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General Information

I've decided to take a much needed break from Swap-Bot.

Swap-Bot is no longer fun for me, it's more like a chore. I will still pop in and out now and again, finish my swaps (obviously) but I don't plan to come on daily anymore and plan to focus on real life a bit more.

About Me:

Anyway a bit about me, my name is Georgina, although most people call me George. I am a trainee accountant from Cambridgeshire in the UK.

I like to craft and have dabbled in jewellry making, nail art and sewing over the years although the only crafts I really do now is hand and machine sewing and ATCs.

I live at home still with my parents, boyfriend, Matty, dog, Ollie and parrot, Ratbag. And yes, he really is called Ratbag, he's my boyfriend's. If you'd like to send either one of them something then Ollie likes furry toys and hypo-allergenic treats and Ratbag is a small parrot (a Conure), something to bear in mind, and likes jingly jangly things!

PM's, Ratings, Etc.

  • PM's: I always answer PM's, if I don't I have probably assumed that it is one which doesn't require answering. If this happens and you do require an answer give me a gentle nudge. I would appreciate an answer to PM's I send but it seems to be getting a rarer thing!!!!

  • Receiving Ratings: If you haven't rated me after one month of me posting out your package I will PM you voicing my concerns about the package having gone missing and go about agreeing a two week waiting period. I will then contact you after 6 weeks and re-send if nothing still hasn't arrived. Nothing I've sent has gone missing yet, touch wood. I always obtain a proof of posting certicate from the post office unless it's something ultra small like an ATC.

  • Giving Ratings: If I haven't rated you then I haven't received your package as I always rate on the same day as receiving. I will contact you after 6 weeks voicing my concerns.

  • Extras: To me extras do not equal hearts. I avoid swaps that have that as part of the swap description, I very, very rarely give extras and I'd prefer not to receive them unless they are profile based or something I can use, for example ATC or bigger patterned papers are good, magazine cuttings and stickers are not. If you do send extras, it does not guarantee a heart! To be honest I'd rather you spent an extra 10 mins working on an ATC than 10 mins chucking in some extras that I'll probably just pass on.

Fancy being an angel?

I have been flaked on the following and feel too shy to ask in the forum :-( :

Private Swap by @Riah11479

Private Swap by @Sunshineswaps

And finally a big, big thank you to the following people who were kind enough to angel me in other flaked swaps:










Something for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend, Matty, often opens my packages as he is home when the post comes, unlike me, and he gets jealous of all the packages I get so if you would like to include a little something for him feel free to.

  • Dragons

  • Thick Socks: Don't even have to be mens sizes they can be a normal womans size as his feet aren't huge and he steals my socks enough! And they can be pink with flowers, it really doesn't matter, he'll still wear them!!!

  • Gamer Stuff: He lives on the Xbox 360 so little game things or stickers would be enjoyed.

  • Ice Cream Goodies: He is an ice cream monster, I swear!! He'd eat ice cream and ice cream only if he could, so cool ice cream spoons, bowls or toppings he'd love.

  • Historical Stuff: He likes Roman things and Spartan things. The whole armour, swords, colleseum stuff.

  • Egyptology

  • Fishing

  • Vegetable/Fruit Gardening

  • Books: Please no books as he has severe dyslexia unless lots of pictures.


Me and the other half would very much appreciate....

  • Pop tarts: The only flavours we can get here are strawberry and chocolate so any other flavours are much appreciated!!!

  • Jolly Ranchers: We like both the hard and chewy versions!

  • Swedish Fish: Droooooool!

  • Airheads: Love 'em!

  • Jelly Belly beans: My absolute weakness!

  • Sour Patch Kids: Pretty much goes for any other sour candy! My mouth's watering just thinking about sour candy lol!

  • Wonka candy: In particular nerds, runts and laffy taffy!

Pretty much most gummy/chewy candy, in particular sour candy. Matty likes milk chocolate things too, especially with nuts in!

And sweet flavoured popcorn is always great!

Private Swaps

I am happy to do private swaps for any number of things!!

  • British Items: If you want any typically British items do not be afraid to ask! I am more than willing to help. Whether it's Cadburys or Paperchase goodies just let me know and I'll see what I can do!

  • Dotee Dolls: I make custom dotee dolls, if you'd like to see examples please see my Flickr. I can do movie characters, random characters or just surprise dotee's based on your profile. These take a lot of time though, at least 6 hours + as well as quite a lot of materials especially where capes and skirts are involved. I put a value of approx. $15-25 on each dotee, it depends on how much work is involved.

