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A little covid 19 note: please be extra kind to retail workers. They're overwhelmed, overworked, and exposed to this thing constantly with no choice and low wages. Be nice and follow the rules.

Short attention span summery:

  • I love colorful, fun, quirky, and unique things especially when made by you. I'm not picky or easily offended at all so feel free to share what you are passionate about or trying for the first time.

Very long version:

  • Strive to make you laugh and feel great even if just for a moment. I'm an oddball and tend to think outside the box. If I get it wrong please let me know so I can fix it.
  • Scottish terrier lover and pet rescue supporter. No pets of my own currently and love to receive pictures, doodles, or stories about yours.


  • Mail art, flat stickers, postcards(handmade ok), labels, address labels, postage stamps, postalettes, and washi samples.
  • Anything handmade or decorated by you. Atc, pocket letter, inchies, flip books, stuffies, pins, really anything.
  • Lists, jokes, poems, haiku, limericks.
  • Instapot and slow cooker recipes.
  • Vintage stationery 1960s - 80s.
  • Bright and natural colors.
  • recycled and partially used items

Anything with an animal 💜:

  • Scottish Terriers.
  • Rescued pets and their stories.
  • Mega fauna - e.g. Woolly Mammoth, Saber tooth tigers, giant sloths.
  • Donkeys, goats, and pigs.
  • Fish and other sea life, horseshoe crabs.
  • Woodland creatures real or imagined.
  • Put a bird on it: Flamingos, barn swallows, woodpeckers, crows, turkeys, birds of prey.
    Tell me about your backyard birds!
  • Ferns, oak trees, poppies, hydrangeas, pines, cherry blossoms, native plants, moss, and mushrooms.
  • The only animal thing I don't like are real monkeys and chimpanzees especially when dressed in clothes, they creep me out. Go figure that the flying monkeys from oz are my favorite though??? Maybe because they're fake? It's the trained circus animals that creep me out. Just no.


  • Halloween year round. Love creepy vintage costumes and photos. Classic Universal monsters and Horror movies. Witch Hazel and Gossimer.
  • Silly or dark humor.
  • Oddities and Imperfections.
  • Pop culture, esp 70s and 80s. Let's talk about that time the bionic man and woman fought bigfoot!
  • Cults, I'm fascinated.

Artsy fartsy:

  • Local traditional art
  • Outsider arts and crafts.
  • Bright bold colorful florals.
  • Art deco and nouveau.
  • Modern art, turn me on to an artist you love.
  • Illustration- vintage children's books, ads, propaganda, industrial workers
  • Vintage Hawaiiana
  • Mid century architecture and furniture.
  • Industrial, steampunk, time travel, space, and scientific themes
  • Religious art, icons, and shrines.


  • Regional culture, artists, dialect, ghost stories, treats, and recipes.
  • Kindness, equality, and tolerance.
  • Your family history and origin. Stories about eccentric relatives.

Fictional characters:

  • OZ.
  • The Muppets.
  • Bojack Horseman.
  • Richard Scary
  • Raggedy Ann
  • ME-Henry💙💙💙
  • Tina Belcher.
  • Grover and Oscar.
  • Parks and Recreation Jean Ralphio because he's the wooorst!

  • The Office, both versions.

  • Spock and Picard.
  • Batman 60s series
  • 60s -70s cartoons.
  • unexpected anthropomorphic "things"
  • R.O.U.S.
  • Portlandia. I think I've worked with every character on this show at Whole Foods. They get it so right and I love how everyone takes themselves so seriously.

Food and travel.

-pickles, chocolate, nuts, and candy.
- illustrations of food, esp breads and pastry.
- Austria, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada.
- Mountains, forests, and beaches.
- Wine and cocktail recipes.

NOT crazy about-

  • coconut, chai, and zinger tea
  • non communicators and non raters
  • glittery little girl stuff-the exception is Valentine's day, go nuts!
  • scented items: There are scents I love and many I can't handle, ask before sending please. I do love scratch and sniff though.
  • Not that anyone would, but for the love of all things good and holy please do not send mustard.
  • 3D stickers, I have tons.
  • Willful ignorance and blind obedience.

Favorite Movies

These whimsical, visually stunning, and goofy ones

  • Sunset Boulevard
  • Freaks
  • Metropolis
  • Hugo
  • Coraline
  • The Birds.
  • The Princess bride.
  • The Wizard of OZ.
  • Return to OZ.
  • Pee Wee's Big Adventure
  • Anchorman
  • Coming to America
  • Repo Man.
  • Dazed and Confused.
  • Ghost World.
  • Zoolander

Wes Anderson films are so good that I want to eat them.

This being said, you'll have my love forever if you send something related to his movies.

Favorite Books

Always reading something and it varies greatly, could be science fiction, fantasy, or historical fiction. Biography, Ted talks(don't know where to put these), or old childrens science textbooks.

I HIGHLY recommend: 3/24/17 -The fifteen lives of Harry August by Claire North.
-The Borgias have been fascinating me lately, it's amazing that we have the details of these people's lives that lived so long ago. I get exhausted just thinking about their daily lives.

Favorite Music

Spotify is on most of the day. Frequently Go to: 80s alternative, Wilco, The Who, Monsters of folk, Jack White, and love finding new music!


My favorite murder, RU talkin U2(and REM) 2 me? Comedy Bang Bang, small town murder, Conan needs a friend, and now I see that I spend entirely too much time listening to podcasts, lol.

Favorite Crafts

Anything handmade by you is greatly loved and appreciated, no matter your skill level.

