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Date Joined: January 20, 2008
Last Online: May 31, 2010
Birthday: March 30, 1985
Country: Brazil
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Disclaimer 1

Since I'm in Brazil, things may take a little longer to reach you, usually from 15 to 20 days (but it can take a month sometimes). Please be patient because I always send them on time. If you haven't received anything in a month, please contact me so we can figure things out! :) Thank you so much!

Disclaimer 2

I always thank people for sending me swaps and tags. If I haven't contacted you is because I didn't receive anything yet.

About me


My name is Carolina De Jorge and I'm 23 years old. I live with my parents and my sister in Brasília, capital of Brazil. There's also Princesa, our cute and playful Lhasa Apso. :P

I have always loved pen-palling. I have been writing letters for about 10 years! I want to start swapping too, so I joined Swap-bot! :) I have always sent my pen-pals great packages with birthday/Christmas gifts, postcards, stuffed animals and other cute stuff. So I figured swapping would be great for me!


PLEASE don't worry if you do not have access to Diddl and Kawaii stuff. I like EVERYTHING that's CUTE. Really! :)


  • If you really want to see me happy you can send me cell phone charms, cute keychains, pens, memopads, notebooks and stickers, specially from Diddl and Kawaii characters! :P Diddl is my all time favorite and I will be thrilled for sure! Non HK characters are great also, specially My neighbor Totoro, because I don't have many access to them. Another thing I absolutely [heart] are bento boxes (and I can't get them here cries)! I love Disney too, but I have access to it, so it's not a priority.

  • I just got my hair cut so now I can use hair clips. It'd be nice if I received some cute and small (not childish) ones!

  • I absolutely love travelling. I have already been to the US, France, Italy, Switzerland and Argentina. I [heart] souvenirs from all over, specially t-shirts (size small or medium), stuffed toys, mugs, caps, keychains, magnets and pens/pencils! :)

  • I like bath and body stuff, specially moisturizers, handmade and liquid soaps! I prefer citric fragrances, but I like sweet too! Please keep in mind that I don't have a bathtub at home (Unfortunately).

  • Edibles from your country! I like tea and coffee, also all types of candy. And thank God I have no food allergies! Although I like to eat a lot, edibles are not on the top of my list when it comes to swapping... I think of it as an extra in packages (unless the person specifically calls for edible stuff).

  • UPDATE: I have just started this medical treatment and unfortunately I can't eat chocolate! So please don't send it to me. If you have already sent/bought chocolate for me though, there's no problem since I'll glady share it with my family and friends.

  • For ideas check the wishlist and the if you're crafty topics below! Thanks a bunch! :)

Private swaps

I'm totally up for one-on-one swaps, just send me a private message to see if we can work something out! If you want to trade brazilian Havaianas/Ipanema flip-flops, contact me! :P

Brazil I reuse packaging.

Favorite Music

I like everything but heavy metal. Pop, Rock, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Samba, Bossa Nova... :P I don't have favorite singers/groups, it really depends on the song.

Favorite Books

I like reading a lot, not only books, but magazines and newspapers too. I like cute and romantic books, like The Princess Diaries and classics, but I also like reading Harry Potter stories, lol! Edgar Alan Poe and Agatha Christie are great too.

Favorite Movies

Don't think anyone will send a DVD, but just in case... If you want to send me any, I'd really like Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Hairspray and Footloose.

Everything chick flick! The Princess Diaries, The Devil Wears Prada, What women want... Love comedy, watch little science fiction such as X-Men. I love watching movies adapted from books. The last one I saw was The Kite Runner.

Favorite Television

I get to watch brazilian TV a lot. We have many soap operas (they last about 8 months here) and also Big Brother Brasil. As for international TV I like all kinds of Reality TV (Extreme Makeover Home Edition, American Idol, America's Next Top Model) and Friends, Gossip Girl, ER...


These are the things I'll be absolutely happy (meaning hearts) if I receive, in no particular order:

  • Hannari Tofu (I have seen them around and they look soooo cute!)

  • Diddl and/or kawaii stuff (specially notepads, memopads and pens)

  • A kawaii plush (any character, I love them all!)

  • Anything food with faces

  • Bento boxes/supplies (not laptop lunch boxes though!)

  • Cute keycap

  • Cute mousepad

  • See "If you're crafty..." below

It's pretty easy, I like almost everything, no material/color restrictions! :)

If you're crafty...

You could send me a blind box toy either. We don't have them here and, actually, I don't even know exactly what they are. So... if you send me one, I'll like it!

I have just found out about mini moopies. They are the cutest thing! Another suggestion then. ;)

Thank you so much Jennifer for sending me my very first perfect stuffie.

Please don't send me...

