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Date Joined: July 25, 2009
Last Online: September 13, 2014
Birthday: May 4
Country: Poland
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Profile Update - 06/02/2014

I'm Aleksandra (but everyone in my country use to short Aleksandra to Ola - don't ask me why, I have no clue! :)) and I'm 24. Exactly I live in one of the biggest cities of Poland - Wrocław. I'm finished with my Bachelor degree and I'm starting my Master this autumn. I used work as a casino-dealer at one of the casinos for almost 5 years. But because the atmosphere and the people were getting only worse, I thought, it'd be reasonable to quit. After a month I found myself another job - Customer Service Representative with German. I've just started, but I like it a lot :) Being a dealer was something, that I really LOVE and I was very passionate about it :)
I claim, that I'm a twisted mind, cause I like to read/watch any kind of serial killers' biographies. It's interesting for me, though I know, it's not a very common hobby :) Other than that I have a few pen pals, so I'm writing letters to them :) I like to watch a good movie or another episode of one of my favorite tv-shows too. Family is also an important part of my life, so I'm trying to spend with them as much time as possible. I love them very much and they mean the world to me :) Since a month I'm living with my boyfriend and I have to admit, I enjoy it =) He's a great cook and a really decent man ;) Plus I'm totally in love with his dimples all over his body :P I always look for inspiration- when I have some free time I like to run Photoshop and play with the coloring of pictures a bit. I also used to write poems/short stories, but I have completely NO TIME to do that now. Maybe I'll get back to that after I graduate from school :)
And swapping became one of my hobbies as well! I love to see some packages for me in my mail box :) It's a nice feeling to get something from another country and to know, that there are people with common likes :) I'm doing my best with preparing the swaps for you :) I hope nobody will feel unsatisfied with what you get from me :)

If you like to set up a private swap with me, I'm totally open!! :) Don't hesitate to pm me ;)


!!! Recently I thought, I should get things straight with my 3 I received back in 2011 - unfair as I claim it to be. I PM-ed my partner, @evieroz and explained, I'd like to make it up to her and asked, if there's something, she'd like to get to change my rating. The answer I got was a big, sad surprise... This swapper doesn't understand the meaning of FUN I suppose, cause swapping is about to have fun, right? I'd say, we all sometimes have issues with the post offices, especially when sending to another continent and 3 weeks to arrive from Poland to the US is sometimes possible... Especially, when the stamp on the PC was from the date I promised to send out... Obviously @evieroz hasn't got any problems since "August 2006" as "original member". (Of course I have messages to her as unambiguous proof of my words). This situation is really sad, because I'd like to show with ratings, that I'm a good swapper and I am so sorry, that I cannot...
+ @evieroz is really rude - it really made me sad, when I was reading her messages. Some of them consisted of 4-5 words, without even "hello" or "bye". Well, respect is something, that needs to be taught at home - that's my comment...

Favorite Movies

Not Another Teen Movie, The Saw, Seven, Lo​ve Me if You Dare, Color of Money, Crue​l Intentions, D​ude, where's my Car, American​ Pie, Eyes Wide Shut, Rose Red, Final Destination, Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo, Butterfl​y Effect, Inter​view with the Vampire, Girl​ Next Door, Scary Movie, Vanill​a Sky, Romeo and Juliet, Fight​ Club (and many, many more... :))

Favorite Television

CSI, CSI Miami, Dexter​, Six Feet Under, Las Vegas, Cold Case, Crimin​al Minds, American Horror Story, Hannibal, Elementary, Lie to Me, Luther, The Borgias, The Killing

Favorite Colors

♦ red
♦ blue
♦ green
♦ purple
♦ maybe a bit pink and yellow :)


♥ stationary (all kinds, but my totally favorites are Kawaii (I can't get it in Poland, unfortunately :( ) and Diddl :))
♥ tea bags (I don't really like green and white tea, but all others are perfectly fine!)
♥ coffee (that's one of my addictions! =))
♥ hot chocolate and chocolate to eat (I'm a Milka-lover ;P) :):)
♥ stickers (I prefer sticker sheets, but loose ones are okay too :) and Kawaii stickers would be awesome :))
♥ memo sheets (I like all kinds of them :))
♥ note cards
♥ notepads
♥ sweets (in any form- hard candy, jelly beans, chewing gums, cookies... anything sweet! Haribo is ♥ :))
♥ nail polish (I've got like 40 different bottles at home :))
♥ miami
♥ j'adore
♥ ros​es
♥ c​octails
♥ ​candles
♥ bubb​le baths, lotions, creams, shower gels (basically anything, that smells nice :))
♥ to talk
♥ bi​llard
♥ p​hotoshop


