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About Me

I am currently looking for copies (single and multiple) of this postcard By Nouvelle Images, so do pm me if you can get hold of any!

My group: [Cotton Tails](http://www.swap- --------------bot.com/group/d9e84648a9e4c0536303146790b773b0/about) hop along and visit us!

HollyHox is...

Holly, Hols, rabbit lady, a 29 year old English lass living in Southampton, Hampshire (old medieval, port city where the Titanic sailed from), on the South coast of this Great Britain.

(I actually have copies of the above PC if you want one!)

The eldest of 5 and soon to be an aunt for the first time!

An Atheist, lover of nature and the great outdoors, ex Librarian, Gemini, wannabe burlesque performer and/or volcanologist (a burlesque volcanologist?), animal welfare advocate, creative misfit, living with depression, an opinionated mind, eclectic tastes, and currently a very noisy canary!

I can be abrupt, strong minded and often speak (or type) before I think but I am also compassionate, generous and loving and proud of who I am and how strong I have become in recent years after alot of struggling and upset.

I used to be a librarian and my nickname was 'Super Ninja Librarian' (hence my profile picture) for I was both a super duper shelver and stealthy in the stacks. Well that sounds a bit wrong actually....=/

I spent 5 years as a librarian and children's library specialist whilst volunteering with the RSPCA and working in a veterinary clinic for 8 years where my passion for wildlife and rabbits really took off and I would dearly love to continue to work with animals and some day open a small animal shelter of my own as there is a severe lack of rescue centres for small animals and I hate the pet shop and breeding industry and it's lack of regulation.

I often get particular theme tunes stuck in my head and find myself repeatedly humming such gems as The A Team, Star Wars, Diagnosis Murder or lately, the bloody Go Compare advert!!!

I love art, writing, craft and a whole new world has opened up to me since discovering Swapbot, Etsy, Blogging and the world of online art and craft.


Craft I love and enjoy doing: paper craft, ATC's, Inchies, Altered art, matchboxes, garlands and am really getting into zines and all kinds of mail art and such (which I now realise I have an obsession with thanks to @Tanglecrafts plus I am starting, slowly, to get into art journalling, with the help and guidance of the wonderful @bluemonkeymama

I also love painting and sketching and have been drawing since I was very young. The only things I cannot do and would love to be able to are knitting and crochet and I would love to try creating more with fabrics and have really become interested in felt and felt creations.

I love Illustration and am keen to get into that field somehow, especially illustration for children as I love to write and have always wanted to be an author so to write and illustrate my own books would be a dream come true.

I hope to open an Etsy shop at some point in the near future and I am currently 'doing' a blog which I need to work on some more.

I love rustic, wooden, unique and organic. I like curiosities, science, copper and plantlife. I love Mythical beings and magical creatures and I still have the sense of wonder and excitement in exploration, adventure and discovery as when I was a child.

I used to write stories on my typewriter when I was really young (years before 'Bugs Life' I wrote a story about a group of insects who loved to eat green-fly pie!) I would make dolls houses in shoeboxes and sew little people from bits of material. I love paper and clay and felt and fabric and I adore silver and copper and stones and glass. I love colour and light and long for the day I have a 'proper' space to really express myself in. But in the mean time, I dream...

Just because...

I love just because... RABBITS! and hares and related imagery/art,, Victoriana, National Geographic, birds, trees, insects, Steampunk and Dieselpunk, pin-up art, burlesque, the universe and space, the countryside, green vegetables, Jules Verne, flora and fauna, Science fiction, markets, car boot sales, natural history of all kinds, libraries, museums, galleries, Angela Carter, Gothic horror, Fairy tales / Myth and legend, long car journeys, Italian food, volcanoes, greenhouses, Children's literature and Illustration, Astronomy, scientific curiosities, abandoned buildings, gardens, Darwin, Agatha Christie, 80s music and films, Derren Brown, Buffy the vampire slayer, Longleat, Horror films, Bowie, Blondie, Lady Gaga, Cycling, Kickle Cubicle, swimming, long walks, Roald Dahl, sunny evenings, silver rings, Stephen Fry, Monty Python, Douglass Adams, volunteer work, dogs, Architecture, Murder she wrote, mohitos and much more besides...


