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About Me

***NOTE: Please let me know right away if you are missing a rating or swap from me! It’s never my intention to make anyone wait and I will never flake.


I love to create! I consider myself an enthusiastic beginner, but I always do my best to create items I would like to receive myself. I make pocket letters, decos, ATCs and flipbooks. I am willing to learn new things so whatever is sent to me, I will simply mimic the style and add my personal touch, to send back. I also love snail mail and I send all of my letters decorated with stickers and ribbons and cutouts, whichever I have at the moment. I look forward to swapping!

My Favorites: I love all colors and just about everything used for crafting. My eye gravitates towards neutrals and darker colors.

I love astrology, I am a Leo, I try to maintain a fun- loving outlook, and calm demeanor but 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🦁🙄...😇 I try to keep the dramatics to a minimum. I get excited about everything 😉 so don’t be surprised if you see an exclamation point after every sentence of mine!

I will never push my beliefs on anyone or treat anyone less because of what they believe. Personally, I believe in every damn thing. .....Please do not send me religious items unless the swap calls for it! Most people don’t like to get it on SwapBot and so then I can’t use it and it just sits in my stash so please don’t send anything religious. (Unless it’s really beautiful and you can’t resist. I am Christian but I also enjoy Tarot, spirit, psychics, astrology, a good swear word and much more)

My favorite things to collect are washi tape, pens, notecards and stationary, die cuts, scrapbook paper, cardboard chips, embellishments of any kind, paints, inks and stamps, comic books like Maxine and Garfield, cute calendars and stickers. I love all stickers EXCEPT the Disney stickers, superhero type stickers and the dreaded rewards stickers. I mostly indulge in little flourish stickers, animals- even farmland animals, flowers,worded stickers, stickers that glitter or have foil on them and the Stick-a-bilities by the paper craft studios-those are my favorites.

I do love to draw and color in the adult coloring books but I have a very active toddler and I rarely have a babysitter so most of my time is spent doing what he likes to do, which is usually not coloring. I do make time to do some painting, crafting and the like, for my penpals when my little guy is asleep.

I love to read and I prefer romance novels written in the medieval time frame, stories about Lords and Ladies, Dukes and Dutchesses(is that a word? Lol) Lairds and Clans and things like that. I also liked the Harry Potter books, but then they got a bit dark and I'm more of a light hearted gal so I lost interest after Dumbledore died. Gained my interest back when Ron and Hermione finally got it together, lol! My favorite authors are Barbara Longely, Nora Roberts, Sandra Hill, Jude Deveraux, Janet Chapman, Marsha Canham, Beatrice Small and Linda Howard. I also indulge in the occasional supermarket Enquirer or something equally decadent (gossipy, of course). I am a thrift-a-holic and most books I have, are found at the thrift store. I love to reuse and recycle loads of crap so if you're into that kind of stuff, let's swap!

I am not the hugest music fan, although I do love some things:

The Greatest Showman’s Soundtrack, Taylor Swift, Cardi B, Beyonce, JayZ, Melii, Miguel, Ariana Grande, Adele, Nicki Minaj, Kesha, Maroon 5, G-eazy, Halsey, and whoever sings the Cake by the ocean song( that’s my jam) but honestly, whenever I do listen to music, all genres are cool. I like mostly pop, hip hop and r&b, as I was raised on it, and I love it! However, when I really have the choice, I like to be in a quiet, peaceful atmosphere just coolin’ out. I get overstimulated easily nowadays and it is so rare that I have any time alone...

I love all animals and I am especially fond of cats, kittens and Rottweilers.

I love writing to my pen pals and also new friends that I meet through Swapbot! I get some really beautiful mail from so many talented people here, it blows my mind! I keep a lot of the pretty envelopes I get. I also love watching the youtubers out there, they really make some dope stuff and I appreciate them sharing their talents with us who struggle. They really make art enjoyable for everyone!

Oh, and I talk a lot. 🤦🏾‍♀️ .

My DISlikes

I am fairly easy to please but there are several things you should probably know...


I loooooveeee washi tape, BUT not white plastic backs or ANYTHING from the dollar store(besides zebra print), Please dont waste it on me, guys. don't like Emojii or Poop stuff or clovers or plain looking stuff. I love pretty girly stuff, vintage, animal washi, mermaid, classic, comics or like snoopy washi, retro stuff, goth-like stuff and anything “artsy” or “weird”. Please do not send me any SHINY or GLITTER tape, I have plenty of foil tape with saturns and orbs on it, do not need anymore😩😏 I barely use what I have, lol! Also, please NO watercolor washi- unless it’s Jayne Davenport. No geometric washi unless it has silver or gold in it. I do love it but I have a lot of it from Amazon when I used to post reviews in exchange for good discounts. I really love the Washi you can use as borders on paper, I love any Washi that has gold, rose gold or silver foil accents, and um did I say animal Washi??, oh! and summery stuff, like fruit.

