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Date Joined: December 15, 2009
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Birthday: October 13
Country: Canada
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My Magic Postal Prayer - Canada Post you are swell, please send my envies fast as hell!

Hi there fellow swapper! I was told about this site by a nice Starbucks worker gal (Heather) in Windsor, Ontario, when I went through the drive-thru for my favourite Grande decaf latte with two pumps of white mocha and one of their amazing molasses cookies.

I have always enjoyed creating things and sharing them with others. It's fun to communicate with other creative people on the planet. Please feel free to click on my website link above to get to know me better. You may also enjoy seeing my Flickr photos, my Craftie Hall of Fame, a sampling of some of the swaps I've received and created. I look forward to hearing from you. If a photo of your swap is not posted, I loved it but just didn't get a chance to post it.

MEET-UP #1 - Thursday 22 July 2010. Met my first Swap-bot friend, @masterbard After she received a Calling Card Swap from me, she actually came a calling. Masterbard and her family from St. Thomas, Ontario 1 1/2 hours east of me came to visit. We had an outing at Point Pelee National Park, a picnic, swimming and of course time to chat about arts & crafts, swap again and show & tell. It was a beautiful day. My dogs and I loved every minute of it and last night we slept like rocks.

MEET-UP #2 - Friday, June 17-19, 2011. Meet with @lepapillonvert @dkay @pandessa @lilspotteddog @RyeRye @MzPatti @izohgore @chavve had great weekend with these friendly, funny and creative women and one guy. There's nothin' like a road trip, shopping and crafting for a bit of inspiration and joy.

Meet-Up #3- Friday, July 15, 2011 in Mississagua, Ontario. I joint hostessed this swap-bot meet-up with TeePeeMaiden. We all had a great time and I really enjoyed meeting my fellow swappers, 12 really sweet and talented women. Thanks for coming everyone.

UPDATED - 11 Oct. 2012

Favorite Crafts


2) ATCs(Fabric & Paper) - I am now really hooked on these tiny artistic expressions, as of 27 February 2010. Mine are 90% fabric ATCs.

3) HANDMADE FABRIC or PAPER POSTCARDS & CARDS - usually 5" X 7" & about $1.00-$2.00 to mail. I usually send these naked, but extremely fancy ones are mailed in envies to avoid damage. They are a nice size to write on and can be enjoyed as little quilted pictures by placing them on a small easel. I will make other sizes if you collect a different size PC.

4) STAMPING - I use this in ATC art and enjoy making cards now and again.

5) SCRAPBOOKING - I just started making DECOS in the Spring of 2010. However, I do not like little mini FBs (friendship books) Please do not send me these. My decos are 4 pages, two sides for me and two sides for 2 other artists.

6) ENVELOPE MAKING - you may get a special envelope with your card.

7) BEADING - Jewellery and embellishments

Other Interests

1) MUSIC, I play flute and piano, flute since I was 8 and I taught myself piano later in life. As of May 2012 I now play Ukulele. I just love anything uke related. I also love listening to music.

2) MY DOGS, I have two pembroke welsh corgis that I dearly love.

3) READING, I post my reviews on goodreads.com and also recomend bookmooch.com. I'd love to hear about books you've enjoyed.

4) POETRY, I have written my own poems sporadicallt since 1986. I'd love to read yours or a favourite poet's.

5) LEARNING FRENCH - a life long quest and challenge.

6) THE OUTDOORS/NATURE, walking, biking, camping, sailing.

and of course my sweetie hubby, family and friends.

Other Faves and Dislikes

1) CLOTHING/FASHION - Purses, Shoes, Scarves and Wraps as themes.

2) JEWELRY - Gold, Silver, Turquoise, Beads, necklaces, earrings, pins and anklets are great, but NO BRACELETS please. I rarely ever wear them.

3) TEA TOWELS - LINEN ONLY, new or vintage, no stains, Any Themes, but no calendar towels or hand stitching. I collect them, enjoy them and they are useful.

4) FOOD & DRINKS- Decaf or herbal teas (see section on teas). Please do not send any candy or food. FOOD THEMES are okay- Cupcakes Sweets, Fruits, Veggies, etc...

5) GIFT CARDS - Starbucks cards are always a great surprise.

6) CROCHETED & KNITED ITEMS - scarves, wraps, dishcloths, pretty hats! OR - an AMIGURUMI PEMBROKE WELSH CORGI (the tanish red and white ones without tails) I know that a pattern exists @ planetjune.com and on Etsy. I will fall over if someone comes up with this item, Go ahead shock my fuzzy socks off!

