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lepapillonvert on Apr 17, 2011:

A little bird told me that you love to swap

Fabric ATCs!

Sure hope that you'll continue to be a regular on the Monthly Fabric ATC Swap that I hostess.

Fabric ATC #12 is now posted on Crafting Queens. Please join the Crafting Queens group to participate.

Keep Creating & Happy Swapping!

Momwithahook on Feb 15, 2011:

Just checking in with you regarding the Feb. Matchbox swap - PM me when you get a chance.

RyeRye on Dec 24, 2010:


MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR from The 'Crafting Queens' group~

sassyreader on Oct 26, 2010:

What can I say but THANK YOU so much for the wonderful bag the matchbox came in!!!!! I was squealing when I opened the package and saw it. My husband was impressed too! I can't wait to try and make some like it to put Christmas presents in. :-) You are the awesomest!!!!!! I am triple blessed to have you as a partner! xxxxxx

sassyreader on Oct 6, 2010:

AND guess what! I just noticed that you are my partner for the fall matchbox swap!!! You send to me!!! hehehehe Let's hope it doesn't take too long to arrive!! hahahahahaha Isn't this too funny :-) Cheers! Alicia

sassyreader on Oct 6, 2010:

You will NOT believe this!!!!! The original card you sent me for the QTA PC Swap #9 just arrived!!!! LOL Even the only 44cent postage can't stop these cows arriving to England!!!! Love the card by the way :-) Have always wanted to go to an Amish community. Such a different and interesting culture. Many thanks Robbin. I am sending you a postcard now :-) cheers, Alicia

ifluctuate on Aug 30, 2010:

Hi Robbin! Thanks for the little letter with the swap you sent! I did see the Lovely Bones movie, I liked it, but I think I like the book better. I do need to re-read it one of these days. I haven't read the Time Travellers Wife, though I loved the movie. The book club you're in sounds cool, I wish there was something like that around here. I just moved to this town about a year ago, or city I should say! But haven't found any clubs like that. Though i do frequent the library! Right now i'm reading the Black Dagger Brotherhood books by JR Ward. She's a romance writer, and the books are vampire, action, and romance all thrown into one amazing series! If you like True Blood you might like this series. The first book is called Dark Lover. I was getting them at the library, but it took too much time between books so I just went out and bought them all!!

susanfblair on Aug 8, 2010:

Hey BFF I will get you the corn recipe soon.. it is soooo delicious!!!!!!!!! I got a recipe from the net that I thought was similar but I want to check and make sure its exactly like my moms beucase hers is sooooo yummmy!!!

raven on Aug 7, 2010:

Welcome and click to visit group..


Striving to be a Flaker Free Group

Bloempje666 on Aug 7, 2010:

Thank you for the explaination of pet milk. Here in The Netherlands we havn't got these brands :) But now I know what to use!

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