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𝓐𝓫𝓸𝓾𝓽 𝓶𝓮 & 𝓜𝔂 𝓬𝓸𝓵𝓵𝓮𝓬𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷𝓼

REGARDING MY 3 & 1 RATINGs I am very sorry to the people that were affected. I was going through a very very hard time in my life and was drowning. I am sad and embarrassed that i flaked on those few people or that items got lost in the mail. I have contacted them to try and resend to make up for my mistake. two have responded and i'm resending, the other 1 wants nothing to do with mending.

POST OFFICE My Post Office is Very picky about the right amount of postage. I have had to go pay the missing amount of postage a couple times, so please please check the postage. Thanks! There have also been times where they will hold things i send out and send them back to my address for more postage. When that happens the swap will be date stamped late and i will let you know that it was sent back. I hope y'all understand!

RATINGS I always send my swaps out on time and I try my hardest to make each and every one personal and special. If you don't receive a swap from me shoot me a quick message and we can work everything out. Please DO NOT just rate me down without contacting me first! Thanks!

Intsagram -> WhimsyEcoBug

Hello! My name is Jade, Born and Raised Texan🌵. I am 21 years old, about to start my 4th semester at college. Working towards my Associates Degree in Science.
My mom and I love to go Hiking, Geocaching, and just all around Exploring together. (lol and now i go with my boyfriend sometimes). I'm slowly transitioning to Zero Waste Living and trying to start my own garden.
Geocachers, if you send me a path tag it's an instant heart!! My mom and I collect them, so if you send 2 you will get a letter back with stationary goodies or our pathtags. I will also move along any TB's that you have

Postcard Collection (Missings)↴

LOU PAPER CARDS {prefer sent from origin}【Butterflies, Garden Herbs, Fruit, Bread, Cheese, Tea, Shellfish, Mammals, Sushi, Tomatoes, Vegetables, Chile Peppers, Winter Garden, Utah, Nevada, West Virginia, Wyoming, Hawaii, Mississippi, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Indiana, Kentucky, Oregon, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, New York, & Ohio】

GF {sent from origin} 【 Missing a lot and on hold collecting these】

WT {sent from origin} 【Missing a lot and on hold collecting these】

POSTCARD FAIR BIG LETTER STATES {sent from origin}【 Arkansas, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Utah, & West Virginia】

HPC {sent from origin} 【 Missing a lot and on hold collecting these】

Other postcard themes i love ≫ Anything that says “happy postcrossing” or “postcrossing”, sharks, owls, scooby-doo, game of thrones, movie cards, postboxes, food & drink recipes, water color, Illustrations of men and women, Tourist maps & places to visit maps, multi-viewed cards with label of location, fact cards, animal cards with info, UNESCO, Russian cards, German cards, Indonesia fact cards, gamer cards, and much more❤️

Along with postcards, I collect : Skeleton Keys, Patches, Miniature Things, Fridge Magnets, Movie Tickets, shot glasses.

𝓣𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓼 𝓽𝓱𝓪𝓽 𝓶𝓪𝓴𝓮 𝓶𝓮 𝓢𝓶𝓲𝓵𝓮

  • Animals (all kinds, but my faves are Sharks, Hyenas, Foxes, Squirrels, Bears, and Elephants)
  • Alcohol (candies, recipie cards, your fave drink recipe, anything else related)⠀
  • Candies & snacks from your current town/city/state/country ⠀
  • Scooby-Doo (anything to do with him and the Scooby Gang!!)⠀
  • Used/unused stamps from where you live⠀
  • Junk Journal items (Journaling cards, pockets, photos, baby envelopes, scrapbook paper, STICKERS kiddie & alphabet ones are okay!, Buttons, Random odds and ends) ⠀
  • Washi tape samples (instant heart if not part of swap)
  • SEEDS !! (also gardening tips/tricks, any gardening items, and succulents)
  • Paper maps from anywhere
  • Playing cards (I love the pictures on the back & JOKERS)
  • Macabre themes (spooky things, skeletons, ghosts, Halloween, coffins, vampires, creepy mythological creatures, ghost stories, and anything that falls under the "Halloween" category)
  • Japanese stationary & memo sheets
  • Letter sets !
  • FRIDGE MAGNENTS specifically MAP ones, but I will love any. HUNTING for Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Missouri, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, & New Mexico as I have visited and forgotten to get one.
  • Anklets or Bracelets that are made from string (like those friendship ones)
  • Kawaii Characters ; Jewel Cat, Jiji (studio Ghibli), Sentimental Circus (San-X), Sumikko Gurashi (San-X), Chi Chai Monchan, Chibimaru, Hey Hey Pig, Molang, Mamegoma, Hamtaro, Kamonohashi Kamo, Paupipo, Stitch, Jinbesan, Pekkle, Nemukko Nyago, Ect.
  • Ribbons (also string, yarn, and other things in that category)
  • Ghost Towns/ Abandoned Places (names, stories, places in your town)
  • Ghost Stories !!!

