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Emilia here, 27 years old.

I live in Jyväskylä, Finland, with my small cat Mana, whose hobby is to sleep on my neck forgetting she's no longer a tiny kitten, and to walk over everything I put on the table. She's really cute and stubborn and I love her. I'm really into art, books, and video games. I also like folktales/traditions/outfits a lot. If I had the money for it (and covid wasn't a thing), I would love to do archery/horseback riding/martial arts, as those kinds of things interest me a lot.

I love learning languages, but I have a bad memory, so I can only fluently speak Finnish and English right now. I have studied Swedish and German, so you can write simple things in those as well! I read both better than I speak them though, so don't expect fluent answers, haha. I'm also trying to self-learn a bit of Korean since I got my hands on the Talk To Me In Korean books! It's still in very early progress though.

I spent my exchange study in Utrecht in 2016, and I miss the city greatly, so I'm always happy to receive any Dutch teas, foods, etc. Nijntje (Miffy) related things are always welcome :')


I'll happily resend things if asked! The mail in Finland is slow (currently mail is delivered three days a week), so please contact me before rating if you don't receive your mail for some time. Similarly, mail takes a while to get here a lot of the time, so I tend to wait extra before hassling my partners about resends. I rate things the day I receive them.

My roommate is also a swapper so if you get the same address from both of us, that's not an error :D We were already swapping separately before we moved in, so we keep it like that, rather than a shared account. My Etsy wishlist is linked at the top of the page, so you can get some inspiration from there for what sort of things I like!

Looking for a penpal! I would love finding someone who at the very least is into my main interests, aka video games and/or fantasy, so it's easier to find things to talk about in the start. If you like LoZ and/or Dragon Age, we've got a lot to talk about, hahah.


I listen to a lot of music from many genres. But my favorites are folk, pop/rock, indie, and soundtracks/musicals. A good music video is very nice, and I like to hear lyrics that make me feel something, whether it's for myself or for a character playlist I'm making, hahah.

Example bands I REALLY like:

CoCo and the Butterfields • Florence + the Machine • Fleet Foxes • Poets of the Fall • Celtic Woman • Fall Out Boy • NAVIBAND • American Authors • Värttinä • Ninja Sex Party • Hozier • Royal Republic


Generally I don't give a crap about "classic must read's", and just go with what I like. I'm open to many genres if it's suggested to me, but usually I mostly read fantasy, such as:

Harry Potter • Lord of the Rings • Legend of Drizzt • The Dark Tower • Discworld • Shades of Magic

Outside of fantasy I like Jane Austen, books about old folk traditions and mythical creatures, lesbian romances, and books about cultures, myths and events around the world. Less so about war, battles don't interest me that much.

If it's a book with a female protagonist that isn't all about loving some random guy she just met and who's so mysterious, it's got a pretty good chance to be good with me. Add magic themes, drama and humor, and you're spot-on. Avoid suggesting love triangles if you can, those are exhausting.

I'm also really into comics, for example

Sandman • Saga • Dragon age comics (and books!) • Moomins • One-book publishments from solo artists • Donald Duck etc.


I enjoy anything I can get really hands-on with, so pockets of all kinds are always appreciated, and fun surfaces that i can run my fingers on to feel it. I try to recycle parts of the decorations I receive in my crafts if I can. Recently I've started learning embroidery, and I draw a lot in my free time, both digitally and on paper. I like stickers, colorful and cute, naturalistic or fashionistic pop-culture, for example.

I really like natural color shades, but I'm a fan of all colors, as long as there's a lot of it or it's used in a cool way! I adore paintings made into postcards. I'm especially a fan of Helene Schjerfbeck, Martta Wendelin, and Gustav Klimt's art.

I've recently gotten into ATC's, and found that I love making them! I make a mix of watercolor and paper collabs, and I am happy to receive any kind of cards myself! Fantasy themes and bright autumny colors are my favorites.

TV and other things

I don't watch a lot of TV, but I adore animation and musicals! Anything with a good captivating story outside of just romance is a sure way to catch my attention, and strong song&dance sequences are the best! (think Broadway type music. I saw Lion King on Broadway once and cried like a baby)


The Adventure Zone (Balance arc, haven't listened to the others yet) • Critical Role • Sickboy • Kaverin Puolesta Kyselen


Moomins • Krtek (Mole?) • Winnie the Pooh • Ducktales (new and old) • Disney etc. Animated movies • Pippi Långstrump • Gravity falls • X-Men Evolution • Paddington Bear


Sailor moon • Pokemon • Azumanga Daioh • D.Gray-man • Yona of the Dawn • Brides' story • Ranma 1/2 • Princess Tutu • Fullmetal Alchemist • Tsubasa: Reservoir chronicle • Card Captor Sakura • All things Ghibli • Pandora Hearts • Made in Abyss



  • Absolute favorite is Black Vanilla Chai!! I don't mind if you send me multiples, I LOVE these. Same for vanilla rooibos.
  • Black, Oolong, flavored green & sencha, White, yellow, chamomile, chai and other spiced teas
  • Earl gray and the likes of it (=breakfast teas)
  • You can send me christmas tea anytime of the year, I adore the taste.
  • tbh, just surprise me.


