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About Me

2/20/19: I have recently become the owner of a 1 and 1/2 yr old Chiweenie. We found him in an alley by our home and since nobody claimed him within 7 days we can legally keep him. He is a rambunctious little dude, but fits well into our family. We have named him Marshall and he receives all the love!

I am married with no kids, but we have an 8yr old Yorkie/Maltese mixed diva named Lily. She is my baby. I also have 6 nieces and 5 nephews whom I love as if they were my own.

I am a pretty easy going gal that loves simplicity in life. I am not easily offended and have a weird sense of humor :) I have a love for the desert as I prefer to stay away from the cold and snowy winters. I love to learn new things and try to learn at least 2 new things a day.I try my best everyday to live life to the fullest.

I am from Ohio, but met my husband in Death Valley and now we reside in Arizona. I love to hike and enjoy nature's beauty as much as possible.

I love "traveling" through postcards, makes me feel connected to the world.

I am a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and think that we should all be able to love who we want as well as be able to express and be who we want.

I LOVE to play board and card games. A few favorites are:

Magic: The Gathering




Cards Against Humanity

I am currently playing PokΓ©mon GO and loving it! I would love to make new friends, add me if you would like and let's have some fun! I'm a daily gifter and if you are from my area we can meet up and swap (trade) some PokΓ©mon if you would like.

My TRAINER CODE: 9420 0914 7380

Video games are my next favorite. I am a Zelda fan, but I also enjoy the Fable games and the Alice games (which originated as a pc game).

I am a Dutch Bros lover and ALS supporter. We lost my mother in law in 2013 to ALS, so I support things that support this cause. I participate in the Drink One for Dane day every year as well as getting their stickers on the 1st of every month. It's an addiction πŸ˜‚ and their drinks are so delicious!

Favorite Music

I love music! I will listen to most anything aside from gospel and jazz.

I am a 90's child so most of the music I listen to is from the 80's and 90's. I really do not care for most of the main stream music these days.

I do not favor a specific genre just good music.

Favorite Books


I am an avid reader who will sit down with a good book and not get up until I am finished. The longest I have spent on a book in one sitting was 19 hrs. I get so lost in the story sometimes times slips away.

I like to read mysteries, thrillers and suspense. I am finding though that my likes are broadening. Yes, I read the Twilight books. I really like to read the book before the movie if available.

I loved The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, and Inferno......I enjoyed the books much more than the movies, but they were still good.

My current book series is The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. I am on the 6th book now, such a great series!

I also enjoy reading biographies and learning about the people, events, or places :)

I am also a big fan of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. I have most of them in my collection as well. I love to read the inspirational stories and know that things can get better.

Favorite Movies

I absolutely love musicals, they are my favorite to watch. Sweeney Todd, Rent, Into the Woods and Les Miserables are some of my favorites.

I also enjoy suspenseful thrillers as well as Disney movies.

I enjoy older Disney movies more than some of the newer ones, but most of them are good. Mary Poppins is my absolute favorite!

I am a fan of the Marvel Universe as well. I love seeing the comics I grew up reading turn into amazing movies.

Tim Burton is amazing, love everything about him!

I love Harry Potter, Twilight, & The Hunger Games :)

Favorite Television

I do not watch a lot of television these days, but I am never opposed to watching a series on Netflix.

A few that I have enjoyed are:

The Magicians

Criminal Minds


American Horror Story

Once Upon a Time


The Chilling Adventure of Sabrina


There are so many more, but those are some that I could watch over and over :)

I am a fan of Joss Whedon's Buffy, Angel, and Firefly. I have watched each of these all the way through multiple times.

I LOVE heroes, such a good show, sad I can not stream it anymore.

I'm a huge fan of The Simpson's, they will always remind me of my childhood.

I also like older shows like The Golden Girls, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched and I Love Lucy.

And I can't forget about The Nanny, I have always liked this show and have seen the entire series at least 3 times through. Most people don't care for it, but I enjoy it :)

I like to watch Documentaries, sometimes they just fascinate me.

I am a REALITY SHOW addict! I love MOST, not all, reality TV shows. I have seen A LOT of them 😁

Favorite Crafts

I am not as crafty as I would like to be, but I really enjoy scrapbooking and smashbooking. I carry at least 1 smashbook with me everywhere I go just in case I find the perfect thing to go into it.

I also love to color in adult coloring books. I have 5 of the Color Me Your Way books, Disney Thomas Kinkade book, Disney Villains, and a couple 90's Nickelodeon books. I find it very relaxing to not have to color any way but your own 😊

I also collect gift cards with no monetary value. I have a smashbook just for them, there are so many places in the world and its fun (to me) to see the variety out there. I collect them from stores, restaurants, and businesses (like a massage place or local resorts...that sort of thing), they are all welcome :)

5/20/19: I am just finding out about Art Abandonment, sounds like fun. I am willing to abandon your art for you if you would like to send it to me. I live in downtown Tucson and have many places to abandon for you. Message me if you are interested.




