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Birthday: January 21, 1976
Country: United States
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Swaps & mail

We have 2 cats and a dog! If you are allergic, I am sorry, but they live here too. Just a heads up. They do not sleep on my desk or in my stationery drawers, but this is their house too.


If you are sending me a journal, please don't use media mail. I've been informed that media rate isn't ok for journals or anything other than printed and bound books.
If you don't get a swap from me, please PM me! I am happy to re-send, and know that things do get lost in the mail. >>I mark swaps 'sent' when I put them in the blue box. Sometimes I miss the drop-off time, so the postmark might not match up. >>I am not a postmark reader. If I get the swap from you, thank you, and I will rate you according to the swap guidelines. >>If you haven't gotten a rating from me, I didn't get your swap.

Ratings Hearts - I give hearts based on the swap, not on the extra bits that you include. I would rather not receive odd bits of paper and post-its or word search pages - that won't guarantee you a heart.

I read every single rating I receive, but I can't always reply when I read them. I apologize for late replies to comments.

I'm not much into holidays. I don't care much for holiday washi tapes, stickers, paper, etc ... I don't 'celebrate' or observe holidays much, and really don't care for Halloween, Christmas, Valentines day, July 4th, St Patrick's day decorated items. I won't rate down if you use them/send them, but skip adding them as 'extras'. Even though we are a military family, I don't care for lots of embellishments for American flags, yellow ribbons and so on. (I respect the office of the president, if not the person currently holding the position.)

I'm not religious, but I have my beliefs and they are private. Please don't send information about converting to your religion or belief system, as I'm not interested in that.

About Me

First and foremost - I'm a letter writer. I started pen palling around 1988, and one of my early pen pals included Friendship Books in her letter and that led to my next (strange) obsession. I LOVE to see where things have visited, the different handwriting on the pages, envelopes, letters. I don't swap FB's anymore, but that is what lead me to swap-bot, originally.

My Number One hobby-love is pen palling. REAL letters, building a REAL friendship, where I feel like the other person actually read my letter and is really replying to what I wrote.

So, about me: I'm a married mom of 3 teenagers, living in Western Massachusetts now. All 3 kiddos are in high school and doing an online school currently. Wedding anniversary is March 25, 1995. We are a military family, (since Oct 1st, 2002). Yes, I really am a "USAF wife"! :)
We have 3 pets, all rescues that have traveled the country with us.

I am not religious, but I do have my beliefs. I am "LGTB friendly" and respect others choices and beliefs and preferences. I don't 'hate' anyone, and I don't have any 'enemies'.

Really like to reuse envelopes, paper, do recycled paper crafts. I almost never buy brand new books, get most of mine from swap sites or Better World Books. (LOVE 'tree free' paper! Bamboo paper is my favorite, but I love all types!) I LOVE paper, pens, stickers, stationery, journals, washi tape - that type of stuff.

I get rather annoyed when people spell my name wrong. It's Cindi, NOT Cindy!

I'm afraid of owls. If you could skip sending me owl images, stickers, washi tape and not decorate the envelope with owls I'd appreciate it.

My oldest son is physically disabled, and my younger son is on the Autism Spectrum. Getting through the day is sometimes more than challenging & emotionally draining. I was diagnosed with depressions a very long time ago and it's always a struggle.

MUSIC I have been a fan of The Monkees and Menudo for more than 30 years!

I also like:

Imagine Dragons, Daft Punk, John Mayer, Adele, Enigma, Soul Asylum, Dar Williams, Counting Crows, Billy Joel, Joan Baez

Husband likes Matthew Sweet TV I like the shows:

Supernatural, Sherlock, Grimm and the "Dark Shadows" soap opera series from the 1960 &70's. (Not for vampires, but because Jonathan Frid was amazing!)

All time favorite show is Are You Being Served?" from the BBC in the 1970's - that show always makes me laugh!

