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Hello!! I'm Amber!! I am 26. I have been married for 6 years to Nels! We were married 9.9.9

I am currently a stay at home wife, and I am running my own very small business!! I design kawaii paper clip toppers!

I am a very open person and can talk up a storm! I also love laughing! When I use “lol” or “hahaha” I am truly laughing! You don't have to guess with me.. =] I have an interesting sense of humor...I can be childish at times and I can also have a sarcastic sense of humor...It's my defense mechanism against stupid...

I love having inside jokes and I love quoting movies!! "I'm serial/cereal guys..."

I love lists and being organized...just about everything I have is organized...= ]

I always put things in it's own place so I know where it is at all times....still trying to get hubby to comply he is usually asking me where his stuff is... >.>

I have brownish hazel eyes, medium brown hair. I have olivey/beige toned skin. I wear nerdish glasses. I am 5" 2'. I'm tiny...

I am usually in jeans or shorts depending on the weather. I always wear a colored tank top. I love graphic tees. And I especially love hoodies/jackets. I love wearing my high tops and converse shoes. I also love my flip flops.

When it comes to dressing up I am not too girly...but just enough. My toes are always painted...and I love doing my nails! I wear light colored eye makeup. I love cotton dresses and skirts! I also love plaid button up shirts.

I sing in the shower

I love dancing...when I'm alone...or in my car!

I hate running

I love my meats (veggie or kosher) sweet = ]

I can impersonate different accents

I am scared of flying...

I rescued a kitten when he was 3 days old. His birthday is July 1!

His name is Mumford! Yes, after the band. The reason behind his name is that when I found him he looked like a little lion. So I was like hmm...little lion man! So instead of Lion I named him Mumford.

He is precious to me, and follows me all over the house like I am his cat mom...well I am.


Lauren is my bestest friend in the whole wide world!! And if you ever feel the need to include something extra for her she absolutely loves Hello Kitty...anything!!

Lauren and I met in boarding academy. We pretty much clicked the minute we spoke to each other. We have been best friends ever since! Recently she watched a movie called "Snow Flower and The Secret Fan" and she told me that we are Laotong.

Laotong is a "type of relationship within Chinese culture, which was practiced in Hunan, that bonded two girls together for eternity as kindred sisters. For Chinese women, the Laotong or "Old-Sames" relationship was the most precious friendship bond. This was a more rare and formal relationship between women. A woman could only have one Laotong, and the bond was for life." I feel that this describes our friendship perfectly!

A recent quote she sent me "I love you. Not in a full on lesbian way, but a more grab-your-boob-occasionally kinda way" I love her to death!

Last year I gave her a package of hello kitty items I had received from people here on swap-bot. She LOVED it!! And she finally got a swap-bot!!!!

Lisha is also my bestest friend in the whole wide world!! And if you ever feel the need to include something extra for her she too absolutely loves Hello Kitty...anything!! She plans on birthing her future child/children in a Hello Kitty Hospital!!

Lisha and I have known each other for most of our lives. Her mom worked with my mom/grandmother and we started our friendship as a play-date getting each other Polly Pocket dolls. From that moment on we have been the best of buds!! And have since gotten each other into Polly Pockets, Barbies, Sims, Monster High, and now I am bringing her to Swap-Bot!!

Lisha is like the sister I never had. We skype on the daily, even if we are both busy cleaning! It's just nice to have someone there while your other half is off working. Her and her mother have been such a wonderful part of my life and have been there through thick and thin. I'm not quite sure where or what I would be without their love and support!!

We also love each other so much that we have various pet names for each other that some may find offensive!! LOL!!

I love you Boo Boo!!


You are about to find out that I absolutely love list. I love putting everything in a list. I also love for things to be organized, hence the profile. As you can also see, I love gifs/pixels. If you would like to know where I get mine, just ask, I don't mind. Also, if you wanna be a pen pal hit up my message box!! I'll try my best to be a good pen pal. Life gets in the way sometimes, but it's human...

