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Artistic on Jan 31, 2017:

What a wonderful, generous and know-me-too-well friend you are! Thank you SO much for that lovely surprise package. You rock!

RyeRye on Jul 4, 2016:

RyeRye on Jun 24, 2016:

Thanks for joining Inspiration Station!

BennysMumma on Apr 23, 2016:

happy birthday

Swan on Apr 19, 2016:

Happy birthday!

KSENiA on Mar 13, 2016:

Well, it was suppose to be smaller... Ups. I just started reading long awaited sequel to Jennifer Foehner Wells Confluence series - Remanence. If you like nice Space opera with interesting female scientist lead and a little romantic element - you should try it. Also it has great cover art.

KSENiA on Mar 13, 2016:

CL: Book Related Profile Comment

Sorry for the late posting, I'm just starting to get back to routine swapping. Anyway I though, you might need a little bit bookish happiness...

Happy Reading! Ksenia.

ImzadiRose on Mar 12, 2016:

CL: Book Related Profile Comment from ImzadiRose. Hey lady! Long time no talk. I know, I haven't been around much. Still doing the occasional swap, and still reading like crazy of course. I started reading some M/M lately and of course love Ty & Zane (Cut & Run series). Have you read them? Read any good time travel books lately? I'm always looking for new good ones. I got a Netgalley copy of a book called "Murder in Time" by Julie McElwain. I'm really hoping that it's good! The last YA series that I read that I really loved was Pawn by Aimee Carter. I recommend it if you haven't read it already.

xxsquigglesxx on Mar 12, 2016:

CL: Book Related Profile Comment

Hello! I love books and reading (as I'm sure all of us in the group do)! I hope you like the pictures that I have chosen. I recently started my master's in library science degree, so I've focused my pictures on libraries and librarians.

smadronia on Mar 12, 2016:

Hello! Smadronia here for the CL: Book Related Profile Comment.

Like you, I'm especially fond of young adult books. Finding good YA books can be hard though, one makes it big, and then there's 25 crappy knock offs to sort through, or waste your time reading.

If you haven't read it, The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dressan is an excellent work.

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