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Date Joined: January 6, 2013
Last Online: February 19, 2018
Birthday: May 13
Country: United States

About Me

First I would like to say thank you to all of the amazing artists that I have met on this site. As I have been exposed to different mediums and seen others art I have been amazed at how much my own art has expanded. I never thought I was the kind of artist that would own oil paints, watercolors, acrylics, chalks, and various other mediums and now I have the start of a set of many different mediums and I am using them. It has been amazing to see how much my art has expanded and I love all that I have learned so again thank you!

Update: 12/ 17.It is so crazy to me how much my art had grown since I joined this site. My current favorites are Note cards, Mixed media cards and I am now learning how to make junk journals. I also adore my gelli plate. I still enjoy the items I had listed in 2015; mini scrapbooks and altered items. I am just starting to create art/junk journals and would love anything to further this ambition! (my family is not sure what they think of my new desire to collect items that would otherwise end up in the recycle bin)

I have been learning what I can do with soda cans, cardboard boxes, ink and gesso. I love taking all the peices that are left over or that most people see as trash and transforming them into something beautiful that I can use in my mixed media pieces.

This site has been fantastic in opening up new ways to express myself. I now enjoy swapping altered anything, mail art envies, postcards and ATC's.

P.S. IF you have an ATC made by me that does not work in your collection or that you dont want you can send them back to me!

My favorite flowers are gerber daisy's. I also love windmills and lighthouses and butterflies.

I also love to sew quilts. I branch out sometimes but always seem to find that I come back to this. When I quilt I am usually doing window quilts.

I love to hang out with my dh, garden and spending time with my cats!

I love to travel and have explored most the western United States. I am looking forward to exploring the eastern half of the US and branching out to other countries so if you have any suggestions of places to go I would love to hear them!

Favorite Books

I adore reading, finishing four or five a week. My favorites right now are anything to do with history, or law both fiction and non fiction, and crafts . I also enjoy romance books (but they really have to have a story, and I prefer the setting to be more historical than modern). My all time favorite books are Anne of Green Gable series. I will read current trends but usually I am a year or three behind. (new books are hard to get your fingers on at the library!)

Interests and themes for swaps

-Stencils if you have them and don't want them anymore! for art journals or when I use my mists and my gelli plate. I am looking for design stencils at this time and would be willing to set up a swap for them as they are hard to find where I am. I am looking for stencils with patterns or designs over specific objects or words although any are very welcome

-I really enjoy bright colors, almost jewel tones, deep/bright reds, greens, yellows, blues and purples, but my favorite color is orange. I prefer the deep or bright colors over neon or pastel if at all possible. if if doubt my pintrest account is a good indicator if you have time!

-scrapbook items (bright colored papers, holiday themed papers even out of season, grungy prints, kid prints, cut outs, cat themed items, washi tape, ribbons, fibers, and stickers) I use Tim Holtz, close to my heart, prima, Blue Moon, K&Co, and other similar brands- I also use cheaper/store brands as long as the product doesn't look like it is falling apart or more importantly as long as I can not see the glue lines or it does not look like it was put together by a child.

-cards (any form, I love getting the blank ones to finish, card parts and already finished cards)

-embellishments- glitter is ok if it is sealed. I am also looking for unusual embellishments or ones with deep color in them. (by embellishments I am talking about flowers, rosettes, ribbons, string, fibers, buttons, chipboard pieces, stickers, brads, charms, any metal pieces ect) I also enjoy any of these types of items that are hand crafted!

-anything metal or metallic (ideas but not limited to large metal pieces from earrings, frames, embossed sayings, flowers, tiny metal parts, charms and beads)

-vintage items, especially lace

-any button but I like them in pairs as this is how I usually use them!

-anything paper (but love black and white and bright colors)

-any type of paper flowers

-stamps, I enjoy all kinds but particularly like sentiments or quotes (stamps for stamping images or images from stamps you have stamped on a plain paper!)