  • Mint/peppermint, licorice, herbal infusions and super fruity teas.


  • Video games!! I've loved Kingdom Hearts since I was a kid. Final Fantasy (especially 7,10,12 and 15) is also an old favorite. I've also fallen in love with Team Ico games, and Dragon Age is perhaps my most loved game series as of right now, alongside the Legend of Zelda (especially OoT, TP, ST and BotW, but I love them all). Other than these, I am also a fan of Supergiant Games, Ni No Kuni, Pokemon, Prof.Layton, and the Persona series, among many others.)

  • Fantasy/magic

  • My favorite colors are leaf green and orange!
  • Women
  • Snacks & recipes
  • Animals
  • Handcrafts, both making and receiving
  • ATC's
  • Tea
  • Exploring new places and finding new sides of old places
  • Folk traditions/music/stories/foods etc.
  • Cosplay
  • sheep-themed things (my nickname since childhood has been "sheep")


  • Rude people
  • Bugs
  • Babies
  • Bullet journal specific things
  • No allergies, but I dislike ginger, lychee and passion fruit
  • Religious stuff that's meant to convert, but I don't mind you showing your own celebration of things, that's fun and interesting to hear!
  • Homophobic/racist/offensive things.
  • Scary images (especially horror faces)
  • I don't wear makeup unless it's for cosplay. Lip balms and skin/haircare products (for curly hair) etc. are nice though, as is anything that doesn't belong in a "daily makeup routine".


• Cute little note papers or cards to write swap greetings into • Tea • Letter paper (they don't sell any here anymore :< it's a proper hunt to find even a single package that isn't just white paper.) • Envelope/card decorating supplies (papercraft things) • Ephemera/paper scrap pictures etc. - Embroidery yarn


MeiMeiYuan rated for Tea For You # 92 on Apr 12, 2021
Comment: Emilia, thank you so much for the teas! I can't wait to try them! 😊💖
kammy rated for Tea For You # 94 on Apr 12, 2021
Comment: Thank you for tea bags. Excellent choices
kammy rated for blind, quick tea swap 18 on Apr 12, 2021
Comment: excellent choice of tea bags. I love the Nordovist brand.I don't know that
jessnewson98 rated for Tea For Thee # 90 on Apr 10, 2021
Comment: Emilia! You have spoilt me! Thank you so much! I can't wait to try these teas and I love the envelope and the washi! Where did you get the washi by the way? Anyway I hope you have a lovely week :) Thanks again!
noeldtroll rated for ATC: Your D&D character #2 on Apr 10, 2021
Comment: Beautiful job on the card. The extras were fun too. I'm going to show this off to my party.
Comment: Thank youuu! 🦙🦙🦙
dorcii rated for ⭐ TEA TIME #27 ⭐ on Apr 7, 2021
Comment: Thanks a lot for the teas :)
chimerix rated for Discworld ATC on Apr 2, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the great ATC! I haven't read this book. I am going to get it for my kindle! Aloha
Comment: Thank you so so much!! My father just adores Snoopy (and yes you did see it in my profile at one point!). My whole family has really been enjoying your embroidery, we put it in a little stand for all to enjoy. <3 Thank you so much! Love the stickers too!
samsstuff rated for Magic ATC on Mar 28, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the lovely ATC and the little extras!
AriaLee rated for 🌸 Anime ATC #5 🌸 on Mar 27, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much I loved the ATC and stickers ❤️
Comment: Thank you so much for your lovely letter! I will definitely be writing back!
neea1989 rated for TAC : Intl ATC Shōjo series #1 on Mar 24, 2021
Comment: Thank youuu! ✨🌙✨
Comment: Emilia, thanks so much for re-sending the swap when it didn't get to my e-mail the first time. Have a great day!
eshasketch rated for 💖 Send me something... #6 💖 on Mar 21, 2021
Comment: Thank you for all the awesome goodies! I can’t wait to put on the mask and sip on tea and relax! 💕
Comment: Wow, I haven’t heard of any of these artists or songs! I’m excited to listen to them all, thank you for sharing! 💗
Ashims rated for Atc - What are you watching? on Mar 19, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the cute atc. I’ve heard about this anime but have never watched it. Did you like it/would you recommend watching it?
Response: I would definitely recommend it! It's not that long of a series yet, but I think there's more coming someday.
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful happy mail I received today! Loved everything you sent but the sheep paperclip was probably the tops!! Loved your coffee designs and the thoughtful goodies you tucked into the pockets. The Ritter choco bar was much desired by all in the house - I will try to share a wee bit with them! xxMuggleMom
Comment: Sounds like a really cute book series! Hope you are enjoying reading through your shelf! <3 Al
Quiltbutterfly rated for AAA: Challenge #2 Stars on Mar 18, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for a great swap

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I am glad the mail reached you safely. I wish you happy swapping and have a good day ahead. Papercraft70❤️

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Happy 2 years on SwapBot!! Super happy to have you here!!!

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