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A little about me...

Welcome to my little corner of Swap-bot!

I am a hopelessly romantic gentle soul. ♥ I share my life with two foundling dogs and a cat who found me.

•Favorite Colors•

♥ lavender ♥ light pink ♥ sage green ♥ deep red ♥ chocolate brown ♥ dove grey


♥ cats ♥ butterflies ♥ ladybugs ♥ spiders ♥ spider's webs ♥ dragonflies ♥ fireflies ♥ snails ♥ beetles ♥ rabbits ♥ mice and rats ♥ birds ♥ trees, leaves ♥ Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter ♥ wildflowers ♥ mushrooms ~ wild, faerie rings ♥ herbs ♥ pumpkins ♥ sunsets, sunrises ♥ clouds/skyscapes ♥ rainbows ♥ dewdrops ♥ mountains ♥ the ocean ♥ deserts ♥ rocks ♥ the night sky ♥ the moon ♥ wild, natural places

•Favorite Favorites•

♥ Beatrix Potter cards, art, anything (Fredrick Warne & Co. authorized items) ♥ Classic Winnie-the-Pooh ♥ Dr. Seuss ♥ Tasha Tudor ♥ Edgar Allan Poe ♥ Edward Gorey ♥ Gothic art and architecture ♥ Vintage postcards ♥ Vintage anything, ♥ Victoriana ♥ "Old Paris" (such as the settings in the movie "Amelie" and the voice of Edith Piaf) ♥ Vincent van Gogh ♥ Vincent Price ♥ Silent movies ♥ Alfred Hitchcock Presents ♥ The Twilight Zone ♥ Classic Star Trek ♥ Mr. Spock ♥ Children's picture books, Vintage and modern ♥ Hello Kitty ♥ flowers, pink roses especially ♥ gardening ♥ handmade items ♥ classic movies ♥ Faeries, especially depictions of wild, nature faeries and faerie folk ♥ I also love Faerie art, especially Nene Thomas Jessica Galbreth, and Amy Brown (in that order.) ♥ I love the Faerie music of Gary Stadler, too. :) ♥ stationery (especially postalettes, which are getting difficult to find) ♥ old books ♥ tiny envelopes (any envelopes, really) ♥ mail art ♥ honey ♥ Celtic art ♥ hearts ♥ miniature anything ♥ stickers ♥ bubbles ♥ pretty things in general

•Favorite Holidays• (in order)

♥ Christmas ♥ Easter ♥ St. Valentine's Day ♥ Hallowe'en

•Favorite Celebrities, Music makers•

♥ Audrey Hepburn ♥ Gregory Peck (especially in To Kill a Mockingbird and Roman Holiday) ♥ Johnny Depp ♥ Tim Burton ♥ Leonard Nimoy ♥ John Denver ♥ Barry Manilow ♥ The Carpenters ♥ Midnight Syndicate ♥ Nox Arcana ♥ Ozzy Osbourne's ballads ♥ Gary Stadler's Faerie music ♥ Alabama ♥ Enya ♥ Josh Groban ♥ Susan Boyle ♥ '80's New Wave

My favorite crafts...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE paper...from those security envelopes you get in the mail to foreign newspapers to handmade papers to plain (or decorated) paper sacks. I love paper. I also love art supplies to play with on my paper...paint, rubber stamps, pens, glitter, basically, anything that will adhere in some way to paper. So, my favorite crafts lean toward paper crafting. I've tried my hand at ATCs and post cards and greeting cards and I love them all. Envelopes...I love envelopes and little enclosure cards. Envelopes made out of old calendar pages or other things like that are favorites. Tiny little envelopes and cards are great for enclosures in my letters and swaps.

I love glitter. I love giving it, and I love receiving it, but I won't force it on you if you don't like it. I can't say I won't feel sorry for you, though, and your unsparkly existence. ;)

Allergy alerts...

•Allergies for Thee and Me•

I am extremely allergic to cigarette smoke. I have asthma and cigarette smoke just shuts down my ability to breathe. Please, if you smoke, I would appreciate efforts to dispel the odor as much as you possibly can. Thank you so much.

