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Getting to know me

  • here since July 4, 2011. I met my husband in 7 th grade in the year 1999 I have known him for half my life! I love Justin and I am blessed to spend the rest of my life with him!

  • We are v and look forward to that freedom and opportunities that await us. I am not selfish, please don't call me that. If I were selfish I would have a child with my husband and I would not care about what type of mental disorder cocktail they might be served. I refuse to bring a child into this world who one day might look at me and state that they cannot control their thoughts, that they feel bad deep inside and cant get better. I would never wish my mental disorders on my worse enemy, why would I chance it on my own blood?

  • here and Justin shares that passion with me, Its on my bucket list right at the top! In fact we both want to visit new places and see things that most do not get to see. Please do not send me post cards, I will grab a few when I get there! A few more off my bucket list is to be love locked, be completely debt free, and own a Bob Ross painting. I have a notebook of a bucket list, our time is limited and knowing what you might want helps.

  • Justin and I recently (2 years ago now) moved out into our first house together so I guess that makes me a housewife. fuck and I never realized how many things need cleaned, scrubbed, fixed or whatever. I am a housewife and at the end of the day I am as tired as the next person. Whats worse is all the effort I put in the house in one day will be gone the next. :) I like cleaning, things are never clean enough. I hate the motto "a clean house is the sign of a wasted life" Booo! I made my own "Always clean like the inlaws are coming over: :D Weee!

  • I am disabled, it is not a physical limitation though. Mental illness is extremely difficult to live with, just ask someone who does, actually just look. They probably do not have to tell you that they struggle with some things that should be easy or considered normal. If you ever want to talk about this, or something going on in your life I am an ear for you! I have Agoraphobia, Depression, GAD, OCD, intrusive thoughts, and other "minor" things that are results from my main diagnoses.

Please take notice

  • My OCD which is currently ruining my life is "sexual" in nature. If you have to send to me please treat me as a "g" rated swapper. I cannot even say body parts without going into a fit of OCD so...yeah. I want to keep swapping but I want this obvious for profile things!

  • here and got help after I wish I had it for years. I wish I could go back and change things but I cant, I just need to live and learn it is an addiction and sometimes its just too much to give it up. There is no way around it her and her lastly her.

  • I LOVE MUSICALS they cheer me up and keep me going in life. here A show tune for me is much more then it is to anyone else. Musicals are a swelling of my heart, lessening of my worries and a chance to open my mouth and say things—LOUDLY. I love almost all musicals when I hear/watch them. Right now my favorites are Sound of Music, Avenue Q, Annie, Hello, Dolly and Little Shop of Horror!

  • Disney movies are fun for me, but I do not like anything theme Disney for “collection”. The main reason I like Disney is because no matter what there is some singing in those movies! her here BY far right now my favorite Disney movie is Tangled, I can relate to a cartoon character and I am not too ashamed to admit it.

What can I offer?

  • I will be the first to say that my crafting talents are limited. I put heart, effort, time and learning into each project I make and the end result is what makes me happy. If I am not happy I DO NOT SEND! That being said if I ever need to send late I will contact you, I do not want to think about your sad face after you see an empty mailbox.

  • I offer my time to read through your profile. I offer my creativity and my talent with a desire to make you super happy. I will read your profile, I will enjoy learning about you and I will selfishly enjoy creating something that makes you happy, happy, happy.

  • here and here from my projects. By the time I get one done another is right in its place. I do try to keep my craft room clean but sheesh, so many projects so little time!

  • er I cross stitch, plastic canvas and work with felt at times too. I really love the process of taking different threads of different colors and turning them into a lovely piece of something something! I would love to craft you something using my talents!

  • I love to scrapbook and I do it a lot, learning as I go. I also enjoy paper crafts like atc card making, inchies and on and on. I like using all of what I spent my money on!

  • I get that I cannot make something for everyone, I am not that talented. I can always offer up etsy favs for your handmade items. If I can suggest it and you not be offended I will even pay. I am sorry that others frown upon that here but I don't. Sometimes I just cannot craft for exchange but I may love your craft and talent, if I contact you for a swap please don't be offended if I offer cash/etsy favs. My crafting talent may not be to your level, I am having a hard time mentally or heck all my items are packed up for our move. Please take it as a compliment that I want to own your creation!

