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Birthday: November 22, 1993
Country: Finland
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About Me


Emilia here, 26 years old.

I live in Jyväskylä, Finland, with my small cat Mana, whose hobby is to sleep on my neck forgetting she's no longer a tiny kitten, and to walk over everything I put on the table. She's really cute and stubborn and I love her.

I'm really into art, books, and video games. I also like languages and folktales/traditions/outfits a lot.

While I love learning languages, my brain often refuses to keep the information I read, and so I can only fluently speak Finnish and English. I have however studied Swedish and German, so you can write simple things in those languages to me as well! I read both better than I speak them though, so don't expect skillful fluent answers, haha.

🚨 **NOTICE** 🚨

Let me know if you need something resent! The mail in Finland is a bit slow, so please contact me before rating if you don't receive your mail for some time. I can't keep track of all the outgoing mail after I send it, so just let me know if something hasn't arrived and I'll be happy to resend if possible.

Because of the virus crisis, mail doesn't move normally to some countries! Please be patient!

My roommate is also a swapper so if you get the same address twice, that's not an error :D

I send my swaps on time and mark them as "Sent" on the day I've paid for them and left them in the out-going mailbox. However, due to my country having few actual post offices, I pay for and leave my mail in a corner shop which does everything that a post office does - except stamping. So, whatever I send will NOT be stamped until a few days later, or at all. This is 100% out of my control, so don't give me a bad rating for that, Please.

My Etsy wishlist is linked at the top of the page, so you can get some ideas from there for what sort of things I like!

Favorite Music

I listen to a lot of music from many genres. The only thing I don't really like that much is rap and really slow country songs. Otherwise I'm pretty good with all music. But my favorites are folk, pop/rock, indie, and soundtracks/musicals.

Example bands I REALLY like:

  • CoCo and the Butterfields
  • Florence + the Machine
  • Samuli Putro
  • Poets of the Fall
  • Celtic Woman
  • Fall Out Boy
  • American Authors
  • Värttinä
  • Panic! At the Disco
  • Ninja Sex Party
  • Hozier
  • Royal Republic

Etc etc.

Favorite Books

I collect books, but I read really slowly, so I have about half a bookshelf of unread books that I haven't gotten to yet. Generally I don't give a shit about "classic must read's", and just go with what I like.

I'm mostly into fantasy series like

• Harry Potter • Lord of the Rings • Legend of Drizzt • The Dark Tower • Discworld • Shades of Magic


Outside of fantasy I like books such as Pride & Prejudice, books about old folk traditions and mythical creatures, lesbian romances, and books about cultures, myths and events around the world. Less so about war. If it's a woman written book with a female lead that isn't all about loving some random guy she just met and who's so m y s t e r i o u s, it's got a pretty good chance to be good with me. Add magic themes, drama and found family, and you're extremely good.

I'm also really into comics.

Manga I like a lot:

• Fullmetal Alchemist • Ranma • Yona of the Dawn • D.Gray-man • Brides' story


Western comics I like a lot:

• Sandman • Saga • Dragon age comics (and books!) • Moomins • One-book publishments from solo artists

• I learned to read with the Donald Duck comics, as most Finnish kids my age did. • I casually like the X-men and Spiderman comics but I haven't read them much yet.

Favorite Crafts

I enjoy anything I can get really hands-on with, so pockets of all kinds are always appreciated, and fun surfaces that i can run my fingers on to feel it.

I'm really into stickers, all kinds of colorful, fun and cute, or naturalistic like plants and forest animals etc. In postcards, I prefer drawn things to photographs, especially with animals and people! I adore postcards with watercolor art on them.

I draw a lot, both digitally and on paper, so any drawing-related things are more than welcome, as well as things to decorate letters and envelopes with. I don't do bullet journaling though, so I have no use for bujo-specific things. I really like natural color shades, but overall I'm a fan of all colors, as long as there's a lot of it! Splashes of color are very cool.

Anything that involves women or comics or games is an instant like from me! Fantasy and magic themes are also always good, as well as paintings made into postcards and other art pieces like that. I'm especially a fan of Helene Schjerfbeck, Martta Wendelin, and Gustav Klimt's art.

Favorite Movies

I don't watch a lot of TV, but I adore animation and musicals! Anything with a good captivating story outside of just romance is a sure way to catch my attention, and catchy fast chorus-filled song&dance sequences are the best! (Broadway type music.) Not super into stories focused around romance.

Podcasts!! I listen to some fun podcasts like

• Potterless • The Adventure Zone (Balance arc, haven't listened to the rest yet) • Critical Role

I would be more than happy to see something related to them as well!

I enjoy cartoons a lot, especially the following, but also anything from the 1990's to the early 2000's.

• Moomins • Sailor Moon • Krtek (or Mole, idk what the show is called in English) • Winnie the Pooh • Ducktales • Disney etc. Animated movies • Pippi Långstrump • Pokémon • Gravity falls • X-Men Evolution • Paddington Bear

Things I like in general

  • Video games!! (Kingdom Hearts, Team Ico, Final Fantasy, Dragon Age, Persona, Zelda, Ni No Kuni, Witcher etc.)
  • Board and card games, like D&D and Magic the gathering (I absolutely adore elves, dryads and tieflings)
  • Fantasy and magic
  • Animals
  • Puns and really dumb funny jokes
  • Collecting silly little stuff that I'm never going to use but it makes me smile
  • Cool postcards (any kind that's not an ad or a boring black&white scenery)
  • Colorful things
  • Memes
  • Folklore; stories, outfits, songs and rhymes, etc.
  • W O M E N
  • Glitter, beads, pretty rocks etc etc.
  • Licorice (EXCEPT in tea, that's not to my liking.)
  • Fridge magnets (something related to your region would be great, but other kinds are welcome too!)
  • Stickers
  • Rhubarb, berries, sweet and sour, vanilla, melon, spicy things, honey, etc.