Anything made by Tim Holtz or Graphic 45 is a treat!

Thanks for any and everything that you send to me and please know that while I am being specific, it is just because it’s for my profile but I really won’t rate down if you don’t send my preference. I love getting to experience the mystery in what a partner will send and it is interesting to see who I have similar tastes with.

I love just about anything, (except reward stickers🤷🏽‍♀️) trust me!


I looooooooveeee stickers, but please do not send me stickers from the dollar store. No homes, no coffee, no pop ups...umm, no thanks (but, thanks!😉). I love notecards from the dollar store but lately the stickers don’t seem to look right with what I do. It’s nothing against the dollar store stickers but I don’t prefer them. Any border stickers are always appreciated. Border stickers are the ones that come in a straight line and are different shapes but are attached in a line so you can use them on the edges of your letter to create a “frame”.

Please pass me on Avengers, Frozen, Mickey Mouse or Anna and Elsa or anything like Iron Man or Superman.

I love cats and dogs, but not any of the stickers that have the red or colored backgrounds. I've tried to use them before, because they look so cute in the package, but when I put them on paper they just do not look good to me, so.... Thank you :)

I am beginning to have an interest in Kawaii characters now, but I have no stash yet and I don’t really know where to get the stuff that I like so I can’t really join the swaps held for it. If you want to send some my way I’d love it, for sure! I also just started collecting unique decks of cards. If you have some to share, I love board games cards, trivia, video game cards, jokers, twos and basically any card lol!

I love homemade envelopes but please none from regular magazines, I prefer the calendar pages kind, or the regular card stock type and I love vellum made envies. Basically, I just love homemade envelopes made out of just about anything other than magazines. Lol

Ummm, hmmm what else do I like...


I can always use cool cutouts of magazines, old books, etc. (Think ransom notes) I love mostly any ribbons, cool fibers or threads that I can use to alter art projects I love buttons and embellishments I love ephemera but more so the “commercial “ kinds that you buy in stores I LOVE project life cards, cards with a positive message, journal cards and anything like that. I’ve gotten these homemade washi-like vintage-ish stickers, of like, pretty vintage models, flowers, even once got Marilyn Monroe and those are awesome! If you know what I’m talking about please let me know what they are. Because all I know, is they are EVERYTHING! They look awesome on envies.

Sidenote** I want to let you guys know that I enjoy reading your profiles on Swapbot. It’s almost like people-watching, which I feel weird about doing, since where I live you kinda just mind your own business, ya know? So instead, I like to read profiles in my free time(some call it trolling but I’m definitely not calling myself that! **mmmkay) And every single profile I read is amazing!! And interesting! ✊🏾🤙🏾

Favorite Crafts


Decos, anything Washi, flipbooks, ATC and Pocket Letters (although lately, I don't feel like doing those pocket letters, they use too many resources) but like mixed media ANYTHING and I’m also thinking about journal pages soon.

I am so ARTSY-FARTSY so I will try anything once, if you have an idea and want to teach me about it I will try it and swap with ya.

I LOVE personal address labels and will swap just about anything to get address labels so if you make them and need a swap buddy, I’m your girl.

Please send me any excess decos!!! I love doing them and I will take any that I can get my grubby paws on and I always have extra so if you want some, hit me up!

Thanks :)