Imagery I like...

  • Rabbits and hares, Stylised, ethnic, design and naturalistic (not so much personified rabbits with clothes and doing human things, more natural or cute unless it is Beatrix Potter and some kawaii)
  • Natural history, especial Darwin related, sketches and studies, bookplates etc
  • Scientific curiosities and invention
  • Mail/postal themed
  • Steampunk and dieselpunk
  • Childrens literature illustrations, especially vintage and fairytales and Beatrix Potter
  • Birds, birdhouses and cages (especially British birds)
  • Unusual sea creatures and deep sea life such as jellyfish, urchins, sharks, rays and strange creatures found in the depths!
  • Trees, wildflowers, seed pods
  • Art Noveau and Art Deco
  • The moon
  • Insects and bugs
  • Hot air balloons
  • Fountain pens, ink wells and writing paraphanalia
  • Windmills and turbines
  • Lakes, rivers and ponds
  • Penny farthings, Horse and carts
  • Kawaii (for specifics on what I am fond of see below)
  • Arthurian and Knights
  • Volcanoes
  • The sky, clouds, rain
  • Greenhouses, Orangeries, conservatories
  • Books, script, writing
  • Interesting architecture and buildings, abandoned, gothic, old houses and places
  • Gothic
  • Vintage and Victorian
  • Sci Fi and Fantasy
  • Castles and interesting old architecture

Actually, this list could go on and on so I shall leave it there and update it with anythig I think is important!


Colour... I love all shades of green and colours that compliment it. There are not many colours I dislike when used well but I am not a fan of pink or purple on it's own.

Creatures and Critters Rabbits (obviously!), Hares, Birds, Insects and bugs (esp moths and ants), Dodos, Okapi, Sharks and whales, Manatees and Narwhals, Rhinos, Sloths, Panthers and Pumas, Deer, Puffins and Pidgeons, Unusual fish and sea creatures, Butterflies and Bees, Snails,..

On the fantasy front I love robots, thunderbirds, ancient mythical creatures and stuff of legends, aliens (Geiger style and gothic, not little green men...)

Characters I love are: Miffy, Rabbit (from WTP), Skelanimal rabbit, Mindwave rabbits, Thumper, Peter Rabbit/Benjamin Bunny, Flopsy bunnies, The white rabbit, 'Guess how much I love you' rabbits, Wallace and Gromit, Jessica Rabbit, Bambi, Dumbo, Super Mario characters, Dangermouse, Thundercats, Sebastian (from Little Mermaid), Roger rabbit, Miss Piggy...

Wishlist/likes and ide

  • Copies of this postcard by Nouvelle Images.

  • Colour or B&W photocopied book pages/printed images of natural history themes and objects.

  • Already printed not digital collage sheets to any of my fave themes (I cannot print these out for myself currently)

  • Rabbit and hare things, imagery and art, rubber stamps, stickers anything really at all but I would love any handmade bunny or hare stuffies, dolls and such.

  • Mail art and postal related things and especially supplies for doing my own mail art.

  • Anything Miffy by Dick Bruna. Especially any of the books and old vintage games / cards etc

  • Clear square glass tiles and the round flat backed ones (for magnet making)

  • Vintage/interesting playing/game cards and cigarette/collector cards

  • The colour green (especially in art, papers etc)

  • Ledger paper, graph paper, library cards, office document papers (especially old/used and vintage)

  • Papers and paper ephemera

  • Shappo the rabbit from 'Sentimental Circus' especially the memo pads which I cannot get here in the UK.

  • Handmade rubber stamps, esp your own design or inspired by my profile.

  • Birds/trees/insects/natural history related

  • Wax stick for making wax seals, esp red

  • Postage stamps

  • Interesting or handmade notebooks / journals

  • Stickers

  • ATCs and ATC supplies/kits

  • Any papers, handmade, decorative etc I love wrapping paper and especially from this wonderful online shop

  • Unusual and unique things, curiosities

  • Any peanut butter chocolate, esp pb M&Ms!

  • Fabrics, swatches, scraps and wallpaper swatches etc

  • Book/writing/literature related items

  • mini zines and Inchies

  • clear/un-mounted stamps.

