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*Greetings from Australia!*


Hello, I am Zindy! I am a creature from Australia and I quite enjoy sending things in the mail. Isn't it magic, putting something little in the postbox and knowing that it's going to put a smile on someone's face? That's just about the best thing.

I am not very good at talking about myself, so apologies in advance for my profile being a little uninformative in that regard! It does change fairly frequently though, because I can't leave well enough alone. In lieu of boring you with my life story, onward with things I like and whatnot!

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Watching: Game trailer shorts!
Listening: The Megas
Drinking: Endless cups of tea
Playing: Stardew Valley
Making: Crochet blankets!

So I have this dream, to make a blanket entirely out of swapped squares! This is where I'm up to so far:
I'm putting the black and white borders on so it all goes together even if all the actual squares are random!

If you crochet and you want to help me out with this, I'd love to do a private trade! Just PM me to hear more about it!

rating and sending
I pretty much get super excited when things land in my letterbox, and I immediately rush to the computer to rate! So, if I haven't rated you, that means it hasn't gotten to me yet. Please be patient! Post all the way to Australia takes a looooong time.

I am definitely 100% not at all the kind of person to flake on a thing! I'll always send a message if for some reason I'm held up. And if something's on its way to you from me but you haven't gotten it yet, let me know! Post is slow from Australia and a few times I've sent postcards that have apparently gotten lost. So let me know if something never shows up and I'll do my best to sort it out :)

You might be here wondering where your rating is for something you sent around Christmas 2015! I suspect a chunk of mail has gotten lost somewhere here in Australia, because I am missing a bunch of things from all over the world, from demonstrably good swappers. If this is you, please get into contact with me! I promise I'm not being a non-rater, it just legitimately isn't here yet.

Every now and then I get folk saying "Oh no! I can't send tea to you, you're in Australia!" It's very nice of you to be concerned (You've heard about how strict our customs can be regarding organic matter) but with teabags, there's nothing to be worried about. I've had them posted to me from all over the world, and the most trouble I've had is that once Customs opened a letter from Holland that had a teabag in it to have a look-see. But they sent the letter and the teabag the rest of the way when they were done! Also, I once brought tea home with me on a plane from Seattle, and specifically asked Customs (in person!) if it was okay, and they said it was fine.

I think it might get taken if you put a handful of loose leaf straight in the envelope, but teabags (even the folded paper kind, as long as they're neat and new and not... you know, leaking) and even packaged loose leaf (I order tins and tins and tins of loose leaf from Adagio in America) definitely get through if you mail them to Zindy :)

happymail enjoy
-Blank notecards!
-9cm granny squares for my blanket project! As long as they're the right size, any yarn or colour will be fine!
-Doilies - the crochet kind! They're such beautiful demonstrations of skill and patience, I love them so much~
-Stickers! Any kind. It's hard for me to get interesting stickers where I live, so this will always make me happy~
-Your handwriting! This fascinates me. A notecard or an index card or something with your ABCs in capital and lowercase would be rad! I'm also interested in examples of antique handwriting- a photocopy of your grandmother's recipe perhaps, or an old letter you found.
-Tea! Oh my word yes. Any kind at all here, also (my only dislike is licorice). Especially small or local brands, if that's something you have.
-Pull Tabs. You know, these things from soft drink cans? I'm collecting them to experiment with crochet on them, but I don't drink a lot of cans myself!
-Snap hair clips like this in cute colours or patterns~

-No religious content for me, thanks!
-I'm not fond of licorice or aniseed flavours.
-Weather's often real hot here in Australia! If you're sending food my way, please put it in an extra bag (like a teeny ziploc one) just in case it gets superheated or squashed! Nothing worse than not being able to read a letter because the pages are all stuck together :(
-Please don't send anything strongly scented! This means perfumed things and it also means candy that you can smell through its wrapper or anything like that. If something smells strongly, customs pretty much will always stop it to look inside, which means it takes FOREVER x 2 to get to me!

