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About Me

Hi there!! My name is Laurie. I took a break from SB starting 3/15/15. I'm thrilled to be back as of 11/10/17

2/12/18 ~ Noticed I hadn’t mentioned that I’ve delved into assemblage... OMG!! So much fun! Created a robot man named Victor and his pet robot pup named Pepper!! I’ve been gathering pieces to make a girlfriend for Victor and her pet cat. I’ll try to post pics soon.

On 2/14/18 my 82 yo Mom fell and broke her wrist while at one of her quilt bee groups. Surgery to mend was 2 days later. I am driving 2.5 hours each way to help my parents every few days. I’ve dropped most of my swaps, because she and Dad are my main focus through March.

Love SWAPPING!!! WoooHoooo!

Usually I rate the day of swap receipt. Really love receiving your surprise!!

I can not stress enough that I have NO intention of flaking. If you have not received something PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know PRIOR to giving me a bad rating so I can mend it and send a resend if necessary or look up the tracking number if its a larger package.

Love paper, paint, pencils, pens, textiles, yarn and COLOR! All colors.

While attending college I took at least one art class a semester. Art helped me keep sane in the dry business class world. I graduated with a bachelor of business administration and a graphic art minor.

I've sold pencil drawings and commissioned art purses. I adore unusual and odd themes along with landscapes, birds, kitties and big burly dogs (I have 2 Italian Mastiffs a rescue doggie and a rescue white cat).

I've focused on textile art for the past 10 years. Previous to the textile phase... I was into pencil drawing... previous to the pencil drawing phase I was into acrylic painting.

~NOW.... Mixed Media: Incorporating all the above phases.

So glad there are Dotee Dolls and Articulated Paper Art Dolls...They are so fun to make. Let me know if you would be interested in a private trade on Dotees, APAD's or ATC's.

DO NOT SEND half-baked artwork. Lack of attention to detail. Take time to color it up. Show you care. Give it your BEST work. PM me if you are in a bind. I'd rather receive your best work!

Hosting Swaps!

My First Swap

If I create a Swap and there is not a flurry of commitment... then I realize this Swap is not meant to be and I will delete it.

I may try to repost in the future. If you were lurking and missed joining... PM me and I’ll send you a note when I have it back up! Fun times coming up with ideas..... Please hurry to join my swaps!! XD

If you haven't seen a swap you'd be compelled to join... PM me!!

Fave Entertainment Media

I enjoy series books:

Some of my more recent faves: Amanda Hocking, Susan Wiggs, Jennifer Chiaverini, Stephanie Meyer, Laurell K Hamilton

It all started when I was a child reading many of the books in the Nancy Drew Series by Carolyn Keene and Trixie Belden books by Julie Campbell.

Other than series books I LOVE romance novels with a Steampunk/Otherworldly twist. Books on how to create with paper, yarn, fabric, paints, pencils and recycled items using thread, glue, wax, brads, staples, nails and duck tape. Love trying new things!!


Mary Poppins, The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, War of the Worlds (1953 version), and the Sound of Music are my most memorable movies from childhood.

My recent fave movies are Fifty Shades of Gray, Hunger Games, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Magic Mike, All the Twilight movies.

I soooo enjoy movies, however have not seen many due to I'd rather be crafting. LOL!

TV Shows:

Oh goodness....Ummmm..... Flea Market Flip, Psychic Detectives/Investigators, Quilting Arts, Long Lost Family, American Pickers, Mike Rowe (I meant Dirty Jobs), How It's Made, Hoarders (I feel like my studio is not so messy, after all), Tyler Henry Hollywood Medium, Triple D (Diners, Drive-in's and Dives) and Antiques Roadshow!


My Ipod has almost everything on it with the exception of Rap. OK, there are a couple Rap songs on there.... I stand corrected.

Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Contemporary Christian, Classical, Irish Punk Rock, Alternative, Country, Pop, Hawaiian, Jazz & Show Tunes...

I love to turn it on random and have a sweet mixture to create by.


I like postcards... a lot. I like them fresh and in an envie the best... so I can send to someone special later. Love beautiful scenery, animals (especially farm animals and domestic house pets) and people (famous or not) doing funny things, ELVIS, grave yards, tombs, museums, art, MAPS, architecture, industrial, historical, unusual and odd, nude, naked, written on, new, old, colorful, black and white, farm fresh, beachy, Wild West, flowers, patriotic, states of USA, cities, feminist, pro-women, equality, inspiring, animals with clothes on, oceanic, steampunk... Swedish, Dutch, English (my grandparents were born in these three countries), all other countries.

