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About Me

February 2012, wow... long time away!

I haven't swapped in ages! After I fulfilled the obligations I had signed up for (over a year ago was my last swap!) I had to take a break due to health problems. I'm still sick but I think it might be fun to do some easy swaps again yay! It gets very lonely and boring being sick all the time with little to no communication with others. I'm feeling very whiny today due to bronchitis, probably not a good day to edit a profile! hehehe

Trying to edit my profile is tough while I'm under the influence of pain medication too. LOL! :)

Let's see... I am in my 30's, no children, married, no pets technically. I'm very allergic to cats but my neighbor's cat visits me in my yard every day. I love that cat so much! I am a Christian but I won't push my beliefs on you and I'd like to ask that you not push yours on me.

I am at home all of the time for over the last year because of health problems. I have Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and other random things that goes along with having an immune system that is weaksauce. It's not contagious. I'm always surprised how many people just assume Lupus is catchy, come on now.. don't make me cough on you. I have chronic pain that is tamed a bit by medication, but it never really ends. That was the main reason that forced me to stop swapping. The pain was just too much to be able to put good effort into swaps or letter writing.

I love to do crafts, especially crochet and redwork but I love all kinds of craft projects. I've taken up bookbinding (but I am super newbie to it!) and also in Feb 2012 I took up paper embroidery. That's been really fun too. I recently learned how to read friendship bracelet charts and although I'm very slow in making them, I really like that as a project too.

Really though guys: BOOKBINDING! Oh my gosh I love it so much. I really just do. It's fantastic and creative and I've so many ideas and so little energy.

Being sick means I have lots of time, although not always enough energy to do anything! I love small projects especially! It makes me feel better to be able to finish a project, stick it on the wall, and just know that I made it.

I love to go biking when I'm able (haven't in over a year though), garden even though I'm not so great at it, and I love to pet cats. I also do a lot of blogging, photography, and drawing up dorky embroidery patterns to stitch someday. I love to draw, mostly I draw digitally. I really love to take photos of cats, trees, flowers, projects I'm working on. I also loooove video games. Nintendo DS, Wii, Kongregate (online flash game site), and I've recently started SkyRim. (hnnghhh SKYRIM!)

I adore fountain pens, steampunk, and all things Sherlock Holmes.

I just joined the LWA, waiting on my membership badge yay!

I have no plans of ever really growing up. :)

Favorite Crafts


This is a new hobby started I think January 2012? I'm having a blast with it. My results are not great yet but I've finished one coptic stitch bound book, one hardback book, one paperback book, and a couple notepads because padding compound is the best stuff ever.


I love to crochet. A lot!! (not as "a lot" as pertains to loving cats, but still pretty close!) Mostly small projects like Aminekos, amigurumi, potholders, washcloths, just small things. I work in size 10 thread and also in yarns too. (The last update was stating how I had started a crochet rag rug... that rug has long been finished and I use it in here by my bed!)

Hand embroidery:

Mostly I do redwork with DMC #321 because I am not confident in my ability to pick great colors to do multi-colored designs. I draw my own embroidery designs as well as use vintage ones off Flickr, out of old Workbaskets I have been gifted, or from modern books!

I also have taken up paper embroidery, string art on paper type things. It's really fun!


I love to sew! I have made aprons, small plushy type toys, potholders, and other small projects. I've made a few small quilts too! I want to get to where I can make my own clothes. I'm too short for most store/thrift shop clothing ugh.


I have a lovely spinning wheel that I use now and then, and I also know how to use a drop spindle (where the weight is at the top)

Paper Crafts

Ugh you guys! hehe! You're getting me hooked on it all! I'm finding I like making zines, ATCs, all the friendship book type things, and sometimes making cards.

Other Crafts

Pretty much if it's crafty, I'll try it! I love marble magnets, have tried decoupage, basket weaving, and regular weaving. I love it all :) I just like to learn more and more crafty things.

Art Journals I really have a good time with the Keri Smith books. Art journals that give me a task are fun. I use Derwent InkTense pencils (waterproof water colors once dry), Noodler's Black Bulletproof ink (also waterproof once dry) and have a good time with it all.

Postcards and PenPals


I love postcards!

**Pen Pals Yay!!*

I also love writing letters. I write them either in fountain pen or soon on a typewriter that I recently bought, cleaned and acquired a new ribbon for.