♠ blank postcards with a city view (I don't need them to anything)
♠ liquorice (I can't even stand the smell of it!)
♠ handmaking (don't expect to get something handmade from me - I can't do anything pretty! but I'm open to get anything handmade from you :))
♠ scrapbooking/decoupage things (I'm so NOT into that!)


♣ stationary (♥)
♣ tea bags (I recently got some Bigelow Tea and I have to admit - the fruit teas were wonderful! I'd be more than glad to receive some of it! :))
♣ coffee (I also had 'taster's choice' coffee once- the hazelnut was amazing!! :))
♣ hot chocolate (Options Hot Chocolate would be awesome! especially the mint and white one! =))
♣ chocolate bars (or any other form of chocolate to eat :) Geisha is my ♥)
♣ stickers
♣ post-its
♣ memo sheets
♣ something Diddl (Kawaii, Chococat is fine too :))
♣ adress labels (before making these for me, please ask me about the address, cause it can happen anytime, that I'll be moving or something :))
♣ swap cards (a sort of a 'business card' with infos like 'swap name', 'swap partner', 'don't forget to rate' on it - they are hard to get in Poland :()
♣ sweets (as mentioned- any kind :) and Airheads would be AWESOME! :) I also like Haribo and Jelly Beans a lot, but no liquorice, please =))
♣ recently I fell in love with Reese-products... Oh, they're so wonderfully perfect!! ♥
♣ nail polish (all colors would be appreciated :))
♣ any of the cosmetics I listed in 'loving' :) my favorite scents are fruity :)
♣ books in English/German (I'd love to read some, especially about serial killers! I know, there are many titles, but unfortunately I can't get them in Poland :()
♣ something casino-related or poker-related
♣ I let you surprise me ;)


I'm swapping for more than a year and, sadly, I've been flaked too many times. I'm making a list of flakers, cause I think, these people should be known everywhere on this site!

Chocolate Lover's Postcard and Treat Swap by @stellar3mailart
Stuff An Envie! by @anjinho
Christmas Calendar Swap (Europe only) by @GothicVamperstein
1$ Wish List Swap by @FredAteMeSpleen
chocoholic by @tennesseehoney
^^^Christmas Tea Swap 09^^^ by @SilverDreamer
Postcard & Sticker Jumble by @JuggaletteMom
Sticker Envie #1 by @oxoxox
Send me... lettersets! by @oxoxox
Package of Green by @lorelaiwalker (profile deleted!)
Fill up my mailbox - European version by @Silencio (profile deleted!)
Fill up my mailbox - European version by @Stregatta
Colorful Craft Pens by @crazzzyBONBONS
10 surprise items by @GingerAmy
Teatime! by @candy69 (profile deleted!)
Fruity Milk Chocolate Bar (# 1) by @candy69 (profile deleted!)
Yours and mine chocolate swap by @Titti
Yummy European Chocolate Swap! by @sewvanilla
Colors of the RAINBOW swap by @boredinarkansas
Notecards and Stickers semi-flaked by @koewrar (we made it clear - I've received extra-note cards. Thanks!)
Sweet Tooth Europe Only #2 by @minnadreams (profile deleted!)
101010 Postcard Swap by @thepinknarwhal (profile deleted!)
~Stationery & A Surprise~ by @lilmissdogooderfl
2010 Christmas Card International Swap by @mommark
Package up my favorite colour by @MomZoo
European May Birthdays by @thunderstruck (profile deleted!!; it's "awesome" to be flaked on your own swap, really :()
Favorite Candy Bar Swap by @ginnyluvspotter
7 Days of Mail #2 by @loriallen
Valentine Single or Couple pack by @stacirose
chocoholic supreme by @vertiigo
It's Snack Time Swap! ~ International by @Bruge
drink scavenger hunt APRIL by @bragginrightsbath
ILK: 25 / 25 / 25 October by @rachelcdoyle
Christmas Gifts Swap by @LunarLotus
Valentine Treat Bag by @melissaki (profile deleted!)