-Flocking and embossing powers

-charms of any type but especially metal charms

-brads and eyelets

-any thing with cats

-I am now looking for any type of pin up items particularly paper based. I would love old ones or high quality printouts of old images.

-anything Halloween, even when it is not a holiday themed moment or swap I am always excited to see halloween items.

-I am slowly collecting postcards, I love the bright postcards, funny postcards, and postcards that make you pause. I also adore the ones with a good or funny quote or saying.

-Big Hunks are my favorite candy! I cannot eat chocolate but I enjoy when it is included because my dearest gets to be included without him feeling guilty (more below)

Things I dislike

I only have one food allergy... caffeine, if you send me tea it must be an herbal tea or decaffeinated. I do not drink fruity drinks or teas. I dont drink coffee at all. This also means that I cannot have chocolate but if you wish to include a good chocolate bar my DH thinks it is fantastic.

-Skulls except in halloween stuff- I prefer the cutesy skulls (nothing to creepy/gory)

-I love halloween and halloween related items but at the same time I still to this day cannot and have not watched an entire horror movie. I know weird. So not super creepy/ gory Halloween items please.

-cowboy themed items, I have a lot and don't seem to use them without taking them apart and altering them

-Unless it is ephemera, I do not need any more small (less than 3 inches) paper scraps.

Arts and Crafts and Creativity

I know I posted part of this above... I enjoy all kinds of embellishments, flowers, ribbon and trims and 3D stickers. I also really enjoy working with high quality rub-on stickers. I am learning how to create my own pearl and crystal swirls to embellish with. I enjoy the bright colors,created with the pearl dusts, as well as the tattered steampunk looks. I am not a big fan of pastels usually.

In regards to fabric I love bold prints, cotton, flannel are my favorites. I usually pick out solids after I find the prints, and I love love minky.


