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About Me

I´m a woman at the age of forty-eight with two children; a daughter (19) and a son (17). I work as a comprehensive school teacher and especially love teaching English, maths and litterature. I use Hungarian Varga-Neményi-method in teaching maths.

I put a lot of effort on my creations and never send anything trashy, so I hope you will do the same :)! I don´t tolerate any kind of flaking! If you don´t receive anything from me, contact me before rating, please!

If sending me ATCs/APCs, please, try to keep them the right size as I like to store them into pocket sleeves! So NO parts over the edges, please (at least not very much)!

Favorite Books

I love reading and read many kinds of books. Fantasy is one of my favourites; Harry Potters, LOTR, Twilight-saga, True Blood, Vampire Diaries etc. Also books related to history like the ones from Diana Gabaldon fascinate me. Jane Austen, Joanne Harris are Cecilia Samartin are amongst my favourite authors too, just to name few. At the moment I´m especially in the search of Morganville Vampires-books by Rachel Caine. I already have books 1-5 and 7-11!

Children´s litterature is my passion. I collect children´s books, especially the classics; H.C.Andersen, the Grimm-brothers, Astrid Lindgren, Roald Dahl, Beatrix Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Elsa Beskow and many, many others are on the list. Moomin-books in different languages are wanted too. Books with great illustrations attract me the most.

My favourite fairy tales are Little Red Riding-Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Hansel and Gretel, Princess and the Pea, Pussy in Boots, SnowWhite and the Seven Dwarfs and Thumbellina just to name few. But as said above, all the classics make me happy and I´m easy to please.

I´d like to get more Dr. Seuss-books as they are hard to get here. So far I only have "The Cat in the Hat" and "Oh, the Thinks you can Think"..

I try also to read books for young adults, mostly because of my work, but also as I want to.The Hunger Games-series by Suzanne Collins hooked me immediately. David Almond, Cornelia Funke, Eva Ibbotson, Neil Gaiman and Michael Ende are some of my favourites too, but there are so many good books and so little time to read them.

Favorite Movies

I like Tim Burton-movies. Johnny Depp is my favourite actor :)! Fantasy-movies, romantic ones and historical films are my favourites too, not to mention Twilight-saga of course. But team Edward, absolutely!

I´m a True Blood-fan too and Bill and Eric are my favourite characters! So, please, make me something that present one of them or both (LOL), if participating in a True Blood-themed swap :)!

Favorite Crafts

Especially ATCs and bookmarks are my favourites. I make also altered playing cards (APCs) and Altered Envies. I´ve made some decos too and one altered book. They look great, but are really a lot of work and at the moment I don´t seem to have the time for them. Button fairies are cool too.

Rubber stamping, collage and mixed media are my favourite techniques. I can´t draw at all, so don´t expect anything drawn from me! I ALSO DON´T LIKE TO RECEIVE DRAWN THINGS, I´M SORRY. I´m usually very easy to please and I´m not picky, but drawn things just are not for me!

I have an art journal based on stamping, collage and mixed media techniques. The theme of my journal is "Quotes". It would be nice to have a page you made for my journal too! The page size of my journal is around 7 x 5 inches. And feel free to decorate one side or both, but if decorating both, leave some empty space on the edge, please, so I can tape the page into my book.

Favourite Dogs

I love dogs and almost all animals. My favourite dog-breed is a German shepherd, a dalmatian comes second. I also collect postcards with dogs at work like guide dogs, rescue dogs etc. If you´re sending me pcs with dogs, I prefer realistic ones, not dogs wearing clothes or driving the car etc.

Favourite Places

I enjoy travelling, but haven´t done that very much yet. I hope someday I´ll be rich enough to do that properly (LOL)! My favourite city is London. Also Australia and New Zealand, the USA and Canada are the destinations of my dreams. But what comes to travelling, anything goes. I´ve visited Spain once and I fell in love with that country. Now I´m learning Spanish :)! Other countries I´ve visited are Bulgaria, Turkey, Sweden, Estonia, Belgium, Egypt, Hungary and Greece twice (Rhodes and Crete).

Other Hobbies

Swapping ATCs and APCs is my hobby no.1 right now. But I also collect bookmarks and postcards and I´m a postcrosser/ bookcrosser. Reading is so much fun! If you´re sending me postcards, I prefer them unwritten in an envelope.But of course written and stamped are welcomed too! Learning Spanish is my hobby too! I also try to exercise every now and then by cycling, jogging, nordic walking and circuit training. Recently I´ve become interested in baking. I´ve always baked, but nowadays I´m almost addicted to it. Trying new recipes is so much fun! I´d like to start building my own recipe book with baking recipes from all over the world!