7) QUILTED ITEMS - Pretty quilt blocks, mug rugs, place mats, table runners, purses and wall hangings - hand or machine made.

8) FABRIC - Quality quilting fat quaters or charm squares - prints, batiks, small prints, conversation, and blender fabrics. Charm squares(71/2 X 71/2) are the best, as just one is a nice thought and does not cause and envie to become a package. Why 71/2 X 71/2? They can have a border added and sew down to a nice visible size for eye-spy quilts or leave room for applique which I love to do. Other sizes are also enjoyed.

9) POSTCARDS & BOOKMARKS - handmade over purchased, but collect and enjoy both.

10) MUSIC - Anything music related, flute or piano, homemade CDs, Love folk music, classical, some jazz and blues, crosssover country, pop 80s or older, soundtracks and also enjoy world beat but would like to get to know it better. Would love being turned on to new tunes. Generally mellow music, but I also like happy dancable tunes.

11) GREEN BUTTERFLIES - of any kind, it's my personal symbol. I would enjoy handmade items, drawings, pictures, cards, envies, paper, stickers, pins,... on this theme.

12) COLOURS - Greens, Turquoise, Oranges, Purples and Reds.

13) ANIMALS - Things with my dog's breed on them, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, and animal and nature themes in general. I also like dolphins, birds, ladybugs, turtles & frogs. But Please NO FIGURINES or Stuffed things.

14) SUNRISES & SUNSETS - it is amazing that everywhere in the world people are offered these beautiful moments each day.

15) AUTUMN RELATED - it's my favorite time of the year. I'm an October Birthday Gal.

16) HOLIDAYS - in the following order: Valentine's Day, HEARTS and FLOWERS are great!, Halloween, Christmas, St. Patricks Day, July 4th and Canada Day, May Day - May 1st

17) ART - Flok art of different cultures, Fine Art or your own paintings and drawings (small please, PC or ATC size) Butterflies, mermaids, fairies and Celtic knot work are always beautiful.

18) SPIRITUAL SYMBOLS - (all world religions) - om, ying-yang, chalices, crosses, Buddhas, hands, eyes... and inspirational quotes from all religions.

19) OTHER - Quotes, Poetry, Prose, Photography (especially 4 X 6 beautiful/inspirational black and white or colour glossy prints), Painting (small, no bigger than 5X7), Drawings and Music (song lyrics or homemade CDs). Whether you've written it or it's just a personal favourite, I'd love you to share it with me. If you are limited for dollars this is a great low cost way to communicate and connect with me. These things have a depth that store bought items lack and I truly appreciate the thought and time behind them.

20) THINGS THAT YOU MAKE! I trust that I will enjoy your art/craft work, respect it and the time you spend designing and making it. I look forward to receiving it.

21) BOOKS I'm Looking For a couple of Jennifer Chiaverini Books - "The Cross-Country Quilters," & "The Sugar Camp Quilt;" "The Fixer Upper," by Mary Kay Andrews.

22) DISLIKES- I need to say that I do not like hanging ornaments or dottees, sorry. I don't collect them and I am not into them at all. I also do not care for anything foam, plastic, scented or food items.

23) INSPIRED - Sometimes I am inspired by someone's passion for something expressed on their profile and I expand the swap I'm signed up for in such a way to incorporate it in my art/craft work or in a gift. I hope my partners are surprised and up-lifted when they received what I've sent. Thoughtfulness is the key. It is simply wonderful that we all take the time and special efforts to bring joy to each other through our connections in this community.

My Tasty Teas

My favourites:

1) Decaf Earl Grey - Twinings

2) Decaf Earl Grey - Kusmi (It has a very elegant taste and light critus flavour.)

3) Lady Grey - Twinings

4) Constant comment - Bigelow (It smells like Christmas and also makes the most amazing ice tea. Not Decaf)

5) Green & White Pear Cream Supreme - Distinctly Teas (A beautiful blend of chinese green and white teas, apple cubes, orange peel, fennel seed, calendula petals, natural flavour. If you love pears you'll love this tea. Not Decaf)

6) Twinings Limited Edition Rose Garden, a floral tea - I can't get this in Canada and I truly love it. It has become a real fave.

Most Decaf & herbal teas, but not camomile as I am allergic to it. There are very few regular teas that I can or will drink.

MY Swap Goals and Guidelines

I've written the above so partners can know mostly what I LIKE to receive. If it is not from the above lists or relating to the above lists please avoid sending it.

I take care to make up Quality Packages. The cost of the items depends on the type of swaps, instructions, themes, and whether your profile expresses what you find interesting and have a PASSION for.