Please be aware that handmade custom items may take up to a month to be made and sent to you.

Favorite Crafts

  • Sewing: I do a lot of hand sewing, see my Etsy and Flickr for examples. I also recently got a sewing machine so am experimenting with this too. I am planning on making a warm coloured quilt when time allows for it!

  • Dotee Dolls: I do not collect these but do make character dotee's for collectors. See my Flickr for examples.

  • Baking: I love to bakes cakes and buns. I prefer baking as opposed to cooking but do still enjoy both!!!

  • ATC's: I've been making these since June 2008, I mainly do hand drawn or painted one's using Sharpies, coloured pencils and watercolours.

Favourite Colours

  • Orange/Red: Especially in regards to decorative things as my bedroom is decorated in warm colours. And also cotton fabric for the quilt I'm planning.

  • Purple

  • Royal Blue

  • Turquoise

I do like most colours though the only exception is pastels but I don't hate them!

Favourite Animals

  • Pigs

  • Elephants

  • Chameleons

  • Owls

  • Birds

  • Penguins

  • Turtles and Tortoises

  • Cats

Favourite Things

  • Sharpies - Sharpies, sharpies, SHARPIES! Loving these right now and any and all colours are welcome!!!

  • Blank Postcards They can be of literally anything as I use these for comping!

  • Amigurumi Animals I am trying to get a collection going of these!

  • Paperchase Products

  • Woodland: Cutesy deers, mushrooms, gnomes, etc.

  • Stationery: Letter sets, writing paper/sets, envelopes, notelets, memo blocks, address labels, swap cards, wish cards, notecards etc.

  • Fabric: Plain, patterned, I am not fussy! Cotton is preferred!

  • Matryoshka Dolls

  • Buttons Any at all, I'm making some colour themed button jars!

  • Musicals

  • Socks (Fun ones): UK size 4-7, which can be viewed as a 'Medium' or Continental size 39. Love thick ones in particular, especially Totes!

  • Knickers: I prefer boy shorts, (if unsure what these are look at the knickers on the 'Dorothy Perkins' website to see). UK size 12, Continental size 40.

  • Sewing Supplies: Fabrics, thread, bobbins, embrodiery thread, storage items, ribbons, buttons, etc.

  • Butterflies: Especially warm coloured ones! I actually like caterpillars too! I am collecting the fabric/feather ones with wire attached so you can attach them to things. Only in colours yellow, red, orange, brown, gold, and any inbetween shades!

  • GoodFood Cooking Books: Great books, look on my Amazon wishlist for any I haven't got! I've very nearly completed the set now - yay...but they just keep bringing out more!!!

  • Fruity/Citrus Scents: Mango being one of my all time favourites but also love zesty citrus scents!

  • Plushies: I like plushies but prefer fur pile plushies as opposed to fabric/felt.

  • Baking: I love baking cakes and things, but also enjoy just cooking so any cookbooks are welcomed! I bake from scratch, not mixes.

  • Pens: I can always use more pens, as I am forever losing them. I prefer roller-ball, gel type pens - nice smooth ones. Unusual thicknesses are always welcome because I have dystonia and it's nice to be able to swap to a different thickness of pen if it starts to cramp up.

  • Ribbons: I can always use more ribbon. Only fabric ones and no wire-edged ones please :-D Also the really thin ones are really useful in my dotee making!

  • Nut and Bee Products: Anything from here!!!

  • Felt: Good quality wool felt only please I have enough acrylic stuff and hate it!! Black and white are always useful, as is caucasian flesh colour, but any other colours would be fab!

  • Books: When it comes to book I am a really hard one to please. The only books I have ever been able to read, from start to finish, are Harry Potter books!! I lose interest easily, so if you can send or just recommend books you think I may like please do!!!! I also like wildlife, natural history type books especially with lots of pics as I use these as inspiration for drawings/paintings!

  • Address Labels

  • Needle Felting Kit

  • ATC Making Supplies: Paper, glue, double sided tape, card, sleeves, etc.

  • Suduko and Hanjie: Hanjie especially as I can't find any around here!!!

  • Watercolour Items: Paints, pencils, sticks in particular, paint brushes, watercolour paper, etc.

  • Crochet Kit: I'd love to learn how to crochet especially amigurumi!!!

  • Sakura Pens: Any and all! Singular ones are just awesome, I don't expect packs!

  • Armwarmers/Wristwarmers: I live in these in winter because of Raynauds!