  • I also wholesale a lot of my items. I can always trade crafting supplies if your not interested in my work. My past work can be seen on myflickr just use the link at the top of the page. I will always be adding more work as my work is done!

What do I want/like?

I am not asking you to head out and buy me tons of things. I know that I have a ton of random stuff that I have bought (clearance, big lots, wholesale) to trade or collected in other trades that I am waiting for the right person to pass along. Maybe you have a half used sheet of sticky rhinestones that you might not use, random ribbons that are not your style or even rubber stamps but you no longer stamp? I am ok with used items (minus beauty products) just keep in mind the value of something that is used.

  • I collect and use worry stones, pocket angels, pocket tokens and things like that. Sometimes its the only way I can get through a store.

  • Harry potter anything! I'm a proud hufflepuff! The husband is a content ravenclaw

  • here

  • I like anything if it is a seasonal or holiday item. That may sound strange but I am crazy in love with holidays, seasons and decorating for them! I love altered pieces that in some way relate to the holidays!

  • I got a KITTY (and she is a snuggle bunny and a cutie!) and she is my first cat! Handmade cat/kitten toys are welcomed Callie (my new kitty) loves foil, paper bags and fleece. She is not a princess cat at all, it seems like she wants the free/cheap stuff. Thats my girl :) She actually has a area for her toys that's as big as our dining table :/ She loves them though

  • my husband is away a lot for work. This month alone (its the 25) he has been gone 11 of those days. In October we were unable to have 2 nights together he was gone so much. I have a lot of time to my self (but not free time) so if you could recommend movies to me I would love that. hereAt night I get scared of noises and need to hear the tv and I hate random chatter, I would rather it be a movie I can be interested in hearing. No...naughty adult movies please if I even have to say that.

  • With the hubby away I put a lot of junk on my face. I don't know why its not like I have perfect skin because of it but for some reason I am a huge facial person. here Like those peels, muds, sulfur mask that you can get in packets. I have a ton, I keep them as a stash :)

  • I love cooking! 3 years of being out on my own and I am much better. I just am not creative in the kitchen. I cook what my father cooked, what my husband likes and I follow recipes. That said I would love to start my cooking recipies box. her

  • Can you make aprons? I am very old fashioned and I wear cleaning aprons, the fuller the better!

  • Because of my umm..."issues" I like quotes like "this too shall pass" I know there are more but I am just sitting here with " I heard my momma cry, I heard her pray the night Chicago died" in my head.

  • I will watch my husband play Wow for hours. Wow is my husbands hobby and I usually pull up a chair while he plays and I will play with the cat, cross stitch, chat online or work on other things. he The game is fun, I used to play but gave it up so that I can craft in that time. It was a fair trade!

  • Pretty pink things. Pink is my favorite color I also like GLITTER! Ha not a color? I do not care, add glitter to any color and its better than before he I also love brown and yellow. I am a sucker for a topaz LOL

  • almost any scrapbooking supply. Ribbon, brads, tags, lace, buttons, metal embellishments, page corners...on and on. But please no eyelets. After never using one for over 6 months I am destashing these.

  • paper or fabric flowers

  • I really like handmade items for me. Heck if you hand make something that I can sit and display on my shelf and is seasonal you may hear me squeal with delight!

  • Sun is shining' in the sky, there ain't a cloud in sight. It's stopped raining', everybody's in a play. And don't you know, it's a beautiful new day, hey....Get it? No, then move along, its okay not to get it.

  • Do you have any destash craft kits? I find I like the "by the book/rules" of many craft kits. Even if its a craft I do not have listed as a fav I like to try them. Kits usually have all the ingredients to make the product :)

  • I love random metal pieces for my crafts. Tim holtz junk, spare parts or what have you left over pieces I love left overs lol.

  • I tuck my cross stitch needles somewhere safe and I never find them again. When I do find them they are on the seat end of my husband and he is too mad for me to say "oh I have been looking for that!" I would appreciate any size of cross stitch (usually blunt tip) needle you can bless me with!

