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About Me

My adult son was riding his bike and got side-swiped by a car on 7/31. He just has a broken arm (humeral shaft fracture). But I've been busy taking him to doctor appointments and running errands. It was causing him a lot of pain with just the slightest movement of his body. He had surgery on 8/6 as they were unable to to get it properly aligned at the ER. He is now much more comfortable and able to move and walk around without grimacing from pain. However, he does not have medical insurance so we are a bit stressed about the medical bills. (FYI Tricare was exempted from the bill allowing young adults to remain on their parents insurance until they are 24.) We had been trying to get him to get some kind of insurance but he never did. I think he will now. I was planning on a 3 week vacation but I might have to cancel mostly because he needs someone to help him get around town. He has his follow-up on Aug 20. I know he'll need physical therapy after that. We'll see how things are going later. That is what my mind is focused on now. Plus I need to cut back on my spending so we can help him out.

I do have a dislike list lower down on the page but right off the top I will say please absolutely do NOT send erotica, swear words, vulgar things, violence, blood/gore, crucifix

POSTCARDS: written and with a postage stamp and postmark. NO envelope. I do not save blank postcards I mail them out. If you do feel the need to send them in an envelope do NOT write on them at all so I will be able to mail them in a different postcard swap. I don't mind blank cards as long as they are not written on. I don't really have a wishlist as far as postcards go. There are themes I particularly like but if I make a wishlist I am afraid that's all I'll get lol. I am just enjoying the PCs, the stamps and the little hellos.

I am a romantic (as in this definition: marked by the imaginative or emotional appeal of what is heroic, adventurous, remote, mysterious, or idealized). I am not crazy about romance though. I usually fast forward past mushy stuff when I'm watching on Hulu/Netflix/Amazon/etc. I am nostalgic. I love nature, history, art and music. I am an oddball. I like geeky (or maybe nerdy?) things but I am not a tech geek. I like shopping and saving money but I hate the time it takes to clip and match coupons.

Regarding religious items:
I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. So no coffee, alcohol, nudity, erotica, vulgar language, etc. Also NO crucifixes, crosses, saints, rosaries, ixoye, icons, etc. . On religious art: Gothic, Classical and Renaissance religious art and architecture is fine. Please do NOT send modern religious art. Think 1800s and earlier... art history. Other religions do not offend me at all. Historical art, sculpture, architecture, etc from Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc, even pagan is fine. Don't worry about sending me Buddhas, Indian gods/goddesses, images from the Sistine Chapel, Shinto temples, solstice stuff, etc. I am not asking for those items, I'm just saying I won't be offended. I love art and there is a lot of art involving religion throughout history. I also enjoy learning about other religions. I read Siddhartha by Herman Hesse a couple years ago and loved it. It has piqued my interest in Eastern religions.

I like pretty, cute, girly and vintage things but I also like somewhat darker things. I think Emily the Strange is cute. I like the t-shirt that says "I wear black on the inside" because that is the way I feel quite a bit. I'm not at all put off by goth things. I like the look of steampunk. If those are the things you have fine with me and I won't mind at all receiving cards or artworks with them on it as long as they are NOT violent, bloody, obscene, XXX, nudity of any kind or too grotesque.

PEOPLE THAT INTRIGUE ME: Thomas Jefferson, Albert Einstein, Gwen Stefani, Leslie Caron, Aidan Quinn, Tom Welling... (just came to mind so I'll probably add more as I remember)

For Makeup Swaps: (Please do not send makeup unless it is a specific swap)

I wear cool or neutral tones. Intense colors or bright red, etc. are too much for my lips. I have fair skin

Lip balm/gloss flavors: cherry, vanilla, coconut, bubble gum, cotton candy, root beer. Of course there are other flavors that are fine :) I DO NOT like apple, citrus, mint, grape or banana. As long as it is not one of those 5 flavors it will probably be good.

FAVORITE CRAFTS: cross-stitch, crochet, craft sewing, beginners knitting, paper crafts, my art talent (much to my dismay) is limited :( but I still attempt it.

