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Saturday 5th November 2011:

I am taking a bit of a break from swapping to concentrate my energies on some other aspects of my life. I extend my thanks to everyone who has been in a swap with me and especially to Kristina, who started all this for me. I hope to be back at some point...

Monday 31st October 2011:

'October Hand-drawn ATC' sent to Kitturah.

Monday 17th October 2011:

'Private ATC' sent to Caromite.

Saturday 8th October 2011:

Back from Holiday!!

Friday 30th September 2011:

'September Hand Drawn/ Painted ATC' sent to MadCrazy

Wednesday 21st September 2011:

I'm on holiday! I have one ATC to send, which I will do from here in the States. I will pick up anything else which needs my attention when I return...

Wednesday 31st August 2011:

'August Hand-drawn ATC' sent to Tynkerbelle.

About Me

I am a quiet sort of chap living in the North of England with a penchant for tiny things and a love of oddments through the post. I can't beieve I hadn't come across this kind of thing before!

I am creative and can quite happily spend an evening doodling & drawing. The art I make usually involves animals and plants and is more subtle than striking - mostly...

I look forward to seeing what motivates and inspires people. Bring on the swaps!


I've finally got my fish tank up & running! It's quite small, but perfect for a bit of pond weed, some tiny snails and three fantastic sticklebacks!

Favorite Music

I listen pretty much exclusively to the BBC's 6 Music radio station. It is a superlative resource and constantly surprises, cheers and amazes me!

Favourite DJs include Gideon Coe, Steve Lamacq and Don Letts.


Whilst I am generally happy listening to whatever the radio throws at me, I do particularly enjoy tunes with guitars and songs with meaning.

I am not a fan of generic out-churnings of pop, but I do see where they fit in the grand scheme of things and don't begrudge them their airspace (unless the lyrics are particularly brainless).

Favorite Books

I read a lot of children's books. They have all the character development, story lines and compelling un-putdownability (if that's a word) of more 'grown up' novels, but with a charm, innocence and lack of pretension not readily found elsewhere.

By far the best books I have read in a long time are the 'Edge Chronicles' by Stewart & Ridell. In another time & place, I could rant forever about their awesomeness!

Favorite Movies

I do like a nice, well put-together film - something where a director has turned all of their creative talents towards plucking, teasing and fuelling the feelings up at the positive end of the emotional spectrum.

Case in point: 'Elling' by Petter Naess. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you go find yourself a copy. You will enjoy it. That is a promise.

Favorite Television

As a kid, I only ever had one answer to the obligatory question: "And what do you want to be when you grow up?"

"David Attenborough!"

I don't know where I went wrong, but I am still a long way from being the world's most respected nature documentary film maker. Still, I thank my parents for the input when I was too young to choose my own televisual entertainment.

Favorite Crafts

I am a generalist. I draw, paint, glue, cut-out, twist, thread, knit, solder, photograph, sculpt and create with just about anything. To this end, I have drawers, cupboards, boxes and (more often than not) disorganised piles of just about anything lying about just waiting for the inspiration to hit.

That said, I am a master of no particular artform and some of the things I create are more 'experimental' than 'accomplished'...

I wouldn't have it any other way!

Favourite Sports

I like to watch the snooker. I think it comes from my Gandma. Whenever I was ill (or off school for any other reason) and was shipped off to my grandparents', there would always be snooker on the TV. Steve Davis is fantastic (or, at least, he was back in the day...)

I organise a weekly badminton session and enjoy thwacking shuttlecocks about muchly.

I also really enjoy playing football (soccer) with friends after work, but find watching it and talking stats boring as all hell.


Reading through profiles, I have found it very interesting and (for swaps I am in) useful to know what people would like (and not like) to find incuded in a swap.

Here are some things you may find helpful if you are in a swap with me (or vaguely interesting if you're just passing through):

  • I like natural themes and colours: animals, plants, landscapes, rocks, water... (you get the idea)

  • My favourite animals are reptiles and amphibians. I must confess a love of newts.

  • My favourite plants are either carnivourous or succulent. Aside from that, I think that moss is the best thing in the world.

  • I play guitar and am currently learning how to coax the blues out of a piano, so anything musical will be much appreciated.

  • Tiny things! That's where it's at! If something is incredibly small (or a lot smaller than it should be) I find it hard not to just sit & stare at it until either it goes away or I'm taken home by the police.