Don't go for a lot of romance, sex, swearing, drinking, violence, etc. I seriously dislike vampires - except the original Dracula. Ghosts, now - that's a different story. :)

Books: All time favorite story is "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" By Washington Irving.

Recently found & am enjoying the "Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper" series** by JL Bryan. Also love "Haunting of Hill House" by Shirley Jackson, "The Dark Tower" series (BOOKS ONLY!), "Insomnia", "Diary of Rose Red", "Duma Key" and others by Stephen King,
"Faithfully Religionless" by Timber Hawkeye, the original Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales My 'guilty pleasure' books are cozy mysteries. To me, they are the 'junk food' of the book world. I know I shouldn't, but I can't help myself. :)

Audiobooks Love listening to audio books! The BBC radio dramas of Agatha Christie are the best. :)

Movies Favorites are:

Emperor's New Groove, The Haunting (both 1963 version and 1999), Sleepy Hollow, 10 Things I Hate About You, Clue, The Mummy, Disney's Hercules

Favorites & what I like

I LOVE Garfield. I've loved Garfield all my life, and dearly enjoy getting anything related.
I like butterfly shapes, trees, and prefer stars and moons to heart shapes.

Likes & Dislikes I like cats,

Garfield, sloths (animal), cats (just no big-eyed ones), Hamsters (animals), llamas (animals), giraffes (animals),
butterfly's, coffee, bookmarks, stationery, ghosts, haunted houses (stories, not the Halloween sort),
old buildings /architecture/ abandoned buildings, Egyptian Gods/Goddesses (esp Bast), Greek mythology, Ziggy (cartoon character), Pink Panther (cartoon series), Scooby Doo (original cartoon series), The Muppet Show (original ones),
Colorado (state), The Dark Tower (book series by Stephen King - NOT looking forward to the movie!.),
celestial things - sun/moon/stars design - esp moon, tree designs, earrings (no gold - allergic!)

Please don't send candy or food items. Factory sealed tea bags are the exception. I"m not a tea drinker, but my husband has really enjoyed the random tea bags I've gotten in the mail. :)


smoke smell (Not allergic to it, but it causes migraines),
religious items, quotes hate-speak/racism & cruelty towards others, >>sex & violence in books/movies/songs, sexy vampires not a fan of heart shaped items or heart stickers

While I do like scented candles and such, I prefer not to receive them in swaps - some scents are just too strong and cause migraines, so I would prefer not to receive scented items. Same is true for make up items and beauty care items (use very few, and am very picky.)

I keep a planner, but I don't do all the stickers, post it notes, washi tape, etc related to that style of planners, so I'd prefer not to receive those items. I don't drink alcohol, so would prefer not to receive items related to drinking wine, alcohol, etc ...


Husband and I collect items including English Bulldogs and sloths

I collect anything Garfield, pens (esp those promo ones from businesses), bookmarks, magnets (refrigerator)

Daughter collects Barbie dolls & Wonder Woman (esp the OLD Wonder Woman comics), astronomy, cats

Youngest son collects GI Joe (12 inch figures) items & equipment, loves older Superman comics, Mad Magazine

Oldest son likes Star Wars things, Harry Potter, LEGO

Favorite Crafts

I"m not a crafty person or an artistic person. I enjoy making my own envelopes and decorating with washi tape, but that's about as creative as I get.

Anyone interested in private swap for journals or stories, please PM me. :) FOR WASHI TAPE SWAPS I like animals (not owls), colors and patterns, coffee themed, postage stamp and post mark themed, books or writing/text print. Daughter likes the Llama Love design from Michael's. Real animals or cartoon are fine.

Not into the 'poop' and mustash or beard designs. And I do not use washi in my planner, so the motivational or days of the week and such just get passed on to someone else.

