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Favorite books, Music & Movies

Thanks for the prayers. We have all had the flu and have been sick. I am a little behind on my swaps BUT I will get them caught up and sent extras! I'm sorry! :)

I got a nice brochure about Ilya Rupin from someone in Russia Dasha. If this is you please PM me so I know what swap it's for and I can rate you! Thanks!

I always send my swaps!! Please PM me if you don't get something! I will always resend! Sometimes the mail gremlin eats things!

Feel free to combine shipping and recycle packaging! Save the world and money a little at a time!


I have an awesome postcrossing card from someone named Penny who has a dog named Amelia. I need to know what swap it was for so that I can rate you. I did join postcrossing! Thanks for the pointer!

I have a wonderful mystery card from Italy from a Claudie. No swap name. If you tell me who and for what swap I will rate you! THanks!

I go to the post office daily and rate within 24 hours of when I received things. I would love to say I am perfect, but I am NOT. So, if you see I have not rated something, please remind me. As of now everything I have received is rated.

MY two ONE ratings are from Jan and Feb of 2011- Over a year ago. I have contacted them numerous times and resent twice over the last year. They did not change the ratings and they are no longer on here so I can't fix them! Please know I am a great swapper and the reason I have those ones is because I broke my arm the end of last January and had to have emergency surgery. Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts.Also at the time, my netbook didn't like the glass of water my daughter shared with it. So I was off for several weeks until I got back online. We took a break for a few months and now I am back. My daughters asked me if we could do that fun mail thing again...so here I am. I am sorry! I will resend again if they will send me their addresses.

Books: Criminal Minds, James Patterson, Jeffrey Deaver, Janet Evanovich, & Sherilyn Kenyon. I like mysteries and vampire stuff. I also like gardening for flowers and herbs, as well as recycling and going green things. I love Steven Brust, Uncle John's Bathroom readers. Maxine is my hero! LOL! ALSO collect Rex Stout Nero Wolf mysteries. Have some duplicates available to swap. Occasionally I get a hold of Ellery Queen or other older mysteries in my search for Rex Stout books.

Music: Jimmy Buffet is my all time favorite! I also like Country and old rock n roll. I love Billy Joel, Led Zepplin, and woman country, i.e. Gretchen Wilson, & Shania Twain. I love Reba and Charlie Daniels. I also like Cheap Trick, Rush, Motley Crue, Adele, Joan Jett, Evanescence, and Melissa Etheridge. Have not mastered moving all my cds to digital. Any mixed music files would be loved. Also trying to keep up with the kids. Would love to get mixed CDs of anything but opera and screechy metal. Just not that mad anymore. LOL!

Movies: Phenomonen, Sweet Home Alabama, Tango n Cash, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, It's Complicated. Monty Python.

TV: Criminal minds, CSI (all), NCIS (both) & the Mentalist. I like Craig Ferguson and David Letterman. Love create on PBS and history detectives. Love Nature and animal planets shows. Rachel Ray, Oprah, Katie Brown Workshop, and Antiques Road Show are the best!l Would love to get full season dvds or any episodes of any of the above. Don't have cable, but dvds are nice when it rains and the kids are going stir crazy in the winter.


We now have 4 dogs, 4 cats, 2 hamsters, & 3 hermit crabs.

DOGS: Princess is a pure breed white spayed German Shepard whose previous owner went to jail for cutting and burning her tail. She's a rescue. She's about 14 yrs and weighs in at 119 lbs. She is mom's girl.

We also have 2 dogs that are about 7 lbs each. They are sisters named Simi and Lovebug. They are a little over a year old and so fun. Simi has a serious crush on her webkinz hamster toy. LOL. She grooms it and sleeps with it.

We have a new puppy name Fifi who is my dau Stasia's. She is 10 weeks and black and white. She is quite the lover. They said she was a maltese/terrier cross, but my guess is weiner dog/chihaua.

