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Sept 28. Been back in the studio for a couple of days now-getting caught up on swaps and trying to put away things too,-- still don't have everything put back in its right places and we're working out of tubs, BUT yesterday and today we finally got to unpack our suitcases from up north! It was easier to deal w all the Fla turmoil stuff first. Suitcases are put away! House is clean and we can get back to crafting!!!!There is a light at the end of this! and it is starting to get brighter! Yeah!!!!! Thank you to patient swappers who have had to wait when receiving swaps and to those who might have wondered about ratings. I believe I am getting caught up. If you haven't recieved a rating/swap please let me know. Thank you!! Everything should be out in the next 4-5 days. YEAH,

lSept 13.Well.... We got back to southwest Florida. Pat and I arrived a couple days before Irma. I thought we had a crazy summer---nothing compares to this experience . We were very prepared. Our home is sturdy and well shuttered, w hurricane resistant windows, home generator, hurricane proof solar panels on roof. We did get an emergency phone call and were told about immediate mandatory evacuation, and because we live on the water, 10-13 foot surge was predicted. So we left. As it turned out, we ended up w the water coming over the dock, sea wall, and onto deck but not to the house. ( estimated 4 foot surge) We are so very fortunate: no major catastrophe. A lot of minor repairs: screens, screen door, etc. Just cleaning everything because it's all so dirty! The yard is covered w so much of other people's landscaping and roof shingles, and parts of trees, palms, trash etc. Today, we put out some of outside furniture and potted fruit trees and plants, and picked up the most of the big things in the yard. The pile for street pick up is almost the size of our pool and between 3-4 feet high. Additionally, we have 6 trash cans and 2 giant bags of little pieces of lawn stuff. I feel bad for the trash guys. I'll be ready w cold water and a snack for them when they come.

We had moved outdoor furniture and other things into the craft room and as we r returning things ito their proper places, we will be able to squeeze in there and maybe create in the next few days.

I will say that it is really exhausting! The anxiety before, hurricane prep in a hurry, the evac, the storm, the anxiety on the way home, seeing all of the damages, getting home, feeling some relief and then the cleanup.( another few days). We are wiped out! I know we are not alone. I want to thank EVERYONE for prayers, loving energy and good wishes. I want to thank Martha and Ray who took in Pat, myself and our little doggy in to weather the storm in their safe home. As of the 10 o'clock news tonight , 142 thousand homes in our county (Lee ) are still without electricity and temps are in high 80's, low 90's w chance of rain next few days. Let's pray that they are safe and still in shelters, or homes are snowbirds' or residents can stay w friends and families.

Please pray that electric lines are repaired soon, gas is available soon, boil water orders disappear, water recedes on streets, in ponds and in yards, roads are cleared and reopened with working traffic lights, airport and businesses can reopen, and people can return to homes and find minimal problems. Also pray that people have available help as needed, without price gouging or shady repair people. We will be better than ever but it will take a little while😀❤️ Ps. Hang in there fellow Floridians❣️

July 15, It's been a crazy time this summer. A bit overwhelming! Can only get better. I'm glad to help others, but I feel like I could use a little backup myself!

Favorite Music

Almost any music affects me! I sing in the shower and whenever I can! Always singing inmy head! All kinds of phrases of songs come from the back of my brain during any conversation and are often not as funny or appropriate as I think they are or should be. Some people just don't get it! I do usually burst out with titles and tunes when things remind me of them! There is a bit of a problem, apparently I don't have the voice I imagine is coming from insides me! ( so I have been told). Oldies, folk rock, big band and current pop and some country are favorites. Not a great fan of Miley Cyrus or other twanging music. Love old time radio classics! The shows of the 40s& the 50's entertain me in the wee hours of the morning. I will tell you Pandd will change the channel or turn off the radio if I am too boisterous!😒

Favorite Books

When Walden Books and Barnes and Noble came to town, I devoured book ownership! I had been a great attendee of library readings, book signings and discussion groups. Suddenly I didn't care what everyone else was reading and shortly thereafter, before I knew it I had 10 bookcases full of a variety of books of every category (current theme phase) that I could peruse at my leisure. 3 years later, I changed residences and for the last four years, I have been a Kindle Konvert! The internet and my Ipad have decluttered my living arrangements! I am down to one bookcase of favorites including my high school yearbooks that are often searched through when Facebook classmates contact me, and I am curious to see the resemblances of the now and then. We listen to audio books when in the car or studio. I just learned out how to play the kindle/ iPad on the car radio. I am excited! I am currently in a mystery phase! I enjoy the adventures of women who solve mysteries. I think this is because I read the Nancy Drew mysteries over and over. I wanted to grow up and be a grown up Nancy Drew! We listen to books on tape when we drive from Fla to Ill.