  • Plushie Keyrings: I am starting a collection of these, they can be any theme!

  • Art Pens: Any kind, maybe your favourite!

  • Mix CDs: I like 70s/80s/90s, especially the really well known songs from those decades. I also like dance, Monroes and Wigan Pier in particular. I also like pop, chart toppers and good old fashioned cheese!!! Also songs from musicals or Disney films!

  • Brads: Just small round ones are great, nothing fancy.

  • Etsy Favourites or Amazon Wishlist: Both links at the top of my profile.

  • Paper and Card: Literally any as long ATC sized and upwards!

  • Zines: My newest interest!

  • Drawing Pens Ultra fine ones are just brilliant!

  • Artist Paper/Card Think bristol board, acyrlic paper, watercolour paper, etc.

  • ATC Backs As in cards or stickers to stick to the back of cards where I can fill in my details.

  • Home Fragrence Oils Nothing floral please!

  • Glass Beads or Silver Coloured Charms For dotee tails!

  • Car Air Freshners I do smoke in there so it tends to pong a little!


  • Spiders and daddy-long-legs

  • Nail Polish

  • Religious Items

  • T-Shirts & Hats

  • Jewelry: I have circulation problems and bracelets and rings often cut off the circulation to my hands and fingers so I only wear necklaces and earrings but am very, very, very fussy! I have a lot, and I mean a lot, of jewelry. If you really want to send me something I would advise something from my Etsy favourites or something along those lines!

  • Bags: I know, rather odd, a girl not being keen on bags. But to be honest I carry so much crap around in my bag that I don't like having to keep swapping bags!

  • Second Hand Items: You never know where they've been lol! Especially jewellry - that really creeps me out!

  • Cheap-o Make Up: I can have allergic reactions to cheap, chemically products.

  • Animal Cruelty: Please do not send items which support animal testing. Lush and similar companies are always good! And I love it when you send me items where part of the proceeds have gone towards some sort of animal chairty!

  • Pastel Colours

  • Lip Gloss: Just not keen in it. But I do like lip balm, although not the pot kind, I like the sticks, as I have long nails and end up with more under my nails than on my lips with the pots!

  • Floral Scents

  • Bugs

  • Notebooks: I have just realised that thanks to all the lovely swap-bot members I have enough notebooks/pads to last a lieftime heehee. I am still more than happy to receive sticky notes and memo blocks though!!

  • Journals/Scrapbooks: I just don't have the time for these sort of things so they tends to collect dust!

  • Magazine Clippings: I have no use whatsoever for these!

  • Kids Stuff: No kids therefore no use for this type of thing!


I try to recycle packaging as I buy a lot from online so have an abundance of used bubble envelopes. I will re-use them if they are in good nick and they will only be second hand, so when I send them to you that'll only be the second time that they will have been used.

I also use clean, second-hand bubble wrap if the items need it (breakable, squishable, etc.).

All my items will come wrapped in brand new tissue paper as well!

I will never send items in dirty or torn packaging!!

If you would prefer me to send items in brand new bubble envelopes let me know before I send otherwise, more than likely, they will be in recycled envelopes.

I reuse packaging.