  • anything Belle & Boo

  • Things to delight and inspire me!

  • Above all, Thoughtful packages, letters & new friends =D

A note about Kawaii... I have discovered I really quite like Kawaii and similar things, but there are a few things I really cannot stand such as food with faces, cupcakes and bakery items, pink and cutesy animals and kawaii children and people. I truly detest Hello Kitty =/

I do really love clouds, rainbows, raindrops, rabbits, robots and monsters, fruit (esp apples) birds and other things and I love stickers deco tape, memo pads and such.

Specifics I really love are: Sentimental Circus, Mindwave rabbits, Mamegoma, Decole, Mindwave pill bunnies, Sabbo Kappa and Cloud 9.


Entertainment and such

I don't feel the need to go into detail as it doesn't really apply to me here but may be worth knowing when looking for common interests:

I love 80s music such as power rock and balads and 80s films since I grew up on them! I love all kinds of films and faves include Die hard, The dark crystal, Back to the future, Alien quadrillogy, Clue, Three Amigos, Zoolander, The posiedon adventure, Sci Fi, Horror, Thrillers and disaster movies being my favourites!

Some favourite Tv shows are Red Dwarf, Blackadder, Allo' Allo', The X files, Buffy and Angel, QI, Columbo, Murder she wrote, Frasier, Medium, Poirot, Bones, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Law and Order, Millenium, Alias and seriously too many to mention!

Music wise, apart from 80s cheese I love everything from Bowie and The Stones to Eva Cassidy and Beyonce and I have really eclectic tastes, think Meat loaf and classical music too =D

I mostly read thrillers, horror, gothic, mysteries and childrens lit and some faves are Angela Carter, Dean Koontz, Neil Gaiman, Mark Gattiss, Roald Dahl and John Connolly. I hate chic lit or 'summer / light reads' and like to be challenged and have things to ponder over in my reading!

I am quickly and easily bored by books which is highly annoying as I get restless and am less likely to try out new literature and stick with it. I always appreciate recommendations though, especially within my fave genres.

I also read alot of non-fiction and love to learn about favourite subjects and such. I am currently dipping in and out of 'The history of Pompeii' and 'Insects - a photographic study'


I have a real issue with animal cruelty, the fur trade, chinese medicine, animal testing, whaling, animals as entertainment and hunting for sport and do not find it funny or acceptable and do not want to see it or hear about it or any excuses for it thankyou!

  • Religion and god/bible related things (I am an Atheist but am inspired by spiritualistic things and ideas and I am most interested in Budhism)

  • Fairies (the cute or cliche kind)

  • Hello Kitty =/

  • The over use of glitter and 'fluffyness'

  • Makeup and bath products/smellies

  • Scented items/perfume/candles/insense

  • Occasional items, ie birthday, halloween, holidays (unless I have joined a specific holiday swap)

  • Cupcakes in art/craft/imagery

  • Teddy bears

  • Dolphins (in imagery and items)

  • over sentimental and excessive scrapbooking

  • Anything 'overly' cutesy and sweet (though I do like some Kawaii stuff, esp rabbit related)

  • Sock monkeys

  • Jewllery, unless otherwise specified

  • 'Twilight', I am strictly a Buffy and Angel girl =D

Food, sweets and allergies... Luckily for me I have no allergies but these are things I dislike: Licquorice, anything sour or spicy, very chewy sweets, hard toffee, turkish delight, strong mints, cough/throat sweets,

Please Note: it is not an allergy as such but I have a strong aversion to artificial scents such as strong candles and insense and I prefer natural smells to bakery / sweet scents.

Swapping info

  • I put alot of effort into my swaps and would never dream of flaking. I will always contact my swap partner if I am going to be sending late or have any problems.
  • If for some reason I have not rated then I have either not recieved your package or I may have missed/forgotten so please PM me if you are concerned.
  • I re-use packaging/envelopes
  • I almost always include handmade items in multiple item swaps so if there is something that you do not appreciate, please pass it on to someone who will!