Themes I like/ collect

Postcards and mail art: - children´s book illustrations/ fairy tales, Alice in Wonderland especially/ fairies/ Twilight; team Edward/ London/ German shepherds, dalmatians, dogs at work( realistic ones, please)/ Johnny Depp/ books and reading people/ Ancient Egypt/ Russian mathryoska dolls/ vintage typewriters/ European robin (the bird)

I DON`T LIKE HANDMADE POSTCARDS (meaning postcard-swaps)! I prefer my cards sent naked in an envelope, please!

Only ATCs and mail art: - anything vintage/ time/ text/ quotes/ musical notes/ cemetary angels/ travelling/ oriental, esp. geishas/ birds, nests, eggs/ owls/ ladybirds, dragonflies/ zetti/ altered playing cards/ pin up-girls/ classic film-stars like Marilyn Monroe/ vampires (esp. Twilight, True Blood)/ Spain/ Spanish language/ Mexican loteria-cards/ Tim Holtz/ vintage Christmas, Halloween and other holidays/ Marie Antoinette

Altered Playing Cards (APCs): Classic Hollywood film stars (men and female)/ Lord of the Rings/Hobbit/ Alice in Wonderland (books and Tim Burton-movies)/ vintage women and girls PM ME FOR THE SUIT AND NUMBER, PLEASE!


  • postcards (only store-bought)
  • used postage stamps (I use them in my crafting)
  • ATCs/ APCs /Altered Envies
  • playing cards, NOTE: only poker-sized 2,5"/ 3,5" (single cards are fine as I only use them for crafting)
  • magazines related to rubber stamping or mixed media, my faves are Stamper´s Sampler/Somerset Studios (preferably in English)
  • baking magazines in Finnish, Swedish or English
  • Moomin-books in different languages (see the list below)
  • rubber or clear stamps, especially with quotes in English or other themes mentioned above (nothing childish, please)
  • anything Tim Holtz (not very large objects as I mainly make ATCs)
  • anything Steampunk-related
  • Graphic45-papers and any other stuff from that brand
  • nice stickers, also teacher-reward ones in English (not puffy)
  • dresden scraps in any colour
  • anything Spain/ Spanish language-related
  • napkins/ tissues with nice images I can use in my crafting
  • chocolate from your country (if you happen to send from Belgium, I´m totally in love with Ambiente Schilfertruffels)
  • tiny/ small Chinese coins (those that have a hole in the middle)
  • green or white tea in bags, no loose (flavoured are also welcomed)
  • baking recipes on a decorated page sized 14 x 19cm/ about 5 x 7,5 inches (height x widht) to add into my recipe scrapbook; contact me for more details, I´m happy to swap also
  • metal cookie cutters (something else than hearts, stars etc. and nothing childish, please, also nothing very big or small)
  • spatulas or something else for baking
  • tea towels
  • old skeleton keys (brown or black)
  • Scrabble tiles
  • children´s books by Dr. Seuss (I have The Cat in the Hat and Oh, the Thinks you can Think))
  • Easter egg surprise-figures (not the ones with loose parts)to use in my math projects
  • postcards from Anna-Mari West (from Finland)

PLEASE! DON´T SEND any paper pieces, as I have plenty of them already (except Graphic45). THANKS!

Special wish

As I´ve already mentioned before, I collect Moomin-books in different languages. Here´s a list of the languages I already have. So if you have one not mentioned on the list, I´d be more than happy to do a private trade with you.

Languages I already have: - Karelian - English - Swedish - Estonian - Dutch - Russian - Japanese (big thanks to whiterose) - Lithuanian - French ( a huge thanks to Moineau) - Polish - German (a huge thanks to sasasubine) - Hebrew (a huge thanks to KSENiA) - Czech (million thanks to marankovazena) - Norwegian (huge thanks to Sassa)