I have a couple penpals through the post, both of which are also Skype/email pals too.

Due to my health problems, I do struggle to write the letters at times. Pain, anxiety, forgetfulness all kind of compound into it sorry.


In swaps that call for us to make them for each other, please use my Name, Address, and add this line No Men or Cons. Please do not add my e-mail address or website to the label or book that is meant for circulation!

If in doubt, ask me in PM first please! :) If you have something specific you'd like on yours, please PM me right away otherwise I will use Name and Address.

Some favorites!


  • Cats, big and small!

  • LOLCats make me laugh like a nerd!

  • Rats (as in Pet, not the ewww kind)

  • Possums (no really, they're so cute)

  • Butterflies

  • I like most animals actually


  • Techno
  • Dubstep

  • Dance

  • Electronic

  • Christian Rock

  • Pop

COLORS I like all colors! Especially bright or light greens or purples. I like pinks, blues, reds, oranges, yellows, purples. I like bright, cheerful colors most of all :)

My bedroom is light blue, purples, pinks, and white.

For Afghan Swaps

8" squares is what I'm building up

(four 4" together or even a 16" is okay too)

When making me afghan squares, please do not feel you need to go buy yarn! Please use the colors you have on hand or colors that make you happy to work with. My friendship afghan has colors from light, to dark, to bright, to dull, to pastel. No matter what colors (solid or variegated) I am sure it will fit in! :)

For handmade washcloth swaps, any color is great. None of my washcloths I've made match any decor in the house really.

ROOM COLORS Livingroom:
Yellow, Red (DMC #321 shade), and Navy

Kitchen: Will be Red, Black, White

Bathroom: Valspar/Lowes Filoli Morning Glory blue, white, ducky and silly froggy themed with kitschy vintage TP covers going on haha

My bedroom: Light blue, purples, pinks, white

Foods and Candies

  • Black licorice, nom!
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Reeses
  • Cadbury Eggs
  • Peppermint candies

Teas I love

  • Earl Grey Tea
  • Twining's EveryDay
  • Black tea
  • Mint Tea (Peppermint, Spearmint)
  • Berry Teas (Rasperry, oh so nom)
  • NO ROOIBOS please! eww
  • NO CHAMOMILE! (very allergic!)


I love to read Cozy mysteries, books by Terry Prachett, Craft books, Japanese crafting books and magazines, Old Workbaskets and Annie's Crochet Newsletter style magazines, Crochet magazines, Embroidery transfer books, and Vintage crochet pattern booklets

I really, really love vintage crochet books/booklets and magazines. Ones with patterns for potholders, dorky covers for toilet paper or bottles, lace, filet crochet, doilies. You name it, I probably love it!

Favorite Novels

  • Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

  • The Belgariad by David Eddings

  • All Hercule Poirot's by Agatha Christie

  • All Sherlock Stories by Sir Conan Doyle

  • All Discworld by Terry Pratchett

  • Moving Pictures by Terry Pratchett (also Discworld, but I especially like it)

  • Monica Ferris series of needlework mysteries

  • Cleo Coyle's Coffeehouse Series

  • Laura Child's Teahouse series


I am allergic to stuff, ugh

  • Smoke/smokey items

  • most pets (see note below)

  • incense

  • perfumed items

  • musty smelling books/items

  • chamomile teas, very allergic

Things sent that I am allergic to will be sent along to a new home with a different penpal. While I do appreciate that you send things, there are just a few things that I cannot keep around. They will find great homes with other friends! Yay!

Note Although I am allergic to most animals, it's all right if you're a pet owner and do a swap with me.

If the item is machine washable and you have pets, that's okay! Just please tell me here or on the package so I'll know to wash it before it comes into the house.

Postcards and letters from pet homes are also okay :) I figure the dander falls off in transit hehe

Other Hobbies

Besides crafts, gardening, biking, and photography there's...

