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Date Joined: February 8, 2013
Last Online: July 29, 2015
Birthday: November 3, 1983
Country: Belgium
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About Me

Hello there, welcome to all my future swap-partners!

I was born on 3 Nov. 1983, you can sent me anything from this date/year or my sign Scorpio.

I live in the Flemish part of Belgium, so I speak Dutch.

я учу русский язык! I’m learning Russian, so I’m looking for anything (childrenbooks, magazines, ephemera, etc.) in Russian language. (please note that this has nothing to do with politics)

•FAVORITE COLOURS: red, baby pink, retro green

•FAVORITE PATTERNS: dollie dots, stars

•FAVORITE BIRDS: flamingo, peacock, swallow, humming bird, crow

•I also love feathers

•FAVORITE ANIMALS: elephants, racoons, seahorses, dragonfly, baby deer (but not Bambi)

•PLEASE DON’T SENT ME: butterflies, horses (unless it’s My Little Pony), bears (unless it are the Care Bears), dolphins

•FAVORITE CHARACTERS: Betty Boop, Care Bears, Alice in Wonderland, My Little Pony ('80s version - but no Pony stickers), Wonder Woman, ‘Love is’ (Kim Casali), Pink Panther, Elvira (Mistress of the Dark)

•PLEASE DON’T SENT ME: Winnie the pooh, Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, Princesses, Cars, Diddle

•FAVORITE MYTHICAL CREATURES: phoenix, mermaids (but not Ariel), fairies (but not Tinkerbell), unicorns, vampires

•FAVORITE IMAGES: Charley Harper, Gallarda, Gil Elvgren, David Delamare

•FAVORITE STYLES: vintage, Kawaii, Steampunk

•FAVORITE HOMESTYLES: vintage, retro, '60s, '70s, Junk Gypsies, bohemian

•FAVORITE SCENTS: vanilla, coconut

•FAVORITE ARCHITECTURE: castles, lighthouses, old/abandoned houses

•FAVORITE ERAS: medieval(festivals), Vikings, ancient Egypt, Victorian, pirates

•FAVORITE FLOWERS: (blue) roses, (stargazer) Lily, Japanese blossom, seeds from flowers/plants which are easy to maintain in the garden/ in Belgium, fake flowers to cheer up the garden in winter


•FAVORITE HOLIDAYS: Halloween, Easter

•PLEASE DON’T SENT ME: Christmas items (unless they are vintage)

•PLEASE DON’T SENT ME: food, vegetarian stuff, recipes, cupcakes, drinks, tea

•FAVORITE TV SERIES: The Vampire Diaries, Ex Wives of Rock, Acapulco H.E.A.T., Renegade, Black Sails, Vikings

•FAVORITE FILMS: vampire-films (Lost Boys, Interview with the vampire), '80s films (Labyrinth, Legend, The Goonies, Tommy Tricker, ..), Great Expectations, Cruel Intensions, Pirates of the Carribean I, The boat that rocked (stuff about radio-stations which were broadcasting from a boat / pirate-radio's (please no recent items about radio-stations))

•I'm looking for the German film Das Wilde Leben (if possible with Dutch subtitles, or at least English ones)

•FAVORITE ACTORS: Johnny Depp, Nicole Kidman, Veerle Baetens

•FAVORITE BELLYDANCERS: Zoe Jakes, Sharon Kihara


•(handmade) bellydance scarf / tribal belt

•FAVORITE MUSIC: rock, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, Shocking Blue (& Mariska Veres), Omnia

•FAVORITE JUWELRY: silver, bohemian, earrings, New Orleans beads, vintage hair items (which are still on their original cardboard / please no new ones)

•FAVORITE CRAFTS: ephemera (photo’s/slides, playing cards, wallpaper, parts of newspapers/magazine), (secondhanded) stamps, ink, red/kawaii/black/special (washi) tape/ribbon, scrapbooking, fun/special post-its, pink/black/red sharpie fine point pens, Kawaii notes

•PLEASE DON’T SENT ME: (colour)pencils

•FAVORITE STICKERS: old ones, Panini, (little) sticker(books) from the 80's, 90's

•FAVORITE OTHERS: snowglobe, small tin boxes, hourglass, матриошка (Russian dolls), Cabinets of curiosities/wonder (Wunderkammer/kabinett), Pagan