THE COOLEST journals ever made: http://bookjournals.com/


Comment: Love all of the Hello Kitty stuff!
Comment: Thank you for that great story start! I love the idea of it taking place in a ghost town and am looking forward to continue it :) Best wishes!
Monastelar rated for NH: Lists & Quotes journal on Oct 20, 2017
Comment: I LOVED IT! Thanks for so lovely creation!!
Response: I'm glad it arrived ok. :) And glad that you liked what I sent. :) Thank you for the heart! :)
Comment: This was wonderful! You're a super mum Cindi! I can relate to sooo much that you've said. Penpalling really is so much deeper than just a letter. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with me. Wishing you all love and happiness πŸ’–
Response: Thank you for such a nice comment. :) And thanks for joining the swap! I hope you enjoyed it and will join in future rounds. THank you for the heart :)
Comment: What an awesome post card!!! Not only is it Orange, but it also has sloths!!! I'm jealous this card will eventually make it's way back to you!!! I'm currently reading His Dream, Our Stories (Enhanced Edition): The Legacy of the March on Washington by Terry Golway. It includes video vignettes from people who were involved in the March on Washington. Your recommendation will be a good follow-up! Thank you for the beautiful bookmark! It's very lovely, and my favorite color -- Orange!!!
Response: Haha - you being my partner was meant to be. I chose that card before partners were assigned, and the orange background made me think of you. So I had to laugh when swap-bot paired us up. :) Glad you liked the bookmark. :) Thank you for the heart :)
Suncloud rated for Collected Journal - Int'l - Round 2 on Oct 17, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the long and wonderful journal. It is very inspiring.It made my day. The time and effort you put into creating it shows. Thank you also for the letting me be in your swap.
Response: I'm so glad you joined the swap, and that you liked what I sent. :) I hope to 'meet' you in future rounds. Thank you for the heart :)
momto8cats rated for NH: Pocket Letters for Beginners on Oct 17, 2017
Comment: What a cool pocket letter! It was really nice reading about you! :) Thank you!!!
Response: I"m so glad you liked it - I'm still new with Pocket Letters, so a bit nervous. :) Thank you for the heart :)
Evelynswap rated for 19: A View From My Window - email on Oct 16, 2017
Comment: Hi Cindi, what a nice pics from your window! I love to see how different people live :)
Response: I just might have to set up another round like this - I couldn't get all of my photos to attach to the email! It was nice to see where you live too. :) Thank you for the heart :)
Comment: Your library story sounds much like mine when I was growing up. But my dad would go to work when I was in elementary school and my stepmom would want me out of the house so I would walk to the library (about 7 blocks away) by myself and sit there all day (from open til right before my dad was due home from work) and read. I always got prizes for the summer reading program because I never stopped reading. I think they felt bad for me because I was there and not with my family so they took me in. All in all it was great for me. Always felt welcome.
Response: Libraries are totally under rated. Being friendly, being welcoming - it just makes you feel safe and comfortable, right? The libraries here and some other places we've lived have been so cold and rude - that's just wrong!! Sigh... Our library - the one I worked at - was about 4 blocks from the house. Been gone 22 years, and I miss that place more than just about anything else! ((Hugs)) - thanks for sharing, and for the heart. :)
DragonflyDaisy rated for WOW: Send your Favorites on Oct 9, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the washi!
Response: Thanks for rating. And for the heart :)
Poftoffel rated for Story Cubes - Scary Story on Oct 8, 2017
Comment: I love this! It's such an interesting spin on the ghost story! I love how you chose those wooden horses, they have such crazy faces some times... and "poor" Don couldn't get a break. The ending is very classic, love it! I'd love to read more of your work, keep going!
Response: OH, I'm so glad you liked it! I have about 6 here that are partially complete - that's the only one that would wrap up for me! :) Thanks for the heart :)
basykes rated for US Only: Unusual Journal Swap on Oct 6, 2017
Comment: What a great journal! I loved it I'm nowhere finished with mine and you gave me a few ideas. I loved your diary entries in particular. Thank so much!!!
Response: I'm so glad you liked it - and that the MA USPS didn't make it disappear! I haven't done one like that before, so I was a bit nervous that I had the wrong idea. haha Thanks for the heart :)
DaisyNY rated for NH: My favorite poems on Oct 6, 2017
Comment: Is that tree one really a poem? The message is kinda sucky. Your kids' poems were nice.
Response: The Giving Tree was always presented to me as a poem, even though it seems more like a story. I don't consider it sucky, but certainly tragic. But open to interpretation, of course. Thanks for rating. :)
Aladyjackson rated for WOW: Send your Favorites on Oct 4, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the amazing washi! Loved it :)
Response: Glad you liked the washi. Thanks for rating. :)
Jannified rated for Happy Mail, Yay! #17 on Oct 4, 2017
Comment: Hello there! I think I forgot to rate this one.. whoops! Thanks for all the goodies that you have included. This swap was a lot of fun (:
Response: Thank you for rating, and for the heart. :) Glad you liked what I sent. :)
Response: Thank you for rating :)
kittyhahahotbot rated for 19: Sticker randomness! on Oct 1, 2017
Comment: WoW, thank you for a great swap. And thank you for the extra gifts too! And I love rcving swaps in this crinkly kind of plastic. lol Thank you! x
Response: Thanks for joining the swap. :) Glad you liked the stickers - and the crinkly plastic. :) Thanks for the heart :)
bombardiette rated for RM: Collected Journal Round 2 on Sep 29, 2017
Comment: I really loved reading about you. Thank you so much for sharing this - all of it. I'm happy you decided to come back to Swap-Bot too. :) xoxo
Response: Aww, thanks. :) Thanks so much for joining in these swaps, and encouraging the others in the group to as well. :) And thanks for the heart.
Comment: Thanks for the swap and for hosting! It's interesting to see what tapes people love and which ones they don't. I actually love all the ones in your ugly section!! Lol! I also live far from any stores that carry washi tape. I have found the cheapest places online to buy are eBay and AliExpress. You have to wait awhile to get them, but the prices are so low, it's worth it. Thanks again!
Response: Hi! I agree that it is fun to see what others like and don't like. In swaps, it seems like we often send our favorites or our least favorite, but to see them all in one place is different. :) I haven't used ebay in so many years, but I'll have to go have a look at that and the other site. One thing I *do* like about ordering tapes online is that I have different ones than what is available at Michael's, Target, etc ... Glad you liked the swap and thanks for the heart. :)
taledo rated for SHARED JOURNAL EXPERIENCE #5 on Sep 28, 2017
Comment: Received. Will hold for the next round.
Response: Great! Thanks for the heart :)

