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Date Joined: March 18, 2010
Last Online: March 20, 2011
Birthday: June 30, 1989
Country: United States
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I am a cook and I absolutely love it. I am addicted to music. I have 4 dogs 3 of which were adopted from rescue. I really enjoy scrapbooking it helps me enjoy my memories longer. I am a family oriented person and my mom is my rock. I really enjoy reading and I love to write poetry. I like to put stickers on things espically if they are glittery. My favorite colors are purple and yellow but pink and green are nice too. I enjoy taking pictures of things. Mostly they sky and people just doing what they naturaly do.


MUSIC-I mostly listen to hip-hop and rap but I'm a big fan of country and alternative. I like jazz and oldies music quite alot as well. Truthfully I will listen to anything except sreaming stuff, heavy rock, techno, and opra.

BOOKS-Oh sheesh there are soooo many I like to read anything except romance novels. I tend to enjoy Young Adult fiction.

My top 5 thus far. 1-Water fot Elephants 2-Life of Pi 3-The Doll People 4-The Virgin Suicides 5-Pet Cemetary

MOVIES-I really enjoy cartoon movies and I am a BIG BIG Disney fan.

My top 5 thus far. 1-Avatar 2-The producers 3-Fight Club 4-The Lion King 5-Chicago

CRAFTS-Scrapbooking&Photography and cooking if you consider it a craft. I used to enjoy jewlery making but all my stuff got lost and ruined in a move. I would love to start doing it again but the stuff for it is so expensive.


Dogs,Books,Sketching,Writing poetry,Music,Dancing,Swimming,Body modification,playing silly girl games online,facebook games,facebook in general,birthday cards,cooking,coloring books,new socks,cool hair clips,taco bell,makeup,manicures,glitter,photo albums and frames,candy canes,knick knacks,cartoons,popcicles,rain clothes,flounder gigging,minty gum


Green veggies,techno music,shrimp,oil pastels,plastic spatulas,fake metal jewlery,dog poop, litter boxes and cats,itchy blankets,bad internet connection, not having allergy meds when i touch shrimp, mcdonalds, extremly loud kids, bad books, war movies


1.Shellfish :(

2.Anything with a high iodine content :(

3.Lovebugs :(

4.The typical seasonal allergies :(

Things I Like Collecting

Money made the year I was born(1989), Neat looking shiny objects, ANYTHING dog related, Pictures of life in other countries, Belts, Books, Recipies, Stunning body jewlery, Pillow cases, Letters, Picture frames, Fake flowers, Cooking supplies, Stickers, mixtapes, and Journals, fake tattoos, jewlery, and things to make jewlery(e.x.-beads, yarn, wire, clasps, earing loops etc.)


I so do enjoy getting homemade items from people and I love to make them as well...I can't sew tho so unless you want something shotty don't ask me to sew you something.


Team cat or team dog?--Signup Deadline: Oct 7, 2010---Swap Deadline: Oct 22, 2010

I have 4 dogs :)

M-7yo Australian Sheperd(Scout): Plays frisbee and likes to swim

M-3yo Shi-zu/Peke mix(Byson): Loves stuffed toys but is afraid of the squeaky ones

F-5yo Shi-Zu/Pug mix(Cindy): Plays fetch and catch with small tennis balls and loves dog beds more then any other furniture

M-3yo Yorkie(Ewok): Very reserved doesn't play much but love to cuddle and lick people


@Anne510 "I need a friend swap" Very very dissapointed in this swapper as it was an electronic swap. She sent to certian people as she did have 1 or 2 good ratings for it. Then changed the stats from sent to unsent. I made 2 attempts to contact about the swap and heard nothing.

Random something or other

"Look I'm Chandler...could I be wearing anymore clothes?"-Joey

Private swap?? Here are somethings I am always willing to do private swaps on

Books and bookmarks


Coloring books

Anything I collect


ladyaries7 rated for Team Cat or Team Dog? on Oct 28, 2010
Comment: wonderful package! my sister's dogs loved the treats! :) and the bag is so cute. thank you!!
Comment: Great list! I was a huge New Kids On The Block fan when I was 5 y/o :D
Comment: Thanks for the cool songs. Makes me feel a little old because I remember listening to those on the radio. LOL
Comment: Thnx for the thoughts and comments. cheers. d.b.
Comment: Thanks for commenting
Comment: Thanks you for the nice comment! That's how my passion for Japan started, by drawing manga figures :)
Comment: Thanks so much for your kind comments!
Comment: Woo awesome to see another pokemon lover. And thnx for the nice comment.
ChelelosGirl rated for I need a friend that... on Sep 16, 2010
Comment: Loved reading your list - hope you find your new friend!
wrightstuff rated for I need a friend that... on Sep 14, 2010
Comment: What a well thought out list. Thanks for sharing with me.
AynE rated for I need a friend that... on Sep 14, 2010
Comment: I loved your list. I walk eight dogs every day, my two and several neighbors dogs so I don't find owning 3 dogs to be strange at all.
SilenceDogWood rated for I need a friend that... on Sep 12, 2010
Comment: Thank you for sending your list.
MagicNorth rated for I need a friend that... on Sep 10, 2010
LunaUA rated for I need a friend that... on Sep 10, 2010
Comment: Kudos for the extra long list!
sheshewriter rated for I need a friend that... on Sep 9, 2010
Comment: Lovely list! I enjoyed learning about your uniqueness. I like the swing on the swings. It's neat to do that.
craftywitchygirl rated for I need a friend that... on Sep 8, 2010
j3ss1ca rated for I need a friend that... on Sep 8, 2010
Platter rated for I need a friend that... on Sep 8, 2010
Comment: Thanks for sharing,Amanda. I tend to swear quite a bit too :}