Another Few Things About Me

I love the unusual, the funny, the creepy, the offensive, the poignant, the thought provoking, the respectful of other points of view, the odd and strangely creative.

I am a strong believer in Jesus and I love others of different faiths.

Behaviors I do NOT like are: lying or fake-ness, jumping to (wrong!) conclusions, non-use of swap-bot etiquette (communication, communication, communication!), a half-baked job on the swap, the attitude that the world revolves around them, ungraciousness and ungratefulness . Enuf said... on to more positive information.

I like reading or hearing Life After Death stories

Favorite Crafts

Love them all!

My Little Family...

Our youngest was a victim of the choking game the day before Halloween in 2010. David was only 13 years old. I have a memorial tattoo of him as of 8/25/11.

My Little Family

I MISS DAVID EVERY MINUTE EVERY DAY Sweet David We are two peas in a pod. Just alike in so many ways.

Half of my heart is gone forever. I know David is in Heaven waiting.... Jesus and His promises are getting me through this valley of grief. Thankful that I will see David in Heaven... someday.

Recent Victims and More Victims


Signs of Choking Game Participation

NEWS FLASH: Jan 2015 ~ My two older sons age 25 and 26 have flown the nest. Hallelujah! 11/10/17 ~ It is still marvelous!!!

Hubby and I enjoy traveling out west and the beach. Before David's accident we would would rent a boat on Memorial Day. The whole family would go deep sea fishing. Haven't had the heart since David's death... at least we have visited Daytona Beach a few times. Someday we hope to continue the family tradition and take David's ashes with us.

Tragedy has changed us. All of us appreciate life and living it to the fullest. Life is too short not to follow your dreams. Every day holds promise. David was all about living this way.

My Fave Themes

BOY angels are my absolute fave. Girl angels are all over the place commercially (In the Bible the angels are mostly men). It takes a special effort to find or create BOY/MALE angels and I appreciate ALL your efforts.

Other than that: dragonflies, flowers, fish, guitars, paper dolls, birds, chocolate, corny jokes and phrases, things that make me laugh or think of a new perspective or TWIST.... LOVE IT!

BTW... My fave ATC's are DRAWN / PAINTED / COLORED by hand with other embellished accents. I do enjoy shiny things... a little bling or some Mod Podge go a long way with me.


If you would like to include a little something extra ... I'm not opposed to receiving something with our trade, in fact I will feel that I've hit the jack pot!

My heritage is Swedish, Dutch, and British (Manchester, England). Anything from or about these places are of great interest to me.

I LOVE all things black licorice flavor!

Hopefully with the profile details I've included you will find something interesting in your stash.

I LOVE @Sherba31 's RAK: BTW... Received three great postcards from Sherry Gonzales (post date Sept. 25th) with a sweet note about the hazardous Choking Game, however the name of the swap wasn't included. I can't find the swap to rate. Sherry, please PM me so I can rate you. Thank you! ~~ Sher, my October's are difficult and your RAK surprise was perfectly timed. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. I'm very touched.

Please do NOT....

PLEASE, DO NOT SEND a half-baked Artwork. Lack of attention to detail. Take time to color it up. Show you care. Give it your BEST work. I will not rate (at best give a 3 for) a half done piece and will gladly return it to the sender to complete or add back to their collection. Remember we are to send something we would want in our own collection! I take time and care to create and send a special card in accordance to the recipients profiled taste. I expect no less for the cards I receive.

~~~~~~~ALLERGY WARNING!~~~~~~~~

Please don't trade with me if you are allergic to pet hair and burnt wood. I have both. I try to keep the hairs away from my workspace, but what if I miss one or two and you become ill. I'd feel awful, so I'd prefer we not trade to be safe. Thank you.

~~~~~~~BAD NEWS LISTERS~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Recently I've had the worst experience with mailing and receiving swaps from Canada and India.



@bitsofwhimsy ~ I wish Paige well and hope that from now on she will commit to really participating in a swap before signing up. Whether a swap is 10 persons or two persons the swap is important to the recipient.

@destiney1 flaked on three swaps with me: CCC ~ Plushie Skull (USA), altered mouse trap! and CCC plush goth lovie. I wish her well and hope she comes back someday to complete her swaps. I fulfilled my end of swap and was rated for my participation. Destiney was very sweet and communicated with me about the situation.

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  • The rating is the "thank you" for sending the swap.


Please don't forget to rate!!

