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shorterthanu44 on Aug 1, 2012:

Thanks for joining Speedy Trade ATC (4)! Happy Swapping!

StaceyNeverSleeps on Dec 5, 2011:

Thank you for the Tank Girl ATC angel! you didn't have to but I love the ATC and it was really cool!

weeatcrayons on Nov 21, 2011:

Hello!! I see my card - 9500100019221320000065 resend has made it to you!! I hope you are enjoying it!! It seems I love to draw more lately (was behind a huge block for a few years due to stress and life in general)! Here is the picture for the first one which I wish would turn up! Please let me know about my ATC!

Itti on Nov 16, 2011:

Hey, do you still want angelling for the Cluedo swap? I can't take on the whole thing but I was thinking I could do some of them for you?

makestuff on Nov 8, 2011:

Thank you for the pretty ATC for the October lottery! It is such a nice surprise :)

bytekel on Nov 7, 2011:

Quinn, I got the packed you angeled for the Creepy/Cute ATC swap! I love it!! Thank you for the extra goodies, I love getting little things I can use in my crafts!

Lyenuv on Nov 3, 2011:

Also, I LOVE the little chip and dale envelope, where did you get them? I'd love to buy some for swaps :D! Didn't think to ask earlier, was in the rush to get to work haha!

morwesong on Oct 26, 2011:

Yikes! I had specifically left those ATCs out for 48 hours to dry so they didn't do that. I am so sorry! I will absolutely remake and resend them because I would hate for those to be a part of your collection looking like that! If you give me a day or two, you will get another set of U and X ATCs, this time safely secured in a ziplock bag. Sorry again!

morwesong on Oct 22, 2011:

Hello! I saw that you were flaked on by @salex for the U movie ATC swap. I am sorry about that :-( She ended up being a non-rated for me. It is always such a shame when people who have been in the series for so long end up flaking. I am sending to you for the X swap, and I just wanted you to know that I am currently working on a U ATC to send along with the X. Sorry for the flakage!

MSturgill87 on Oct 14, 2011:

Hello! I was wondering if you would please take a moment and rate me for this swap? Thank you! I do hope you enjoyed the ATC I sent.

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