•FAVORITE BOOKS/MAGAZINES: interior design from the ‘60s & ‘70s

•FAVORITE SHOPS: thriftshops / fleamarkets

•FAVORITE T-SHIRT: the one that says ‘Veronica blijft omdat ik dat wil’ (it could be ordered in 1973 by the radio Veronica and I’m still looking for it)

I don’t like it when my neighbours receive my mail, so when you sent a big envelop or package, which wont fit in my mailbox, please write on it: Gelieve NIET af te leveren bij de buren. (= Please don’t deliver to the neighbours) and I hope the mailman will read it, so I can pick it up myself at the postoffice.

If you would have any kind of problem with a swap from me, please sent me first a message about it so that we can come to a solution, before rating or giving a bad comment, thank you!

I'm not on the computer everyday, most of the time I check my messages on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Looking forward to swap with you! :)

People who flaked:

@Boombo (I collect Everything)

@flodyoc (Lievelingskleurenswap)

@jinxydc (Blind Surprise Swap June) but angeled by @MarieAntoinette

@Meghsie (Vampire item swap) but angeled by @glowgoyle

@Duodesordre (The Vampire Book round nr.4)

@saphraxi (The Vampire Book round nr.5)

@chaoticcantrells (Travelling Stamp Book: themed: Valentine)