  • I'm a linguist and anything in a language other than English is a bonus. My favourites, though, are German and Swedish.


  • Crimes! How could I forget!? Dinosaurs and Pirates! Everybody loves Dinosaurs and Pirates!

  • Also: Should you find yourself swapping ATCs with me, if it makes no difference whether you draw in portrait or landscape, could I request landscape? It might seem odd, but the way I want to display them relies on a petty even distribution of the two and ATCs in portrait appear to be somewhat of a rarity (at least for me!)

  • Finally - after all that - I will say that (if you are in a swap with me) you should not tailor your work to fit the above or censor what you want to create if you feel that that wouldn't fit your style. The main reason I signed up to this is that I wanted to see what people like to make. Whatever you send me - no matter what the theme or how it looks - will be most appreciated if it's from you and expresses the things which inspire you. I am not easily offended.

Anything else...

If there is anything you would like to know more about, just ask. I am very approachable.

Thanks for reading through.

Bob x


Comment: Vielen Dank für den tollen Tausch - ich finde die Karte von dir total klasse!
Response: Danke. Gern geschehen. :)
Comment: Bob, thank you for a lovely atc. I'm afraid Maine must look like Colorado this year, because those are the colors you see on the aspen trees. Usually, New England is ablaze with reds and oranges. Enjoy your stay! Kathy
Response: Thanks, Kathy. I'm back home now after a lovely time in Maine. Unfortunately, Fall was too wet for colour, so the leaves didn't turn as coppery as usual. Still very beautiful, though. Thank you for rating and for the heart.
Comment: Thanks so much for a very unique and personal piece of art, i love that got inspiration from my profile...and was able to create a little piece of "me"..i appreciate the stamps...wow and i am surprised the "Little Cute Packaging" traveled that far in perfect condition...you are a brave soul :) TY
Response: You are very welcome. And thank you for the heart. I enjoyed drawing your ATC and thank you for telling me about the things you like on your profile. I'm glad the envelope made it!
Comment: Thanks for the card! Great illustration!
Response: Thank you very very much. I am so glad you liked it!
Caromite rated for Imaginary Creature ATC on Aug 25, 2011
Comment: Wow - ich liebe den Greifen! Ich habe mir wirklich sehr über die Karte gefreut, dein Zeichenstil ist toll. Wenn du Lust hast, können wir gerne auch mal privat tauschen :)
Response: Vielen, vielen Dank. Das ist sehr nett von dir. Ich habe mich selbst überrascht mit der Karte..! Gerne werde ich mit dir Tauschen. Willst du einen Swap organisieren, oder soll ich? Bob
kindledwhimsy rated for Robot ATC on Aug 12, 2011
Comment: :0) Thank you so much for the hand-drawn ATC! It is obvious that you put both time and effort into it and I LOVE it! I also know that when Bart gets home your swap will put a huge smile on his face too! Thank you for reading my profile and for making something specifically for us!
Response: No problems! I am very happy with how it came out. I did originally try for Marvin from HHGTTG, but he was just a bit beyond me. Really glad you liked R2D2, though. And thank you for the heart - very much appreciated. Bob
Eruanna rated for FANTASY PENPALS! #3 on Aug 10, 2011
Comment: Loved your letter, and its the most gorgeous map!! Thanks a lot <3
Response: Thank you. You are very welcome. Thank you for the heart, too. I am really glad you liked the swap. Bob
Comment: THIS CARD IS A M A Z I N G!!! If I could give you 100 hearts I would. Your attention to detail on the Elephant is incredible and as you said they're both so expressive! I absolutely love it and it's going into my absolute favorites binder in my collection. It might not even make it in there, I might have to frame it! Thanks for putting so much into it! It's fantastic!!
Response: You are very, very welcome and thank you for your kind words and rating. I am truly flattered. Bob
Char13s rated for FANTASY PENPALS! #3 on Jul 1, 2011
Comment: Your map was absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had that sort of skill. And the letter was a delight to read, both charming and a little chilling.
Response: Aw, thanks. I'm glad you could decipher my handwriting! And thanks for the heart. Bob
Aleksis rated for FANTASY PENPALS! #3 on Jun 29, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the letter. I'll reply as soon as I can.
Response: I look forward to it. And thanks for the heart! Bob
Kathleen rated for Thank you swap! on Jun 16, 2011
Comment: Oh wow, thank you so much for the amazing envelope---it was like a really cool treasure hunt to unfold the (amazing) map and find the stuff inside, which I loooove. More re: this love coming via PM. :D
Response: You are too kind. By half. I am just happy to have been able to bring a little adventure into your day. Bob
Comment: Gorgeous ATC and beautiful bracelet! Thank you so much :) You were part of making my day perfect!
Response: Yay! Making the world a better place in tiny ways is one of my greatest ambitions. Happy that you liked the ATC, too (don't worry - they don't mind being cut in half because then they grow into 2 kiwis!). May you have many more perfect days. Bob
salex rated for Fears ATC on Jun 1, 2011
Comment: Thank you! Very good choice :)
Response: You are welcome. It took me a while to figure out what to draw. I'm glad you like it!
Comment: Bob, Really love the ATC.I raise white doves so this is really special to me.Thanks so much.
Response: You are very welcome. I liked experimenting with the watercolours and am glad I managed to draw something special for you. Bob
Arabella rated for Yo Ho Ho Pirate ATC swap on May 17, 2011
Comment: Wow, Bob!! I love Cloud Wolf!! He looks deliciously evil and even steampunkery!!! Thanks!
Response: Yarrr! Me Hearty! He be one o' the good guys, really, he just be lookin' a bit evil! Arrr! It be pleasin' that ye be findin' me ATC to yer likin'. Bob. Arr!
Comment: Wow, what a gorgeous ATC, I believe the groke is smiling from your efforts. I know it just looks like I gave you one heart, but if you look a little closer you will see that it is actually ten! Thank you. And the envelope was so little and cute as well :)
Response: You are very welcome. I loved making this ATC and I thank you for the inspiration!
JBolech rated for Black and White Doodling ATC on Apr 27, 2011
Comment: I absolutely loved your doodle ATC! All the tiny details are awesome :) And thank you for the stamps! I've been thinking about starting a stamp collection, but don't get too much variety, since I'm mostly have US partners!
Response: Yay! I got it right (without knowing it!). If I find myself in another swap with you, I shall dig out some more stamps. I don't collect them, but do keep a pile handy for crafty purposes. Also glad you liked the ATC. It was a nice trip down memory lane for me.
GaiaExist rated for Song Inspired ATC on Apr 17, 2011
Comment: i do know that song, what a wonderful choice! ur atc was really creative, thank you so much!
Response: You are very welcome. I had fun choosing the song for this one!
jake25 rated for Favorite Cryptid ATC #2 on Apr 12, 2011
Comment: AMAZING work!The ATC looks great! Thank You so much!
Response: Thanks, Jake! It was certainly fun to make & I'm glad you like it.