Notes to self...


id0be1ieve rated for HollyHox and Id0bel1eve <3 on Feb 29, 2012
Comment: Ahhhh, Holly..dearest, sweetest Holly! Thank you sooo much for the most amazing parcel of loveliness..you TOTALLY, completely & utterly spoiled me; I am in awe at the amount of awesomeness & I honestly LOVE absolutely everything! Thank you so so much! ..from the Little Red Riding Hood book (soo darling!!) to the yummy goodies (it had been faaar too long since I last had a berry Nakd bar..YUM! ♥), the Bambi gift bag (which I had seen before, but never found any reason to treat myself to..and now, I no longer have to just look at it longingly! :-D), the Tim Holtz crafty goodies..just, just.. EVERYTHING! The parcel was absolutely perfect and honestly, it totally made my day! Thank you - from the bottom of my heart You're incredible and I feel so lucky to have you as a friend <3
gooseberry rated for Cotton tail Mail art on Jan 3, 2012
Comment: **Oct. 20, 2011:**Just a gentle reminder that I haven't received this swap yet. Maybe it went sight-seeing along the way? I will keep a look-out for it and will re-rate when it does arrive. All my best wishes to you! ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **Jan. 3, 2012:** Thank you so much for the lovely package(s) you sent. It all was so nice and rabbity! I love the rubber stamp especially and the rabbit on the brown envie. Everything's so nice! It's difficult to choose one favorite thing (I guess the stamp would be it) and I really like it all. I so wish I could give you a 5 (and a heart!) but the lack of communication is the big reason why I cannot give you the rating I wish I could give. I received the swap over 4 months after the due-date, but I wouldn't have taken that so much into account if only there had been better communication. Thank you for sending, thank you for sending again when the other one was returned. I really appreciate your following through with the swap. I cannot give you a 5, but here are some hearts, because I do just love everything...♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Response: Hun, it is absolutely ok and I understand and accept your reasons as my communication was rubbish and I neglected to deal with the situation properly. I am so happy the re-send arrived and that you loved everything and cannot thank you enough for your patience and understanding and for those hearts upt here ^ =D
Comment: the girls love the million especially the mixture.
HGoodbrad rated for Roald Dahl ATC series #2 'The BFG' on Aug 24, 2011
Comment: great swap!!!
ROCKIE rated for Cotton tail Postcard on Aug 24, 2011
Comment: Thanks for all the fun goodies of the adorable bunnies, Loved it all!
Nyu rated for OTT: BuzZz Bumble Bee on Aug 23, 2011
Comment: Thank you, what an adorable little fella! <3
Duckygirl rated for Holly and Ducky on Aug 11, 2011
Comment: Thanks so much :) love the ice cube trays
Comment: Lovely ATC! The gold detailing and torn text are perfect...
LavenderLizard rated for Ahhh surprises! on Aug 10, 2011
Comment: This is hands down the most amazing package of surprises! I will treasure your grandma`s hankies...they are lovely. An awesome collection of papers, sewing notions, stickers, two rocking cool hand carved stamps...I feel so spoiled! And everyone at work`ll be jealous of my cool tote! I hope your package of surprises has arrived safely.
trekaroo rated for PC~Color series GREEN ATC on Aug 9, 2011
Comment: Thanks for this extra nice card. I really like it very much. Very fancy wrapping, too. Where do you get the tape? I can't find it at my local stores and I think it is really neat.
Moosecastle rated for C+P ATC: Office Supplies on Jul 25, 2011
Comment: Very nice!!!
paperfarm rated for Mmmm chocolate =] on Jul 18, 2011
Comment: Ohhh... thank you for the Cadbury chocolates from the U.K! I have to agree the Dairy Milk Fruit and Nuts is really yummy, this is one of my go to chocolate bars. I have never seen Cadbury Fudge or the Curlywurly before. Can't wait to try them! It was really fun swapping with you. Big hug
Comment: Thank you, thank you for re-sending! I really had let it go as I believed you had send initially, but this was such a treat to receive and a real surprise. I appreciate your following through, and for putting together something so sweet and uniquely personal. I love the moon badge (it immediately joined my collection on my knitting bag) and the handmade envelopes are beautiful. It was such a pleasure to have you for a partner. Hugs! Laura
nermalski rated for Mini inspiring quotes booklet. on Jun 24, 2011
Comment: I got my wonderful book in the mail today. I had to wait for Allison to peruse the contents first. She approves by the way. :) It's wonderful. I love the pages. The quotes are great as well. Hadn't read some of those before. Thankyou.
Nnyla rated for Ex Libris ~ A set of bookplates on Jun 23, 2011
Comment: Thank you so much for the cute bookplates and the bear's paw stamp. I love them! Well worth the wait! I should add that my son loves them too and we already have plans for the bear paw! Very, very lovely! Thanks also for caring enough and taking the time to resend!
Response: Oh you are very welcome! It really makes me happy that your son loves the stamp too and that you can put it to good use! I enjoyed carving that one and the plates were easy to re-send since I had copies but I am thrilled you like them so much and a huge thankyou for being so patient and understanding and for the heart, I appreciate it =)
kirsti rated for HollyHox and Kirsti on Jun 19, 2011
Comment: Thank u so much! It looked like u put a lot of efford into the swap! It was awesome! Not loved the things for him! He decorated his bed with the stickers and the book was right up his alley
Response: Oh wonderful, I am so pleased he liked the stickers and the book, I really hoped he would and when I saw those funny puffy stickers I just had to send them for him =D I also hope you get plenty of use from your cute book and the other bits. Thankyou ever so much for the heart =D
patumma rated for HollyHox and Patumma =) on Jun 15, 2011
Comment: Great Package thank you Holly! I cant wait to try all the candy! The gummies are so cute and i also love black current! The erasers will be a great addition for my collection. Thank you for everything! Pat
Response: Oh I am so pleased! Just let me know if you ever want more candy and erasers hehe. Thankyou for the heart hun =D
morwesong rated for Bunny in a box on Jun 9, 2011
Comment: This is seriously one of the cutest things I have ever received on swap-bot! I LOVE the little felted bunny and everything in his little hideaway. It puts my matchbox to shame, ha! You did a fantastic job; thanks so much!!
Comment: Thanks for the gorgeous ATC!
tuesday rated for ATC series (#7) The Ugly Duckling on Jun 8, 2011
Comment: Hello Holly .... The lovely Ugly Duckling ATC arrived today. Thank you very much. Tuesday
Response: Oh I am so glad and pleased you llike it =) Thankyou ever so much for re-rating me too.