PINK ( the color, all shades)

Disney (everything)

Scrapbook/smashbook/journaling supplies

Fun/Interesting Facts

Handmade (I love every thing handmade)

Address Labels

Postcards (I welcome all postcards)

Humor (all kinds, not easily offended)

ATC's (recently made my first one)




Nature (I love the beauty of the world)


Recipes...I love to receive new recipes to try

Sour candy

Hot Cocoa (flavored and non flavored)

BANANA (all of it)

Anything PRIDE related

*Stickers(no teacher/reward/puffy stickers please)

Washi ( ALL patterns, prints and colors)

Pressed/Squished Pennies from ANYWHERE! ( recently started collecting)

Project Life Cards

Dotee Dolls

Lions (I am a LEO)



Anything kawaii

Magical/Mythical creatures

Urban Legends/ Folklore

History (I always want to know the story and/or fact)

Dutch Bros (anything related, I love their stickers 😁)

Novelty Bills (Funny money, Million dollar bills, those sort of things) I am not picky about what is on them. I have a small collection of these and would like to expand it.


I am looking for something (postcard, magnet, sticker, etc...) With the date from the 2017 Solar Eclipse. It just so happens that it was on my birthday (Aug. 21st) and the memorabilia that I did have unfortunately got ruined. If you have anything you are willing to part with, I would be ever so grateful :)

No Thank You


Anything hateful or violent

Glitter (it's ALWAYS stuck to something)

Black Licorice



Shellfish (I eat no seafood or fish)


I will appreciate and love anything that is sent to me so please do not worry about if it I will. I was always taught it's the thought that matters more than what you receive ☺️


I usually put my swaps out into the mail box a block from my house, I do not take them to a PO unless I am around there. That being said unless it is a weekend, I will drop my swaps off after 4pm. They will be picked up the following day at 3pm and post marked for the day after (1-2 days after marked sent).

IF you do not receive a swap from me PLEASE let me know. I will make it right, but it's a little unfair to wait a month to tell me and then threaten a low rating.

I rate as soon as I receive a swap, please have the courtesy to do the same.


Waiting for:

Pick two! from @itsnobody


OrigamiGrace rated for NH: Pair of Notecards - US Only on Aug 20, 2019
Comment: Thank you for some gorgeous notecards - that hummingbird one is gonna be hard to part with:)
Response: You are most welcome :) It is such a beautiful card, so glad you like it.
tentmari rated for tentmari & LilysMama Swap on Aug 15, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for all the great postcards! I'm so glad you agreed to participate in this swap. πŸ’— Happy swapping! 😊
Response: You are welcome, glad you like them :)
Comment: thanks so much for the pretty card! have a good rest of your summer!!
Response: You're welcome! You as well :)
fishsteak rated for LilysMama & fishsteak on Aug 13, 2019
Comment: Thanks for swapping!
Ellen101 rated for Pvt. 30 Washi Tape Sample Swap on Aug 13, 2019
Comment: Washi, Washi, Washi! I love all of your choices. Thank you, Cileania!
Response: You are so welcome, I am glad that you like them Thanks so much for swapping with me :)
crochetjunkie rated for 20 washi samples on Aug 10, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the washi and postcards. You didn’t make anything complicated!!
Response: I'm glad that you like them :) You are welcome ❀️
Comment: Thank you so very much for the lovely pc
Response: You are welcome 😊
Comment: Thanks
Comment: We had a good deal of humidity here last night, couldn't open the windows. Summer is my favorite season, but I'm ready for the wheel to keep turning.
Response: I agree, ready for the next. I have always disliked summer because the humidity is the worst.
Comment: I'm not much of a thrillers fan, read a couple but was simply unable to get into them.
Response: Some are very hard to me to get into as well, but when I find a good one I am enthralled :)
Comment: I loved it ! It was everything that makes me happy πŸ˜ƒ
Response: So happy that you liked it, thank you for swapping with me ☺️
Comment: I don't care for Scary Books... prefer a Romance or old West..
Response: I am getting more into the Old West books, but not a fan of Romance. Thanks for the ❀️
Comment: I like those genres too.
Response: They are good ones :) Thanks for the ❀️
Comment: It's so great that you have that "food connection" with your dad.😊
Response: Thank you, I think so too πŸ™‚
jlink rated for Quick. PC Swap 8,9,10? RAK Twist!!!!! on Jul 28, 2019
Comment: I am going to look up pasteles and see what they are about - might be an addition to our menu
Response: They are amazing (to me lol)! It is a process to make them, so you must be dedicated. I hope you can try them and you enjoy :)
lilianwillow rated for Just Randomness Giveaway #4 on Jul 28, 2019

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Thank you so much for a lovely CPG wish list letter. You were so sweet and generous, your happy mail really made my day! So fun to look through it and can’t wait to use it.

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OrigamiGrace on Aug 20, 2019:

Thank you so much for the kawaii memo sheets from my CPG Aug wishlist! So cute to write little notes for swaps and wishes!

colleenbUSA on Aug 19, 2019:

Thank you for the August wishes of letter sets and notecards for CPG

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Thanks for doing the private swap with me :) I really enjoyed it too!

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Thank you so much for the Postcard Tag! Glacier National Park pc! So nice! Thanks again!

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Thank you so much for my CPG randomness envie, I have been away for a little while travelling. Had a sad today and opened up your envie, thank you so very much for the lovely things, you really brightened up my day.

Sazza on Jul 22, 2019:

Thank you for the cute bear card full of washi! :D Since I have discovered washi, I feel I am frequently trying to obtain more variety to use, but also fear using up all the variety I have because they are pretty and I love the options. Ah well, washi was made to be used! Thanks for granting my July CPG wish with new varieties I didn't have. n.n

debbiespoms on Jul 21, 2019:

Thank you for the comment for the Book Giveaway. It was really good answer!

SeleneW on Jul 9, 2019:

Thank you so much for the postcards! The Arizona one with the cactus that fell on the car is my favorite!


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