  • af here Little cute critters like owls, deer, and of course skunks ga here

  • That being said I also love fur real fur. Its a weakness, I cant help it! But I don't like to eat much meat. Go figure

  • scrapbooking rhinestone/gems pearls bigger than 2mm

  • here Actually I love and wear all kinds of bracelets. My favorite being the ones made from sewing thread. The thicker the better, I am always striving to cover scars.

  • But most of all my thing I am most addicted to? here Seasons, are great! I love the change and I love how each one is…different. (Oh boy I sound smart) My favorite thing about season change is that I decorate for each season! I love to collect seasonal things that have been handmade! here and I collect owls in pairs. Also owls that have a season, one I own has a santa hat on, another is holding fallen leaves and one has baby ducks around it with green grass. Its cool for me to be able to combine my 2 loves!


Please do not send

  • Remember gere I do not need those baby supplies. Send them to a mother who needs to fill her scrapbook!

  • Food--- this includes tea, crackers and other things that go inside your mouth!

  • I have short teeny tiny hair, I have to keep it like that. If my hair gets to long and touches my ears or face I about spaz out so I do not need any hair supplies or accessories.

  • h torn, dirty, past its prime should have been tossed not passed along things.

  • I hate bugs, scared to death of them. Butterflies, ladybugs and ants are some of the bugs I am terrified of!

  • he I am not a good speller but you read my profile and know that now :)

Here is my princess kitty! She loves to hide her face while sleeping and cuddle time is best for sleeping and face hiding!!! I have never had a kitty before but I am pretty sure my kitty is a good one.




here That kitty stole my seat while I posted a message on facebook! She is hiding her shame!



HelenG6 rated for 60 Stickers Swap! *International* on Mar 16, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the nice Autumn stickers and all. I appreciate the effort.
ivanabu rated for 60 Stickers Swap! *International* on Mar 12, 2019
Comment: Thanks a lot for a great choice of stickers!
Comment: I love love love your thoughtful choices. Thanks so much!
Comment: I emailed CarlyJo about 3 weeks after the end of the swap and did not receive a reply from her. I just sent her another message letting her know that I am rating her a "1", but will change it once I receive the swap. It looks like she hasn't been on swap-bot since the end of October.
Response: I'm so sorry! I'm trying to get ahold of you. I was offline with this swap (and then years later) but will send it or anything else to you to make up for it
ChelleHames rated for Simple Sticker Sheet Swap on Oct 8, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much for all the awesome stickers!!! SO MANY CUTE ONES! I can't even pick out a favorite!
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KrackerJaxx rated for PPU: Pick A Theme Pocket Letter on Oct 7, 2015
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Comment: Loved this pocket letter!!! it was so beautiful! Thank You! :]
BlueTeaRose15 rated for PPU: Happy Halloween - USA on Sep 29, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the awesome Halloween PL! I love all of it! The letter was my favorite part, but I do like the jack-o-lantern stamp and will be writing you back. Thank you so much!
Comment: Thank you so much! I love it. This was my first pocket page. So much fun.
latentsmile rated for PBS - stocking fillers - USA on Sep 28, 2015
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Goodmorningfelicity rated for Profile ATC on Aug 23, 2015
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Comment: Oh my goodies!
Comment: What a wonderful pocket letter! Amazing job and so unique. Thank you so much!

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SO funny that you had a Christmas theme going with my August CPG Wish...I have been fixated on Christmas this year! Maybe it was seeing the full holiday display on the 4th of July in Hobby Lobby that started it :o The stickers will go to good swap envelopes!

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wooohooo, we did get partnered...well, at least I am sending you a few things along with my craft. I do hope you like the little package. I didn't identify everything in it, so if you have questions after it comes, let me know

njstauter on Jul 31, 2015:

We are in a Halloween swap together and I am just reading profiles of those in it with me. We may or may not get partnered, but I am glad to read your profile and am totally impressed with how authentic you are.

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I might do another Fandom PL in September or so. There is an international version that closes tomorrow, but I'm not hosting it. link

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