Serenity rated for Open Theme ATC #4 on Sep 11, 2009
Comment: This ATC is so flippin' cool. I have not gotten one like this before. I have wracked my brain to figure out how you made it... I don't know all the ways of making ATC. I just love this mixed media. Still never figured out how you done it. what you used. I am thrilled to have it in my collection, you did a wonderful job making it. Thank you very much.
thechefsin rated for Specific Theme: Owl ATC on Aug 27, 2009
Comment: Your owl drawing is stunning. I am happy to have it in my collection. Thank you, Elaine
Robot rated for General Theme: Fantasy ATC on Aug 19, 2009
Comment: Awesome!
Comment: I'm speechless...No, not really, but once I start I can't stop. The cards are INCREDIBLE. They are real pieces of ART and gosh, I wanna FRAME them instead of hiding them in a binder. Love, love, LOVE them! Thank you!!!!!!
alleycat rated for Specific Theme: Beetles/Bugs ATC on Aug 6, 2009
Comment: awesome as always, thanks so much....don't love bugs either, but I had fun painting mine as well!
Janetburns rated for General Theme: Buildings ATC on Aug 6, 2009
Comment: Wonderful, thanks, Janet
Comment: got your Colorful Doodle today. Thanks, I like trading with you. Your ATCS are always Top Notch. Hugs, Tess
CSNYfan rated for General Theme: Black & White ATC on Jul 26, 2009
Comment: I am so thrilled with the beautiful ATC I received in the mail yesterday. I love how you did this one and I am honored to have it in my collection. Thanks so much for the ATC - I love how you told the story about it as well!
Comment: Thanks for taking the time to read my profile, very cute atcs!
Comment: Thanks so much for the great ATCs! You had a really creative theme!
Comment: I'm so honored to add not one, but two gorgeous George originals to my collection! These are absolutely fabulous, and I love your interpretation of the theme!!
lroddyozzauto rated for Pick A Theme ATC #3 on Jun 25, 2009
Comment: thanks so much for the owl - it's really nice. we have a large horned owl that visits us on our roof every winter - I can hear it but haven't seen it yet (my husband has and it scared the $#@& out of him!) I always love getting artwork from you!
Comment: Nice bug. Thank you. I will never get tired of your work. Can't wait to show the students when school starts. They love all the nature ATCs the best.
Response: Glad you liked it! Hope your students do too! Thanks for the rating!
tengu2 rated for Specific Theme: Rabbit or Hare ATC on Jun 22, 2009
Comment: Wow! love the rabbit! Love the work!
Response: So glad you like him! Thanks for the rating!
alleycat rated for General Theme: Moveable Parts ATC on Jun 15, 2009
Comment: WOW! I love both cards , but that lizard is probably my all time favorite.....I must of "played " with it for 10 minutes strait....and I giggle like a school-girl every time I see it....thank-you so much!
Response: Lol I must admit I did make my other half watch the lizard go all the way up, and down, and up, and down, and up, and down again lol! So glad you liked it, and thank you for the rating!
Comment: The crisps arrived today! Tried the bacon ones first, weird but good. My brother just thinks they're weird lol This is fun! ^_^
Response: Lol, enjoy eating them! And thanks for the rating!
Comment: Your card is just beautiful! Thank you. I really love the hand drawn swaps. :)
Response: So glad you liked it and thank you for the rating! I shall be putting some more swaps up early June :-D
gata rated for Specific Theme: Birds ATC on May 9, 2009
Comment: Little Bobby sounds like quite the character. He's very cute too!
Response: Oh he definately is!! Thanks so much for the rating!
tengu2 rated for Specific Theme: Flowers ATC on Apr 24, 2009
Comment: I love the moving parts! thank you for your kind words and I am so happy to see a moving parts ATC swap for the group. I love getting ATCs from you. Thank you
Response: So glad you liked it, I really enjoyed making it! Thanks so much for the rating!
Comment: I had to smile when I saw your ATC. You and I must have been thinking on the the same wave length. I did the Blue caterpillar for my ATC also. Thank you
Response: Haha that is pretty funny!! Great minds think alike and all! Thank you for the rating!

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raven on Oct 5, 2010:


cobaltgypsy on Apr 17, 2010:

Please look here blessings, Gypsy

crescendo on Feb 19, 2010:

Hi Georgina, just thinking of you and wanted to say hi. Hope things are going well in 2010 for you! Hugs, Sue. p.s. I won an ATC WTA where I got to tell what theme I wanted, I am now the proud owner of 5 more goat ATCs, yay!

raven on Jan 1, 2010:


TeaNi on Sep 16, 2009:

Hi! I've been meaning to "stop by" and tell you how much I'm enjoying using the journal you sent me and how much I loved the happy hippos (yum!) that you also sent for a birthday/ wishlist surprise in July. Thanks again:)

crescendo on Sep 15, 2009:

Hi George, hope real life is treating you well. If you ever feel like drawing a goat in the future, drop me a line. Yours in Goat-ee Goodness, Sue.

thatzghetto on Aug 17, 2009:

I hope your break isn't a permanent one. You have always been one of my favorite swappers and best friends here. There are few people as level headed as you are out there and I knew I could always count on you for good advice. You will definitely be missed in your absence.


julief on Aug 5, 2009:

OH :( I will miss you so much on here. Your presence (especially in the wishlist group) has been so reassuring. I definitely understand your choice to be free of the 'bot, but know that you'll definitely be missed!

julief on Aug 5, 2009:

OH :( I will miss you so much on here. Your presence (especially in the wishlist group) has been so reassuring. I definitely understand your choice to be free of the 'bot, but know that you'll definitely be missed!

RobinT on Aug 3, 2009:

Thank you so much for the great teas you sent for Tom and I. They are great and Tom is looking forward to enjoying them at work! I can't wait to try the hot chocolate and ginger biscuits! Thanks again!

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