Please don't send me candles or incense. It's not that I don't like them, but I just don't use them. I also don't have a bath at home so I won't be able to use any bathtub thingies you might send (sad I know). I cannot use DIY kits either, and I'm not very fond of dotee dolls... :) Oh, and no CDs/Mixed CDs either. Thanks!

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Comment: Awesome Kawaii books, love them, thank you:)
Response: I'm glad you like them, Lisa! Thank you for rating me. :)
riah11479 rated for Private - Carolina and riah11479 on May 1, 2008
Comment: I got my necklace today! I love it, is is gorgeous! The little notebook is too cute! I needed one to put into my purse, so this was a fabulous addition :) Thanks again!
Response: Oh I'm so happy you like your necklace! I thought the notebook was nice too, so I enclosed it in the envelope... Glad to know it's in your purse now. Thanks for rating me and for the heart!
Comment: Thank you! I love the notebook - perfect for my obsessive list making - and the beads. And I'm looking forward to trying the cappucino with my breakfast tomorrow morning. I hope your bento box arrives soon!
Response: I'm glad you like everything! And I hope that cappuccino tasted good in your breakfast. I'm happy to know that both the notebook and beads came in handy for you! The bento should be here anytime, I'll rate you as soon as I receive it! :)
GeorgeBee rated for Private - Carolina and GeorgeBee on Apr 30, 2008
Comment: Thanks for the notebooks, they are adorable!!!
Response: I'm glad you like those! Thank you so much for rating me, George! ;)
Comment: I love the Chococat notebook and the Cinnamoroll coin purse! The Keroppi pen is so cute! Am I wrong of does the Chococat notebook smell like chocolate? I wanted to eat it! hahaha!
Response: Yes, it does smell like chocolate. I just love it! ;) I'm glad you do too! Thank you so much for rating me and giving me a heart! Yay! :D
Superchou rated for Bento Babes Group Swap on Apr 17, 2008
Comment: What a wonderful package! I am so happy I got to know you a little better and am looking forward to listening to the CDs. Thank you!!
Response: Oh my, I thought I had already replied to your rating, Superchou! Thank you SO much for the &hearts ! :) And I'm sure by now you've already listened to the brazilian songs... I hope you liked them!
Comment: Thank you SO much! I got the package today and the chocolate is delicious and I love all the extras you sent! I'm listening to the Brazilian music right now :)
Response: Oh I'm glad the package got there safely! I love Kinder eggs too! Did you get nice surprises? I hate when I get puzzles, lol! ;)
pavotrouge rated for Bento Babes Group Swap on Apr 12, 2008
Comment: what a cute package! thanks a lot for everything and the extra tea!
Response: Thank you for rating me and giving me a heart! I'm glad you like everything and I hope you like the tea! ;)
phatelara rated for Private swap - phatelara/Carolina on Apr 10, 2008
Comment: Thank you so much for the wonderful goodies from Brazil! =) I love everything, it felt like I just came back from a holiday in Brazil! Thank you for being so generous, I am worried that I didn't send you enough. I'm sure my bf will love the key chains, thank you! And oh the pretty notebook, give your mom a hug for sending that to me. It's pink and it's cute! Your mom's and your handwriting are both beautiful. =) Thanks for a great swap.
Response: Yay, it arrived quite fast, didn't it? I have replied to your PM. I'm so glad you like everything... Thank you for rating me! ♥
JennyTheArtist rated for Carolina & JennyTheArtist on Apr 8, 2008
Comment: WOW!!! Thank you for all the beautiful beads that you sent for me! I can't wait to get using them!!!
Response: Whew, you got them! :D I bet you're going to make wonderful things with all those beads! You're very talented! Thank you for rating me and giving me a heart! ;)
Christinee rated for CC Private Swap on Mar 25, 2008
Comment: (editing for grammatical errors and because now I have a little more time) Hi Carolina! Thanks for the profile surprises! I think I will use the notebook during the next school year and I can't wait to try the drink! Authentic MADE IN BRAZIL.. oooh! Most of the sanrio stuff in America is either made in japan or china. Oh yeah, thanks for using the beautiful stamps, I collect them! =)
Response: I love that notebook, I think it's cute yet not childish. I mean, if I were still in college I'd certainly use it! ;) I hope you like the drink, açaí is very energizing, so I don't suggest drinking it at night. Thank you for the rating and heart! ((hugs))
Marionsmom rated for Private - Carolina/Marionsmom on Mar 14, 2008
Comment: Oh my gosh!!! That was such a wonderful package!!!!! I don't even know were to start!!! My daughter jumped right on the stickers, pencils (I took the pen for myself ~_^) and candy!!! I can't wait to try the tea and other drinks! You are right I don't have anything about tea on my profile because here in Arizona it is almost always to hot to drink it BUT it is still cool enough in the mornings to drink it (at least for another few weeks) so I will have that tomarrow morning!!! Thank you so much for everything! You have no idea how much I needed something nice like this right now!!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Response: Awww I'm very happy that you like everything. Yes I know what you mean about the tea. Here it's very hot too but I still drink it, lol! The other drinks are supposed to stay in the fridge for a long time before drinking, so they get really cold! I love 'em. I hope you do too. I think the pen was my favorite item in the whole swap! It's too cute, I love the star on top of it! ((hugs)) for you and your kids, hehe! ;)
glamazon07 rated for Private - Carolina/glamazon07 on Mar 13, 2008
Comment: Carolina, you did a wonderful job of making this a special swap!!! Thank you for everything!
Response: Awww sweetie I'm glad you liked it! I hope everything will come in handy for your crafts. Thank you so much for the rating and my first star, yay! ;)
Comment: Cute parcel!! You were right, those stamps were so neat! I love all the buttons, the coin purse and all the extra stickers, teas and drink! Thanks sweetheart! ((hugs)) artsyfartsy
Response: Oh I'm so glad you like everything! I hope you enjoy the teas and açaí as well. Let me know! ;) Thank you for the heart! ((hugs))
Comment: Wow, i love all the pictures especially the building-front tree picture. The colour is gorgeous!! Thanks for the lovely pics!! I truly enjoyed them :)
Response: I'm glad you liked them, the orange tree picture is my favorite too. Thank you for rating me! :)
bubblygreek rated for East meets West on Mar 7, 2008
Comment: What a fab parcel to start the day with. We all loved everything - My DH wanted the hat but his head was too big, LOL! Thank you so much - you deserve more than 1 heart! Can't wait to swap again with your diddl keychain!
Response: Yay, I'm glad the parcel didn't take too long to reach you! It's great that you liked everything... I'm sorry the hat is small though, lol! I put a little bit of everything you all liked in the package. I uploaded a picture to my Flickr too! ;)
Comment: got it today loved it all even the stamps on the envelope ... i will have to try the tea soon thank you! (:
Response: Wow it got there really fast! I'm glad you liked everything. Thank you for the rating and heart! :)
Comment: What wonderful stamps, thank you for everything. Has your package arrived yet?
Response: Yay, they've reached you! I'm glad you liked the stamps, sorry I didn't have more to offer. I haven't received your parcel yet, but as soon as it arrives I'll rate you! It should get here this week I guess. :)
Faerielicious rated for Carolina/Faerielicious on Feb 25, 2008
Comment: LOL I got your package today too! I love everything in it. Do you remember where you saw the pics of the altered bags and brushes? I'm really curious about that. Thank you so much for swapping!
Response: Eva, I don't recall because it was like *years* ago! But I remember once (I was a kid) I got one bag like that with a cute ribbon/bow glued on it, and inside there were these little stars and hearts, with a mini (really mini) post-it. I loved it! I'm glad you liked everything! Thank you for the heart! ;)
Comment: Thanks for the great postcards and the 78 wonderful stamps all for my collections! What a great note you sent too - very thoughtful! Thank You!
Response: Yay, they arrived! I was beginning to worry... :) I'm glad I made your collection even bigger. Thanks for rating and giving me a heart!