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BeadsbyGayle on Sep 20, 2010:

Hi, I'm one of your partners for the Read and Comment swap. I see that you love to cook! I do too, I love trying new recipes and I have just started trying some baking recipes. I'm always nervous when baking because they don't always turn out like I expected. Do your dogs like to sit and watch you cook? My little sweetie loves to sit about 5 feet away hoping that I'll drop something so she can scarf it up, she's a funny little dog. I also see that we have a love of jewelry making, I especially like to make my own beads, you should try it when you have a budget that allows it. I don't always, but love it when I do!!

tatzle on Sep 19, 2010:

I'm your swap partner for "Read and Comment on your partner's profile !"

i like reading your profile! i see, cooking is your LOVE. i also want to learn how to cook! i only know how to cook rice, fried eggs,hotdog, etc.. ready-to-cook pastas.LOL ah, you are a dog person, here at home we laso have dogs, but i;m more on to a cat person. i love cats. i just don't know why.haha

i also don't like to eat veggies! i hate it.haha. anyways, what is your specialty in cooking?

bye for now! i'm happy knowing you here in swap-bot. :D

sonaa on Sep 17, 2010:

I'm your swap partner for "Read and Comment on your partner's profile !"

I saw you like life of pi!! So at the end do you feel the adults are right or the child's version?? :)

Oh and I am a dog person too. They are so personable, loyal, heartful. Did you know they can smell when you are sad?? Does that say we as people and them as dogs were meant to be together?? They say that we excrete a scent from our tear glands that alert our dogs to our sadness.. Plus dogs can help people with diabetes ( they can smell the blood sugar lvl) and can warn ahead of time when people have epileptic seizures!!!

So are you going to be dorothy for halloween?? I see for wishpot you have red sparkly shoes?

wickedred on Sep 17, 2010:

I am your partner for read profile and comment what a lovely profile I am also a dog lover I just got a mini doxie last christmas and she will be a year in Feb I think dog parents are a bit nuts sometimes but DOGS RULE.I also love cartoons but mostly classic ones although I love this one called the creppies.I do believe cooking is an art form of its own and if you are good at it how great .I am in the process of learning to sew I also wish I was better at it.Have a great day and keep swapin PS hope you get those shoes.Dana Wickedred

user3894 on Sep 16, 2010:

Hi! I'm commenting for the "Read and Comment on your partner's profile !" swap :) I love online games too! I play them over at Kongregate. I like to check the new page and see, a lot of them are pretty awful but sometimes there's a high rated one. I like the puzzle games mostly.

You mention cartoons too, which ones are your favorites? I love Courage the Cowardly dog, and the new one Regular Show. The first episode still makes me laugh to think about it!

Hope you have a great week, had fun reading your profile :)

beachgirl85 on Sep 12, 2010:

Thanks for the add manda :) sorry we had a bad start lol its the internet's fault hope you enjoyed your letter

beachgirl85 on Sep 11, 2010:

Hey i just sent it i dono if you got my comment i dono anyways i hope you enjoy and sorry your email didnt work sometimes the internet is weird i sent it on here

beachgirl85 on Sep 11, 2010:

HEy i just sent it on here i dono why your email wont work for me oh well its sent and i hope we connect and you enjoy sorry it took so long thanks Casey

beachgirl85 on Sep 10, 2010:

Hey listen im going to try to retype it and resend it today...if it doesnt send this time i'm sorry i really tried i sent it to you like twice so i will try one more time this afternoon let me know thanks


Patriessie on Sep 5, 2010:

Ola Amanda, nice to meet you, I am your partner of the swap read my profile and leave a nice comment. Well that is not that hard afther reading yours! I think we are a great team... you love to cook and I love to eat. well if that' isn't a great match?! We have more in common.. your are also addicted to the facebook games, well Amanda me to, everyday I have to do the game to earn money or what ever! I read that you also have the sweetest and best mom of the whole world (me to ;-)) You really seem to me a nice and sweet person, I love animals and 3 dogs sounds amazing! You enjoy life girly!! I wish you all the best! Sweet regards, Patricia

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