FAVORITE COLORS: Violets, blues, pinks/roses, blue-greens... cool tone and jewel-tone colors. As far as metallic items go, I prefer silver to gold.

FAVORITE STYLES/PATTERNS: paisley, red cherries, polka dots, vintage items (40s-70s), antiques, cottage, boho chic, blue/white patterns of most any kind, Scandinavian

ARTS-- John William Waterhouse, Impressionism, Art Nouveau, Arthur G Rackham, pre-Raphaelites and newer stuff-- Nene Thomas, Selena Fenech, Gorjuss, Jessica Galbraith, Bryan Froud, Vinegar (that is her painting below), also Rion Vernon and Popeye Wong (G-rated stuff only please)

CUTE THINGS (generally cartoony): pink poodles, owls, cute woodland theme, forest friends, toadstools, Matryoshkas, robots, germs, aliens, monsters

FAVORITE CHARACTERS: Winnie-the-Pooh characters (especially classic Pooh... I love A.A. Milne), fairy tales, Chip and Dale, Little Twin Stars, The Muppet Show (1970s), Twiddlebugs, Ernie and Bert, Ziggy, Sleeping Beauty/Briar Rose, Star Wars (just films not cartoons), Wonder Woman, old Hanna-Barbera--Plastic Man, Inch High Private Eye, Josie, etc. After reading this I realized I could have just said 1970s kid shows lol.

I LOVE Celtic items, King Arthur, Glastonbury, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, mythology, fantasy, faeries, unicorns, gnomes, medieval, knights, ladies, castles. The collectible figures and coffee table books in my house are on these subjects. So I love pretty much anything having to do with any of this.

I love the Edwardian era. The fashions, the social graces, etc. I also love many of the novels of that time era.

MISCELLANEOUS THINGS I LIKE: Target, TJ Maxx/Marshall's/HomeGoods, subscription boxes, the ocean, seashells, sea life, logic problems, cross-sums/kakuro, pixel puzzles, genealogy, organizing things (not so great at maintaining), when my son wakes up and catches the bus, Zulilly, Amazon Prime

FOOD STUFF - I am vegetarian. I am not too picky about sweets or snacks. I love tree nuts, especially pistachios. Anything with coconut in it is a winner. I also like caramel and marzipan. I do NOT like white chocolate, cream-filled chocolates, truffles, gum, licorice, or fruits in chocolate. Chocolate oranges are great though as is chocolate with ginger. Sea salt items are delicious. I love SweetTarts and Chiclets. I can't eat sticky candy or toffee. Things like jujufruits stick to my teeth :( I love them but they are not worth the trouble. Most any biscuits, cookies or crackers. Chips or crisps with black pepper are delicious. Crunchy Cheetos and honey-mustard pretzel pieces are an absolute favorite. I do not like pork rinds, Funyuns, chili flavored items or anything too spicy. I love Thai and other South East Asian cusiine, Middle Eastern foods and several Indian foods. I like English language cooking magazines from other countries. I LOVE Diet Pepsi.

STICKERS - I am a sticker whore-der. This is something that I have not let go from my childhood. I like almost all kinds. I prefer sheets but loose stickers are fine too. I keep unused sheets. If there is only one sheet in a pack I have to buy more than one pack so I'll have one to use/swap and another to keep in my collection. The only ones I don't save are scrapbook stickers. I just use those. :) I buy 80s and 90s stickers off eBay every so often. If I'm lucky I find a seller that sells the complete pack instead of breaking it open and selling individual sheets.

Favorites are kawaii food with faces and animals (not photos) brands other than Sanrio, Q-Lia Fairy Tales, Kamio Fairy Tale World and Mindwave Alice, sakura, Kokeshi, Afrocat and other Korean brands, puffy Sticko, Stickerdoodles, Paperchase, Dazzles (also European in similar style this is just a US brand name), Momenta, ones from other countries, vintage (1940s-1980s), and others related to profile likes

Other kinds of stickers are welcome. Hallmark and American Greeting are great. Too many different ones to list. I wouldn't mind European characters such as Tatty Teddy, Moomin, Forever Friends, etc because I do not find them here in the US. I don't mind getting holiday stickers any time of the year.

