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Date Joined: November 12, 2013
Last Online: March 9, 2022

Country: Austria

About Me

I got a 1 rating. I will make up for it and resend.

But it is really depressing at the moment. I got Mail from the overseas back. A letter to the Netherlands took more then 4 months. Mail to me does not always arrive either.

I am not in hospital or something similar. I assume the reason for it is, that we have been in 4th lockdown in november/december.

(I have a 3 from years ago, when I was in hospital for months. I can own that. It is part of my history.)

But at the moment I am resending and resending Letters and Mails, that I had put love and time into. And it does not seem to get better.

I will fulfill all my swaps. I will resend. But after that I am considering a long break than. It breaks my heart. Because swapbot was my happy place during difficult times and grief.

Stay happy!

Stay healthy!

Be kind.

my word 2022: {confidence}

You have not been rated by me? Then I have not received your item! I always rate the same day as I receive them!!

We open our p.o. Box at the weekend and then I rate all mail in one go.

are you missing mail from me? Then please send me a message!!

Thank you.

last time rated and received: February 20th

Hello :)

Somebody asked if I am a smoker, because of this picture. I am a non-smoker :) But I love these Dick Bruna Illustrations from the 60ies and 70ies :)


All swaps I host and most I join are sender's choice.

And second: I love to make my envelopes out of magazine pages, catalogues or calendars. If you do not like these envelopes, then please tell me beforehand, I will use a regular then. This is not about the money. It is about my happy place (making envies while listenings to radioplays) and my tiny-step-a-day for the environment.

Favorite Crafts

  • MailArt. I love it. *** In a nutshell: I so much more love to see your own style even if it is wobbly and your first time, than all those instagram- envelopes. They often all look that similar. That is the same with the "packaging"and flipbooks. I prefer so much more to see your style or an eclectic variety or even no "presentation" at all !!! Do what you love most, but if possible: Free your inner joyful you when swapping with me :) :)

  • Journaling - colourful and playful :), full of childrensbooks-illustrations, postcards and fun quotes on the left side, on the right side I journal what comes to mind :) (so not vintage, more "oh, there is another dino-page" haha)

  • Collage

  • Origami

  • handmade stickers

  • Everything with paper :)

What I like.

  • early mornings

  • all things lemon.

  • all things cherry.

  • all things giant toucan

  • dinosaurs

  • yellow. apple green. blue.

  • but to be honest: yellow :)

  • Paper bombs a la @stephiedee

  • crisp air

  • used postage stamps. or mint. (if you cut them yourself from the envelope: no taped ones please & leave at least 1/4inch or 5mm paper around :)

  • kindness

  • richard scarry

  • Dick Bruna

  • classic Paddington Bear. from darkest Peru :)

  • little soft spot for Moonins, Peanuts.

  • honeybees and bumblebees

  • learning Dutch

  • office stickers: dots, arrows,labels,.

  • Ernie & Bert

  • envelope seals. round stickers. Trader Joe stickers.

  • flat stickers

  • ladybugs 🐞 and toadstools 🍄

  • hedgehogs

  • umbrella & raindrops.

  • book plates

  • Belle & Boo

  • Sarah & Duck

  • quentin blake

  • Wolf Erlbruch

  • illustrations (children books, flow,..)

  • Mailart. Happy mail. Your style :)

  • Dennisons (-ish) labels

  • Avid reader here :)

  • Jane Austen. Jasper Fforde. Terry Pratchett. Thomas Bernhard. Guilty pleasure: Perry Rhodan. I know...

  • thoughtfulness

  • camping a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g(stickers, cards, images, caravan and tents )

  • random envelopes. lucky dip (bags).

  • BBC 4 extra

  • bicycles

  • Peppermint Patty is my spirit person/cartoon/animal. She is a fabulous iceskater, too :)

  • whales. otters. beavers.

  • You have the perfect vegan recipe?Tuck it in :) :)

  • neon

  • Comic strips.

  • rubber stamps. clear stamps. metal dies.

  • mini-zines

  • Themed Happy mail (think themes like: old telephones, music tapes, panda bears, yellow, moomins,...)

  • And I seem to be the one and lonely person, you can send tiny tiny stickers, notebooks and pencils to :) :) :)

  • Currently: I am looking for grid washitape, stickiistickers and anything with vintage/toy robots, glassine paper or envelopes *

and finally...

Do I have dislikes? Yes, of course I have. Will I list them? No.

I have met wonderful people here at swap-bot. They were carefuI with their swaps and put so much effort in them. I was happy all day long because of their thoughtfulness and kindness, although the swap might not be exactly my taste.

For me swap-bot is about thoughtfulness and inspiration, about humour, kindness and art. I maybe am more into dinosaurs and less into fairies. But if you put a little winged fairy on a dinosaurs' shoulders on your mailart: this fairy would be the most treasured fairy on the planet.

To be honest: there is no chance I would appreciate a swap which is against people (how they look like, whom they love, where they live,..) or animals. But anything put together with respect, care and humour is very much appreciated.