Colour: Teal
Dinosaur: Archaeopteryx
Tea: Adagio's Anderson
Animal: Rainbow Lorikeet
Car: Jaguar SS
Book: The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Flower: Fortnight lily
Play: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
Game: Chrono Trigger
Power Ranger: MagiGreen from Mahou Sentai Magiranger
Cocktail: White Russian

An Expanded List Of Things
(In no particular order, and in a big annoying block for you to wade through)
Stories | Postcards | Old, unexplained photos | Interesting ephemera | Tickets, maps
Handwriting | Calligraphy | Hand-lettering
Plants: Fortnight lily | iris | geranium | succulents | cacti
Birds: Australian magpie, kookaburra, sulphur crested cockatoo, rainbow lorikeet, lyre bird
Reptiles: Snakes, geckos, goannas, iguanas, chameleons
Dogs: Corgi, Jack Russell, bull terrier, kelpie, borzoi, husky
Artists: Brom, Keith Thompson, Wen-M, Loish, Klimt, Petrus van Schendel, STELARC, H. R. Giger, many many more!
Patterns: Chevrons, stripes, tesselations
Motor bikes | vintage caravans | Old fashioned cars (Jaguar SS!)
My cherry red ukulele
Scents: Rain, cut grass, lemongrass, rotting citrus (long story)
Snacks: Candy corn (don't laugh!), roasted seaweed flakes, yoghurt, weird Japanese things
Sounds: The sea. Australian magpie birdsong. The SFX from old Doom games. Rain. Leaves rustling in the wind.
Vintage aeroplanes | Stunt flying (The Roulettes!)


By "themes", I also mean settings, aesthetics, all those sorts of things! If you want to send something to me with a theme, any of these would appeal!

Art deco | art noveau | film noir | old advertising/posters (propaganda especially!)
Steampunk | Dieselpunk | Cyberpunk | basically suffix it with punk and you have my attention
Space opera | Sci-fi | Fantasy (Dragons!)
Warhammer 40,000 | Eclipse Phase | Mass Effect
Kamen Rider | Power Rangers / Super Sentai
Tank Girl | Hellboy | Judge Dredd
Harajuku fashion | electropop | kawaii theme | pastries/food

Amigurumi, ATC, baking, bookbinding, candy wrapper chains, ceramics, collage, comics, crochet, digital art, drawing, drypoint, embroidery, envelopes, friendship bracelets, graphic design, jewelry, kumihimo, lino cut, mixed media, origami, painting (traditional, digital), papercraft, photography, screen print, sewing, shrinkydink, stencils, stickers, weaving, yarn spinning, zentangle, zines. Jack of all trades, willing to try anything once!


So I'm not very good at the TV thing! I don't have a TV, and when I'm at my parents' place visiting I pretty much only watch crime shows- Australian and Brit ones, we're talking things like Miss Fisher's Mysteries and Poirot and whatnot.

In terms of films, I'd love to be the kind of person who sips wine and discusses the delicate social implications of french indie film, but when it comes down to it I like dumb explodey films. Action/adventure, "family" films (disney and whatnot). I'm not really fond of comedy, because I'm not terribly amused by social-awkwardness humour or injury-based humour... which narrows it down to, like, Monty Python and not much else?

I have a history of anime and tokusatsu (that's suit fighters, like power rangers), but I don't follow any current shows.

Also I like cooking TV! Iron Chef (the Japanese one, not the spinoffs) is great and I've got a real soft spot for Nigella.

Shamefully, I never seem to set aside time to do the reading I'm sure I'd enjoy if I gave myself half the chance! I've got a long list of things I really ought to read. I'll pretty much have a go at anything you put in front of me, in terms of reading- genre, length, whatever, I'm game. Don't think I've ever put my hands on a book I couldn't find something good about.

Genres I'm Particularly Fond Of: Sci-fi, cozy mystery, fantasy romance novels (the really silly ones!)

Some authors I like: Sandy Mitchell, Dan Abnett, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Kerry Greenwood, Janet Evanovich, Douglas Adams.

My music taste is all over the map, with entries from pop, rock, rap, hip-hop, metal, orchestral, folk, electronica, and all the interesting vagaries you get when you mix two or more of the above.

