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About Me

I'm a 28 year old from Iceland. I live in central Reykjavík along with my gorgeous UK born boyfriend and my lovable Schnoodle pooch.

I'm quite the creative person and enjoy all sorts of arts and crafts. I sing a lot, and am in a little duet with my boyfriend (who is an absolute genius on guitar if I may add) We're still just kind of starting out, writing songs and taking it easy, but it's what we enjoy doing the most.

I knit quite a bit. I prefer using natural materials such as wool and cotton (mainly wool) rather than acrylic and/or fancy yarn. I've mostly been selling my items at a craft shop in Iceland but have been dreaming of setting up an Etsy shop. Perhaps one day :)

I love photography and enjoy very few things as much as driving to random places and using my camera to capture whatever moment I find worthy of a snap. (Those moments are far from rare living in the natural beauty of Iceland, so I end up with way too many snaps at times) I've been thinking about studying photography but until then I'll keep using the vast information Google provides if in need of specific techniques. :)

I also love writing, and have been planning to finish a novel for years now. In the meantime I've written countless short stories, proses and endless amounts of two paged introductions to possible novels. I feel I lack the self discipline to sit down and finish what I started but I keep reasoning with myself, that I might be feeling a bit too happy to write such realism or that somehow I won't be able to continue with the style I chose to write it in. Rather silly really.. :P

Drawing, painting.. decorating. Love interior design and I make sure my home is cozy and to my taste (and apparently filled with trees..). Once in a while I pick up my water colour pens and practice by doodling some silly characters. Creating is definitely what it's about in my world.

Nature. I really truly appreciate nature. May it be the dark rugged lava that is so finely softened by the light green moss, the mountainous fjords or the low valleys. The black sand beaches and the waves of the ocean. I can easily get lost in my own thoughts when surrounded by a gorgeous landscape, and will probably not look up for a while if I was clever enough to bring any of my picture taking devices. Extra long if I enter a forest, trees are something I absolutely love and I seem to gravitate towards them. The New Forest in southern England is one of my favourite places, especially the ancient forest.

The last thing I feel I need to mention is cooking and baking. I've been baking ever since my grandma opened up her kitchen to me at the age of 5. (I was quite lively but very adamant not to follow a single recipe.) I do love cooking, and am quite into healthy eating, i.e clean eating. I am definitely no fanatic but I prefer my meals to be of the healthy variety. My baking most often ends up being a healthy version of something scrumptious and I really have started to prefer it. It also gives me so much room to experiment with different types of ingredients, and that's where I am in my element. In the past few months I've developed a thing for courgette, haha, I just love it! It goes with everything, whether it's pasta, roasted with other vegetables or in a chocolate cake! ;)

I don't flake, so if you don't receive my swap please send me a message and let me know, it must have gotten lost in the post. I'll do my best to fix it :)

Music & Books I like

I absolutely love music and it's an absolute must in my life.

I tend to prefer songs to singers and bands, and don't discriminate between music genres although indie, rock and pop seem to contain the majority of my favoured songs.

I have been spotted listening to songs from bands such as: Of Monsters and Men, Whiskey Epiphany, Ed Sheeran, Lumineers, Aviici, Jason Mraz, Lennon and Maisy, Alanis Morisette, Civil Wars, Ellie Goulding, Lauren Aquilina, Mumford & Sons, Beatles, Savage Garden, Daughter and so many more.

I absolutely adore the Icelandic artists Svavar Knútur and Myrra Rós, as well as the band Árstíðir, such beautiful music and a lot of their songs are in english. Definitely worth a look.

The song Youth by Daughter is on repeat these days.

Now having said all this; the 90's rock! for nostalgic reasons.

I love reading and I'm a big fan of my Kindle. I love many authors for various reasons, and read any genre. From autobiographical to crime to chick lit, all depending on my mood. I read quite a bit of Marian Keyes last summer and moved on to a new-ish author named Liane Moriarty, reading 3 of her novels in a month on a binge. I have read all books by Yrsa Sigurdardottir, and feel her earlier books are amazing and keep you tense throughout but she is a leading author in nordic crime novels. So, similar with music, I prefer books to authors, and you can pretty much suggest any type of book to me, except perhaps romance. Not much into the rose red spectacled world of quivering members and a dozen roses for the day after.