Please send just kidfriendly things. That would be really nice :)

PS.: My name is not Kristen. It is really the name I typed in 🙂. So not Stewart, but Dunst. hahaha.

At the moment...

Make a wish February: 7/2

If you are my swap partner and are a collector of teatags or empty teabags, please let me know. I tuck as many in our swap as I can. or we could do a private swap. I am always open for a swap for other lightweight things like used stamps (preferred) or airmail labels, stickers or your favourite vegan recipe :)

quote: The lemon is in play :)



itsnobody rated for PIE: Postcard with stickers on Sep 28, 2022
Comment: I'll rerate when you come back. It's just almost a year
Comment: never received. will re-rate it if it ever makes it my way. has not logged on since 3/9/2022 as of 7/31/2022
LaetiArts rated for WIYM - Tiny blind Autumn swap :) on Jun 24, 2022
Comment: waiting due to postoffice. 3-22-22 send mesage 4-22-22 not on since march. so rating 1 also sent a message. june 3 2022
Comment: Thank you for the randomness!
Comment: Great job, thank you for adding the zebra item. Lots of fun stuff in this envelope.
Comment: Thanks for the amazingly decorated envelope. It looks so good and I was very happy to find it in my letterbox. Also thanks for the cute goodies you included too. I really like everything you sent.
Berlinerchic rated for WIYM: Postcard Envelope #3 INTL on Mar 20, 2022
Comment: Vielen Dank for such lovely postcards! I love them all :)
Comment: Thanks for a nice swap♥
renate rated for SIE - Send Your Paper-Destash #7 on Mar 13, 2022
Comment: Thanks a lot for the nice decorated envelope and the lovely things that you send me.
Hunbun rated for FLL: InCoWriMo #1 on Mar 5, 2022
Comment: Thanks for the letter, Kirsten--the tag you sent is currently being used as a bookmark. :)
Comment: Thank you :) The yellow is such a happy color. The little dino is super cute
saturnsrings rated for Random Envelope 10 on Feb 26, 2022
Comment: Thanks for the goodies in the cute comic pocket! Love the beetle notecard and book illustrations!
Petaltea rated for ESO: Random Destash! on Feb 25, 2022
Comment: Thank you so much! Just lovely all these items 🥰. Funny you should write about podcasts. I have been listening more to them myself as well. I hope the weather is calmer now. We too had many storms pass through. I can’t wait for spring! Take care!!
Begokschaf rated for LSRUS: Decorate and Envie x2 on Feb 23, 2022
Comment: Thank you so much!! Fun envie and great goodies too.
CraftyShana76 rated for FLL: InCoWriMo #1 on Feb 22, 2022
Comment: TYSVM for your letter! I enjoyed reading it so much!!!
Comment: Thank you for the resend! Definitely Worth the wait :)
PrincessLeia rated for SSM: Find four #16 on Feb 15, 2022
Comment: Hi Kirsten, Thanks for resending the swap. I love the encvelope full of interesting pieces! I cant believe you dont buy orange things - I thought it was like the dutch national colour! Probably lucky I dont live there - I would have so much more orange stuff! Love the starwars postcard! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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chelle523 on May 10, 2023:

I was just thinking of you and hoping that you are doing well. Take care :)

kittyhahahotbot on Dec 4, 2022:

Stargazer008 on May 2, 2022:

Liebe Kirsten, ich wollte einfach mal hallo sagen...und ja ich vermisse Deine grandiosen Swaps aus der Gruppe "Lucky dip". Die Post war immer mein persönliches Highlight im Briefkasten! Nun hoffe ich einfach, dass es Dir gut geht und sage einfach bis (hoffentlich) ganz bald wieder. Ganz liebe Grüße, Joana (Stargazer008)

bethe on Feb 20, 2022:

Thank you so much for al the cute stickers from Make a Wish February! I really love the pizza and junk food/Kawaii themed stickers ❤️ I would love to be a postcard penpal as well. Sending you something soon. Thanks again!!

Gnoe on Feb 9, 2022:

I'm SO happy you enjoyed my surprise mail :-)

OrigamiGrace on Feb 3, 2022:

Thank you for the Nov and December wishes - no idea what happened to the mail, lol!! The stickers are soo cute!!

isabellasnow on Jan 2, 2022:

Dear Kirsten . . . I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Inge Look postcard you sent in one of your advent envies! I absolutely adore her 'Aunties' series and this card is so special. I just loved this series and hope you'll run this again in 2022!

bigmamabird on Dec 28, 2021:

Dear Kirsten--- Many thanks for hosting such an enjoyable Avent swap series! What fun it was to collect the stack of envelopes and then the joy they brought as they were opened! I opened a whole weeks worth at one point to cheer up a particularly blue day. I have resent one envelope to Poland so far. Not bad. Wishing you and yours a Happy and Healthy New Year! Carroll

LahDeeDah on Dec 25, 2021:

OrigamiGrace on Dec 10, 2021:


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