if there's a '→' by the name of the swap, that means, that it's been angeled already :)


of course there are also people, who are kind enough to angel swaps, where the assigned partners failed. these kind people were:

◘ @sanna angeled the 'Christmas Calendar Swap (Europe only)'
◘ @maryhassound angeled the 'Stuff An Envie!'
◘ @kyynarpaa angeled the 'chocoholic'
◘ @Chelle angeled the 'Sticker Envie #1'
◘ @Freyja80 angeled the 'Send me... lettersets!'
◘ @ObsessedAngel angeled the 'Colorful Craft Pens'
◘ @susieq11 angeled the 'Chocolate Lover's Postcard and Treat Swap' (and once again the 'Sticker Envie #1' =))
◘ @MorahLaura angeled the '1$ Wish List Swap'
◘ @iLoveMail angeled the 'Christmas Tea Swap 09'
◘ @andannabegins angeled the 'Notecards and Stickers'
◘ @anicka22 angeled the 'Yours and mine chocolate swap'
◘ @valkyr angeled the 'Postcard & Sticker Jumble' and 'Fill up my mailbox - European version'
◘ @lexidh angeled the '10 surprise items'
◘ @swappintoya angeled the 'Stationery & A Surprise'
◘ @SABR and @Marryth angeled the 'Teatime!'
◘ @Glenn angeled the 'Fill up my mailbox - European version'
◘ @AussieMumJen angeled the 'Package of Green'
◘ @Meepy angeled the 'It's Snack Time Swap! ~ International'
◘ @viza angeled the 'European May Birthdays'
◘ @renate angeled the 'Valentine Single or Couple pack' and 'Fruity Milk Chocolate Bar (# 1)'
◘ @Metruis angeled the 'Favorite Candy Bar Swap'
◘ @manders2280 angeled the 'ILK: 25 / 25 / 25 October'
◘ @mmiatsu angeled the 'Sweet Tooth Europe Only #2'
◘ @pne angeled the 'BIG CHOCOLATE SWAP'
◘ @Welshgirlie angeled the 'Colors of the RAINBOW swap'
◘ @sammybongo angeled the 'Valentine Treat Bag'

thank you so much!!

if you'd like to angel me one of the listed swaps, i'd be glad to angel you a swap :) just let me know by sending a pm :)


I've recently started to take part in various tags in groups' forums and I have to admit, that I kinda liked it :)

But because I ALWAYS forget things, I'm making this little 'board', where I'll write the sent and received tags :)

+ Kawaii Who Wants It (Lucky Parcels, Whimsey Jars, and Scavenger Hunt) to @proudmama (received)
+ WTA #10 (Stickerswappers) to @Chelle (received)
+ WTA #13 (Stickerswappers) to @Moni (received)
+ Drinks Sachet Tag (Europe Food Exchange) to @vintervila (received)
+ My Favourite Chocolate Tag (Europe Food Exchange) to @forever0lost (received)
+ WTA #15 (Kawaii Europe) to @renate (received)
+ WTA #15 (Spoiled Swappers) to @vintervila (received)
+ WTA #14 (Stickerswappers) to @keylee3 (received)
+ WTA #16 (Spoiled Swappers) to @Moni (received)
+ WTA#15 (Stickerswappers) to @andannabegins (user suspended!)
+ WTA#2 (Europe Food Exchange) to @Teraceee (received)
+ WTA#3 (Europe Food Exchange) to @EllyScissorhands (sent on Feb 15th)
+ WTA#17 (Stickerswappers) to @tanyacox (user suspended!)
+ WTA#18 (Stickerswappers) to @anicka22 (received)
+ ABC Tag (Edibles Swappers International) to @id0be1ieve (received)
+ YUMMY Pay It Forward (Edibles Swappers International) to @kari (received)
+ WTA#19 (Kawaii Europe) to @Moni (received)
+ ABC Tag (Edibles Swappers International) to @freyacz (received)
+ WTA#6 (Maibox Madness) to @AngelKay (sent on May 31st)
+ WTA#3 (StickerMania) to @tiggerkitn25 (received)
+ Swap Tag - International (Rainbows & Rainclouds) to @weeatcrayons (received)
+ Pick 2 Tag!! (Rainbows & Rainclouds) to @Deeno1105 (received)
+ WTA#4 (StickerMania) to @MeSo (status unknown)
+ WTA#22 (Stickerswappers) to @tiggerkitn25 (received)
+ ABC Tag #1 (Europe Food Exchange) to @Teraceee (received)
+ WTA#5 (StickerMania) to @Margothecat (received)
+ Round Robin #1 International (StickerMania) to @carolynne99 (received)
+ July WTA (You've Got Mail) to @rexypants (received)
+ I wish for... (public forum) to @donnasaurus1 (sent on Aug 26th)
+ New ~ Letter Set Tag Game (LetterSet Lovers) to @Pandabingsu (sent on Sept 2nd)
+ August WTA (You've Got Mail) to @Castlequeen (received)
+ WTA #20 (Swaps for Europe New) to @Gnoe (received)
+ Tag me...... but i send to you! (public forum) to @Kaylahenry13 (resent on Dec. 12th)
+ September WTA (You've Got Mail) to @Maggiesmother (received)
+ October WTA (You've Got Mail) to @Texydeb (sent on Dec. 12th)

