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About Me

Updated as of 10/20/18: Took a break for awhile while doctors figured out diagnosis and treatment. And then my dad got sick. He died in June.


My name is Stacey. I'm a high school sciences teacher in Baltimore, MD, and absolutely love it! I'm not married and have no children; I do consider my students "my kids"!

I was raised in Norfolk, VA (my dad was in the Navy). I've lived in a lot of places in the US (VA, FL, WA, MD, RI). I really enjoy traveling and hope to add more to my passport.

I enjoy reading, writing stories/poems, watching sports, swimming, and crafting. I love going to theme parks whenever I can (SeaWorld, Disney, and Universal Studios), :)

I enjoy volunteering and am heavily involved with Adopt a Family for Back to School and Holidays. I love volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House. Hoping to volunteer at Give Kids the World Village during the summer--if I ever get the summer off long enough!

I am Christian but not overtly religious. I won't send religious things to people that don't want them but am ok with receiving them.


I know it's lengthy, but I like to give options.


Blues, Teal, Purple, Dark pink, Dark pink with brown, green with purple, green with pink, blue with silver

Movies and TV

Action/adventure, science fiction, fantasy, comedy...I love Star Wars, Star Trek (2009), Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games, Galaxy Quest, The Princess Bride, Harry Potter, Les Miserables, X-Men, The Avengers, and The Labyrinth

NCIS, Burn Notice, True Blood (Eric Northman is my favorite!), Dr. Who, Hannibal, Outlander


Rock, classical, Broadway, Christian rock


Baseball, hockey, football



Shakespeare, anything by Raymond Feist, The Ranger's Apprentice series, The Brotherband Chronicles (need book 3), Percy Jackson (and others by the same author), The Glasswright's Apprentice series, Outlander series. I also enjoy vampire stories of most any kind...I prefer vampires that don't sparkle. I especially love the Sookie Stackhouse books. I enjoyed the Hunger Games trilogy.


*Candy: chocolate (white or milk), Peeps, or fruit-flavored stuff. I love chocolate with peanut butter. Gummy candies are yummy. I especially love Ghirardelli's Peppermint Bark. I do not eat dark chocolate unless it's paired with raspberry or is Ghirardelli's Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark. I LOVE Reese's Pieces! I do NOT like caramel except Twix.

*Snacks: Roast Chicken Crisps (though they're very difficult to find in the US--I make my own), Sour Cream & Onion Pringles, cookies (cranberry & oatmeal, raspberry & white chocolate, Thin Mints, and Tagalongs), Cheez-its, kettle corn, popcorn with different flavors (not caramel)

*Flavors: raspberry, white chocolate, milk chocolate, apple, gingerbread, cranberry, blueberry, grape, cherry, blackberry, mango, pineapple, strawberry, lemon, lime

*Hot cocoa/chocolate--especially Raspberry and Candy Cane! I love to try new ones too.

*Hot spiced apple cider

*Tea--flavored especially (see above)...black is my favorite, but flavored white and green teas are good too. I'm not fond of plain green tea.

Themes (things that feature these would be welcome)

castles, butterflies, the ocean and sea creatures, myths and legends, Snoopy, Any characters from any of my favorite movies, tv, or books

Disney--especially Disney pin collecting! My favorite characters are Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Captain Hook, Tinkerbell, Chip 'n Dale, Winnie the Pooh, Star Wars, and Marie. I also collect for the Narnia movies and the Pirates of the Carribean movies. I have a lot of pins that I'd love to swap--just ask and I may have it!

Animals, especially owls, polar bears, penguins, dolphins, puffer fish, and wolves. Ducks (and ducklings) hold a special place in my heart.

Holidays--Christmas is my favorite holiday besides Halloween. I love the scents of cookies baking, making candy, decorating, wrapping presents, and best of all, time with my family. I love making gingerbread houses and have a thing for gingerbread men, snowglobes, snowflakes, and snowmen for stickers, ornaments, etc. I also enjoy Halloween quite a bit--I love to decorate for it and dress up to pass out candy or take kids around. Easter is fun too--Peeps! and coloring eggs.

Wishlist (in no particular order)

*Candles--scented (see below) or cool, fun, or unique designs

Scents--vanilla (favorite #1), apple, pumpkin spice, cranberry, apple cinnamon, or cinnamon (favorite #2). I like most fruity or "baking" scents. Floral scents tend to make me sneeze. Though I do like nature-oriented scents such as ocean breeze.

*Stationery (featuring a favorite is awesome!)

*Bookmarks--I've been collecting them for years.