ktk8 rated for PnS: tissue paper layer on Feb 6, 2018
Comment: Awww what a pretty card..... and I learned a new word today.... Abeille.... very interesting I love the purple and turquoise.....thank you very much!
Comment: A beautiful jar filled with beautiful things. Thank you!
LizzyJo rated for TPD~Changing projects on Feb 4, 2018
Comment: Your JOY cards are absolutely gorgeous! I can't stop looking at them. Your sharing of their backstory makes them all the more precious. And thank you for the Easter cards and smash pads. Opening your package felt like Christmas. I wish I could give you a bunch of hearts. ♥♥♥
Response: You are so very welcome. This is one of the things I really like about swapping on this site, I can be pushed in a new direction which would not have happened without "meeting" and swapping with you. Thank you for the kind comments and the rating.
JenniferB rated for Stamping & die cuts on Feb 4, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much Sarah for the awesome ATC. I appreciate the fab extras too, cheers! 😉❤️
Response: You are so very welcome. So very happy that you got it and without too much of a delay considering the distance it was traveling. Thank you for the kind comments and the rating.
georgiafae rated for Aqua and Red Mail Art on Feb 2, 2018
Comment: This is a great postcard.Love the background-of course love the colors- and of course love Coke! Thanks for sharing-we are in the deep freeze cold once again-BRRRR!
Response: You are so very welcome. As always, I very much enjoy seeing your name pop up as my partner. Thank you for the rating.
Mimosagirl rated for HUGE Craft De-Stash #5 USA on Feb 1, 2018
Comment: OHhhhh My Giddy STarZ!!! You have totally blown me away. I came home from spending the afternoon at the emergency room with my husband....(turns out he will be fine.) I was feeling low and drained...then to find my mailbox bulging at the seams...LOL oh boy you really deserve 20 hearts+ My husband was in AWE too. Thank you. THANK YOU! My heart is filled to bursting at your kindness. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Sincerely, Judy
Response: You are so welcome. I have to admit I was a little worried I was a little heavy on the washi but this was a lot of fun to put together for you. I am so glad to hear that everything with a stressful afternoon is turning out. Thank you for the rating.
January rated for MMPC - Mixed Media Mail Art on Jan 27, 2018
Comment: Sarah, thank you so much for the beautiful envelope that you created - it is going to find its way into a junk journal for further enjoyment. And, the pens and pencils are much appreciated - so very very generous of you!
Response: You are so very welcome. Your profile was so much fun to read and then it was fun to apply that in my head and see what happened on the envelope. Thank you for swapping and for the rating.
Comment: OMG these are the most beautiful cards i've received in a long time! not to mention the great G45 extras & the Dazzles! Thank you
Response: Thank you so much, I really had a lot of fun creating them, and this theme leaves so very much open so it is fun to experiment. You are very welcome for the extras, I was excited to find someone who shared my enjoyment of dazzles.
Changeling rated for TIAZ: 5 Random Goodies on Jan 16, 2018
Comment: Thank you for a wonderful swap! There was no problem with the postage, and I will enjoy the craft supplies. I enjoyed the pretty packaging as well!
Response: You are so very welcome. I am so glad to hear that the kitchen scale is basically ok for emergency weighing. Thank you for being such a wonderful swap partner.
ccmmsu rated for VTHS: Handmade Christmas Card on Dec 29, 2017
Comment: What a lovely Christmas surprise! The beautiful card in the handmade envie would have been enough. It was so generous and sweet of you to send the ephemera pack and flashcards. I will definitely use them. And the card is gorgeous -- it's going in my scrapbook! Thank you so much!!
Response: You are so welcome. I am glad that you can use the extras too. Thank you for the kind compliments about the card and for the rating.
Lucine rated for Background stamping on Dec 21, 2017
Comment: Thank you for everything, the nice ATC, the card and the ephemera:D
Response: You are so very welcome. Thank you for swapping once again. Always a pleasure to see your name as the person I am to send too.
Comment: Sarah!! (Sigh!) There are not words big enough to express how surprised, excited and grateful I am for the true HAPPY MAIL you sent me!! Thank you so much!! If I had received nothing else for Christmas I could still be ecstatic! I absolutely love the handmade swap cards--they are gorgeous!! The flip book is divine!!! And all the amazing crafting goodies--thank you for helping me document and celebrate my Daughter!! All of this amazing-ness and I haven't even opened the actual gifts yet! :o) Thank you for thinking of my Mom. <3 She has been a life saver lately and your kindness is much appreciated! Saving our gifts for Christmas morning. Thank you for an incredible swap! You've made my Hall of Fame!! :o) Wishing you and yours a most Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Hugs to you.
Response: You are so very welcome. I had so much fun planning this one out, and reading your profile. Thank you so very much for swapping and for the rating.
elinor rated for A stocking filled with Christmas on Dec 15, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the wonderfully sparkly stocking and all the exciting looking goodies :) I can't wait to open them - I don't think they'll all make it to Christmas day before being unwrapped!
Response: You are so very welcome. I know the feeling about waiting but it is only a few days be for a few days before Xmas. I am so happy that it made it to you before. Thank you for letting me know it arrived and for the rating.
Comment: ❤ Dear Sarah, gosh, what an amazing-swap with such a lot of different pairs of earrings, yeah. Thanks so much but, you spent such a lot of money incl. registrered-mail! ❤
Response: I have never looked for dangly silver earrings. And it was surprisingly fun. I wanted to send you a few pairs that you might not already have, and I am sure the sales persons were amused that I brought along a measuring tape. But they were all on sale, and I really couldn't decide on just one of them so I am excited to hear that you like them. Happy Holidays dear. And thank you for the rating and letting me know that they arrived.
Comment: What an adorable envelope!!!!!! Sooo cute, thank you!! I love the postcards too and appreciate your kind note!!! Happy you were my partner! Thanks so much!!! Enjoy the holidays! xxx
Response: So glad that I was able to swap with you, hopefully there were one or two and you can add to your collection. Thank you so much for swapping and for the rating.
Comment: Thank you for the lovely mini book and extra goodies! I really like the patterns that you used together, and the paper inserts on each page. Thanks!
Response: You are very welcome. I had fun making this, and really thought the papers I used were much more vintage than the TH papers that I was looking at online. Thank you for the rating.
mgallardo68 rated for 10 minute ATC challenge - pink on Dec 7, 2017
Comment: This is an amazing envelope. What a beautiful ATC's and Postcards (please write me and let me know the technique you used for these ones) you have sent my way. Proud owner of your beautiful art.Sarah, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this fantastic package ♥♥
Response: I am so happy that these ones made it to you. I will write you a letter with all the details, I have really had fun making these. Thank you for swapping with me, it is always a pleasure. And thank you for the rating.
Pandd rated for THC: Enameled Stamping on Nov 29, 2017
Comment: Beautiful atc. Thank you for a gorgeous atc. Also thank you for the cool extras. Great swap. Pat💕💕
Response: You are so very welcome. So glad that the holidays only held it up it a little. Thank you for the rating.
Comment: This is a beautiful atc, Sarah! I love the way you used real leaves and collaged them and the feathers are just amazing! Thank you so much! Also thank you for the extras - love the gears!
Response: You are so very welcome. I was hoping that by enclosing them in glue I could preserve all of the color but I will have to experiment a bit more although I really like the way these worked out as well. Thank you for the rating.
Comment: Wow!!! Thank you for this wonderful swap! It deserves 5 stars! I love the gorgeous homemade postcard with the poppies and dragonfly, and thanks too for all the nautical/beach themed card, calendar and packet of fun things to play with!!! This one really brightened a gloomy, blowy, snowy day! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Response: You are so very welcome. I adored how this one came out. I almost put red dragonflies on it, they were everywhere out here this year but that is not the traditional colors... Thank you for the rating.