I do cat rescue and have 1 calico foster cat right now, her name is Spot. My permanent kitties are: Tiger (a black tabby 20 lb neutered male about 7 yrs). Blue ( A 15 lb Russian Blue neutered male about 11 yrs) Georgia a long haired Russian Blue girl that's 10 lbs and 2 years old Boots who's a female 6 month old black kitty with white feet

If you have any spare pet stuff, I would love to get Laxaire (fur ball medicine), frontline for cats or dogs, any collars( can always use), cat or dog toys, cat nip. I would also love seeds for growing grass for the kitties.

Blue has a foam fetish so nothing like foam cause he eats it and that leads to a vet trip.PLEASE NO FOAM STICKERS! LOL.

Favorite Crafts

Love all crafts. I like to draw, do ATCs, do projects with my 16 & 12 yr old twin girls. Really getting into doing ATCs. So supplies would be great. Especially embellishments and printed paper. Love cat print, zebra print, frog and monkey print material. Just getting into inches also. Like to sew and crochet. Just need more time. LOL


I love all PCs - I love cat postcards and all map ones.I am not to fond of black and white and art cards, unless they have cats, zebras, monkeys and frogs. I collect map pcs and state capitol pcs. I prefer my cards written on and naked. However, feel free to follow what the swap calls for since we all need new blank ones. I like touristy ones with one view and state and/or city names on them. I like interesting pic of state parks. I am also interested in doing swaps for blank pcs! Also am starting to like handmade pcs. I do not mind Zazzle or handmade ones, provide they are done with care.

About Me

I am a 42 year old divorced mom to 12 yr old twin girls and a sixteen year old. I love crafts. Would love to learn to ball room dance. Love to shop, rummage and go thrift storing. Love a bargain-clearance is my friend! Love to watch Create and Nature shows. Love jewelry and purses. LOVE jewelry, especially rings, necklaces and earrings. Silver only though, allergic to nickel. Love to eat and like to cook. I love tie dyes. Believe in saying in what you mean and meaning what you say. Love board games and card games. Settlers of Catan is the best game ever! Love books! Love Mexican and Chinese foods and SWEETS. Have a basement full of craft stuff that I am looking for motivation to use!! LOL! Love beads, books, and stickers. ( NOT teacher reward stickers though, have way TOO many of them). My house is done in earth tones. Like maroon, chocolate brown and dark green. Have my bathroom done in tan and rose colored roses. The girls' bath is done in fishes. Like Garfield. Love animal prints- my girls love ZEBRA anything and PEACE SIGNS. I like Christian uplifting things and crosses. I like Celtic things. Am fascinated by religions and their effect on people. Love tumbled and polished rocks. Love pressed pennies. Please put your swapbot name and the swap name on the stuff you send. I try to rate the day I receive it. I will ALWAYS rate IF U include your swap id and swap name. Please rate me. I am trying to live more green and recycle packaging and what I can. Please know it may look ugly outside, but hopefully you will love what's inside!


Dislike: *ALLERGIC to PEANUTS. *Please do not send candy that is not packaged or Candy packed with anything with peanuts or sadly I will have to throw it away:( *Stupid comedies *most cartoon tv shows, but do have a 16 yr old and two 12 yr olds -so someone will appreciate it! *HATE DIET STUFF. *Sitcoms, *judgmental people *ultra conservatives. *People who don't follow thru. *Can't handle anything flowery smelling. *Nothing smelling of smoke please. Am allergic and have an asthmatic daughter. *Do NOT like snakes, reptiles or bugs. (but Toni loves them so no worries.) *Hate mornings. * I hate horror movies but my 16 yr old loves them

I will NOT flake. Hearts are subjective. I appreciate the thought that goes into swaps. If I feel you have put thought into it, you will get a heart, with or without extras. When I send extras, it's usually because something in your profile has spoke to me! Enjoy! Please talk to me about any issues. I live in a very small town so the mail is kinda slow sometimes.


Toni is 12. She is a girly girl who wants to be a vet when she grows up. Her favorite color is green. She loves lip gloss, jewelry, purses, baby dolls, butterflies, all animals, coloring, art, painting, FROGS and temporary tattoos. She LOVES frogs, most animals and dolphins. She likes Animal Ark books. Toni likes all girl things really! She likes hair stuff and they all like finger nail polish.

