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Hi everyone!

Thank you for reading my profile. I guess I could describe myself as 85 percent nerd and 15 percent hippie. ;)

I've been on swap-bot for years and before that swapped through the group Nervousness. I'd rather do a few swaps that are special to me than lots of quick swaps.

I founded the Old School Skills group for people who like a traditional and sustainable way of life. And I founded Library Ladies for those of us who work in libraries and who study library science. Please join us in these groups if they match your interests!

My interests are reading, hiking, vege cooking, gardening, tea, friends & family, cross-stitch, creative and nonfiction writing, more reading, nature walks and nature journaling, pen palling, and my five cats. I'm a big history and mythology buff with a special interest in fairy lore, Appalachian ballads, and ghost stories.

I am a Special Collections Librarian in the beautiful Shenandoah Vally of Virginia. I love libraries, archives, and museums.

I like about everything pleasant scent-wise and don't have allergies. I collect miniature pottery, interesting stones, owl stuff, beckoning cats, fu dogs, bat stuff, figurines of mice, paper ephemera, and religious art of all faiths. I like to burn candles and incense.

I'm a huge fan of handmade soap, especially goat milk soap. I like all scents but not so much citrus.

After having my genetics analyzed and finding out that I have a high normal percentage of Neanderthal gene variants, I am now into Neanderthals. :) And I like saber - toothed cats!

Favorite themes are the gingham dog and the calico cat, tree of life, eastern dragon, paper lanterns, nautical, celestial, saints, tiki, Cthulhu, cherries, gnomes, peaceable kingdom, lucky beckoning cat, cartoonish owls, fu lions, argyle, retro, black cats, and other animals.

I like most styles. My least favorite styles are country, which is odd because I luuurve the countryside, and primitive. Since moving to the Shenandoah Valley, I have started to collect the Pennsylvania-Dutch styles and especially like their hex signs.

Love tea and am having fun trying new types of herbal, fruit and green teas. I like black teas too but sometimes they can be too strong. Teas that have health, relaxation, and energizing qualities are especially welcome. But any kind of tasty teas are good.

I don't eat much meat or many meat-based products.

Am the kind of old fashioned nerd who carries vintage cotton hankies instead of disposable paper tissues. I really like those old handkerchiefs with pretty patterns.

Natural, organic, sustainable, and homemade things are favorites!

Favorite Movies

Winter's Bone, Everything is Illuminated, No Country for Old Men, Napoleon Dynamite, Apocalypse Now, and lots of documentaries. I like documentaries as much as feature films.

Favorite Television

PBS stuff, History Chan, Discover Chan, etc. I'm such a nerd when it comes to TV. ;)

Favorite Crafts

I crochet blankets for charity, make earrings, cross-stitch, and collage.

Other Stuff (dislikes)

About the only things I don't like are dogs, monkeys, and cig smoke. Also, loud and rude people. Please do not send any loud and rude people in a swap. I like wool a lot but cannot have it next to my skin like in a scarf or gloves. It gets all itchy. Also, please no sugar-free sweets or gum. Those artificial sugars do a number on my tummy.

A Poem and Owls

Here is a bit of a poem I like.

The moon-bird's head is filled with nothing but thoughts of the moon and when the next rain will come is all the rain-bird thinks of. Who is it we spend our entire life loving?


You know what are awesome? Owls!!! I like the cartoonish owls that are in style now and have also had the chance to interact with some live owls! There was a beautiful snowy owl in my area of Virginia one winter! He was quite the local celebrity! I also attended an event where scientists banded the tiny Eastern saw-whet owls. And, I got to hold a tiny owl before it was released!


Hi, District 13 folks!

I'm recently rediscovering young adult fiction. I love Terry Pratchett's Wee Free Men series and Neil Gaiman's works. I'm having fun reading the Hunger Games series! Look forward to learning of other good young adult authors through the group!