Movies & TV

I prefer watching tv series to movies. You get to know the characters much better and more often than not the story is more intricate and better written than a squashed and trimmed 90 minute film. Not that I can't enjoy a film, I just prefer series.

Some films I like or have liked immensely are for example The Lord of The Rings trilogy, and the Hobbit. Thirteen, Love actually, Ps: I love you, Die Hard, Bridge to Terabithia, Mrs. Doubtfire, Now & Then, City of Angels, Brokedown Palace, Green Mile, The Frighteners, Maleficent, About Time, Lethal Weapon, Jane Eyre, Moll Flanders, Superbad, Zombieland and others.

Tv shows: Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Gilmore Girls, Modern family, The Middle, Under the Dome, Sherlock Holmes, Orange is the new black, Weeds, Dexter, US Office, Medium, Corner Gas, and lots of british comedies.

I also like watching cooking shows such as Gordon Ramsey's and Jamie Oliver's along with documentaries, especially ones focusing on various cultures and nature. You might also find me happily commenting on people's taste or getting inspired by house renovation and Interior design shows.

I should also add that I play the PS3, and my favourite game is Res Evil 5, but I like some shooters, as well as some platformers. Enjoy the Wii once in a while and have been playing L4D 1 & 2. Love 'em.

Favorite Crafts

I covered all of that in the about me section :)

Things I like - Wishlist

Sweets - I find it amazing how many varieties there are of sweets in the world. I'm not a massive fan of most of them, but I like chocolate. Whether it's milk or dark. What I don't like is chocolate with a fruity center.

Ravens. I love the bird and everything it stands for.



Fun ankle socks - with bright and lively patterns on them (I'm a European size 39, that's UK 6/7 and US 8/9)

Journals and Notebooks


Fun pens but only ballpoint as I'm left handed and I just end up with a whole lotta mess with wet ink haha

Something unique from your country

Anything nice and handmade

Interior design related items

Wool or natural yarn such as cotton, or anything knitting related.

Recipes (especially healthy ones)

Lovely little pictures

love fruity scents and lemon. Citrus scent is definitely one of my favourites :)

Surprise me.

Things I don't like

Not a fan of marzipan and butter scotch, nor am I a fan of foreign licorice and chocolate with fruity centers.

Cherry - taste or smell

Vanilla (strong taste of it, or smell)

Mango (taste and smell)

Tea (I don't drink any sort of tea)

Religious stuff (I don't mind other people practicing any kind of religion, I just don't want to be the recipient of items from said religions)

Anything violent such as knives, guns, weapons etc (even pictures of said items)

I hate animal cruelty

Snakes and rats


Non brand make up


100% Acrylic yarn

Anything with mushrooms in it or on it (cartoon ones are okay though lol )

I don't mind if you smoke or anything, but I have asthma so I'd prefer not to receive a really smelly/smoky item. (you smoking like a single cig around the item is ofcourse okay, I'm not a fanatic or anything) ;)