The stickers I do NOT like are sheets of stars, sheets of smiley faces, kids TV/movie characters, foam stickers, Disney (except Pooh and friends, Chip n Dale), sheets from kids 100+ stickers pads, teacher reward stickers, photo/scrapbook phrase/words stickers (for example: "vacation" "road trip" "school days" etc and caption bubbles. I just have no use for them).

If it's not one of the stickers I dislike I'll love them even if I have not listed them as a fave. I do like smileys or stars with other images just not the ones with rows of them.

I don't consider self-adhesive labels or gift tags to be stickers in sticker swaps. I also get the free stickers in the mail from Disney, address labels, magazine subscriptions, etc. just like every one else and I do not send them in sticker swaps. I might use them for decorating mail when appropriate but that is it.


Halloween -- I am not into the gory/violent/scary stuff, haunted houses and I don't do costumes. I like making themed meals, gifts and treats for friends and family and that is about the extent of my celebrating. I do like crafting and joining crafting swaps for the holiday though. I like the gothic style, Edgar Allan Poe, old country, Samhain and other such themes for this holiday as far as art projects go.

Christmas -- I decorate in white, blue, silver, snowflakes, snowmen, frosted forest and forest animals. Wintry, peaceful, elegant more than cute. But I still have other colors because I have all my ornament gifts from others and I love the handmade decorations of all kinds. So do not mind anything Christmas-y whatever the color or theme.

Other holidays are fun too. I think Easter is my favorite. It just seems there are more Halloween and Christmas swaps than any other holiday swaps :)

The living areas in my home are pale blue walls and white furniture. It's kind of a cross of Martha Stewart, cottage style and Ikea.


teacher/reward stickers, sheets of smiley faces, foam stickers (they are NOT puffy stickers), sheets of stars, giant-eyed animal stickers, kids TV and movie characters, or the sheets from the kid sticker pads... the ones with multiple sheets that have tiny circle stickers.

Hello Kitty (I'll pick up stuff to send to others in swaps but that's it)

Licorice, banana, grape or apple flavors

Lavender scented items


Coffee/mocha flavors

Bath items (such as bubbles, fizzers, etc)... I do not take baths I take showers. But if it is not a main part of a swap I don't mind as my daughter likes them.

Jewelry, sequins, confetti, neon colors, tie dye, clothing, accessories, animal prints, socks, bling. I am not a blingy person.

Christian religious items such as crosses, crucifix, angels, images of bibles, ixoye/fish, praying hands, literature or pamphlets... basically NO iconic images. NO proselyting materials.

Swear words, gore/violence (I have to cover my eyes if it comes up in a tv show. I spent 60% of one episode of Grimm just listening and not looking), bloody, nudity or erotic/XXX

Disney Princesses, Disney Babies, Disney Fairies, Disney Cars, Clone Wars, Tinkerbell, Nickelodeon stuff, NickJr, Cartoon Network stuff. However if I end up with Princess stuff or Tinkerbell I'll pass it on as I see profiles that like those. I don't do young children's swaps so the other stuff is not useful.

I do not rate down for receiving any of this though. I (and I know other swappers) prefer to send things a person would like. There are a world of other things not on my profile that I do like. If you don't have a profile like and it's something you like it's probably okay to send :)

Wish List

Paperchase stationery products

The Golden Magazine for Boys and Girls

back issues from before 2010 of UK, Australia, NZ craft magazines

I guess I would like any international (in English) craft or women's (not fashion or gossip) magazines

Jonathan Adler stationery products (to be found at B&N)

wind-up toys

Cherry Ripe from Australia

a dedicated crafting area

something related to my profile likes :)

