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Date Joined: February 27, 2008
Last Online: December 14, 2017
Birthday: June 3, 1980
Country: Finland
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Me and my likes

Hi, I'm Sanna, I'm from South East Finland. I love mail, and mail related things. Letters, reading, some crafts. Usually I participate in tea and profile swaps. I like private swaps, so if you are interested, please pm me! :). I can send you for example Moomin items, Finnish chocolates, teas, etc.

...Random things...

  • I like quality over quantity. It doesn't mean that you should waste your property; it means that one carefully chosen item is more precious than an envelope stuffed with random items.
  • I seem to have a nickel allergy
  • I like items, which are pretty and useful at same time.
  • Autumn is my favourite season. I love scarfs and mittens. Spring is lovely too. I like winter over summer.
  • I don't have my ears pierced.
  • We don't have a bath, only a shower.
  • I like light scents, berries are my favourites. Heavy scents make me feel sick.
  • I used to collect postage stamps, and pretty/unusual stamp on the envelope still makes me very happy.
  • We do not smoke.
  • We don't have pets.

Hand made items are more than welcome! It's always great to see lovely things some one has created by own hands. And I do appreciate the time you put for hand made things.

You can't get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.
-C. S. Lewis-


...For tea swaps...

Teas I like:
♥ flavored and plain black teas, also decaf black tea. These are my favourites.
♥ flavored rooibos (bagged would be super!)
♥ flavored honeybush

My favourite flavours are orange, bergamot and rose. I like also a lot of passionfruit, chocolate, red currant, cranberry, raspberry, vanilla and other flower / berry / fruit flavours. Please see my dislikes below.

I have an easy access for Nordqvist and Lipton, so everything else would be a very nice surprise! (If those are what you have, that's ok too. Keisarin morsian is one of my favourites. :))

Teas and flavours I do not like:
* chai or spicy teas, anis, ginger, liquorice
* herbal infusions especially with lemongrass or hibiscus
* cherry
* banana
* coconut
* chamomile
* lime

Please only invidually wrapped teabags.

If possible, please do not tape the teabags onto cards. Thank you. I'll send the wrappings to someone, who collects them.

What makes me happy

♥ Anything you think I could like (please look my likes / Instagram / etsy favourites / Pinterest pins), I do like surprises!
♥ Beautiful tea spoons (used but neat are fine!)
♥ soya candles
♥ ATC made by you
♥ Anything for my little daughters
♥ Red currant anything
♥ Ecological stuff

♥ Scents: almond oil, berries, honey, mandarin
♥ Flavours: milk and dark chocolate (over 70 %), sea salt, almonds, berries, ...
♥ Colours: autumn tones; raspberry red, teal, shades of yellow,... but I love all colours.

♥ Jos olet Suomesta, niin kaiken muun profiilissa mainitun lisäksi tykkään Fazerin hasselpähkinäsuklaasta, Fazerinasta, superhelpoista leivontaresepteistä, Forsmanin mustasta Keisarin malja-irtoteestä, kotimaan matkailuvinkeistä, Merri Vikin punaselkäisistä Lotta-kirjoista, Annika Hiltusen kuvituksista,...

My family

I am a mother for two little girls.

My daughter Lilja was born in March 2011
♥ Her room has mainly colours yellow, pink and green.
♥ In November 2017 she wears European size 134, shoe size EU 34.
♥ She loves books, anything girly, old Egypt theme, pez candies, her baby dolls and Barbies, games, computers also as a theme. She collects Greetings from... cards with stamps. She can read and write and knows a little bit of English.

My daughter Minttu was born in September 2016.
♥ She wears European size 92 in November 2017.
♥ She loves any kind of puzzles, noisy things.

My husband loves any spicy, but sugar free, snacks and nuts.

Please don't send me...

coffee, make up, any real animal/insect pictures, cat themed items, anything sports themed, usual souvenier stuff, religious stuff, ad postcards, skulls or Halloween stuff, candy (except for candy swaps), bubblegum, keychains,...
I don't have use for them or like them. I'm not so much into items without any function.

About swaps

I think that the idea in swapping is to make someone happy, and send something special, when possible. I read your profile even when it's "sender's choise" swap. I try to send something you like. I don't understand what is the idea of sending something, which doesn't even have a chance to make the other person glad of receiving it. Also, when possible, I try to send something even a bit local. Of course it's not always possible to find something special, - also I live in a rather small town. Don't get me wrong; I love swapping, I am not picky, and I do love surprises! :) I just wish that we'd have a thought when choosing something, and that we wouldn't waste postage.