                     Current Wishlist 

    (anything from my wishlist will be a heart)

  • Fuse Tool (if you have one for sale or one you just wanna get rid of, PLEASE let me know)
  • Note Cards (not thank you, congratulations, or invitation ones)
  • Washi Tape Samples (any kinds!!)
  • Writing Paper ! (lined and the gridded ones)
  • Unique Papers (anything you feel is unique!)
  • Wax (the little wax pieces for wax melting!)
  • Geocachers Path Tags (or ones you've collected and don't want)
  • Witchy things & Spooky things!

I do use a lot of paper scraps and I love them, so I will not rate you down for sending them to me ! (size 4X4 or bigger)

- No Butterfly items ⠀ - No Unnecessary Plastic please !!
- No Makeup or Makeup Samples (I only use Vegan and Cruelty-free items)

𝓐𝓑𝓒'𝓼 𝓸𝓯 𝓶𝓮

A: Adventure, Animals, Alcohol, Assassin's Creed, Anatomy, Abu
B: Bible Versus, Baking, Books, Black Ops, Borderlands
C: Cats, Christian, COD, Coffee, Cemeteries, Candy, Chocolate, Cruelty-Free
D: Dogs, Dr Pepper, Darth Vader, Dolly Parton
E: Ephemera, Exploring, Exercise, Ethical, Earth
F: Fringe, Feathers, Folk Tales
G: Green, Gardening, Ghost Stories, Geocaching, Gemstones, Gemini
H: Hippie, Horror, Hiking, Horoscopes
I: International
J: Journals, Jokes
K: Kettle Corn, Kittens, Kites
L: Lace, Letters, Letterboxing, Lists, Legends
M: Movies, Movie Tickets, Mythology, Maps, Modern Warfare
N: National Parks, Notebooks, Nature, Netflix
O: Ocean, Owls, Origami, Opal, Onyx
P: Postcards, Planners, Playlists, Peculiar things, Puns, Pockets
Q: Quests, Queen, Questions, Quirky, Quotes
R: Recipes, Recycling, Reading, Ribbon
S: Scooby-Doo!, Stickers, Science, Scary Movies, Slytherin, State Parks, Sweet Tea, Stamps, Skeletons, Snack Swaps
T: Teaching, Tiny Items, Teas, Travelling, Tarot Cards
U: Underworld, Utopia, Unique, Upcycling
V: Video Games, Vegan (not with food yet), Vikings (not the show, the time period)
W: Washi Tape!, Wax seals & melts, Witcher (the game), Witchy
X: Xenophile, X-ray
Y: Yoga
Z: Zero Waste, Zoos, Zombies