A small sampling: Things Zindy Likes
The Megas - History Repeating
Nightwish - Beauty and the Beast (Symphonic metal)
Newton Faulkner - Badman (Folk rock)
Mojo Juju - Must be Desire (Blues/Jazz/Contemporary)
The Crooked Fiddle Band - The Rom Rebellion ('Chainsaw folk')
Missy Higgins - Scar (Pop rock, indie)


Baymax (Big Hero 6)
Kamen Riders (Any, but Kabuto and Wizard are my favourites!)
Garrus (Mass Effect!)
Enderman (Minecraft)
Briareos (Appleseed. Huge weakness for hunky cyborg fellas)
Motoko and Batou (Ghost in the Shell)
Priss and Nene (Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040)
Happy Go Lucky (By Kamio!)
Xenomorphs (Alien series!)
Vegeta, Android 16 (Dragon Ball Z, ah childhood)
Woobat, Mightyena, Charizard (Pokemons, aw yeah. There's more of course, but these three are a start.)
Also these birds are stupidly cute.
Godzilla (any flavour, new or old) && Gamera


Aetolia (Super nerdy text-based roleplay aw yiss)
Minecraft! (My favourites are the Endermen)
Mass Effect (Faaaavourite ever!)
Warframe (Ninjas in space)
Final Fantasy XIV (Fishing forever)
100% Orange Juice (So kawaii)
Assorted android games (bakery story, castle story)
Bejeweled (OH my stars. Matchin' gems forever.)
Zelda series (esp. Link's Awakening, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask)
Chrono Trigger (BEST.)

Okay, so! Roleplaying is a thing I do. Aetolia, that I mentioned, is a text MUD, and I've been roleplaying in that for around eight years. Before that, there was forum-based RP (Gaia online, how I fondly remember thee). I've done tabletop once or twice. Not had a chance yet to try LARP but I'd be game if the opportunity arose!

If you ever want to muck around with roleplay (want a letter from one of my characters, perhaps?) just let me know! It seems like it could be real interesting.

If you're ok with sending to Australia, I am totally up for private trades.
Wanna do an ATC? I'm down for that.
Do you make granny squares with crochet? I kinda want to make a patchworky swapped blanket, let's trade those!
You wanna trade postcards? Sure!
You want something I can do, but you don't do the same to swap back? Make me an offer, I'm happy to hear what you have to give!

If you want to set up a private swap, just PM me~

If you're wondering about my profile decorations and whatnot, the answer is: yes! I also make a lot of my own stationery and stickers and whatnot.

I feel like it's worth mentioning that I'm an arting starvist, so if there's something you'd like (drawing, painting, some custom headers for your profile a bit like mine, whatever) then don't hesitate to drop me a PM about it and I'll see what I can do!

An interactive mirror built from 450 rotating penguins.
Three-Dozen Floral Designers Transform a Condemned Detroit Duplex with 36,000 Flowers
Mononoke (not princess Mononoke)
Tank Girl and Booga in the style of Egon Schiele.