Thank You My Sweet Swap-bot friends:


Bavarija rated for PH: Send 4 Postcards #6 on Feb 19, 2018
Comment: Thank you for resend!
Response: Yay!!! It arrived to Lithuania!!!
Nimue rated for Naked Map PC - From Your Country #9 on Feb 16, 2018
Comment: Thanks for sending, its definitely a new one for me! :)
Response: Great to hear!!
Akanksha23 rated for PH: Scavenger Hunt For PCs #14 on Feb 16, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful selection of postcards..
Response: You are super welcome!!
Akanksha23 rated for P&M blind postcard swap 7 on Feb 16, 2018
Comment: I loved the postcard. Thank you!
Response: So glad!! 😁
Comment: Thanks a lot!!! for the great envelope and lovely extra papers! I really adore it! P.S. Sorry for rating late, I'm having the flu :-( But I did eat some ... more than some ;-) black licorice, as it helps my sore throat. If it wasn't so heavy I would have send you some :-)
Response: Thank you for the heart. I can relate this headcold has taken me off swapbot for a few weeks. Awful stuff!!
theevidenceisme rated for P&M Ad only postcards on Jan 22, 2018
Comment: This does sound like it would be a fun event to attend. Thanks.
Response: Totally!! Maybe next year!?😉
Comment: Thanks for all the wonderful goodies! I love the old train schedule!
Response: You are welcome 😁
DarkSkullMistress42 rated for P&M Ad only postcards on Jan 16, 2018
Comment: Love the card and wish I was there, winter storm here in Tennessee. Not happy, so ready for spring!!!!
Response: Kinda ugly in Hotlanta... let’s go south!! Thank you for the heart!!
Comment: Thank You !
Response: 👍
Pjcrawford rated for Modern Ephemera on Jan 14, 2018
Response: ❤️ Thank you 😉
Comment: Many thanks for the beautiful mermaid! What a lot of work we put in these! I love how each one is so wonderfully unique....
Response: Lots of work and love... 😉
mags142 rated for I Am Thankful For...Mega PC Swap on Jan 8, 2018
Comment: Thank you for your postcard. Sorry to hear about your great loss :[ but also glad to her you and your husband have stuck together. Much love <3
Response: Yes! Much to be thankful for. Wow, that one took awhile to arrive, sorry!
Comment: Thanks for the naughty cards! The vasectomy one was funny (well, they all are)! Got them a couple of days ago, but my computer is in the shop - I'm using my sisters right now!
Response: Cool! Glad they made you laugh! 😁Hope your ‘puter is up and running soon!
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful assortment of coasters, it’s great to have the Kahlúa one as it’s my favourite drink. Fun swap, but I don’t have as many as you do, but give me a bit of time I’m working on getting more😀😀😀😀
Response: Glad you liked the selection. I can send more... maybe give me some ideas of faves. Bought a box full of assorted at garage sale... you have no idea how many I have to share😉
stiffneck78 rated for TITS: Inappropriate Holiday Card on Dec 28, 2017
Comment: OMG, this was a fantastic card!!! We got such a kick out of this. Thank you for taking the time to create something great and for joining my swap. Best wishes for the new year.
Response: So glad you loved the card! Same to you :)
AZBobbi rated for NYUP: 4 pc's in an envelope #5 on Dec 27, 2017
Comment: Such a fun variety of cards! Thank you!
Response: Glad you liked my various unusual Chica postcards...😁
Eclectonote rated for NYUP USA Only #33 on Dec 24, 2017
Comment: Intriguing postcard of the solitary palm tree. Thanks also for your note - I take my coffee black, too!
Response: Cool beans!
Comment: Love the cards, great choices! Your name is cute and always neat to know how someone chose their user name. Mine was I like how quiet it is when it's dark and I like skulls, the mistress just fit perfectly with it all. I to am originally from Illinois, I remember a blizzard in the 70s that was pretty bad! Thank you!
Response: Really happy you liked that random selection. My username is my grandma’s nickname for me and her suggestion on how to spell dezines... with numerology. I was there for that blizzard in the 70’s!
Comment: Thank you so so so much! Sorry for the late rating, I need to come up with a better system of keeping track of all my mail! Hugs from Austin TX!!
Response: No problemo!! Merry Christmas!!
manders2280 rated for PH: Send 3 Touristy Postcards #3 on Dec 20, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the fun postcards, your nice note, and your fabulous envelope. BTW, the blue tape you used pulled paper away from the back of a postcard. It's not removable!
Response: Oh no!!! I won’t repeat that mistake! Thank you for letting me know. Glad you liked the selection.

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