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Caromite on Aug 27, 2011:

Ich habe bisher noch nie einen Swap organisiert, würdest du das übernehmen?

Schönes Wochenende noch :)

dkay on Aug 17, 2011:

I saw your comment on @izohgure 's profile and had to come check out your stuff. Doodling? Hah! If I could only doodle half as good! Nice work.

izohgore on Jul 30, 2011:

Did you catch my invite to I&PA, too? Hope to see you join that group, too. We have a lot going on there especially in the Autumn & Winter months. :) Thanks for the compliments on my work, I have browsed through yours, too, wonderful work, looking forward to swapping w/you in the future, too. Do you have a Flickr? If so, I can add you as a friend so you have access to more of my personal work, my mail art & art plushies are posted there, too. Also, I see you also are interested in photography, beautiful work, I have much of my photography in public access on Flickr.

izohgore on Jul 29, 2011:

Hello, noticed you were in the Imaginary Creature ATC swap & after checking out your profile, thought you may enjoy the groups. :) Nice to meet you!

Caromite on Jul 29, 2011:

Ich freu mich schon ;) Bin gespannt, was für eine Fantasy Kreatur du mir zeichnen wirst :)

lucystar on Apr 7, 2011:

My only request is that you create whatever you feel like! I'm looking very much forward to seeing what you come up with :)

lucystar on Apr 6, 2011:

Welcome to Swap-bot!

tengu2 on Mar 28, 2011:

Welcome to the hand drawn/painted atc group. I look forward to the chance to swap with you. I hope you enjoy swapping with all of us and good luck with the blues:).

Nimue on Mar 23, 2011:

Awesome looking book, it should give you a lot of ideas. And yes that quote was from Harry Potter, the 5th and 7th book. :)

Nimue on Mar 22, 2011:

Thanks for joining my Cryptid ATC swap! :) And welcome to Swap-bot!

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