I live with two dogs and a cat, all foundlings. I do my best to keep pet hair out of my swaps, but I just want everyone to be aware I live with furry beasties.


•Favorite Pastimes•

♥ Receiving/Sending letters ♥ Going for nature walks ♥ Spending time outside ♥ Playing with art supplies

•Some of my favorite music videos•

The Hobbit - Misty Mountains song ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Annie Lennox "Into the West" The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Matt Venuti...Hang Water ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Gary Stadler, Wendy Rule "Dance of the Wild Faeries" ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Enya "Wild Child" ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Josh Groban "Mi Mancherai" ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Ozzy Osbourne, "Dreamer" ♥ ♥ ♥

Symphony of Science, "We Are All Connected" ♥ ♥ ♥

Symphony of Science, "A Glorious Dawn" ♥ ♥ ♥

The opening credits for "Oz, The Great and Powerful" ♥ ♥ ♥

Ratings and hearts...

Just to make it known throughout the land, I absolutely hate to rate anything other than a 5. I do. However, if my swap partner has earned a rating other than a 5, I will give it. I just don't like to one little bit.

Some things to let you know about why I would rate lower than a 5:

~If you're going to be late, please just let me know! I am very understanding and will give you extra time. Please just send a pm. I'm a friendly gooseberry. :)

~If I contact you about a swap being late (and you haven't written to me first) please respond! Ignoring my messages and not contacting me about being late in the first place will result in a 3, whenever it does show up. I don't like to give out 3's, so let's just keep in contact, ok? :)

~If I feel it fair to give a 3 or a 1, harassing me about it will not result in my changing the rating (unless the swap is sent and I change the 1. Other than that, sending me message after message about it and being mean about it won't help at all.) We should have stayed in contact before it came to that!

~I love hearts and give them freely, but I do mean them sincerely when I give them. I'm just very easy to please. :)

Thank you for reading this and let's have fun! :)