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AynE on Mar 24, 2012:

Thank you my dear friend for the package full of the most amazing treasures, trinkets, stamps, postcards and cookbooks. I give you ten thousand hugs and one extra for the Walker's Licorice toffee. A feast for the eyes and a sweet for the taste buds. This arrived at a perfect time, perfectly on time, as I knew it would.

RyeRye on Feb 13, 2012:

id0be1ieve on Jan 1, 2012:

Hope you had a lovely Christmas (and things weren't too stressful for you, Holly, m'dear!) and I wish you a very Happy New Year!

..slight problemo/wee lil question..
Our swapsies..it's..GONE!! :-O

o_O [[confuzzled!]] :-P

Hope you're ok, Holly..thinking of you x

RyeRye on Dec 28, 2011:

bluemonkeymama on Dec 24, 2011:

Merry Mythmas! ;) Hugs from me!

RyeRye on Dec 24, 2011:

morwesong on Dec 4, 2011:

Hello! I saw that you were back and just wanted to say hi! I am also currently trying to find a place to live, and I know how stressful that can be. I do hope you decide to stay and take a break rather than leave swap-bot entirely because I've enjoyed swapping with you and hope to do so again in the future!

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say hello and I hope you're well. Here's a cute bunny for you :-)


nermalski on Nov 30, 2011:

I hope that you do not stay away for too long again. Life happens. I still pull out my quotes and go through them. The book you made for me sits out in my craft room so I can get some inspiration when I need it.

Remember to breathe and take some time for you.

AynE on Nov 16, 2011:

the picture is cute but I can't get it to post. Sorry

AynE on Nov 16, 2011:

![hug]("http://media.photobucket.com/image/bunny hug/AnimeAngel109080/bunny1.jpg?o=48" target="_blank"> )

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