Tori is Toni's twin. She is also 12 now. LOL Her favorite color is blue or purple. She loves tv and computer time. She loves Scooby Doo, Twilight and Monster High. She is really into ghost stories and vampires. She loves fairies and littlest pet shop stuff. She also likes lip stuff, hair stuff, jewelry, purses, reading, coloring, art, temp tattoos, and MONKEYS. She LOVES Rainbow Magic Fairies and anything fairy related.

They all like crafts and stickers. They all seem to prefer bright colors over pastels. They both have pierced ears, as do I. All the girls love CANDY, especially sour candy. They ALL love hair stuff, fingernail polish and fake nails or little stuff to put on their nails.

My 16 yr old loves PEACE SIGNS and Zebra print, pink, purple, and any neon color. She's not really into reading, though I am trying still. She loves animals, socks and babies. She is super excited because her bio brother is having a little girl in Dec. She also loves Pooh and horror movies. Her birthday is in April and she will be 17 in 2013.

Wish list

*anything cats - ME *anything zebra -STASIA *anything frog - TONI *anything monkey TORI *return address labels ALWAYS *embellishments for ATCS *money from foreign countries *Candy and food from places I can't get in Nebraska *Love hot cocoa *CHOCOLATE! *Squished pennies from ANY where! We collect them. *Love Postcards! Written and stamped on with your city and state please to help with teaching! Hand cancelled is a bigger bonus! *world pcs, *state map PCs, *Touristy pcs, *cat pcs *animal pcs. *LOVE Handmade things *whimsey jars *inchies *decos, *slams, *Kawaii, *match boxes, *GLASS beads, *old coins *bright colors and tye dyes (size 4x tops) *RED or interesting totes or reusable bags are loved. *beads especially silver colored and red. * autumn colors. *Books- I love James Patterson, Janet Evanovich, Jonathan Kellerman, Jeffrey Deaver, and Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Rex Stout. *Twilight anything TORI is nuts about it. *cat stuff, *card games or board games. *Activities for girls around 11 or older. *Craft ideas that are cheap to do with groups of girls. *natural looking animals *Recycling ideas. *funky socks = I wear an US 11 so they need to be big but with 3 girls they will fit someone! *Music *vanilla *cinnamon
*cherry * chocolate, *carmel, *butterscotch *fruit punch *country music *rock music mixes, *Celtic, *carmex lip stuff *burts Bees *Aveno lotion and stuff *peace stuff. *handmade cards, *postcards mailed in the mail naked from faraway places.
kitchen stuff thats red, white and black *embroidered Kitchen cat towels *orange/ginger scented stuff. *pink cancer ribbon *hazelnut *amaretto *jelly life savers *jolly ranchers *carmel *Love lip stuff *Love bright colors *earth tones *Christmas *Halloween *Love stickers (NO FOAM or TEACHER REWARD stickers PLEASE!) *any hair stuff pony tails or clips or head bands *cancelled stamps non US or unused stamps US *Would love to get samples of:

slams, decos, match boxes, label bags, whimsey jars, amiguru or dotee dolls.

Am getting into ATCs. Would love to explore and learn more about them. Still trying to figure some things out. Not into Wicca, but find it interesting, as well as most other religions. I dislike letting people down and people who let kids down.

I believe if you are brave enough to ask, I will answer just about anything. I am very upfront and straight forward. Ask! and I will tell you...

Also can send - Would like to do one on one swaps also. Just PM me. | am able to send tourist stuff from Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and South Dakota. I have map cards from Iowa, SD and KS. I only live about 30 miles from IA and SD. There is lots of Lewis and clark stuff around here. I love candy and we have a really cool candy store. Also a few Mexican stores. I can get lots of accessories, makeup, and jewelry. I can send magazines, books, stamps, and stationary also. I could also do tea, coffee, honey stuff and drink mixes. I also have some scrabble tiles, board games, movie ticket stubs and Omaha Zoo tram tickets to trade.

Check out my profile and make me an offer. I would love to do routine swaps.



FAIR WARNING! FREE PET HAIR WITH EVERY SWAP! I will try to do my best to keep pet hair out of my swaps, but I have 4 dogs and 5 cats! Plus numerous small creatures.