I enjoy making papercrafts: pocket letters, postcards, atcs, and mail art. I just haven't felt very crafty lately so haven't been joining those types of swaps. I do continue to buy and hoard supplies of course.

I really love needle felting, but am allergic to the wool:(

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!


susieq11 rated for Altered Postcard on Jul 22, 2020
Comment: Oh this postcard is awesome! Thanks so much and I’m so glad you joined!!! : D
Response: Yay, glad you like it! Thanks💙
rhinoluvr rated for What Are You Reading Postcard on Jul 11, 2020
Comment: Hi Laura, Thanks for the awesome Max Ernst PC, and for your lovely note. I'm having much more trouble reading these days too, and I too *love* to read. I know we'll get our speed back when the world calms a bit, hopefully soon. That's so cool you once stayed in KV's vacation house!! Take care ;)
Response: Thank you for your kind words and heart💙
LadyJo rated for MAIL ART - Profile Based on Jun 30, 2020
Comment: What a great Mail Art envie of animals! I love it! I enjoyed your letter and the extras are great too! Thank you , again!
Response: You're welcome!
Comment: You're right, we do have a lot in common! Thanks for the awesome postcards! I'll be writing you back but no pressure to respond.
Response: Thank you. Can't wait to hear from you!
Comment: This swap was a blast. Thank you for your answers -- it was really interesting to see what things caught your attention. I'd love to see the one in FL, but I agree -- I'd have to take the guided tour. :) His work is so trippy I would have missed a lot if there hadn't been those info markers, Even then I kept seeing things without info markers and wondering, "What's up with that?" lol Oh! And I didn't get that it was raining inside the taxi either! I'll have to go back and look again. Take care!
Response: Thank you! I really enjoyed it also!
Comment: mmmm Gary Oldman...he was one of my answers also!!
Response: Ha, he's the best. Thanks!
paperlover rated for CPG-Mini Pocket Letter US-Spring on Mar 28, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the spring Pocket letter and all the extras. We actually just got put under shelter in place until 4/16. I think I will be able to go to work Monday, I work for Bank of Oklahoma Mortgage.
Response: You're welcome, take care!
Comment: Thanks for the PC, I really liked it...so cute and funny😊❤️
Response: You're welcome!
Comment: Thank you for your beautiful letter. It was kind of difficult to open it though but so much fun to read it. What a great job you have! And I hope that your husband is coming back home soon. I hate it when my husband is on work trips.
Response: Thank you and sorry about the tape!
LadyJo rated for Valentine's Day Card with Mail Art on Feb 4, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the nice extras, mail art, and card! Happy Valentine's Day to you!
Response: Thank you, happy Valentine's day!
Comment: I am actually married to the man of my dreams....and he DOES NOT snore, LOL. Thanks for a little laugh. I really like the extra valentines you sent along. Love Richard Scary and winnie the pooh. Hope you have a great birthday in the warm breezes of Mexico.
Response: You're welcome and have a lovely Valentine's day!
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful tags and extras.
Response: You're welcome!
Comment: Thanks for all the goodies. I will probably use them in my scrapbooking and journals. Red birds, hummingbird, woodpeckers are the main birds we try to feed here
Response: Thank you, enjoy!
Comment: Thank you for the letter! I had fun reading it. I am like you as while writing I get random thoughts or remember things I need to do! And I can’t thank you enough for the goodies! I especially loved the Jan Daveport washi strips! They’re so lovely! I always thought of buying something from this brand as all the YouTubers say good things about it but those are not easily available in India. I am so happy I now have pretty stuff from Jane Davenport. Can’t wait to use in my planners and journal. You asked about my Etsy shop... It’s called PrettyCraftyTales. About Instagram, there are pros and cons lol. So decide wisely 😁 Have a great day!!
Response: Thank you so much! I'm happy you will use the washi and enjoyed reading my gibberish,lol
Comment: Thank you so so much for the lovely, lovely mail!!! It came when I really needed a pick-me-up!
Response: You're welcome and thank you for the kind words!
Comment: Thank you for all the goodies!! You picked a great selection!!
Response: Thank you, glad you liked it!
blubutterfly rated for Halloween Greeting Card on Nov 7, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the spooky cards, loved the envelope too:)
Response: You're welcome, I'm happy you like them!
Comment: WOW! Thank you for the awesome pocket letter! I absolutely love it and the wonderful goodies :) This little envelope is so pretty and the pad you wrote your letter is is so cute and creative! ~ I love it all so much! 💖👻 Happy swapping ~ xoxo
Response: Thank you so much!
kfaye rated for HS: Halloween Junk Journal USA on Sep 24, 2019
Comment: Yay! I love it! You did a great job on this journal and I really appreciate it! I look forward to sitting down one spooky October night and filling it out . Thank you so much 🎃👻 PS my wine actually tastes like wine!! Lol
Response: Yay! Thank you so much for the kind words and cheers!
Comment: Wow! I love your artwork on my envie. So cool! (Looking for the hidden things!) And thank you for the paper goodies. Sure to use them in my journal.
Response: Thank you, i'm so happy you liked it!

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Thank you for the July WW! OMG the "Bag of Ticks" possum sticker is AWESOME!!! My mom didn't understand it, but I didn't expect her to. lmao! It's taken a place of honor under my loft bed with my vinyl sticker collection. =D

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Mailed you something this morning! : )

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Hi there! Thanks for your letter and fun enclosures for WW July. So sorry my letter was waterlogged! It's basically a minimum 30-40% chance of thunderstorms daily here (often more), but I suppose it could've happened anywhere from here to you. You can't go wrong with 80s music and comedy for escape! hugs

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Thank you for the Peter Pan ephemera for ww. It was super kind. Thank you!

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