fairypretty7 rated for AS: Hungry Letterbox on Feb 23, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful items.
nannycat rated for AS: ATC A-Z #3 (C) on Jan 30, 2018
Comment: just love the ATC you are such a good artist and your zine was fabulous very cute the great envelope you made and the lovely letter Warm regards Wendy xxx
nannycat rated for AS: ATC A-Z #2 (B) on Dec 26, 2017
Comment: thank you for the great A T C love how you drew it it even looks yummy.......... Cheers Wendy
nannycat rated for Fill My Stocking December on Dec 19, 2017
Comment: thank you , the fill my stocking gifts arrived on time you deserve extra hearts ,the pens are great the will get used a lot and thank you for the stickers .....warm regards Wendy
LadySunshine rated for ISS: Wishlist - November on Dec 9, 2017
Comment: Thank you!
mellyrose89 rated for Fill My Stocking November on Nov 30, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much!!! I'm behaving myself this year and actually waiting until Christmas :D
Net3811 rated for What goes in a stocking? on Nov 28, 2017
Comment: Eleanor. I loved your swap. Your card design is very clever. Mind sharing how you did it? I'm quite impressed with the intricate nature of it.
Response: Oh! Sure. I sketched up the letters and then doodled in around to fill all the space with an artline pen, then I scanned it and plopped it into Photoshop for colours. Then I got it printed at my fave print on demand place and there we go! I'm so glad you liked the swap and the card. Have a lovely day :D
Loveofaphoenix rated for AS: Christmas Stocking on Nov 24, 2017
Comment: Omg :) I made a few stockings last year with that exact pattern but never got around to making my own Thankyou its PERFECT! I love it
AnitaMac rated for AS: ATC A-Z #1 (A) on Nov 15, 2017
Comment: I absolutely love your ATC and agree that an affogato is one of the best treats around. Plus it combines my love for ice cream and coffee. I think you did an amazing job drawing and colouring. I wish I could draw... And I love the extras, too. Thank you so much.
sakura15 rated for AS: Currently I'm.. on Nov 14, 2017
Comment: Thankyou so much, I loved the decorated envelope 😊 Amazing work with your left hand! 💜
Comment: Thanks for the nice tea, postcard and little stickers. They look interesting. Looking forward off trying the tea especially the buttermint. Have a good day.
sakura15 rated for AS: Art swap on Sep 23, 2017
Comment: You are a magical amazeballs swap partner. Oh my gosh this package was all kinds of special I feel like now what I sent you is so sub-par haha. I loved the idea of having it in a video case. You colour it so nicely. The stars are so sweet and the things you've put in it were just so so so thoughtful. Thank you so much i can't wait to swap with you again.
goinjenny rated for WIYM: BIRD POSTCARD on Aug 18, 2017
Comment: Thanks for sharing all those happy moments from your life with me! I like the swap from you, I like everything you sent :-)
Comment: I love this idea, thank you so much, I'm a swapaholic now so I use a lot of stamps, thank you. :)
mellyrose89 rated for AS: Currently I'm.. on Jul 23, 2017
Comment: Thanks for sharing!
Quiltbutterfly rated for AS: Currently I'm.. on Jul 23, 2017
Comment: Thank you for such interest answers. I bet my youngest son would love that chair too. I hope you get it one day
Minxy1964 rated for Mermaid ATC on Jul 14, 2017
Comment: Wow! It's gorgeous. Bit like me in Mermaid form (well, as buxom as me lol). I absolutely love it xx
Response: Curvy mermaids are the best mermaids, for sure. I'm so glad you like her! Have a lovely day :)
sakura15 rated for AS Group: Tea and a letter on Jul 5, 2017
Comment: Oh. my. goodness. Where do I begin!?! I am so happy to have gotten you in this swap ^_^ Even the envelope made me smile and the magikarp stickers :O :O SO ADORABLE - How did you make them? Did you have to cut them by hand :O The swap card is adorable and such a fantastic idea! Now I wanna get some swap cards. I loved reading your letter and I will send a reply to you if that is okay? Yay thanks for being my partner ^_^
Response: Yo, I'd love to hear back from you! And I was pretty happy to see it was you I got, not gonna lie. The stickers are handcut yes, I sit and do 'em while I'm watching Twitch things. Thanks for the nice review and have a lovely day!

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nannycat on Dec 19, 2017:

you went to so much trouble to make sure the fill my stocking ,got here on time I had to open it before Chritmas like a big kid .... the pens are great they will get used a lot ..I hope you and your family have a great Chritmas and a safe and Prosperous New Year Cheers Wendy

nannycat on Dec 19, 2017:
sakura15 on Sep 26, 2017:

I love these cat gifs. They are hilarious! Enjoy!

Alt text

Alt text

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Alt text

HappyMom on May 15, 2017:

Thanks for all the great comments on my Instagram!

reader44ever on Oct 3, 2016:

haha Zin . . . We Americans apparently have to be different in just about everything. Chocolate on the outside and nougat on the inside here is, I think, a Three Musketeers. ;-)

lloydp on Aug 8, 2016:

Hi Eleanor Here is another cutie Pat

lloydp on Aug 8, 2016:

Hi Eleanor Here is my favourite animal (Deco your Friend's profile - favourite animal) Pat lloyd

LizH on Aug 5, 2016:

my 2 favorite animals via Deco your frined's profile swap

OrigamiGrace on Jul 31, 2016:


From Cheap Postage Group!

Babytreese on Jul 7, 2016:

Quick Friendly Profile Comment

Hi Zindy! So sorry your pictures didn't come through on your profile :-( I enjoyed reading it anyway :-) I LOVE tea too! And Adagio is my favorite! I just bought some Cream Tea that I'm not too fond of though...probably create a tea swap to get rid of it :-) Good luck on your blanket project! I love candy corn too! They only sell it at Halloween though. Kawaii and Harajuku are very cool! I hope to visit Tokyo someday to see it up close and personal! I think I have all of Nigella's books...she is one of my favorite chefs. She's so beautiful! OK Zindy...that's all for now. I hope we are swap partners again someday! Cheers, Theresa

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