As our high postages are now even higher, I decided to use mainly economy class mail. This means that you need to wait your swap a bit longer. Travelling time inside Europe is about two weeks, to USA/Canada/Asia approximately from two to three weeks (for letters).

For packages from overseas / outside of EU: Please fill the customs form and mark items as "gift". It's very important, that you mark the total value as low as you can. - If the value is more than 26 $, I have to pay at least 24 % of total value and pick up the package from customs. Also I'll try mark the item value as low as possible (so please notice that the swap items have cost more than the form informs!) Thank you very much in advance.

I do not give hearts for extras. I give hearts for swaps that seem to be sent with heart. :) I hope that also you will rate me so.

Please don't mention my whole name in web, if you publish photos of swaps, etc. Thank you.

I reuse packaging and wrappings when it's possible.

I mark swaps as sent when I drop them to mail box / post office. Please notice that post office may not empty the mailbox on that day anymore and also that they stamp mail only on Mon-Fri, so the stamp may be from different day.

I´ll rate swaps as soon as possible when I have received them. We receive mail Mon, Wed-Fri (four days in a week). And I promise to rate. I hope that also you will rate my swaps and will let me know if my swap/tag doesn´t reach you in reasonable time, or if it wasn´t what it should have been - so that I can send you a new one. Please PM me before rating 1, if you haven´t received my swap! Thank you.

If you are sending late, please contact me. Without communicating you will most likely be rated as 3. I do understand very well that there is life outside of swap-bot, but I do not understand negligence. My opinion is, that joining for a swap is making a promise.

Unfortunately also I have been flaked on. Some swaps have been angeled by sweet tyshadragon, rhynah, Barsook and panfried88, thank you very, very much! ♥♥♥


