2011 #

I signed up for the swap and I haven't heard anything. :(

panthyrr 04/26/2011 #

@shanti You could always message them and see if they respond. :)

@kjcc In the upper right hand corner of this screen, click on "See the partners you send to".

kjcc 04/26/2011 #

I don't see that. :(

papercaper 04/27/2011 #

@kjcc - three reasons why you wouldn't be able to see that link are: (1) you're not signed in with your user name (2) you're looking in the wrong spot (it's a pale yellow box with 4 or 5 links in it, to the upper right of the swap if you're not using a mobile phone, which can be different) (3) you thought you signed up but, for whatever reason, it didn't take. Do you remember if you confirmed signing up at the time? You would have been taken to an agreement and confirmation page automatically, and you have to press one of two links. They're not well-highlighted but they're there in the first paragraph.

Good luck. Hopefully you were just logged out when you looked and didn't realise it. :)

papercaper 04/27/2011 #

Oops! You left a message using your user name. You were signed in. :/

panthyrr 04/27/2011 #

@kjcc I just looked at the participant list; I hate to say it, but you're not on there. When you joined the site, did you also specifically join this swap?

You would have clicked "join swap", then a page would have come up with the terms. On that page you would have clicked "yes, sign me up" to sign up. After that an email would have come to you.

kjcc 04/29/2011 #

I could have sworn I remembered seeing a confirmation but I never received an email about the swap. :(

kjcc 04/29/2011 #

Oh well. I guess I'll try again next year. :(

panthyrr 04/29/2011 #

Just packed mine up! It'll be going out tomorrow.

palacey 05/ 2/2011 #

I just printed my postage online and stuck my package in the pilarbox to my partner. It's a public holiday in the UK today, so PO is shut! But it's in the hands of the Royal Mail + will get picked up in the morning.

Cocobean 05/ 3/2011 #

I mailed yesterday 5/2/11 .. So I'm a newbie and forgot I need to let you know I'm up to date. Looking forward to my package coming round. This is fun .

AngelKay 05/ 3/2011 #

Hey guys, mailed my package yesterday just forgot to press sent :)

rockermum 05/ 4/2011 #

I mailed my package. It's my swap & I don't sew, so I didn't really have anything to send. So I hope it's okay what I did send.

skybridgestudios 05/ 6/2011 #

I marked my swap as "sent"... but am holding onto it for now. I didn't post because my send-to partner has been banned. I noticed she was taking a steep ratings slide and checked with this swap's coordinator before we decided that I'd hold my swap package for Angeling. Whoever my send-to partner was assigned will definitely not get stiffed! Just want to document the situation and not receive any further "reminder to send" emails from the auto-bot.

Cocobean 05/ 9/2011 #

Received my package .. very happy. Looking forward to other swaps now.

BarkleysMommy 05/14/2011 #

My partner has a blank profile and has marked this swap as sent. I've not recieved anything as of 05/13/11. Bummer. :-(

racheljohnson 05/16/2011 #

Hi @BarkleysMommy - I'll put together an angel package for you. However, PLEASE rate your partner honestly with a 1 rating if you haven't received. That is very important.

For anyone else who has not received: Please rate your partner with a 1 and then contact me via the messaging system. That way I can keep track of who needs angel packages. Thanks!

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