*Bells--I've been collecting them since I was three. I like a variety...as long as they sound nice and don't have that awful thunking noise, they're all good :)

*Socks--especially LittleMissMatched (best sock brand ever!), or fuzzy ones, but not toe socks. I love wearing mismatched socks!

*Rubber Stamps--I use these a lot in school, but do not need any more teacher stamps.

*Stickers, but I have enough teacher reward stickers to last a lifetime! I like the unique ones--poofy, glittery, 3-D, etc. Any theme is okay as I use them for a lot of different things. Repositionable stickers are my favorite.

*Postcards--especially of scenes and landmarks from around the world

*Penpal letters--the longer, the better! :)

*Themepark souvenirs--especially from parks that I haven't been to! I collect the bells, keychains, and postcards from themeparks.

*Jewelry--bracelets, anklets, and necklaces only. I prefer magnetic closures because they're easiest, but any will work. I wear mostly silver and am not a fan of gold (except white gold). I do not wear rings and have had negative reactions to every pair of earrings I've ever worn. Handmade is love! :)

*Wrapping paper--I love to wrap stuff! :)

*Paper dolls--I recently received a few in a swap and forgot how much I loved them!

*Craft supplies--clay (prefer air-dry Crayola Model Magic or Sculpy), foam, felt, glitter, glue sticks, hot glue sticks, scrapbook stuff, beads, designed/colored duct tape, clay tools, etc. Supplies for new crafts with an example/instructions would be great too!

*Foreign money

*Pressed pennies

*Surprises for one of the kids

*Cool pens and pencils

*Magnets--I've been collecting for a few years now. I like all sorts, but especially ones that have sayings on them, have landmarks/scenes from around the world, or have one of my favorite animals on them.

*Quality hand-made things, especially doll clothing (18" for my nieces), pillows (I love decorative pillows!), blankets (any size), artsy stuff (I am a tactile learner...I'm interested in making some things, but really need to hold it in my hands to figure out how to go about it. So surprise me with a craft that you like doing!)

*pop tabs (I collect this for Ronald McDonald House)

*WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE: Game boards such as Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Sorry!, Clue, etc. and game pieces such as the men, pie pieces/pies, etc. The kids and I create a lot of games and alter the boards to fit the units. Along the same vein, if you have any biology-oriented game that you no longer need/want/use, please, send it along.

*Things for teaching science (this year is Anatomy & Physiology and Forensic Science), or related items that I can give as prizes, or to decorate my room. I'm a fan of science toys.

Favorite Crafts

I'm not an amazing artist, but I like to craft with clay, foam, felt, cardboard, glitter, beads, etc. I also like to paint.

I enjoy decorating treasure chests in particular themes.

I like to sew blankets, pillows, and doll clothes, though the non-sewing blankets and pillows are fun to make too.

I love to scrapbook.

Duct tape crafting is a lot of fun!

Kids in My Life--Wishlists

School: notebooks, stickers, school supplies, cool pens/pencils, fun erasers, stuff to be given as prizes

Svitlana--my dad and I hosted her 2 summers ago. She is now 10. She is the sweetest kid and if I was allowed, I'd be exploring adoption. (Ukraine does not allow single women to adopt anymore.) I send her care packages every so often. I like to include things for her foster siblings as well. They range in age from 2 to 16, so pretty much anything for kids is good. She has 10 foster siblings! Also, basic items like toothbrushes and toothpaste, clothing like warm hats and gloves, etc.

Dislike/Please do NOT send...

Things that have been exposed to smoke (allergies) (or at least warn me as we have a system for this)

Themes with spiders or snakes (unless very cartoonish)

Items with the color yellow in large doses--small doses are fine


Recipes, candies, drinks, etc with: *coffee anything

*butterscotch anything

*caramel, except for Twix

*pecans--other nuts are fine though not preferred

*dark chocolate unless it's paired with raspberry

*seafood anything

*licorice (anything with anise)

*candy corn

*Food/drinks containing aspartame


Thank you, Angel!

I want to thank @skippysmom for angeling the Holiday Socks and a Surprise/Newbie swap that @jessicamarie14 flaked on. Thank you again, @skippysmom for sending an awesome package!

I want to thank @gwillisinc for angeling the Made from Scratch Valentines swap that @SandiInTexas flaked on. Thank you for sending it without me even asking!

I want to thank @wygirl for angeling the EDITED Owls and More Owls swap that @PikePaperCraft flaked on. The USPS did mess up (Jennifer originally did send it--the USPS sent it back to her after 2 days. I asked my PO and they said all she had to do was go back, showing the tracking information. After weeks of PMs, it never happened.) Thank you for such a wonderful angel package. I really liked the stickers, postcard, notecards, notebook, and magnets!