liljennyfoofoo rated for Holiday Napkins to Decoupage on Jan 23, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely assortment of napkins you have sent, they are so beautiful! Wishing you the best in 2018!
MuddyPuddle rated for Playing Cards Anyone? on Jan 18, 2018
Comment: What wonderful cards! It's so much fun to get some that aren't the "usual" American ones. LOVE THEM!! Thanks.
Response: Glad to hear that they arrived and you liked them :)! Thanks a lot for the kind rating and the heart!
JenniferJo rated for Playing Cards Anyone? on Jan 11, 2018
Comment: Thank you for all of the wonderful cards!!
Response: Glad to hear they arrived safely :)! Thanks a lot for the heart!
Maggiesmother rated for Book/Library Postcard on Jan 9, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the beatiful postcard. I also love to read and listen to audio books. Currently I am reading J.D.Robb (Nora Roberts is the author). All the books have death in the title amd take place in the future.
Response: Thanks a lot for the rating and the heart :)! I´ve read books from Nora Roberts, but none with that name.
tigermousecat rated for AACG: Pick 4 Christmas Theme on Jan 8, 2018
Comment: Thanks for a lovely ATC! Happy New Year!
Response: Glad to hear it arrived safely :)! Thanks a lot for the heart!
Comment: Thanks for the lovely postcard! You did a wonderful job decorating it too. Much appreciated. Thank you!
Response: Thanks a lot for the nice words and the heart :)! I´m happy to hear that you liked it!
Comment: I love your robin Christmas atc - even if it isn't a crow!! (Lol!) Robins are nice and colorful for Christmas! Thank you! And thank you for all the extra stamps - love them!
Response: I´m happy to hear that you liked my card and it arrived just in time for Christmas :)! Thanks a lot for the heart!
lorz88 rated for Small Christmas gift on Dec 9, 2017
Comment: Hi Pirjo-Liisa, Thank you so much for the Gifts u sent me!! I love it all, I love the envelope, I love how you packaged everything, my absolute favourite is the owl, so nice! Thank you so much! Have a great Christmas
Response: Thank you for your kind words and the heart :)! I´m happy my package reached you safely and you liked everything!
Comment: I LOVE the beautiful ATC you made!!! It's put together so well! So many wonderful elements to look at! Love the stamped images, layers of paper, beautiful gold embossing, gold trim and darling button! And that beautiful hawk image is so neat!! Where did you find it? I'm just in awe on how gorgeous this is! I love it so much and will be hanging on my wall all year round! The card and envelope is beautiful as well! Thank you for the wonderful swap!
Response: Thank you so much for your too kind words and the heart :)! And I´m happy to hear that you finally received, I was getting a bit worried already.... The hawk image is from a sheet with similar bird images, hawks, eagles and owls, and I bought it from the local store. I´m glad to know you liked it that much!
OGIMAQTpie rated for December Tea Swap on Nov 18, 2017
Comment: Kiitos! Aivan ihania teetä, Paddington toi lämpimiä muistoja mieleen - äiti sanoi minua pienenä nimellä 'Kalhuhella Pälinkoton', koska en osannut sanoa nimeä oikein ja nöytin sadehattuineni ihan kuulemma Paddingtonilta :D En tiennyt että on Suomi100-teetä, ihan mahtava idea lähettää lahjaksi ulkosuimalaisille ystävilleni! Kiitos!
Response: Kiitos mukavista sanoistasi ja sydämestä :)! Paddington on yksi minunkin suosikeistani, mutta teetä en ole itse maistanut, kun en niin pidä mustasta teestä.
Johkup rated for WIYM: profile based pc on Nov 13, 2017
Comment: Kiitos kivasta kortista :)
Response: Kiva, että tykkäsit :)! Kiitos sydämestä!
LadySunshine rated for November Birthday INTL on Nov 4, 2017
Comment: Unfortunately I did mention in my profile that I dislike mint, so I couldn't really eat the chocolate mint balls you sent me. However I do appreciate the stamps, so thank you :) Happy birthday to you as well!
Response: Oh gosh, I´m truly sorry that I didn´t realize they were mint candies... I was just so excited to share the recipe with you... I´m so sorry and will be more careful next time. Thanks for not rating me down!
Comment: Thanks for a very cute witch in training!
Response: Thanks a lot for the heart :)! I´m happy to hear that you liked it!
Pandd rated for AACG: Pick 4 on Sep 30, 2017
Comment: Very nice. Love your use of color and composition. Thank you for a great ATC. Pat💕💕
Response: Thank you for your kind words and the heart :)! I´m happy to hear that you liked my card!
chelachela21 rated for October Tea Swap on Sep 30, 2017
Comment: Thank you soooooo much! I look forward to trying them.
Response: So happy to hear that they arrived safely :)! Thanks a lot for the heart and enjoy!
karry rated for VC: 3 Elements ATC #23 on Sep 27, 2017
Comment: Thanks so much for this amazing card! I love the background and the witch.
Response: Thanks a lot for the heart :)! I´m happy to hear that!
ValerieM rated for VC: 3 Elements ATC #21 on Jun 29, 2017
Comment: I love the creativity of the ATC, Thank you for a lovely piece of art. It is extra special- thank you for the most wonderful stamps. They are so cool.
Response: Thank you so much for your kind words and the heart :)! I´m happy to hear that you liked everything!
Peaches12 rated for Make a Moomin on Jun 27, 2017
Comment: I love this ATC!! I am so glad you were my partner. The stamps are great and you even used one on the envelope. Thank you for this wonderful ATC. It will definitely become one of my favorites:)
Response: Thank you for your kind words and the heart :)! I´m so happy to hear that you liked it that much and the Moomin-stamps were issued just before this swap was up, so it was great to be able to use them.
Comment: Love being your partner ❤
Response: Glad to hear my card has arrived :)! Thanks a lot for the heart!
Gwillisinc rated for Graphics 45 atc on May 31, 2017
Comment: I think graphic45 can't make a bad paper. your touches made it even more beautiful
Response: Thanks a lot for your kind words and the heart :)! I´m glad to hear that you liked it!

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