Sullivan's Over-dyed Threads

Just a few from a sheet or package of these is fine:

decorated cello bags

felt, linen, evenweave (especially in something besides white)

Japanese and Korean deco tape, medium-large memo sheets (I use them for swap notes and address labels), stickers, Little Twin Stars, brands Crux, Q-Lia, Kamio and Mindwave Korean brands such as Afrocat, etc. I really like the deco and diary stickers.

decorative file folders - these are great to use as envelopes for mailing

pretty hair pins - single color or embellished just not the plain old bobby pins

things to decorate envelopes and postcards with

Next few sections are just favorite books, movies and music plus my kids. So you can skip unless needed for a swap.

For Kid Swaps

They do not like Star Wars (not sure what is wrong with them) or Clone Wars. The three younger ones like the Nickelodeon and Disney shows. They are NOT interested in stickers at all (I don't understand). None of them do anything artsy-crafty :(

My two oldest boys are 24 and 20. But I'll put a bit in about them anyway. One likes Star Trek, Japan, manga, anime, My Little Pony, Precious Moments, cats and kittens. The other one is a Warcraft addict, likes penguins, ninjas and duct tape.

My daughter Gemma is 16. She likes teal, aqua, gold (the metallic kind not the yellow kind). I'm sure she likes other colors too but those are her favorite. She prefers colors with warm undertones. She reads manga and watches tons of anime. She also watches the Korean shows on Hulu. She is a voracious reader, especially fantasy/fairy tale type books and Nora Roberts. She doesn't do hair or makeup. She does like to do her nails though. She has beautiful long nails. She prefers baths to showers so bubble baths, fizzers, handmade soaps and scrubbers set in handmade soap, etc. she likes. She likes Japanese, Korean and Filipino things and food. She LOVES to bake. She has a sweet tooth but dislikes cherries and bananas. She loves butterflies, dragonflies, mermaids and dolphins. She likes to wear jewelry but cannot wear earrings because one of her earlobes is damaged :( I'm not exactly sure what music she likes. Most current pop music I guess. She does like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.

Marcus is 11 (almost 12) - He likes Thor, Avengers, Spiderman, Minecraft, Phineas and Ferb, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Harry Potter, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, beyblades, music (Owl City, Fun, Queen), the color red, Vans, skateboard fashion, Pokemon, basketball, soccer, Washington Redskins, Washington Nationals, Hunger Games trilogy, Rick Riordan books, doing computer art. He asked for a smash journal for Christmas (which surprised me) and I was happy to oblige. He hasn't done too much with it yet... but it's there.

Aidan is 9 - He LOVES ducks especially rubber ducks, especially if they squeak. He likes listening to music, the color blue, Harry Potter, Phineas and Ferb, Minecraft, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, beyblades, Lego, Big Nate, perler beads, Pokemon, reading, pencil puzzles (like sudoku, crosswords, dot-to-dot, word finds, etc)

Favorite Books

Lost Horizon, John Steinbeck, craft books, Arthurian legend, Celtic mythology and historical fiction (especially Morgan Llewellyn), Ray Bradbury, historical fiction, Exodus, history

I also like lots of children's and young adult books. A.A. Milne, Roald Dahl, E.B. White, Judy Blume. I read them when I was little and I do not mind at all taking a trip down memory lane.

Favorite Television

I like a lot of older shows but I almost never watch reruns. Things having to do with 70s shows I would love. My favorites are sci-fi and fantasy, British TV and sit-coms. I'm not too crazy about most CW shows... too much soap for me.

Current shows: Parks and Recreation, Raising Hope, Grimm, Defiance, Once Upon a Time, Alphas, Warehouse 13, The Booth at the End, Hoarders, Suburgatory, Spy, So You Think You can Dance (even though they took it off Hulu boo!), Community, The Mindy Project

Favorite Music

Very eclectic, mostly main stream, dance and club: Blondie, Joss Stone, Adele, Queen, The Doors, Frankie Valli and Four Seasons, Paul Revere and the Raiders, John Mellencamp, Billy Idol, lots of freestyle from the 80s/early90s... Expose... Sweet Sensation...Cover Girls, old school rap/hip hop, Burt Bacharach, En Vogue, Toni Braxton, dance music, Aqua, Heart, C+C Music Factory, Snap!, 60s and 70s stuff, disco, New Order, Depeche Mode, Blue October, Paul Oakenfold, fun, David Guetta, Sia

Favorite Movies

Too many to mention I think.