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hibiscus on Sep 2, 2017:

Sarah, you are a wonderfully creative swapper and I cannot be more pleased with my mystery supply swap! How lucky am I?!?!

TC on Jul 2, 2017:

Oh, I'm so glad you can use the lace! If you need more, let me know. I have a big box, and with no little granddaughters to sew fancy dresses for, I can't me using it all up any time soon!

shinyserra on Apr 14, 2017:

I received the random paper RAK! Thank you very much. It took quite a journey here but it arrived safe and sound a month after its postmark! I had fun going through everything. There is so much fun stuff to add to my journals!

Mellipenpal on Apr 12, 2017:

Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for your wonderful Cards RAK! 😍They're so pretty and so handmade. Love them so much you really made my day!! Have a great day Sarah❤ :)

simcoe54 on Apr 2, 2017:

Thanks for all the paper that you sent for - Envelope of paper RAK. A lot of it with be very useful to me.

Hollycarole92 on Mar 25, 2017:

I received my random paper goodies RAK today!! Thanks so much! It came just in time for me to use some of the Easter-themed goodies. ^_^

sherba31 on Mar 24, 2017:

Thanks a bunch for the RAK of Random Paper Goodies Envelope. First, the gelli print envelope is really cool. You've reminded me I need to get my own plate out and make more paper! There are so many fun things you sent and I look forward to using them in more swaps or as extras for others. Have a great weekend and thanks again!

Mimi7 on Mar 20, 2017:

Thanks so much for all the wonderful cards from the card RAK. They are appreciated so very much.

judgedbyabookscover on Mar 7, 2017:

THANKS A BUNCH for more ATCs to add to my wall!! I'm getting closer and closer I can't wait to post a picture of the finished project : )

user2637 on Feb 15, 2017:

Wow, Sarah, these postcards you made me for the AAtW January wishlist are AMAZING!!! I love them! Thanks ever so much. :) :) I still haventad the courage to try my hello plate but I love being able to hold something gelli-ed. Thank you again!

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