+ Kawaii Who Wants It (Lucky Parcels, Whimsey Jars, and Scavenger Hunt) from @proudmama
+ Drinks Sachet Tag (Europe Food Exchange) from @xshootingstarsx
+ My Favourite Chocolate Tag (Europe Food Exchange) from @renate
+ WTA #1 (Europe Food Exchange) FLAKED by @LaStrega275 ( @xshootingstarsx - thanks for being my angel! =)); received from @Arwen , @xshootingstarsx , @Mikka , @renate , @muusikameli , @EllyScissorhands , @Lenna , @Moni , @Teraceee , @stitchinwitch
+ YUMMY Pay It Forward (Edibles Swappers International) FLAKED by @Jester777
+ ABC Tag (Edibles Swappers International) from @SweetClementine
+ WTA#18 (Kawaii Europe) from @renate , @anicka22 and @Moni
+ WTA#5 (Mailbox Madness) FLAKED by @EllyScissorhands and FLAKED by @ilovetubby received from @Leashah , @BuniGrrl , @singlemommie1984 , @tiggerkitn25 , @kikilala , @AngelKay , @rebma , @Moni and @CarlyJo
+ ABC Tag (Edibles Swappers International) from @SweetClementine
+ Pick 2 Tag!! (Rainbows & Rainclouds) from @weeatcrayons
+ Swap Tag - International (Rainbows & Rainclouds) from @Runebound
+ Round Robin #1 International (StickerMania) from @tiggerkitn25
+ Pay it Forward Tag (You've Got Mail) from @reallydanielle
+ Tag me...... but i send to you! (public forum) from @KristinCali
+ I wish for... (public forum) from @marthy FLAKED
+ New ~ Letter Set Tag Game (LetterSet Lovers) from @Viscid FLAKED