Favorite Books

Can't believe I'm a librarian and hadn't added a favorite books section to my profile during the several years I've been on swap_bot! Here it goes: My favorite book is Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke. If this book came alive, I would marry it. :) Another favorite book is American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

I read lots of non-fiction and enjoyed The Beast in the Garden about pumas in residential areas and The Devil in the White City about the 1893 Chicago World's Fair.

As fun as they are, I already have enough books with household hints and craft instructions. Thanks for thinking of me if you were thinking of sending one but I think someone else could make better use of it at this time.

Vegan and vegetarian cookbooks are always welcome as are quirky nonfiction books printed by smaller presses or sold by small distributors.


Somebody left a comment that a handmade card that I sent for a Valentine's swap was poor quality. Unfortunately, I did not photograph that card, but here is a link to a similar postcard from that Valentine's series I made. Putting this out there so people will not worry that I send junk. I take pride in my swaps, even though I am not a perfect crafter. Valentine


LadyJo rated for TSCL: One Stamp Christmas Surprise on Nov 29, 2018
Comment: Thank you so very much for the really nice swap! I did go ahead an open it! I will enjoy the tea soon! Merry Christmas! Thank you for joining in this swap!
ScrappyCEW rated for Weird note card and envelope on Nov 23, 2018
Comment: Great cards, especially like the one with the giant shoe! (and thank you for the extra cards!) Is that your little guinea pig? So precious! Happy swapping!
Comment: What a fun and full package! Thank you!
Response: You are welcome!
Comment: Fun bat stuff! I love it!
Response: Glad you like it! Wow, that got there super fast too!
Psychopomp rated for Halloween theme Bookmark on Oct 29, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the lovely bookmark and extras! I love those dog tongue papers!
Response: You are welcome! Happy Halloween!
Comment: Wow you found some really creepy legends, I like the one about the "presence" too. Thanks for making this swap so enjoyable to read and for the cute card, stickers, and fun bookmark too! Happy Halloween!Laura
Response: You are welcome. I really enjoyed this swap. Happy Halloween!
mandigutterrose rated for BS&S~ Your ancestors on Oct 4, 2018
Comment: How neat, I've always wanted to do a DNA test to find out what kind if blood really flows through these muddy veins. I've always been told I have Irish, the names on the family tree are a clue this is true lol. I love the necklace! Funny coincidence, I also sent my partner a necklace depicting my Hispanic heritage!
Response: Thanks for the nice rating and message. Glad you like the necklace! I used 23andMe for the DNA test; I had always wondered about my ancestors too.
Comment: I love the spooky card you made! Thanks for the cute postcard and stickers too. Happy Halloween! Laura
Response: You are welcome! Thank you for the nice rating.
TessyT rated for SCIENCE POSTCARD SWAP - SEPTEMBER on Sep 18, 2018
Comment: Thank you for sharing the caves.
Response: You are welcome.
Comment: I'm stunned & aggrieved to know about this sobering matter. "reflects badly upon humans" ... indeed :( I hope they stop doing that! How much badly does THAT reflect? Maybe we should try to set up a counter-measures services ... p.s., Thanks for the beautiful extras!
Response: You are welcome! I was glad to get that off my chest, as they say!
Comment: What a fun envelope to find in my mailbox! Thanks for the tree mail. It’s nice to “see” you again here on SB 🙋🏻
Response: You are welcome. Good to see you too! Thanks for a fun swap! :)
stephiedee rated for WTF Mail Art on Jul 2, 2018
Comment: Hi Stephanie! Thanks for the cool lizard! I think if you had attached it to a card a little bit bigger (like a standard postcard) it would have mailed naked fine. Just a thought for when you want to mail a lizard again. ;) P.S. I've named him Larry and he's going up on my wall!
Response: Thanks! I am still irked that he had to go in an envelope. But I am glad you like him! Thanks for the tip. That postal counter person lacks a sense of adventure, I think. :) Will follow up with something weird but less scary for the post office sub.
itsnobody rated for Swap a Dream INTL #2 on Jun 15, 2018
Comment: Hey Steph I got your mail today, and it genuely made me smile. I love how you've placed polar bears on top of the envelope, because of your bear dream. And flat goodies are the cutest. will use them for sure ❤ . I do research my dreams from time to time, but I not always know what they mean. I buy a lot of dream dictionary books (I'm not sure if that's what they call them in English) so when I wake up in can check my dreams when I still remember them. I'm happy you liked my swap, I'll host #3 at the end of the month. Hope you can join.
Response: Thanks for your rating. I am glad you liked the swap! Yes, I have always called those kinds of books dream dictionaries. Hope to participate again when you next host the swap!
heidiling rated for I´m so thirsty *International* on Jun 1, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the very lovely selection of drinks. I can not wait to try them all and I don´t know where to start:)
Response: You are welcome. Thank you for hosting a fun swap.
Cgrey rated for Emily Dickinson Poem & Letter Int'l on May 11, 2018
Comment: I loved the poems you chose. I too loved the book, one, but reallu took to the one about Nature. Loved the facts, I hadnt come across those, One day Ill make it to Pennsylvania! Its on the bucket list! Happy swapping!
Response: Thank you for your nice rating. Happy swapping to you as well!
Comment: These earrings are so cute, thank you! P.S. did you ever find out what the rhino symbols were for? *edit* - no I googled it and never figured it out either! Lmk if you find out! :D
Response: Thanks! No, I Googled those rhino symbols on cars and couldn't figure it out. Do you know? I am still guessing they are for a brand of tires....
Whovian487 rated for Big fat stuffed envie swap on Apr 13, 2018
Comment: Thanks for all the great goodies you sent. 😀
Response: You are welcome!
kasa rated for MUSEUM POSTCARD & BROCHURE SWAP - MARCH on Mar 26, 2018
Comment: Loved everything you sent me. Thank you so much. I would go to this place too if I lived in Virginia. The parts that impressed me were the German expressions and French Impressionists galleries. Will try and check it out on their website. Happy swapping
Response: You are welcome. I am looking forward to returning to that museum!
SusanSpooky rated for Halloween In a Ziplock Bag! on Mar 21, 2018
Comment: Thanks so much for the great swap! I love everything you sent! Very fun spooky stuff! :) I can't wait for Halloween season!
Response: Thanks for rating. Sorry again about my size goof up on the first send. Glad you like the spooky fun things!
Response: Thank you for rating!