Queensmiley2530 rated for OOO: Stickers! on Oct 16, 2018
Comment: Wow thank you so much• I do love them all!
ttbishop rated for Get to Know a Weirdo - Round 2 on Oct 14, 2018
Comment: OMG you are my new favorite person. Thanks so much! So awesome! :-D
Response: Lol!! I feel super “giddy” that you liked it!! Idk why giddy exactly, but that is how I felt when I read your comment. So glad you liked it!🤗
HelenG6 rated for IWTS: A Week in Washi on Oct 10, 2018
Comment: Thank you for your swap and nice letter for your weekly washi.
Response: You’re very welcome 😊
ArtsyEm rated for Letter Set Letter USA #18 on Oct 5, 2018
Comment: 100 hearts!! This was such a sweet surprise Aaliyah, thank you SO much! This was not a simple letter swap- you totally took it to the next level girl. This was an awesomely creative Halloween craft, bursting with awesome goodies!! I can't tell you how much this made my day. I don't go to my PO very often, hence the delayed rating. I hope you have a super awesome Halloween=)
Response: I try, I try, ya know😌 glad you enjoyed it! I had fun making it. Enjoy and thanks for rating!
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely swap, Aaliyah - I love everything about it! The envelope art is fantastic, and I appreciate the goodies you've included. ♥ (And I totally hear you in regards to things being misplaced and going MIA - I swear, our house has a knack for temporarily eating random objects. Things always reappear at some point, and generally somewhere I swear I looked already, lol!)
Response: ❤️❤️you’re very welcome!
KathyB rated for Coffee/tea MUG Swap! on Sep 26, 2018
Response: ☕️
Klbbird2 rated for NH Mail Art swap on Sep 18, 2018
Comment: LOVED the envelope!! Thank you! And I will DEFINITELY write back!! :)
Response: Awesome, I look forward to becoming pals! 🤗
Hugsie86 rated for Simple Washi Swap! on Sep 18, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the gorgeous washi! But don't worry about not having specific samples. I loved them all!
Response: That is great news! I’m so glad you were ok with it! You’re absolutely welcome!🤗
Comment: I absolutely love love my envelope you made you are a very talanted lady. kind of wish it's didn't have my address on it or I would have framed your painting. Thank you so very much. We are in spring here in New Zealand is a lovely warm day great for gardening. Yes it's still little cold still some snow on the mountains. And thank you so much also for the cute goodie's can't wait to try the herbal tea. Have a wonderful day and I do hope we get to swap again soon. Hug's Michelle.
Response: What a nice comment! I’m happy that you loved it that much! It’s funny because I love to create art but my vision of what I want to do is never clear to me so I search paint tutorials and then do my own thing as I follow along. It’s extremely relaxing and fun for me! Glad it warmed your heart!
StagKing rated for OOO - living things on Sep 16, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the cute washi, I LOVE the little plants in jars!
Response: Super glad you enjoyed the swap! Thank you for your comment!
ncnurse04 rated for USATC: Free Themed ATC Swap on Sep 16, 2018
Comment: Such a pretty ATC. Thank you.
Response: You are very welcome!
sharmison33 rated for Uniquely Me #5- Silly Side on Sep 15, 2018
Comment: Thanks so much for everything. I loved opening all the little envelopes. My favorite quotes are full of bad language and sarcasm to!
Response: Mwuahahaha! That’s so awesome! You’re welcome!
m3i5 rated for Unique/Interesting Washi on Sep 12, 2018
Comment: Hi Aaliyah, thank you very much for the washi tapes, stamps and postcard :) Sounds like a great birthday party! :)
Response: It was so fun! I’m glad you liked the swap, you are more than welcome! 🤗
Comment: Thank you so much for both the beautiful black and white ATCs and all the extras - I'll put them to good use! Extra hearts and hugs :)
Response: Yay! Glad you liked everything!!
Comment: Thank you so much for your mail!! I love everything you sent, especially the lemon letter set. Thank you for your generosity.
Response: Glad you enjoyed it! You’re welcome 😉
ScottishLass34 rated for MAE - Express Yourself on Sep 5, 2018
Comment: Thankyou for the unique envelopes and the washi, can’t drink the tea though, allergic to berries.
Response: You’re welcome. I’m so sorry about the teabag! Idk how I missed that, you were specific. So sorry!
newrule rated for Simple Washi Swap! on Sep 5, 2018
Comment: Enjoyed reading your letter! Thanks so much. Good for you for losing the weight. May your journey be fruitful! Loved the washi tapes and the extra teabag! Thanks. Take care ok!
Response: You’re welcome! 🤗
sammybongo rated for Cat Day 🐱 swap on Aug 25, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for everything. My cats are happy big time. I never seen most of the treats before or that flavour of crunchy treat. My cats will eat everything and love to play big time. I am so happy your cats have a happy healthy loving forever home. More people should be like you.
Response: You’re very welcome!😽
dcp0112 rated for Goodies 4 ME & YOU!!! August on Aug 21, 2018
Comment: Wow what a nice package I received today! Thank you so much for putting so much time and thoughtfulness into this goody package!
Response: You’re welcome 🤗
yukikumo2005 rated for INTL Happy Mail - 5 Pieces on Aug 19, 2018
Response: 🤗

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ittybittykitty on Sep 18, 2018:

THANK YOU for sending me my washi bag back! :) It was cool to see some new washi and say “howdy” to my old ones! P.S. your washi envelope was so pretty!

ittybittykitty on Sep 2, 2018:

Welcome to Weirder Every Day!

CurlyTea on Aug 13, 2018:

Happy Birthday!

lou on Aug 5, 2018:

Happy Birthday Month from WIYM group!

kimberlywritesstuff on Jul 28, 2018:

You are so sweet!! Thanks for stopping by! ~Kitty Hugs~

Dsweeny on Jul 8, 2018:

You are loved dollface!

ladydy5 on Jun 20, 2018:

There Are plenty of drama queens on swapping so don’t be dismayed by any remarks made about you. I welcome you to my group artistically inclined.

wolfeagle on Jun 17, 2018:

Wow. Thank you so much. I love it.

wolfeagle on Jun 11, 2018:

Thank you so much for the loaded zine. What a clever thing to create.

RiverTopanga on Jun 1, 2018:

Hello! Welcome to the Artisan ATC group. I hope you will enjoy this group. We are a crafty bunch, and love what we do! Swap on! - Leslie

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