Reading, I love to read! (See above for my favorite stuff to read)

Bento and all things that are for bento, from cute boxes, to the little sticks, soy fishes, nori cutters. Ohman, I love it all! I have one cute bento box and a cute egg mold set, wheee! I will give bento stuff a loving home heehee

writing letters, short stories, novels


I am working on writing a novel. November 2010's NaNoWriMo was fantastic, I'm still editing that one. the 2011 novel is also pretty good, so the two have become a series that needs severe editing. That's what eats all my time up for the last year and a half!

postcards, you may send them however you like. Stamped and written on with a note, blank in an envelope so I can use them to mail out, vintage, new, ad, nicely handmade (nothing printed on your old dot-matrix or copied on an old 70's ditto machine).


violets (I keep 4 plants, three are in bloom yay!)

petting cats

Old tv shows! Sherlock, Jeeves & Wooster, One Foot in the Grave, Fawlty Towers, Flying Circus, Allo Allo (I'm slowly working my way through these shows) J&W is a brand new one to me, I've just started watching it!

I love to watch cartoons. I love Tom & Jerry, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Regular Show, SpongeBob, Scooby Doo, Misadventures of FlapJack, Chowder.

I love anime when it's cute like Pokemon or ShinChan but not like Cowboy Bebop or something violent.

I love kawaii stuff too. Even Hello Kitty! I love Pokemon too. Dudes... I love my Oshawott so much! YES! I love all cute things I think. Even if it's off-brand Kawaii! If it's cute, and it looks Japanese, seriously... I will probably do a little happy dance!

I just love Japanese cute.

I Collect Stuff!

Dollhouse miniatures

Stuffed Animals

Craft supplies

Vintage craft tools


Workbasket Magazine

Annie's Attic crochet magazines

Embroidery Patterns

Books (Vintage craft books and booklets, children's books especially ones about cats, older Golden Books, mysteries, Terry Pratchett novels)

Bento boxes and supplies

Rose Wade figurines

Kawaii stationery supplies, toys, dolls (even off brand)

Cat themed anything!

Bookbinding tutorials online



sexual themes

violent themes

vampire novels

halloween themes

Realistic depictions of crickets


Looking For:

Otama Life

ISBN ISBN404853744X

Do you have this book? If you're tired of it, I'd like to give it a good home :)

Marking it Sent!

I only mark swaps sent, if they're actually mailed. :)


Comment: Sorry for the delay in rating you. Thankyou for the fab and very cute zine pages =)
erinbit rated for Naked christmas card 2010 on Dec 10, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the cute card! The penguins are adorable. Merry Christmas!
sim1 rated for 3 x 3 Friendship Books on Dec 8, 2010
JannyVof rated for Naked christmas card 2010 on Dec 6, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the beautiful card:)
DaftDabbler rated for Fountain Pen Pal - Nov 2010 on Dec 4, 2010
Comment: Thank you for the nice letter and extras! I'll be writing back - but possibly not until after Christmas. Happy holidays!
melz rated for Spankin' New FB Swap on Dec 3, 2010
Comment: Thanks Stacey :D
TryshaH81 rated for Naked christmas card 2010 on Nov 30, 2010
Comment: Merry Christmas!!
MissPaula rated for 3 x 3 Friendship Books on Nov 29, 2010
Comment: Got your envie of FB's! I'll be passing them along soon.....= ) Thanks!
marinda rated for PC Publ. by Chronicle Books on Nov 26, 2010
Comment: Loved the card. Especially loved the note. Thank you!
Turtlepug26 rated for Spankin' New FB Swap on Nov 22, 2010
Comment: Cute fb :)
Comment: LOVE your hand-drawn rainy day pages - so original & lots of fun! I especially like the Blah poem. :) Looking forward to Mix & Matching with the rest of the pages.
regenerate rated for Christmas ATC, newbie friendly. on Nov 18, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the card; it's adorable :) I'm going to hang it up for the holidays.
Comment: What charming cartoons! I think I liked the riddles the best...very fun!!!
Comment: Thank you!
craftycrocheter rated for Thread Crochet Snowflakes on Nov 16, 2010
Comment: Thank you the snowflakes are lovely.
Smudge rated for 7 inch Grannies - October on Nov 15, 2010
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely squares. My favourite colours too! I love the yarn you have used, it is so soft. :o)
Judy84 rated for 3 x 3 Friendship Books on Nov 15, 2010
Comment: Thank you!
ghostlysun rated for Clouds & Rainbows N&N FB's on Nov 5, 2010
Comment: These are great, thanks!
Comment: Thankyou so much for the beautiful grannies!!! Love the colors you chose!!!

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