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CurlyTea on Aug 27, 2018:

Happy Birthday!

stephiedee on Jul 11, 2018:

Weird mail numero dos arrived! It was fun reading over those rules...gave me ideas to use some as out-of-context quotes for future projects. How common are donkey friends that they need a special note affirming that they are welcome at fair shows? Good for them though...getting out and having some fun. 😄

P.S. Here's Larry Lizard on my wall.

ittybittykitty on Jun 5, 2018:

Welcome to Weirder Every Day!

Drachenfrau on Apr 30, 2018:

Nervousness? I swapped there too. :-) Same name as here! We're together in the Emily Dickinson-swap. I soooo miss Nervousness!!! :/

RooBaRoo on Feb 16, 2018:

It Arrived!!

RooBaRoo on Feb 16, 2018:

Thanks so much for the "Carpe Librum celebration" Angel, Stephanie!

That's so much to add top my TBR :)

Hey! is the Old Possum's Book of practical cats still enjoyable by today's kids?

Is Silent Spring a despairing, or very heavy read? Should I venture?

anicka22 on Nov 16, 2017:

Thank you so much for the lovely random envie I received! What a wonderfull suprises you send :)

hamolla22 on Oct 18, 2017:

I think the awesome goodies I received without a note were from you for the loot bag tag lol! I posted in ‘Sent and Received’, I had no idea who sent it because I don t keep track of tags anymore. Thank you so so much for everything, I loved ALL items honestly and I was in awe with the Japanese glassine envies 😍😍😍

CurlyTea on Sep 1, 2017:

ChinaCat on Jun 11, 2017:

I'm 2.8% Neanderthal!! Hi, sistah! =) Love your profile.

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