veronicallama rated for Blind Surprise Swap (May) on Jun 5, 2015
Comment: Your package arrived! I had a lot of fun opening the items. LOVE all of the postcard choices! That cupcake book is too cute. Did you make the little owl? It's adorable. I'm leaving one package to open on Sunday with friends, to give them a feel for what I'm enjoying so much about Swapbot. Thank you, Phoenix! Hope you are having a fantastic week.
Response: I'm glad you like the things I have sent to you. No, I have bought the owl. Enjoy your last package on Sunday :) Thank you for the rating!
njstauter rated for Blind Surprise Swap (April) on May 10, 2015
Comment: Thank you for everything...extras...and the stamps on the envelope. It was a pleasure opening. You are a wonderful swap partner.
Response: Thank you for the rating, nice to read your comment! :) :)
catsadee rated for Blind Surprise Swap (March) on Apr 2, 2015
Comment: Thanks for all the surprises you sent. I enjoyed them all! And thanks also for the extra touch of wrapping my surprises in paper decorated with cats. That was so thoughtful of you!
Response: I had fun with wrapping the blind-surprises in a more personal-wrapping :) Thank you for the rating! :)
Calochortus rated for Help me save money! on Mar 16, 2015
Comment: Thanks for all the good tips! I love the idea of giving unwanted items to people who do want them -- it makes life easy for everyone! Thank you~
Response: Glad you like the tips :) Thank you for your comment & rating!
Snflowerwaves rated for Help me save money! on Mar 13, 2015
Comment: Definately went the extra mile and gave more that requirements!! Thanks!! Hopefully I can save some money by following your tips!!
Response: Thank you for your comment & rating :) & Enjoy the tips
MadonnaR rated for Things I don't want anymore on Mar 12, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the goodies.
Response: Thank you for the rating! :)
samanthateal rated for GARDEN Ephemera (paperswap) on Feb 12, 2015
Comment: Thank you, so many pretty pictures. ❤️
Response: Thank you for the rating :)
dolcxvita rated for Pvt. PhoenixSwap & Dolcxvita on Dec 18, 2014
Comment: Received the teas! What a wonderful, unique little collection! They will last me the entire winter (aka Rainy season, here in Singapore!) Cant wait to try them. Thank you so much and happy holidays! x
Response: I'm glad they arrived well and that you like them :) Have a wonderful 2015!! :)
Comment: Thank you so much for the Tea! Its yummy!
Response: Thank you for the rating and for doing this swap with me :)
jswdesigner rated for Blind Surprise Swap (October) on Nov 24, 2014
Comment: This swap finally arrived :) I love it all! I am so excited for the tomato soup!!! I love all the cupcake goodies especially the tiny book! THANK YOU!!!
Response: It is so unfair to rate me a one because I have contacted you first! You didn't even asked about it. First I let you know that the envelop, which I had sent on time, came back to me so that I had to resent it, and then I let you know that somebody else hadn't received the mail I had sent on 30 oct (which was still on time because the deadline was 31 oct), the same day as I had resent my envelop to you, I also let you know that I already contacted the postoffice and I'm still waiting for their answer, you could at least have waited for their answer too instead of rating me immediatly a one. And I also said that if the postoffice would let me know it is lost, I would resent. I'm sorry but I can't help it that they are slow in answering. I will update my respons when I get a reaction from them. But I do hope you will delete this one and have some patience. Thank you. UPDATE 21 NOV 2014: The post office let me know they aren’t able to track the envelop I have resent to you on 30 oct. In the evening of 30 oct and during the day of 31 oct there were strikes at the post, you can read an article (in Dutch, you can use google translate) about it here: [Strike at the postdistribution – and transportcentra from Brussel, Charleroi and Luik](http://www.hln.be/hln/nl/957/Binnenland/article/detail/2107295/2014/10/31/Staking-bij-postverdeel--en-transportcentra-van-Brussel-Charleroi-en-Luik.dhtml) So I asked the post if this is the reason (which I think it is) the envelop got lost, they avoided answering this question, so they also didn’t deny it. This weekend I will make you a new swap which I will sent on Monday 24 nov, but unfortunately there will be more strikes (every service not only / but including the post) here in Belgium starting on Monday: 24 nov: provinces Antwerpen, Limburg, Henegouwen en Luxemburg, 1 dec: provinces Oost- & West-Vlaanderen, Namen & Luik, 8 dec: provinces Vlaams- & Waals-Brabant & Brussel, 15 dec whole country, on 6 nov there already was a demonstration, so to give you an idea you can view this youtube video about it in English: [demonstration](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SX3vzDi0oc) So I do hope it will not get lost again! (I can also wait with sending until the strikes are over, if you wish this please let me know before Sunday evening, if not I sent it on Mon 24 nov) UPDATE 24 NOV 2014: thank you, I'm happy that it didn't got lost, but still disappointed about the one you gave me and because of that I had to resent it today, so you will receive a second envelop from me UPDATE 22 DEC 2014: Thank you for returning the 2nd envelop to me :)
Comment: Lovely swap, Lien. Your destash is valuable here in Ukraine. Will be great fun for my ladies and kids. I'm ready when you want to do it again.
Response: It was nice to swap again with you :) Have a lot of fun with crafting! :)
fairylover rated for 3 Halloween gifts on Oct 22, 2014
Comment: Merci pour toutes ces petites choses qui vont bien décorer la maison, et merci d'avoir crée cet échange!
Response: Merci :)
yolomba rated for Silly things on a string #3 on Oct 10, 2014
Comment: fun silly things, thank you, the tea was delicious!
Response: Thank you for the rating :)
Hoperin rated for Blind Surprise Swap (September) on Oct 2, 2014
Comment: I absolutely love everything that you sent! The wrapping paper is fantastic and I love the cupcake items- very cute! The happy little zebra is sitting on my desk and making me happy :) Love it all!! Thank you so so much
Response: Nice to read that you love what I have sent and good to know that the little zebra found it's home :) :) Thank you!
Comment: Wow. Oh my goodness so many fun things and lovely papers. Thank you so much!
Response: I'm glad you like it :) And thank you for the 'wow' :) :)
AnnaM rated for Ephemera (paperswap) EUROPE on Sep 24, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the lovely swap!
Response: Thank you for the 5 & the heart :) & thanks for joining this swap!
Comment: I got your wonderful envelope! Thank you so much for a great variety of ephemera you sent me. I can't wait to use all of it in my mail-art and junque-journal! Have a great weekend!! Groetjes :)
Response: Thank you for the rating & heart :) I'm already looking forward to receive your envelop :) Vele groetjes ;)
felixo42 rated for The Vampire Book (round nr.9) on Jul 28, 2014
Comment: Great additions to my book! Sorry for the late rating,just got back from holiday
ReneeW0lf rated for The Vampire Book (round nr.8) on May 8, 2014
ReneeW0lf rated for The Vampire Book (round nr.7) on May 8, 2014

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weatherwax on Aug 7, 2014:

Hello! I just want to tell you that I really loved your Ephemera-swaps! If you ever want to do a similar private swap, then just let me know. I would set one up then, because I have used up nearly everything you sent : ) All the best, Kirsten

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