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TamiTam55 on Oct 22, 2017:

Sorry, Cindi - I tried to put Garfield on your comments and it didn't work. Forgive me, but know it was in my heart to put it there. :)

TamiTam55 on Oct 22, 2017:

TamiTam55 on Oct 22, 2017:
Poftoffel on Sep 25, 2017:

Hiya! If you want we can private swap the Scary Story swap... I don't mind unfinished stories and can give you feedback if you like :-)

AmericanHeiress on Sep 12, 2017:

Hi USAFwife, thanks so much for checking on me. We all survived my husband, the kids and Disney the cat. We never lost power and went to my friends two story hurricane proofed house. When we returned home nothing was damage but a broken tree.

SparkJoy on Aug 30, 2017:

I got your Listography Journal yesterday. Thanks so much for Being my Swap Angel! I love it. I have made envelopes out of things but I have never made something out of envelopes, what a great idea!

Sahnetoffee on Aug 29, 2017:

Hi. Welcome in the 1976 club! 🍰 It's funny. Now I have a birthday twin and a identical twin😊.

theaterfan23 on Aug 21, 2017:

Thank you so much for the lovely package that I just received!! I love everything, especially the coffee!!

secretterrabite on Aug 17, 2017:

Thank you so much for being an angel for the list journal swap you hosted, it's a great book :-)

piratejimbob87 on Aug 2, 2017:

Thank you for angeling the Newbie Friendly postcard swap, I love the postcards you sent, especially the cat one :) and it was such a lovely package too.

Best wishes,

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