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About Me

border![border] Hiya I'm Rain xx I'm 23, 24 on 29th dec xx I love making new friends and buying gifts for each other xx I also love Cosplay and anything oriental like Japanese and Chinese culture and cute Kawaii stuff :) I have a little girl called Roxy and a Fiance called James x

I'm creative and artistic xx poetic and love stories x drawing, making, colour by numbers hehe I'm a big kid :3

Favorite Music

border I love kpop, jap metal, metal, techno, trance, dubstep and a lot more ;)

Bands I love:- Bowling for soup, Blink 182, Plus 44, Perfume, The Black Mages, Falling in Reverse, Black Veil Brides, Bullet for my valentine, All time low, Trivium, Kilswitch, Lost prophets, The Darkness, Alestorm, Paramore, Evanessence, Lacuna Coil, Little Mix, Nirvana, Sum41, HIM, CKY, Aerosmith, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Ozborne- Crazy Train, Story of the year, Black Veil Brides, Falling in reverse and more I can't think of atm

Also love Psy, Tailor Swift, Katy Perry, Elli Goulding, Carly, Rita ora, Nicki Minaj, Gary Barlow and more lol

I love Anime Dancing too xx

Favorite Books


*Neo Mags/Cosplay Mags *Rosario + Vampire Graphic Novels *Tattoo mags/ Front mags *Graphic Novels/Comics

A book I've been searching for for years since my schooling days its a purple watercolour was book with a sillouette of a girl on the front and I think its about a raindrop necklace ?? Anyone know it who can help me xx

Favorite Movies

I love Avatar!! Also Freddy got fingered, Ace Ventura films (I'm a Jim Carrey fan), Nightmare before christmas, Saw films (love gore!), Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Action/Adventure/Horror/Comedy/Chickflick/ every genre practically lol

Mmm Nicolas Cage I really like him


Code Geass Rosario + Vampire Fairy Tail Sailormoon Card Capters Pokemon Digimon YuGiOh DragonBall Z Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Resident Evil:- Degeneration and Damnation Puella Magi Madoka Magica Little Busters



*) Kawaii plushies, Memos, Memo pads and Stationary stuff (panda/animals and food with faces)

*) Zombies and Gore!! No Horror really Ghosts scare me and Aliens I'm not keen on unless they don resemble humans (long and thin like)

*) Pin-Up Girls especially Sailor/Pirate style and monster/zombiefied x

*) SOCKS!!!! IM SOCK MAD!! I have like 2 drawers full of socks all printed/patterned/colourful/dark/cute/scary I love them all xx I peticularly love Pandas, Zombie/blood/halloween themed, hello kitty, food with faces :) or gamer inspired socks. ( I'm a size 5.5uk (5/6uk), 7.5 US, 38/39 EU)

*) Games:- Kingdom Hearts, KH2, Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, XII, Bioshock, Bioshock 2, Dead Space, Dead Space 2, Dead Space 3, Tales of (hoping to start playing this series soon), Singstar, Dancing Stage/ DDR, BlazBlue, The Darkness, The Darkness 2, Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, House of the Dead, The Walking Dead.

*) Lolita/ Gothic Lolita style/ Haruku/ Visual Kei/ Punk/ Metal/ Rock style :) so a big mix :D

*)Disney Characters:- Stitch (Lilo and Stitch), Ariel, Belle, Lion King, Squirt, Dory and Nemo (Finding Nemo), Treasure Planet,

*) Actors/Actresses:- Nicolas Cage, Jason Statham, Johnny Depp, Jim Carrey, Matt Damon, Johnny Knoxville, Angelia Jolie, Keira Knightley,

*) Scents:- Berries (Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry), Lemon, Mint, Chocolate/Cakey Smells, Candyfloss, Bubblegum, Popcorn, Bread, Donuts, Fresh Air, Pine, Forest, Ocean, Coconut, Tropical, Coffee(most scents I think except artificial Rose/lavendar scent :s )