Favorite Movies

Went to see The new Jk Rowling movie. It is great and I want to see it again ! We don't go to the movies very often and this is worth the high price of movie tickets. I do admit that I like chick flicks and light hearted movies that are entertaining because I think that's what a movie should be! I do like mysteries, drama and exciting/thrillers--just not a whole lot of gore, blood and guts. We have been watching a lot of oldies on the tube, and enjoying them as if I'd never seen them! I love the old black and white movies, esp. the musicals and detective movies like The Falcon and Charlie Chan series. They have only one dimension but the music and what I call "extreme " acting are so different from today.

Favorite Television

TV has become a good part of my life and it often fills enjoyable few hours due to the ability to tape and view as I wish ! I finished watching all the Downton Abby series and now that I am"current". Looking forward to the new season starting. I just watched a Orange is the new Black marathon. It has reinforced the life plan to never do anything that could put me in jail or prison. It did remind me of working though. We also had quite a cast of colorful characters. Maybe not criminals, but, who knows what they did in their off hours. Like I said, colorful characters whom I believe could do about anything. I have to talk Pat (pandD) into watching it. She'll recognize the similarities to some of my former coworkers! Its hard to watch just one episode of a series, when you get used to watching a bunch in a row. I think I'll hold back and tape some shows for a few weeks so I can watch two or three at a time.. I wish I had more time. I'd like to check out some of the shows I see on other swappers profiles. This is how I found out about Orange..... And Downton too. I am glad that I did. Thanks swappers! Suggestions are always welcome!

I like detective type shows. Tom selleck is still hot on Blue Bloods, love Elementary, the PBS series Sherlock Holmes NCIS and CSI. Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, Rizoli and isles, The Closer, etc. just watched the Black Box and haven't made a decision yet. I think I'll watch it a couple of more times. Decided I like it!

On the lighter side, I love love love Mike and Molly, The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family. There just are not enough comedies on TV. Who's line is it is? Is back on! I am so glad. It is really funny. If anyone has suggestions of good funny shows I am open to suggestions.

We watch a lot of DIY, house stuff, food channel and Dance Moms, sometimes we get a lot more info than we need about people, but it is interesting.,

Likes/& not crazy for

I love ATC's! Creating them is so much fun but the best part is getting mail from the creative crafters around the globe! I do wish that people would follow through on rating ( and some sending). I would like to archive!

LOVE: Shopping, finding a bargain, coupons and seeing what's out there! I also like to snoop and see what other people are buying. It's interesting in a department store or in the grocery store to look into their cart and see what they are going to buy or cook! I also look at what people are eating in restaurants ! I might want to try whatever their eating! Pat reminds me when I am staring, usually I am daydreaming or planning something. I am in some zone! Also love:

plain teas. Green, black, constant comment, mint, orange pekoe, hibiscus not fruity.

Tinkerbell and fairies, gnomes and leprechauns

Lemons and most fruit

hard candy,lemon drops and butterscotch/carmel

Game boards, pieces, and actually playing old games.

maps and national geo mgazines.

Modern angels:

Portraits of characters

Whimsical drawings

Bright colors

Hippie stuff


Fish, ocean, sea stuff

Crayola anything: fav color cornflower blue

NO FOOD ALLERGIES. but have chemical sensitivity , ( lungs and skin)

DONT LOVE: very many animals, I am a kid/ people person tho e have the cutest little Yorker poo...my first dog ever.