Comment: This one never arrived, and I haven't heard from you! Get in touch with me when you get back, we'll sort it out :)
Comment: This is now a month late, and there has been no communication, hope you are okay. Will gladly change this rating when I receive your swap.
blueapplegallery rated for E-Mail a Short Story on Dec 20, 2015
Comment: Thanks for sharing!
neslihandalga rated for Music swap on Dec 17, 2015
Comment: thanks for sharing they are so beautiful and so sorry for late rating
chaari rated for Music swap on Dec 2, 2015
Comment: Thank you very much for your music. I have never listened to music in icelandic and I really like the sound of that language.
sjayana20 rated for Music swap on Dec 2, 2015
Comment: Thank you :)) What great music it was to hear from your playlist ☺️ Really enjoyed :)) I also enjoyed reading those few beautiful lines between each song :))
sanna rated for Postcard for lovely little Lilja on Nov 27, 2015
Comment: We received your card! :) Thank you very much for helping me to collect the card for my daughter! <3
dutchangel rated for 20 Questions-Email Swap on Nov 24, 2015
Comment: I just love reading your lengthy answers
Pei04 rated for Music swap on Nov 23, 2015
Comment: Thanks for sharing your list of music! I love your language! Once when I was in high school our teacher tried to teach us your language... it didn't work out that well though ;) But it was fun, and I really like the music on your playlist. Thanks!
tamtamlee rated for 20 Questions-Email Swap on Nov 22, 2015
Comment: Thanks for sharing
Daycie rated for Music swap on Nov 22, 2015
Comment: Thank you for your playlist from Iceland! I enjoyed listening to all the songs, but 'Lifid er yndislegt' is my favorite! :)
Response: Glad you liked it! I love that song too.. always have :P
Zindelo rated for Music swap on Nov 21, 2015
Comment: Your music was really nice to listen to, and thanks so much for all the detail you went into as well! I agree with you, the Adele song is a bit boring. Also, I was a little surprised to see Bjork wasn't in your list somewhere... she's pretty well known here at least! Anyway, thanks for sharing!
Response: Glad you liked it! Björk is very well known in Iceland of course, but we don´t really play her music alot, it´s not that popular, although she is appreciated as an artist and the lovely person she is. BUT we have hundreds of other artists that deserve some limelight too haha :)
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NaomiRisa on Nov 23, 2015:

Hi there, are you interested in a touristic postcard swap with me? Hope to hear from you.

thenazka on Mar 16, 2015:

Hello! I'm your partner in "EASY: Profile Comment #3". I'm so excited because you are from Iceland and it's so far away from my country, Indonesia. It's so fun we could meet many people through this site! I love driving to random places too. I do it when I'm on bad mood or just boring. Sometimes it gives me inspiration about life. Anyway, I know it's been too late, but I hope you don't mind if I say: Happy Birthday! :)

lavendarcat on Mar 6, 2015:

Nice Profile Comment I can close my eyes and envision the rugged beauty of Iceland. I would want to go there so that I could take some photos, too. I can just imagine you knitting while something yummy is cooking. How cozy. :)

Katti on Jan 13, 2015:

Hello! There is a new 339 Instagram swap!

Come and sign up for it! It's fun!

gothgirl on Mar 28, 2011:

Let me start by telling I love your username ( so funny - makes me smile :) and it's so cool to meet someone from Iceland =). Wow.. we seem to have lots in common. Like our shared love for reading. I love murder mysteries but books by Sophie Kinsella and Marian Keys are my top choices for feel good books. I like to have them at home so anytime I need something to lift me up I can read a bit. I'd love to swap chocolate :D Let me know if you're interested. I It must be awesome to live in Iceland, especially when you love nature. I've never been there but I look forward to the day when I can see all the beauty by myself. (Read My Profile and Leave a Comment Swap).

thehappyhoneybee on Mar 27, 2011:

Welcome to District 13! Please stop by the forum and introduce yourself + chat when you get the chance.


possum on Mar 23, 2011:

Hello! I'm your partner in the "Read my profile and leave a comment" swap. I bought my husband a Kindle for Christmas, and I don't think he's put it down since! We both read a lot. I do not recognize the Icelandic authors you mention, but I will definitely check them out! Have a great week!

Nnyla on Mar 21, 2011:

Also--my hubby and son say thanks for the gifts you sent them! You rock! :-)

lildorothy on Mar 16, 2011:

I thought this would be easy

Your profile made me think

I am a 48 year old woman that lives in the USA What do I have to say about a 25 year old that lives in Iceland????

Was I even 25 once?? Oh yes, long ago I want to ask more than comment What is it like in Iceland? Is it cold and is it cold lots??

I love chocolate and Victoria's secret as well (My name is Victoria and I love to tell people I know what the secret is and I am not telling) But for you I will tell the secret to since you live in Iceland I don't think I need to worry about the secret getting out

So here goes Victoria's secret is.............. nah I can't take the chance But here is a great little band that has made more than one song but this is there best and I think you may understand why I picked it LOL



PrincessB on Mar 15, 2011:

Hey, looking at your profile for the "Read my profile and write a comment" swap I also love photography and water is also one of my favorites. I used to live just a few minutes from the ocean and miss it a lot sometimes, I'm sure it's awesome being able to hear it from your house! It's really neat that you can sell your crafts in a local shop

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