Classic movies and musicals, spoofs, National Lampoon, Neil Simon, medieval, sci-fi and fantasy

Arsenic and Old Lace, Charade, My Fair Lady, Camelot, Fiddler on the Roof, James Bond (60s-70s), Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Savannah Smiles, Ever After, Princess Bride, The Glass Slipper, Gigi, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977), Poltergeist, M. Night Shyamalan, How to Train Your Dragon, Up, Grease, brat pack movies, Lost Boys, The Green Mile, Thelma and Louise, Shawshank Redemption, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Oz. I like psychological thrillers, don't have a favorite but I do love watching them.


Kelsea999 rated for Bizarre/Unusual PC Swap #4 - USA on Aug 10, 2015
Comment: Sorry for the late rating I thought I rated everything before I took leave from the bot...
martingale rated for Round Robin Sampler #14 on Sep 3, 2013
Comment: Thank you for sending the RR and I love what you have stitched. I am going to have to think quite hard now about what to add which is going to fit.
gmasusie rated for AMS: Starts w/letter "L" PC Swap on Sep 2, 2013
Comment: Love the PC you sent and reading about LA. Thank you
HippieChick rated for TPP: postcard with a vehicle on Aug 19, 2013
Comment: I love the card you sent! Thank you so much. It will be added to my wall of PCs and other art.
Camiliann rated for Typical Tourist Postcard - SB Only on Aug 18, 2013
choke rated for **Starts with T** - SB Only on Aug 11, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the spectacular view, what a cool place! I'm sorry to hear about your son, ouch!! I hope you'll still be able to take your vacation soon. Thank you too for the kind words about my friend. I miss him so much!
Comment: thank you for the cross stitch surprise.. I love the fairy cross stitch.. :D
nativegan rated for Postcard Scavenger Hunt #21 on Aug 6, 2013
Comment: Thanks!!
mushka2010 rated for Foreign Lands Postcard Swap on Jul 24, 2013
Comment: Thank you very much for the beautiful pc of the temple in Kyoto. I also appreciated the stamps and note. Hope you have a good time in Idaho!
swap4fun rated for Sticker Bags USA on Jul 23, 2013
Comment: thanks for the bags!
Response: I will resend. I sent both at the same time. I just saw this sorry.
abshanghai rated for Touristy Postcard swap #2 on Jul 10, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely postcard! Love it!
Comment: Love it ,beautiful stitching. Blue my favorite color.
Comment: Thank you for the nice ornie! It will look so good on my tree. have a blessed day.
Comment: holy man! that was one full parcel! thanks for everything. I was on my last needle threader so those were a great item, the fabric is hilarious and so are those wild eyes...they're watching me...the leaves and the moose are wonderful too...thanks so much.
Comment: Thanks for the great magnet & PC & for the extras
flodyoc rated for A multiwiev card on Jul 1, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the card
Comment: Thx for the very interesting PC - the original art was done in1987 by an African American artist who was married to a Haitian artist - of course, Haiti has had a long history of grief and poverty, and this piece is as relevant today as it was 26 years ago, isn't it? Take care, T.
Leslie702 rated for Butterfly Baggie (USA) on Jun 27, 2013
Comment: Laura, Thank you so much for the wonderful butterfly goodies. This swap really made my day. You gave me so many, I can't choose the prettiest one!! Thanks for the thoughtful items!
SizzixBee rated for AMERICAN CIVIL WAR Postcard Swap on Jun 27, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the awesome civil war VA postcard!!! I love it!!

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