marianne81 rated for Tea Lovers' December on Dec 6, 2017
Comment: Thanks for all the delicious smelling tea, and I just love those tea packages with the Moomin character on them. I wish you a Merry Christmas too!
Comment: thank you x
Response: That was fast! Thank you, and happy tea time! :)
viza rated for Local tea week - Europe only on Jan 27, 2017
Comment: Hello Sanna! I'm so glad you came back to swap-bot. Nice to have you as my swap-partner here:) I like all new kinds of Moomin teas and Faithful friend is one of my favourite too:) Thank you for extra Twinings teas. I like all them fruit flavoured and especially orange and cinnamon one.
noname13 rated for Local tea week - Europe only on Jan 21, 2017
Comment: Thanks a lot for the great swap! And feel free to join the Tea-Lovers-group again whenever you want ;-)
Cheekycow rated for Postcard for lovely little Lilja on Dec 11, 2015
Comment: Absolutely lovely! Thank you so much. I really hope Lilja liked her card, and the weather report haha :)
maxbenleo rated for 6 gifts one theme - TEA on Nov 15, 2015
Comment: Thanks so much Sanna, I look forward to open them!! Have a great week!!
Vanillacreamteas rated for Tea and Christmas surprise on Nov 15, 2015
Comment: Oh wow! Thank you so so much for all the teas! I LOVE THE tea boxes you sent me!! oh my!!! Merci bcp! i cannot wait till you get your swap in the mail! i hope your daughter likes her presents too! let me know if she does!! i hope you like your teas too, merci bcp :) if you ever want to do another tea box swap let me know x
nivias rated for 15 bags of tea on Nov 2, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the teas and the dumle chocolate :) I'm looking forward to try them! :) maybe we can have another swap later? :) kiitos
daarhon rated for week of tea nr.12 on Nov 2, 2015
Comment: Thank you for excellent selection! :)
Creeny rated for week of tea nr.12 on Nov 1, 2015
Comment: Kiitoksia paljon herkullistä teistä :) Postikorti on oikein söpö! Can't wait to try the strawberry white tea, sounds great and I never saw it here. Triangle greetings to your daughter ;) Have a great week!
nivias rated for Simple Tea Swap - Worldwide on Oct 13, 2015
Comment: Kiitos for the tea! I have always wanted to try the nordqvist ones! :) I will pm you soon :) have a great day ❤
elvenfire rated for Simple Tea Swap - Worldwide on Oct 9, 2015
Comment: Kiitos kovasti ihanista teistä ja kortista! :) Tällä hetkellä ohjelmointi ja ohjelmistoala vetää eniten puoleensa... Mutta ikinä ei tiedä mitä elämä tuo tullessaan, siksi olen opiskellut vähän monenlaista. :) Kirjastonhoitajan hommat on varmasti hirveän kivoja myös. Tunnen paljon tulevia kirjastonhoitajia ja he tuntuvat kyllä olevan tosi innoissaan. :D Mukavaa syksyä! :)
Bo rated for Finland - Austria on Aug 2, 2015
Comment: Thank you very much for amazing air mail stickers. I haven´t seen such a nice ones. Also can´t believe you have Moomin ones too! :) So cute! Can´t wait to use them.
Response: I am very happy that you like them! And sorry that I hadn't more special ones at the moment (they are sold with stamps only). Happy mailing with them! :) And thank you for the heart!
heartcore1985 rated for Tea Lovers' April on May 1, 2015
Comment: Oh oh, I almost forgot to rate :) Thank you ever so much dear Sanna for all the lovely and tasty teas you've sent me <3 And for your precious surprise ;) Love, Aline
uiltje rated for Nice to meet you #9 on Mar 27, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much for the duck card and the tea. My daughter doesn't like rooibos the way I do, but I don't have any problem with that ;-) I think the whole world loves Moomins, it's a great way to combine these Finnish brands. I love Nordqvist tea and the names of the Moomins tea always make me smile.
Mervi rated for I Don't Like This! #3 on Feb 4, 2015
Comment: Thank you! I found many I liked despite the theme of this swap :)
Creeny rated for I Don't Like This! #2 on Jan 24, 2015
Comment: Kiitoksia paljon <3 It's always such a pleasure to get mail from you! I love the tea selection you sent as I am addicted to green tea. Can't hardly choose which one I will have next... :) Have a great Sunday!
Mervi rated for Tea Lovers' Christmas gift EDITED on Dec 6, 2014
Comment: Everything was according to my wishes and beyond what I expected! (Yes, I couldn't wait until Christmas to open them!) And even the wrapping was done so beautifully! Thank you so much!
dea rated for Merry Christmas #2 on Nov 23, 2014
Comment: Many thanks for this swap. I´m loooking for Chrismas, because I want opened it.. it´s really hard. :-) And many thanks for second envelope. I love al what you send me. I send you BIG heart!! Thank you.
Response: Thank you for the big heart. :) I hope you liked everything, and have happy 2015!
mariewilliams810 rated for Tea Advent 2014 #1 on Nov 10, 2014
Comment: Can't wait to open these in December!
Response: I hope you enjoyed! :) Thank you for the heart, and have happy 2015!

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viza on Nov 18, 2017:

Happy come back to swapping:)!

viza on Jun 4, 2016:

Happy birthday, my Dear Friend! I wish you a lot of smiles and great mood:)!!!

viza on Dec 31, 2015:

Happy new 2016 year!!!

ktina on Aug 23, 2015:

You're welcome. I'm happy that I could help you with that card :)

maxbenleo on Jun 3, 2015:

Happy Birthday Sanna💝🎉🎊🎏 Have a great day and all the best for the year ahead👍😋 Hugs Kerstin

viza on Jun 3, 2015:

Happy birthday, dear Sanna! I'm sending you my best wishes:)! Have a great day!

heartcore1985 on Oct 1, 2014:

Dear Sanna, thank you so much for your lovely surprise postcard and the teas you've sent me :) It was so uplifting to receive your mail because I'm sick at home this week. You're also my partner for 2 swaps, expect some happiness in your mailbox soon <3 Thank you my friend! Hugs and love, Aline

Guusje on Aug 13, 2014:

Hi Sanna, it really took them long to get it to you. I posted it 2 days after my message on the board. I'm glad it has arrived though, enjoy! Marieke

Guusje on Jun 24, 2014:

Hi Sanna, Thank you for your message on my profile. I'm glad you liked the loose tea tag.

waldenpond2 on Jun 17, 2014:

Ack!!! I just realized I sent you gingerbread tea and you don't like ginger or spice teas!!! I'm so sorry! :(

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