Comment: Your lovely note painted a wonderful warm spring picture along with the cute bunny stickers. I needed that because it is snowy and cold here today! Thank you Elizabeth :D
Response: Oh,, I'm so glad you liked what I sent! Have a lovely rest-of-spring! :)
grammag rated for Scrap Attack ATC on Oct 11, 2014
Comment: Thanks.
LahDeeDah rated for BMAG: Barnum & Bailey Handmade PC on Aug 19, 2014
Comment: Super cute! I like the words you chose to embellish the composition. And, of course, I love the Gooseberry glitter! Nice job! Thank you. :-)
Ky rated for Scrap Attack ATC on Aug 4, 2014
Comment: Very cute ATC! I liked this swap, it was interesting to see what we can all do with just scraps. Thanks so much!
JanHardt rated for Glitterlicious on Aug 4, 2014
Comment: Very pretty. Thank you for all the sparkly goodies.
Ravenlily rated for Pass and Paste PC "R" on Aug 3, 2014
Comment: Love what you did on the card. :) And thank you for all the little goodies you sent! :) ♥ Did you make the little hearts?
Allison8236 rated for OSS: Envie of Smiles Swap #1 on Aug 2, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the butterfly goodies, I love the vellum envie
Comment: Thank you for the ATC! It's unique and a funny parody! ☺ ♥ ☺
sherba31 rated for Mail art postcard on Jul 9, 2014
Comment: Thank you for your delightful card. Love the retro look of it all.
zoev1975 rated for The Hundred Acre Wood ATC on Jul 7, 2014
Comment: I love this atc! The photocopying onto the patterned paper is really effective, and I just love Pooh Bear!
hazelwitch3 rated for Peach PCs on Jul 7, 2014
Comment: Lovely peach postcard -- and very appropriate coming from the Peach State!
wolfeagle rated for Peach PCs on Jul 3, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the postcard. Now, I'm thinking about peach ice cream. Yum.
TerryF rated for TF: Mail Art Envie #1: Water on Jul 3, 2014
Comment: Great background, and I love your cute little drawings of the fish and jellyfish! The weather here has also been up, down and all around: over 100F for the last 6 days, but only 68F today. (";)
sassafrass rated for TNW; Weather ATC on Apr 29, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much for the most wonderful ATC ever! So creative and imaginative! I've found a spot for it in my studio on the sill :) Thank you for sharing your talent!
Response: Oh, wow! I can't believe I made the most wonderful ATC ever, but I'm so glad I apparently did and you like it! :) I really am so glad you like it and thank you for your lovely comment, the heart and the prompt rating.
Kiin rated for Easter card with an Easter ATC- USA on Apr 27, 2014
Comment: Thanks for the very nice card and ATC. Really like the quote you chose and the adorable little butterflies.
Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed both the card and ATC. :) Thank you for your comments and the heart! (and the compliments on the butterflies!)
BeckyG56 rated for Little House ATC #3 on Apr 21, 2014
Comment: A lovely church,and that means a lot to me! Thank you for the ME pictures,I love her whimsy.
Response: So glad you liked what I sent. :) Thank you for the prompt rating and heart.
Sternenfee rated for SwaS: Happy mail: Spring on Apr 16, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much. Beautiful card and nice mail from you.
Response: Thank you for the very nice and friendly comment, heart and prompt rating. :)
OldBear rated for Private swap: Welcome Spring! on Apr 4, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the cheery HM PC! I do have a project on a back burner that can def. use the bird stamps! Magnolia's are just coming out here now and bushes ate looking more green than brown... We may have survived another winter! lol Go well...
Response: Yay! I'm so glad that it made it to you this time! (the first time it was returned to me due to a post office mistake, for those who are reading this and I sent it out again the next day.) I'm glad you like it and that you can use the stamps. :) I tried to make it as "birdy" as possible. Have a lovely spring! and thank you for the prompt rating and heart. :)
Comment: Elizabeth, thanks for the lovely spring ATC and your handwritten note. They definitely brightened up my day. It's already summer here in India, so I miss spring too!
Response: I'm so glad it made it there, safe and sound. :) I'm also so glad your day was brightened by what I sent. :) Thank you for the prompt rating and heart, and I do wish spring could have stayed with you a little longer, but say hello to summer for me. :)
CraftiNana rated for Open Theme #14 - USA on Mar 7, 2014
Comment: Your creation is adorable! Thank you for bringing that bit of sunshine into my day today, and thank you for your lovely note. I, too, am eager for the warmer temps so that I can put our vegetables and herbs out on the balcony. Better yet, I'm hoping to soon see that old familiar sign of home that says, "Welcome to Florida." Happy Crafting and Swapping!
Response: I'm so glad you like it! It was fun to create. :) Enjoy the warmer temperatures and the Springtime! Happy Crafting and Swapping to you, too. :) Also, thank you for the prompt rating and heart. :)

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nermalski on Jan 4, 2019:

Miss seeing you around. Hope all is well with you.

ShyAnn64 on Jun 24, 2016:

Thank you 'SO' much Elizabeth for the amazing Edgar Allan Poe card, stickers and lovely letter that you sent to me! I 'love' the card so much! I will respond to your letter straight away :) ~Carol Ann

biasbabe on Jun 3, 2016:

Sorry about your sweet Kitty. I have had cats all my life and each an everyone of them have been special. Sending healing prayers too you today dear.

owlsinathens on Jun 3, 2016:

I'm very sorry about your cat. It's very hard to part with the little souls, even if it isn't forever.

LahDeeDah on Nov 26, 2015:

Happy Thanksgiving

luckycharms on Nov 22, 2015:

happy thanksgiving

LahDeeDah on Oct 30, 2015:

Have you fallen and can't get up? I hope all is well! Call when you can. :-)

luckycharms on Oct 30, 2015:


taeniura on Oct 26, 2015:

LahDeeDah on Oct 4, 2015:

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