I'm sometimes tempted to include a small profile extra(s) or something else that reflects the theme of the swap or a profile passion, even if it's not required. I always read profiles and try to be Imaginative, Fun, Friendly, Useful and Tastful. I usually include a card with a note/wish and try to remember that I must include the name of the swap and my ID.

I PLEDGE TO RATE - I usually mail and rate immediately. If I do not, Please Contact Me.

NOTE to FARAWAY FRIENDS - International pkgs. take 10+ days to travel from canada. US mail usually takes 5-7 days. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

I love giving and getting 5s and those wee little hearts are ever so sweet. They tell me that you appreciated my efforts or vibed with what you've received. I don't flake and I bet you won't either. or you will go on my Flaky Folks List.

FLAKY FOLKS: @mj - Beaded Earrings, Homemade (was angeled by the hostess) ; @adastra - Limerick Postcard Swap (RAK Angeled by gooseberry); @scoofie - Make My Day (this was angeled by the hostess); @kelkat60 - June Kindness Swap US/Canada (this swap was angeled by the hostess).

I am also interested in private one-on-one swaps,

Can't wait to see what you come up with for me. Smiles and hugs from Canada!


FarStarr rated for Going artphabety --C-- on Dec 19, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much for the great card. The heart is for adding a nice long note too! :)
Response: so glad you enjoyed it.
saardina rated for Pink Christmas on Nov 28, 2012
Comment: thank you so much!!
Response: You're welcome so much!! I also got your personal message. Thank you for send that. I will look forward to hearing when the second package arrives. Cheers, LPV
SnickersMama rated for Handmade Christmas Cards on Nov 19, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much for all of the cute Christmas cards! These will be wonderful for the dog park fund raisers!
Response: I saw on your profile that you do this with the cards that you get. Since I love animals this made me so very happy. Cheers, LPV
spinweaver rated for Animal Note Cards #2 on Nov 15, 2012
Comment: Oh. My. Gosh. I am speechless that you sent me that lovely and historic notecard from your childhood/Florida!! It not only is meaningful, but also truly beautiful~ I plan to frame it. The other cards are very charming and will be put to good use ;- } Thank you very much!!
Response: LOL! I can see you have a good sense of humor, that's great. So glad you got a kick out of our swqp. Many blessings and happy swapping. Cheers, LPV
rguldy rated for Just a Happy NOTE Card on Nov 13, 2012
Comment: LOVE the color of the card and envelope. Thank you for the recipes, jokes and address labels. Sounds like you are a busy person. I hope all your tulips bloom in the spring.
Response: I'm happy to hear that you really enjoyed getting my little note and extras. Thanks for the heart-five. and your kind and descriptive response.
MamaMangrove rated for A portrait - a story PC on Nov 12, 2012
Comment: Hi Karen (or should I say Ken?) Wow! That's quite a tale. I never heard of Maynard & wasn't sure if you just invented him & his bio or based it on a real person. So I googled him & see you really did your homework! I'm going to share your card with a friend & former clown from my circus days who I know will get a hoot out of it as well. Thanks for a delightfully inventive portrait based story.
Response: Oh, I had such fun writing that PC. I am so very glad that you enjoyed it and on top of it I wrote it before partners were even assigned and didn't you you were in the circus till after they assigned you as my partner. I was so happy to read your profile and see that you were a circus person. Synchronisities like that frequently happen to me.
Comment: Thankyou for the resend. Hi your original parcel arrived today 14/11 . Thankyou it was very thoughtful. I've never made a cloth doll before.
Response: So glad that you got my resend. I pray that you get the first swap I sent and the two doll making books in included as an extra special a treat. Please contact me if and when it appears. I just hope it gets there before Christmas. Cheers, Karen PS. Well. with the beautiful faces you sculpt I sure hope you give the cloth dolls a shot. Thank you for contacting me. I am so very happy to hear that my first $40.00 package and $30.00 post did arrive. Sorry that my first swap was late, but it was sent to you on the other side of the world and I just couldn't afford a $70.00 shipping fee. You can see by the dates on the package that I did mail it on time. I sent this to you as this was my first swap after being off 'The Bot' for about 10 months. I also wanted to show that your talents are valued, as you seem to be a very talented person. I guess it was a bit of a let down as you posted no real descriptors re. the two books or my butterfly atcs, but thank you for the heart.
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful Cherries mug rug. Your stitching is great and the extra is fabulous!
Response: So glad your enjoyed your swap treasures.
bungaalangalang rated for The lonely mailbox **Edited on Oct 31, 2012