SkaGirl rated for Weekly Wrap Up PC #13 on Sep 28, 2020
Comment: Thank you!!! I hope things are going better with your roommates!!!
Akanksha23 rated for 3 Things In An Envelope #7 on Sep 28, 2020
Comment: Thank u so much for the wonderful envelop full of goodies! Loved everything, especially the bingo cards! Have a nice day.
kittyfun rated for Weekly Wrap Up PC #12 on Sep 28, 2020
Comment: Thank you for your postcard! I love fall weather as well!
SunflowerRose rated for First & last Lines no. 25 on Sep 27, 2020
Comment: Loved the pc. Ill have to look into the book
tobytobs rated for !!TBR Lists!! on Sep 21, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the list. Will definitely look into these.
alwayslearning rated for Interest Me No. 84 on Sep 16, 2020
benny rated for Summer Flip Book on Mar 15, 2020
Comment: I’m sorry but I have enough of your lies. I’ve been kind and understanding for months. Bye Jade.
Response: Hello, Just wanted to go on here and thank you for letting me resend to you ☺️
Widellia rated for *Winter Care Package* on Jan 23, 2020
Comment: I got it, a bit late. Thank you for the love items
Chocopan rated for ABC Snacks - C 🍫 on Dec 9, 2019
Comment: I've messaged and received no response. I'm willing to rerate if I ever receive anything! //Edit 22.1.20. I said I'd re-rate but honestly this deserves nothing more than a 1. The swap was mailed on Dec 14th, so very, very late. I got two chocolate bars, both clearly completely melted at some point (so not very appetizing), and one of which had already had its best before date in September - so even if the swap had been sent early I'd still have gotten expired chocolate!
Response: Hello, I know it’s very late, but i have messaged you asking if i could resend and i would love an answer back so i can mend this. Thanks!
Holunderfee rated for ☠HS : Tag flip // Part 7☠ on Nov 17, 2019
Comment: Not even marked sent. No message. It`s the host of the swap. Sad. *** EDIT dec 10 - swap was marked sent a few days after my rating. Still nothing arrived. (Two older swaps with a sent date october 5th and 6th are still on the dashboard). And the worst thing: STILL NO MESSAGE. Life can happen. But, Jade, you logged in to mark sent, so you could sent a short message. (No other log in since that day.) ***EDIT january 26/2020. Still nothing - no swap, no message. Jade, let me tell you that I will archive this swap, because I don`t want to get something any more. I let it go. !!!EDIT!!! september 7th 2020 (some days before I`ve got the message) ..... as I stated in january I don`t want to get somthing anymore. Our swap was a year ago with NO communication although you were online.
Response: Hello, I know this is very late, i’m sorry, but i have messaged you asking to resend, and i would love to hear back from you to mend this. Thanks!
Comment: I LOVED!!!! the envelope flip book you made! You did such a great job!! It's hard to believe that was your first one!
Comment: Thank you for my plushie, I really like him.
kfaye rated for Lets have a relaxing fall on Nov 6, 2019
Comment: Never received. Update Oct 4th: Received message saying she's too busy but will get to it. Update Nov 6th: Finally received. It would have been nice if you at least read my profile & didn't send things I am allergic to on top of being over a month late.
georgiafae rated for ☠HS : Tag flip // Part 6☠ on Nov 4, 2019
Comment: Great tag-love the falling down witch and the torn pieces on front and back of tag. Great magazine envelope too!
knitterofhats rated for A Spooky Night Halloween Swap on Nov 3, 2019
Comment: Swap due out Sept 30. As of Oct 14, it’s not even marked as shipped and I have received nothing. Contacted swapper on Oct 6 to determine status. She responded that she hadn’t shipped yet, but planned to soon, because she was busy with school and had limited funds. Will change rating if I get something. Would have appreciated some proactive communication after partners were assigned, in the three weeks before the swap was due out. October 23 update: Rec’d PM from you on Oct 17 that you were planning to ship and would send tracking number within a day. You marked as sent on Oct 17. I never received a tracking number from you. I even PM’d asking for a tracking number but never received one. I see you did read that PM. I still have never received anything. Oct 30 update: Despite having marked shipped on Oct 17, I received a PM from you today reporting you had not shipped because you were low on funds due to not working. Nov 2 update: Thanks. Received package you mailed Oct 31. Updating 1 rating to a 3.
Comment: Thank you for the great postcard and sharing your list with me.
georgiafae rated for ☠HS : Tag flip // Part 4☠ on Oct 20, 2019
Comment: Very fun tag-loved the saying written on masking tape on the back. And clever to add pocket in tag to send note. I will have to check out some of those favorite horror movies you listed-I haven't head of a couple of them. Happy Halloween and thanks for sharing with me!

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Deco Disney movies #5 The princess and the frog

Hello Jade! Have a wonderful weekend))))
Olga / olgayaar




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Cute Profile #4

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Whoops, sorry for the giant one! I'm on mobile and it looked okay in the preview!

Itti on Aug 5, 2019:

Hey, this is for the "reptiles with fruit on their heads e-swap" for the scales and tails group.

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Cute profile #1

Have a wonderful week💜

Fransiscaxoxo on Aug 4, 2019:

Cute profile #1

Have a wonderful week💜

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Cute profile #3

Enjoy! And sorry for the delay. KSENiA

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Enjoy the cuteness

Have a wonderfull day

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Happy unbirthday! (Deco profile Disney movies #3 Alice in Wonderland)

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