Comment: I really truly hate to leave negative feedback but have not received anything nor had confirmation that she has received my end of the swap. Did not respond to pm. Will re rate if anything is recieved.
Amy7783 rated for SWEET MAIL #1 on Aug 23, 2014
Comment: Sorry to do this - I'll happily change it if I ever receive anything. You marked sent on April 5, then promised to re-send on July 20 when I let you know it hadn't arrived. I've still not received anything, and you haven't responded to my PM.
ehjut rated for Food ~ One Person Per Country Swap #2 on Jul 5, 2014
Comment: Not a heart, but meets min requirements. Took 83 days. If sending slow boat, wonder why waited tell last day to send package?
Welshgirlie rated for Sweet May! on Jun 30, 2014
Comment: Received swap today, thanks for resending, some of it was out of date though but looking forward to trying the rest :) thanks
misia76 rated for Chocolate! March. on Jun 23, 2014
Comment: Hi Aleksandra, I finally received your package!! I was so happy when I found it in my mailbox. Thank you so much! :)
pne rated for Sweet April! on Jun 18, 2014
Comment: 2014-06-13: got a message 4 May saying the package had been returned to her and she would send it out again on 5/6 May. Sent a message a month later (6 June) when the package was still not there. The message was read but there has been no response, and lukrecja has not logged on since then. I will update the rating if I get anything, of course. 2014-06-18: last login is now 13 June, which I think is the postmark on the parcel that arrived today. Thank you for the sweets! (Some of the chocolate has melted and re-set but that’s more the weather’s fault than yours :D No mess since it stayed inside its wrapper.) I’ll look forward to trying out the variety you sent me!
dalteya rated for Chocolate! April on Jun 6, 2014
Comment: Didnt recieve the package and you didnt answer on my messages(
TerryK rated for May Birthdays' Gifts! on May 18, 2014
Nebula rated for Gum Swap on May 12, 2014
Comment: Thanks a lot for the gums!! :)
Comment: thank you for everything, nice selection
WPREGEL rated for Sweet March! on Apr 18, 2014
Comment: Your package arrived today. I am super excited to try the variety of all the items. Thank you so much.
ElaCaiu rated for ElaCaiu and lukrecja - private swap on Apr 4, 2014
Comment: Thank you for all the candies!
FairyLady rated for Gum Swap on Apr 1, 2014
Comment: Lovely swap. My boyfriend was super happy with all the lovely gums and extra lollypops. Thank you! :-D
Comment: Dziekuje!
xoxocat8845 rated for Chocolate swap #1 on Mar 14, 2014
Comment: I received my package today! I'm so excited to try all this lovely chocolate. Thank you for going above and beyond and being a great partner :)
ticru81 rated for Sweet February! on Mar 10, 2014
Comment: Thanks alot for the candies and hot drinks! :)
nyanSan rated for :D Feed Poland and Germany! on Mar 9, 2014
Comment: I absolutely loved the package! It is amazing. I got it on Saturday and I opened it today and it was so great :). It has such a huge variety of all sorts of things and so much of what I like. Omg! Thank you for trying hard to find things I enjoy :D! I would love to swap again when my wallet will stop screaming "spare me please", hahaha. :) Are you interested in penpalling or something like that? Might be interesting to try out. Anyway, I wish you a nice week! :D Thank you again!
Response: Thanks a lot for your positive rating =) I'm so happy, you like the "Polish" package! :) Of course we can try the penpalling, no problem =) If you'd like to write me first, I'd be glad to answer =) Take care! ;)
juliedro rated for Pen hunters 4 on Feb 25, 2014
Comment: Thank you very very very much ! wish I could give you more hearts!!! love what you sent me and the angel was so so so sweet of you to send. yes,that swap stayed flaked on, and will have to update the info, and also write you angeled it :) thank you! loved everything! :) have a great day!
devilspigeonhole rated for Happy Mail! #2 on Feb 24, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the lovely swap. I had a lot of fun unpacking the swap as I always enjoy receiving swaps that has a little bit of everything in it. :) Thanks again!

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anrtist on Jun 17, 2014:

Hi, I am sorry to have to remove you from the LLL Group until you can get your ratings made right and back in good standing.

Linda52156 on Jun 17, 2014:

Sorry had to remove you from Cuppa and a Letter group due to your recent 1;s.

bunnyhoney on May 28, 2014:

Thank you for being a part of the Kawaii! group!


megalynn on Apr 2, 2014:

Thank you so much for angeling the Random Envie #1 for me!! You sent me an amazing, thick envie full of kawaii goodies! I can't wait to use everything! :D

devilspigeonhole on Feb 14, 2014:

Maggiesmother on Jan 22, 2014:

Thanks for the postcards and note card for the September WTA. Thanks, Linda

devilspigeonhole on Jan 1, 2014:

UrsaMinor on Dec 21, 2013:

Hello Aleksandra! I'm opening my Christmas swaps today Becker I'm leaving for my parents' place tomorrow. Thank you so much for the tea, socks, chocolate and pen! They're all wonderful ♡♥♡♥ Have a lovely Christmas!

Saija, previously known as PrunellaModularis

Gnoe on Sep 19, 2013:

Thank you for the fun postcards in SENG WTA#20! I hope you didn't go through too much trouble trying not to include any city views? O_o Appreciate it very much! :D

tiggerkitn25 on Sep 17, 2013:

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