SWAPS OWED from when I broke my arm in Jan of 2011--->If they ever get back online: NikonGoddess for Sender's Choice Postcard & Pancakes for Stickers and a surprise


My daughters are really looking for pen pals AND SWAPS from other places...just let me know. I am always interested in new penpals and private swaps! Just ask! Thanks!


Comment: I forgot to rate:O But it was an awesome swap. Many thanks for you and your daughter :)
bytekel rated for Dia De Los Muertos ATC on Feb 25, 2013
Comment: Sent a PM 2/15/13 stating that I would re-rate if I ever receive.
Comment: Said she was late and would put in the mail on the weekend. Never got anything, no answer to my 2nd message to her :/ FLAKER!!!
foxyfoxy rated for Children's swap! on Feb 13, 2013
MrsVee rated for Let It Snow! on Feb 5, 2013
Comment: I will rerate when I receive something.
alweaxD rated for Winter's Chocolate Swap on Jan 30, 2013
Comment: I still don't have a pack. I changed this rate if I had this swap.
lacedrawers rated for Postcards for Sonya on Jan 29, 2013
Comment: Thank you! :D
JayBab rated for Coin Swap - Int'l circulated coins on Jan 27, 2013
Comment: Thank you LaDonna! i got the coins + extras. Happy swapping!
Kimiw rated for New Years Resolution questions Email on Jan 25, 2013
Comment: As of this time I haven't received my swap ... have gotten two messages, one on the 9th of Jan. stating that it was ready to go out that day but it never did. Then got another message on the 17th stating the same thing but still nothing. Will definitely change my rating when I get the swap.
zurike rated for Coin Swap - Int'l circulated coins on Jan 24, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the coins and for the recipe!!! <3 I will definitely try it. :D
pandabee rated for Let It Snow! on Jan 22, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the stickers, too!
snowy652 rated for Christmas Card RAK/Cheer for Anna on Jan 18, 2013
Comment: blessings on 2013
Response: thanks for the heart! Blessings to u also!
MzNavi rated for New Years Resolution questions Email on Jan 15, 2013
Comment: Happy new year!
Response: Thanks
Darkestlina rated for US Long Letter Pen Pals on Jan 14, 2013
Comment: What a lovely long letter :) I will write you back when I can
Response: Thanks! I look foward to it!
Response: thanks
rguldy rated for New Years Resolution questions Email on Jan 12, 2013
Comment: Enjoyed your answers, I stayed home also.
Response: Thanks 4 the heart! Happy New Year!
rubyrose rated for Edited...Monkey Collector swap on Jan 11, 2013
Comment: Wow, what an amazing package!!! So much stuff and so thoughtfully wrapped for both girls! They LOVED everything and were so excited. Thanks so much, wish I could give you lots of hearts! xxx
Response: You r so welcome! We had fun putting it together! Thanks for the heart! Hapy new year!

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AmookIslandCreations on Dec 20, 2012:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year LaDonna! You are welcome for the extra PC! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry

SamiE on Dec 8, 2012:

Got the swap (6 week # 4) today. And, I take it your daughter made one also? They are both really nice. Thanks.

SamiE on Dec 1, 2012:

Thanks for swap 3 in 6 week atc swap. Happy Holidays.

SamiE on Nov 24, 2012:

Opps, I didn't mail you the third, I mailed it to my partner. What a mess, sorry!!!!

SamiE on Nov 24, 2012:

Hi. Thanks for the second of six. And, I wanted to let you know round 3 of 6 week swap was mailed this morning.

Danidiving on Nov 21, 2012:

Hello! Thank you for a beautiful castle card from Iowa. It is really pretty:))

SamiE on Nov 19, 2012:

Thanks for the first 6 week swap. Love both ATC's. Your pen pal letter is really sweet. I'll rate you at the end of this swap.

dalbright on Nov 15, 2012:

You’re invited! Come de-clutter your desk with us!?: “Desk De-clutter #7 USA”

JudalineZ on Nov 11, 2012:

for monkey swap, It is me that collects monkey and frog was for my oldest daughter she is crazy about them and she have one frog tattooed on her neck like a tree frog climbing on the bamboo branch.

julebear on Oct 26, 2012:

thank you for map postcards!! love them. thanks!!

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