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isabela on Feb 4, 2009:

Oi! sou nova por aqui, e ainda não entendo bem como mexer =/ tá afim de fazer troca de cartas ? eu te add no flickr sou http://www.flickr.com/photos/isaah_cruz/


Jex on Jan 3, 2009:


I´m hosting a swap, please join us!


Erdbeersternchen on Nov 16, 2008:


Roos on Jul 17, 2008:

hi ,

i started a swap group , come and take a look :)


greetings Roos

Roos on Jul 3, 2008:

hi sweetie ,

how are you ? is the strike over by you ?

hope to hear from you soon .

greetings Roos

MissThundercat on Jun 15, 2008:

wow, it took it's sweet time to get to you, but better late than never! you're welcome sweetie and i'm glad you liked it all! xoxox

JennyTheArtist on Jun 14, 2008:

I was just thinking about you, yesturday! I'm so glad that your parcel FINALLY made it to you & I'm glad that you like everything! ENJOY!!

PhantomBeauty on Jun 12, 2008:

I am glad that you got the package ok and that you like everything. Enjoy. Hugs, Leah

yume on Jun 8, 2008:

Ai carolina eu fiz isso q vc me falou mais mesmo assim, não consigo upload as figuras no meu profile T.T Só mostra o end da figura >.<'

Roos on Jun 4, 2008:

hai sweetie ,

how are you ?

is the weather nice at your country , here it`s nice warm .

hope to hear from you soon .

greetings Roos

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