Perfumery stuff ( allergic)

Real glitzy stuff ( I am, however, a silver girl)

Rose anything ( there's a real story about this.. If anyone is interested I'll share)

Cars and trucks

Gold stuff

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Comment: This is beautiful and you put so much work and detail into it. Thank you very much. I wish I could give you more ♥️ ❤️ ❤️
Response: It makes me so happy that you liked it. I think pocket letters are cool and fun to make and receive ! I want to use the things that are in the pockets but I also don’t want to undo them! Thanks for the heart (s)!!!❤️❤️
Comment: Love it!
Response: Merry Christmas! Thank you for the heart!
Comment: Love the ATC. I love hedgehogs they are so cute and adorable. This a favorite ATC for sure.
Response: So glad you like it! I think they’re pretty cute too! Merry Christmas!
Comment: Nice stocking not opening inside things until Christmas. Thanks so much!!!!!!
Response: So glad you got it! Happy Halloweenie Christmas!? Thanks for the ❤️❣️
Butterfly1974 rated for Fill My Stocking - December on Dec 17, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the stocking stuffer. I can’t wait to open it!
Response: I be put mine up also. I have to admit I am getting a bit anxious to open some. Thank you for the ❤️and have fun opening your stuffers!
jlink rated for WIYM: Countdown to Christmas #23 on Dec 15, 2017
Comment: thank you for the card and goodies - love it
Response: Have a super Christmas. Thanks for rating and ❤️
BeckyG56 rated for IS: Merry Christmas Card on Dec 15, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the card, note and stickers. Merry Christmas!
Response: Merry Christmas! Thanks for quick rating!
laterdayze rated for WIYM: Countdown to Christmas #24 on Dec 15, 2017
Comment: Thank you, waiting for the day to open! :)
Response: Enjoy! Thanks for the ❤️. Have a wonderful Christmas!
cabaute rated for IS: Merry Christmas Card on Dec 15, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the pretty card and little stickers!!
Response: You are very welcome! I hope you have a terrific holiday! Thanks for the heart!
nsgrammy2012 rated for Tombstone ATCs on Dec 10, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the Tombstone ATC I love it! You made it out of paper clay? You did an awesome job! Thank you for your note and extras as well!
Response: Your very welcome! I’m so glad you like it. Thanks for the heart!
Leistessa rated for A Super DUPER Christmas Card Swap on Dec 7, 2017
Comment: thanks so much for your awesome card, is now on the branches of my Christmas tree! Happy Holidays! and an awesome 2018!
Response: I’m so happy you like it! Have a happy Christmas! Thank you for the. Heart!
shiloh102 rated for A Super DUPER Christmas Card Swap on Dec 6, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the lovely note. I hope you enjoy every moment of your very Merry Christmas.
Response: Happy Christmas. Thank you for the heart!
crystalite rated for MAS - APC! on Dec 6, 2017
Comment: Wow! What a pretty, pretty pink APC! Thank you so much for a beautiful card. I really love the pink color scheme you chose.
Response: So glad you like it. Thank you for the heart!
NatACT rated for 5 Christmas cards #22 on Dec 5, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the card Jamie. Sorry it took a little longer to rate, I am in quite a few Christmas Card swaps and it took me a while to find which swap your card was for. But I found it in the end :D Wishing you all the very best for the holiday season, Natalie
Response: Thank you for the heart! Happy Christmas!
Comment: Thank you! It is going in with the rest of my SS for the holidays. I see a little extra package taped to the chocolate and am thrilled.
Response: I know what you mean I’m saving mine too. But I’ve. Been eating a lot of cookies!
Comment: Beautiful. My son who also likes to draw liked it too! And he is very picky! Thank you ❤¸♥♪♫*¨*•.¸¸❤
Response: Thank you for the nice words! I’m glad your son is an artist. We need more art in the world! Thank you for the loving heart music!
Response: Thank you for the Heart! I hope you have a marvelous Christmas!
taledo rated for A Super DUPER Christmas Card Swap on Nov 28, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the cute card and stickers
Response: You’re welcome. Have yourself a fabulous Christmas!
BusyB rated for A Super DUPER Christmas Card Swap on Nov 28, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the Santa and reindeer card and extras in that cute little pocket. I agree it's over way too fast and time is so fleeting as we get older. Merry Christmas!
Response: Merry Christmas! Thank you so much for the ❤️
clutterfree rated for November Swap on Nov 20, 2017
Comment: Jamie..loved this swap, the card you sent and how fun that you will be celebrating with a large group....and making new friends and blessed memories. Thank you for the great die cut leaves and cute acorns!! Happy Thanksgiving...Charlene
Response: Thanks for the heart, it was a great day

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