Would love an angel for: Wacky, Silly & Unusual Holidays-February that I was flaked on by @ladonnatwinmom who has been partially suspended and hasn't been on since 1/25/13.


Comment: Another package of perfect and amazing goodies! :D Thank you very much for another super swap, Stacey! ♥
Comment: Love, love, love all my goodies! You always find such perfect things to send! Thank you very much, Stacey. :)
Comment: Thank you so much for another fun and considerate package. I always love the stuff you pick, and this time it's no different! :) Thanks again for being a great swap partner, Stacey! ♥
Comment: Whoa! Serious Sock Monkey goodness! :D I love, love the variety of Sock Monkey goodies you included in this package. :D (I'm sipping a cup of the coffee you included as I type this, and even though I am normally not a great lover of flavoured coffee, I'm going to polish this bag off with a smile!) Thanks for another happy-smiley swap, Stacey!
ThaiGirl rated for Coin swap -3- on Aug 10, 2015
gemei rated for Coin swap -3- on Aug 6, 2015
Comment: Thank you, great selection
Comment: Wow, what a great swap to find waiting for me! Such a great selection of fun stuff that I can’t wait to start using! You have a knack for getting a swap ‘just right’ and knocking my socks off every time. lol Thank you for another super swap, Stacey! ♥♥ Ready for the next round whenever you are! :)
Comment: I have said it before, will say it again and will continue to say it… You send the coolest and most perfect things, and you spoil me rotten! :D Yet again you have managed to put together a swap perfectly tailored to my likes and wishes, and a package that made me jump up and down in excitement. Thank you so much for another happy and special swap. ♥
devilspigeonhole rated for Candy/Profile Swap on Apr 8, 2015
Comment: Every single time I receive a package from you the same question pops into my mind: how does she manage to send goodies I would sell my mother for every single time?! Jokes aside, I have never received a swap from you that didn’t make me smile from ear to ear and jump for joy. :) Thank you for another wonderful and delightful swap, and for being such a great swap buddy. ♥
Comment: Thank you so, so much for another happy package filled with fantastic goodies! You managed to spoil me rotten once again. :)
Comment: I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but once again you sent a package filled with perfect and thoughtful goodies. :D Thank you so much for another fabulous swap, Stacey!
Comment: What can I say? Another happy package! I don't know how you manage to ALWAYS find the perfect stuff to send! :D Thank you very much!!
Comment: Another package filled with great and thoughtful choices! I simply LOVE the items you have chosen for me. ♥ Thanks, Stacey! (PS: I think I know why this was returned to you - sending you a PM!)
Comment: Happy, happy mail! :D Another super-duper-special package filled with perfect profile surprises! You manage to find the most amazing things and you spoil me rotten... Thank you so much for another fabulous swap, Stacey. :)
Comment: Wow, what an amazing and special package! It is one of the most 'profile' profile based surprise packages I have received in ages. :D Thank you so much for all the lovely items - I'm going to love using it all. :)
tammie11 rated for Easter for the Children on Apr 13, 2014
Comment: Thank you go much. It was a wonderful present for my kids.
Comment: She's here! :D She is so cute and the outfits you included rock. :) The jeans alone made me go 'aaaaaawwwwwww'... lol The box appears to have gotten wet at some stage, and some things still feel a bit damp - I'll set it all in a sunny spot to make sure everything dries out nicely before the two of us start living it up. :)
Response: Yay!! I thought those were the cutest out of what I got. :) Bummer that the box got wet--I didn't even think about putting everything in plastic before sending. I hope that the stamps and passport were undamaged. Can't wait to hear about her travels! Thanks again!
rosecoloredglasses rated for Envelope Advent Calendar on Nov 19, 2013
Comment: Oooohhh!!!! I am SO excited!!!! I love the way you organized it all! I can't wait to hang it on my wall! My son is jealous!! Thank you! i have to rate a heart already... sadly, my dog got into the package and ate a piece of fudge (yum!) but thankfully she left two snickers for me!! I have yet to open the rest... but that did it for me!!! Hearts all the way baby!!! :) Thank you!
Comment: Thank you so much for the wonderful swap. I too am a daddy's girl. Also, my mom passed away. However, I was only 13 when she passed in 2001. Sadly, my daddy was just diagnosed with liver cancer and without a transplant he only has 6 months to 1 year to live.... So he is the person I'm most grateful for. Thank you for the great letter and awesome extras!
Comment: Thankyou so much xxx

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