*) Candy:- Sour Candy, Fizzy Candy, Fruity Candy, Japanese Candy:- Hi-Chew, Puccho, Pretz, Lotte Koala, Hello Panda, Pocky, Yan-Yan, Poko-chan, Kabaya Shaka Shaka, Meiji Wata Gum CandyFloss, Meiji Pokepachi Popping Candy, Meiji Watapachi Popping Candy, Melty Kiss, Coffeebeat, and more any Japanese candy/biscuits really xx American Candy:- Wonka, Nerds, all american candy really :) (NOTE:- I dislike Licorice, Hard Toffee, Hard Caramel (but like caramel with chocolate except Dairy Milk Caramel, Hot Mints)

*) Chocolate:- Kinder, Galaxy, Snickers, Lindt, Dairyfine(aldi chocolate), Flake Praline, Chocolate with biscuits:- Chocolate gems, Pocky, Mikado, Milka, Malteasers, Mini eggs, M+M Peanuts,

*) Drinks:- Ramune, Milkshakes, Monster Energy Drink, Relentless Tropical, Rockstar Original, Watermelon Juice, Apple Juice, Cute Cartons/Juice Boxes like Um Bongo x *) Savoury Snacks:- Pretzels, Pretz, Korepab- Seaweed flavour, Pirate puffs (can't remember name but they're from usa) Cheetos,

I'm happy to receive anything nice and from the heart :3 I love post and swapping :)

I don't have any allergies or food allergies


Marmite :P but love Twigglets lol Religious unless Cherokee belief related(dream catchers) Mars bars and Dairy milk caramel :( Anaseed/Licorice (unless fruity) Scorpions/Aliens/Bullies/Being Alone


Here are some of the items I have wished for a long time :-

  • Earbuds cute ones for my Blackberry
  • Studded belt/Bullet Belt that you can change buckles on *Belt buckle (something cute or dark) *Myself drawn as an Anime character
  • Lalaloopsy doll
  • Kigurumi (Stitch or cute pokemon/animal)
  • Japanese Candy/American Candy
  • Wacky/Wild/cute/dark Socks I

Fave Kawaii Characters :3

Border![Border] Chococat, Awawa Chan, Little Witch Town, Dollcena,Gloomy Bear, Kawaii food/drink/pudding with faces, Kamio/Crux girls.