Comment: thanks for your handmade postcard of Hello Kitty. That's true that it's first postcard from Canada ^^ I'm searching your flute playing..but haven't found yet :(
Response: You will not find me on Youtube or online with my flute. However, I am glad that you enjoyed your Hello Kitty postcard.
tigermousecat rated for ~Free Theme ATC~ on Oct 31, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much!
Response: Glad you enjoyed the swap.
hull33 rated for Halloween Hello! on Oct 22, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the great card and the extras. I sent the card to my grandson who loves Halloween bats:)
Response: So glad you enjoyed it and were also able to re-gift it. Cheers, LPV
Comment: FINALLY! I got this one too :) I looooove your fabric postcards, i really do. Unfortunately this one arrived in a plastic cover with Canada Post apologizing for "damaging the mail item". Dont worry though! I openend it up and checked, half the back peeled off, i think from where the paper was weak because of the stitches. I feel really bad that something like this had to happen to an item you put so much effort into making :/
Response: So glad to hear that it got there. They are rarely damaged. This is the first one in years that has been hart in the post. But I'm glad you enjoy my fabric cards.
rngstgstll rated for Short Poem on a Postcard #6 on Oct 20, 2012
Comment: I'm sorry, Karen, just realized that I liked your postcard so much that I hung it up immediately and didn't rate you yet! What a great card, I loved the poem -- perfect! I was thinking about Nothing Gold can stay but it was a little too long and this was the same kind of theme. The stamps were fabulous and such a good combination, the beautiful insects and then the Queen in front of a giant flower. I wish I could see the National Park -- is it Point Pelee? Looks amazing, very good for birds and musing by a body of water. Hope we can share another swap sometime! I would be fun to write!
Response: So glad to hear that you are enjoying my little Autumn PC. Yes, the park is Point Pelee. Have a fantastic fall!
goobebox rated for Going artphabety -B- on Oct 19, 2012
Comment: Your postcards arrived today, THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! Thank you sooo soo much, i've always wanted fabric postcards, and these are my first! Thankyou for making my day.
Response: Oh, I am so very glad that you have received them on the other side of the world. I'm also happy to hear that you are enjoying your treasures. Cheers, LPV
Bedazzle rated for Going artphabety -B- on Oct 19, 2012
Comment: Hi Karen, thanks so much for the really great fabric PC! Is the "B is for" counted as tapestry or embroidery or is that the same thing? Any, it's lovely, thank you !
Response: So glad that you enjoyed receiving it. The B is done in Cross stitch, but you also had lots of butterflies on that one.
Comment: Absolutely adorable!!!! It is just too too beautiful to even set a mug or snack on! Everything about this mug rug is so wonderful -- the fantastic cross-stitch picture, the darling fabric & the exquisite quilting -- I could just sit & stare at it & touch it all day long! I absolutely LOVE it, thank you so much!
Response: I'm so glad it had wow factor for you. I did do a lot of work on it and I was so very glad to do it. I was really inspired by the mug rug swap and still am. I'm signed up for the next one too. I really enjoy sending quality swaps and I like it even more when they are appreciated. Enjoy it in good health and please use it. It was made to be used and is totally washable.
addicted2letters rated for Flowers ATC on Sep 26, 2012
Comment: Thank you, I love both and the card you made in my fav colours =)
Response: Glad you enjoyed it.
ohyeahblee rated for Make an Envelope #7 - USA/Canada on Sep 25, 2012
Comment: Thank you ever so much for the lovely envelope, envelopes, and initial!! You but so much extra thought into it and I love the fact you went the extra mile to even make sure it was done in my favorite colors. Thank you!!!
Response: Oh, it's wonderful that you appreciate my handiwork. I really enjoy putting my swaps together. I like to make it a really nice surprise, something that has just a little bit of wow factor. That's part of the fun. Much Happiness!
gruskal rated for Make an Envelope #7 - USA/Canada on Sep 23, 2012
Comment: Hi Karen - loved everything you sent ! Very nice envies. I enjoy making them and really like to get them to :-) Take care - Happy Swapping!
Response: You're so very welcome. Thanks for the heart-5.
dobie256 rated for Flowers ATC on Sep 18, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the incredible swap package! I love the ATC. It combines lots of my favs -- purple flowers, fairies, very subtle sparkle. Your cross-stitching is beautiful -- even precise stitching and the back is perfect! It is such a wonderful hobby and I miss it! Thanks also for the tea, the lovely long note, and using those beautiful postage stamps on your envie! <3<3<3
Response: What a warm and sincere thank you. I am so very pleased that you enjoyed our swap. Many blessings and happy swapping.

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