I'm more than happy to receive lesbian/other lgbt merch made by women, but less happy to receive "queer" merch made by men, no matter how cute it looks.

For teas:


  • Black
  • Oolong
  • Flavored green & sencha
  • White
  • yellow
  • chamomile
  • chai and other spiced
  • Earl gray and the likes of it
  • You can send me christmas tea anytime of the year, I adore the taste.
  • tbh, just surprise me. I'm open for loose teas etc, as long as it's fresh and cleanly packaged.


  • Mint/peppermint
  • licorice
  • plain unflavored teas
  • herbal infusions

Things I DON'T like

  • Rude people
  • Elitism over things people send
  • Bugs
  • Babies
  • Stuff focused on men unless it's fanworks of fictional characters or something I already mentioned liking.
  • No allergies, but I dislike ginger, lychee and passion fruit
  • Religious stuff that's meant to convert, but I don't mind you showing your own celebration of things, that's fun and interesting to hear!
  • Homophobic/racist/offensive things.
  • Scary images (especially horror faces, my nightmares and imagination is very face-focused and I will rememeber them for years)


Comment: Thank you for the resend! Nice card!
Comment: Thank you so much Emilia!! I actually like the cards that you sent. You even sent one from my home country,. LOL. Take Care!
Eulegirl rated for Tea For Thee # 38 on May 4, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the tea, all of which are new to me!
aspens rated for My Playlist in December 2019 on Apr 24, 2020
Comment: Hello! I really apologize for getting to this so, so late! I hope you and your family are safe and healthy during this time. On to your list~ there are some familiar names with unfamiliar songs on here that I'm happy you opened my horizons up to! Your mix is very diverse (so many languages!) but it seems to me that you love strong but feathery vocals. :) I really like Keala Settle's voice & I'll be looking into her more. Thank you for sharing!!
denisedecker58 rated for Let's send cat postcards! on Apr 21, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the cute postcard! Stay safe!
arystotle rated for Tea For Thee # 40 on Apr 19, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the great selection
Ciciwow01 rated for 🐸☕️ Meme ATC #1 on Apr 18, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the really amazing ATC. It looks so great! I'm happy.
Comment: Thank you for your cheerful postcard, I enjoyed finding it in my mailbox. Best wishes!
goinjenny rated for Let's send cat postcards! on Apr 15, 2020
Comment: Thank you
loverofpostcards rated for Let's send cat postcards! on Apr 14, 2020
banjobraids rated for WIYM: Tree postcard on Apr 9, 2020
Comment: What a beautiful card! I have not been to Muir woods, but it's on my list to visit. Thank you for the card and the cute owl sticker. Hope you're well! :):):)
ccap rated for ☆ TEA TIME #15 ☆ on Apr 7, 2020
Comment: Got them. Thanks!
destinypixie rated for Pocket Letters for Beginners on Mar 30, 2020
Comment: Emilia your pocket letter was so beautifully stunning omg!!! Thank you so much for all the amazing goodies you sent me it was so fun taking a peek in all the creative little pockets you filled. You really made my day it was so beautiful and creative. You’re very talented :)
dmwcheng rated for First and Last Lines No. 19 on Mar 27, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the super cute postcard! And I hope you're doing well at your parents' house. I'll look up the book you wrote about. =) Cheerios.
Comment: Hi Emilia, I really enjoyed reading your answers for this swap. Thanks so much! Also, I hope your kitty can get the cone off soon - my cat had to have one on after having surgery and she hated it too. I felt so bad to see it on her because she was really little and I guess I laughed at her more than once because it did look hilarious on her but then I felt guilty for laughing. lol Have an awesome day and thanks again for the peek into your life. : )
aprilivy rated for Eyes closed swap 29 on Mar 19, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much!
Comment: Thank you for sharing your list with me; so many beautiful & happy memories! Sounds like you had a fun childhood; I was laughing about the part with the ice sculptures. Also like the fun little extras you included. Thank you again, take care! :)
Eulegirl rated for A/FAWLS-Valentines Day Card-INTL on Mar 10, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the cute fox card!
MGiulia rated for Tea For Thee # 39 on Mar 7, 2020
Comment: Emilia send me a really nice envelope 💌really nice decorated with a lovely snow man stamp❄️ ☃️❄️I do really appreciate the fact that she include 4 different tea bags 🍵 and only for this she deserves one heart 💖 I am looking forward to try the Hause Päivä Nordvost tea. I love the funny characters of Mauri Kunnas which decorate the teabag 😍 Last but nothing least I ❤️ the super cute note card Emilia included in her envelope...I will definitely look for infeel.me shop for stationary supplies in the future. 🐌📮📬💌Happy Snail Mail 🐌📮📬💌
kammy rated for Tea x3 on Mar 6, 2020
Comment: Thank you for this tea

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So glad you got and like your Open When packet of letters. I had fun putting it together for you. Enjoy!

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