milla444 rated for Pokemon ATC Type Swap #7 - Electric on Aug 17, 2013
Comment: Thank you for your lovely package! It really made my day! Three lovely atcs (say thanks to your partner too ^__^) and so much extras! I was almost dancing when I saw those Sentimental Circus papers! :) And don't worry about being late. If I'm ever your partner again feel free to send me a message if you're late. I'm not one of those bitches who wants to give someone a bad rating if they are a few days late. This should be a fun hobby :) p.s. I hope you'll get your flying pokemon soon!
Response: Aww bless you thank you so much <3 xx I got my flying pokemon atc :3 it's beautiful :3 a Charizard :D yay!! Xx and I'm so hoppy you liked your package xx
atomikbetsy rated for Kawaii Hand Made sticker on Aug 16, 2013
Comment: Thank you Leanne! SO CUTE! I love them all :) and thank for the extras!
Response: Aww you're very welcome Betsy I saw you liked gumball machines and animals and many other things on your profile so I tried took inspiration from your interests xx :) also may I say your hair looks epic!! I used to have Cherry bomb red hair (special FX) soon to have darkbrown hair with blue, purple and silver underneath xx
angeliccat15 rated for Kawaii Hand Made sticker on Jul 28, 2013
Comment: loved the stickers mates mate x
Response: Aww hope they were ok claire Xx sorry I didn't finish lining and cutting them out :( I was trying to on the train to HJ xx
Comment: :-)
Comment: Thank you for the pictures! I'm sorry to hear your family has been going through a rough time. I hope things get better soon.
Response: Oh no I'm so sorry :( my family has had great sadness and I've been grieving and have had trouble accessing swap-bot :( so sorry for delay pictures are posted now x
Comment: Finally received this swap a couple days ago! Thank you for the extras from you and your partner. :) I loved all the ATCs using actual pokemon cards as backings. I hope those were common cards! haha. Though, you marked sent on June 3, I doesn't seem like it was post marked until June 28?? I'm a bit confused on that, but either way, it was sent late, and I would appreciate it if in future swaps, you drop me a message telling me so, as a courtesy, Also, thanks for the candy! Sadly, the individual ones in foil wrapping had to be tossed because they were covered in glitter. I recommend putting them in a ziplock next time or something! They smelled wonderful so I bet they were yummy! Regardless, thanks for a great swap that obviously was given much thought and effort into.
Response: I'm so sorry Ami x as you can see from my profile recently I haven't been myself :'( I'm sorry for not contacting you my heads been all over the place following my grandad's death and I've been so behind with everything :( aw no :( I knew I had forgotton something :( I hope you liked the ATC's and I'm sorry about the Hi-Chews :( ill make it up to you and resend you a pack ;). They're amazing J-Candy <3 x. Apologies again for last month and delays x
MissLDEARTS rated for Kawaii ATC Swap 2 on Jun 21, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the lovely ATC's you have made me.Really nice thought that you combined a couple of my likes into the design =) happy swapping x x x loulou x x x
angeliccat15 rated for Kawaii ATC Swap 2 on Jun 20, 2013
Comment: aww massive thank you for cute atc's plus the extra's xx
Comment: Thanks for sending the 3rd one
Comment: thank you for the resend this one made it this time around :D you did a great job with the book mark sailor moon is all time fav, so is spyro :D and thank you for the extras!! Hi-Chew is one of my favorite japanese candies too!! :D
bizzles rated for Write To Me In Kawaii #2 on May 15, 2013
Comment: I love it! everything! The envelope was so stinking cute I carefully opened it so I wouldnt damage it! Thank you for all the extras, and for the extras for my daughter as well! I am going to write you back soon! We do seem to have a lot in common!
kuroneko11 rated for Cute sock swap! on Apr 29, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the socks! I love everything in the package :D
milkybunny rated for Pokemon ATC Type Swap #4 - Grass on Apr 21, 2013
Comment: Hello Rain! Thank you sooo much for the adorable ATCs with the pretty glitter accents! It's funny because I was originally going to choose between Bellossom and Cherubi to draw for my partner. (which I ended up settling for Cherrim) Love the letter set you used, as well as all the adorable mini memos. Thanks again, maybe we can do a private swap one day? <3
Comment: Thank you very much Rain, I have had it for a few days now but only just opened it. x
Comment: Thank you so much ^^ postcard and pokemon on my wall :D love it all. Sorry to hear about your grandfather :( <3
sartisa rated for Little Kawaii Swap #2 on Apr 2, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much for all the cute items that you have sent me, I love them! The envelope is gorgeous too! I wish I could give you a lot of hearts!!! ;)
RobotAteMyShoelaces rated for Kawaii ATC Swap =) on Apr 2, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the kawaii cards! And the extras. I love all of it! So cute!
Mizchef rated for Kawaii ATC Swap =) on Mar 28, 2013
Comment: I wish I could give more stars! Thank you thank you!! They are adorable and I love the hello kitty badge!

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Erdbeersternchen on Apr 22, 2015:

Sailor Senshi Club

Long time no see - but I've a new swap running! A Sailor Senshi ATC swap! (If you feel like hosting an own swap, just message me! ♥ I'd love to see our Sailor Moon club more active!) Feel free to join! :D

GypsieMoon on Jul 21, 2013:

Alright chika! I put up our private swap, if you still want to do it! I'm thinking I might join pikkukiinalainen's private swaps, too - can never have enough Pokemon! =)

GypsieMoon on Jul 6, 2013:

Okay, technologically challenged! I'm not seeing how to set up a private swap, but wanted it to count for a rating! Am I missing something, should we do it just between us, or should I open up a whole second round do ya think? =P

GypsieMoon on Jul 6, 2013:

I wondered where you were for that round! ;) I would love for us to do a private swap - I'll go set it up! ^.^ YaY!

sksavestheday on Jun 9, 2013:

Decorate My Profile with...#23 ~ Batman

nightrainboww on Jun 9, 2013:

Decorate my profile with... #23 ~ Batman

YankeeUnicorn on Jun 9, 2013:

Decorate My Profile with Wolves #22

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~Decorate my profile with... #23 ~ Batman~

nightrainboww on Jun 8, 2013:

Decorate my profile with... #22 ~ Wolves

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Decorate my profile with...#22~Wolves from rguldy

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