When it comes to kawaii, I'm not to terribly picky, I love a lot of kawaii characters. I don't mind being given knock off brands either. As long as I squee when I see it...I'll love it.

Soda!! Sweets!! Regular Food!! Super Colorful Anything!! Everyday Objects with faces!! Girls/friends!! Animals!! Anything with a cute face!! Jelly fish!! Octopus!! Stars!! Weather!!

Natto Chan!! Bubble Bath Bunnies!! Tamago Egg Bears!! Sushi Rolls and Friends!! Flight Attendant!! Happy Love Sweets!! Sweet Berry Time!! Cookie Man!! Hamu Chan’s World!! Fluffy White Fuzz Ball!! Snow Babies!! Candy and Sweet Friends!! Sheep!! White Bear!! Baby Bunny and Panda!! Panda and Friends!! Nyanko Bakery!! Happy Charm!! Marshmallows!! Ice Cube Babies!! Smiling Cakes!! Happy Pop Burger!! Usagi Cupcake!! Sweet Party!! Kuma Burger!!

Rabbit Bakery!! Atsu Atsu Takoyaki!! Café Café!! Stamp Friends!! Moko Cream Chan!! Torori Jam Chan!! Pudding and Milk!! Medicine Bunnies!! Happy Lunch!! Happy Memorial!! Jelly!! Kira USA Twins!! Koguma Pan!! Purin!! Rainbow Friends!! Smile Friends!! Soda Chan!! Strawberry Soda!! Miracle Girls!! Happy House!! Animal Life!! Usa Chan!!

Ichigono Panda!! Sweet Desserts!! Monster Music!! We are Manmaru!! Dango!! Balloon Chan!! Brillian Girls!! Pop Girl!! Kirarin Animals!! Yogurt Friends!!

Nomikake Soda Chan Candy Twins Lovely Hamsters Bear’s Park Homey Fruits Lovely Star Cutie Collection Smile Pocket Teeth Trickle-Chan Sweet Cake Love Junk Shizuku Chan Candy Mix Girls Fuwa Hamu Cream Puff Happy Shake Mashumaro Moco Peach Mint Goldfish Sweet Paradise Sweet Rock


I love colors of all kinds! Pastels are my favorite!

Sparkles, Galaxies, Stars!

Bird Silhouettes Geeky Glasses Feathers Stars Lightning Bolts Vampires Peace Signs Rainbows Gir from Invader Zim Cupcakes Sweets Sushi Zebras Color Cute Robots Plaid Cameras/Photography Music Danbo


In order of wantness....

Kawaii memo sheets!!

Kawaii sticker sheets, flakes, 3D stickers, PVC stickers, puffy stickers. The little dress up dolls.

Kawaii pens and pencils!

Kawaii notebooks!

Kawaii Letter Sets!

Danbo! I would love one!!

Feather Charms

I have a huge sweet tooth. I love everything except for licorice...I also love kawaii candy.


Colors I Don't Like...

Powder Pink Puke Green Yucky Yellows Red...just not a big fan or red...

Things I would not like getting...

Scrapbook supplies...I don't scrapbook

Smokey items...I'm highly allergic to cigarette smoke Dirty items...yuck

Character's I Don't Like...

Anything with a dolphin... Diddle Disney Real people or animals... Dolphins Pigs Victorian Halloween Witches Skulls Real Children/Animals

Themes I Do Not Like

Dolphins... Witches Magic Christmas unless swap related Halloween Clowns...I hate them.. Teacher Items Victorian Lace Goth


If you have made it all the way to the bottom of this wonderful profile of mine, here is the most awesome alpaca/llama I have ever laid eyes on!!!


kasini rated for KSU: Kawaii Envelope Booklets on May 9, 2016
Comment: Thaaaank you sooooo much!! I love it, It came out so cut, really nice job. And thank you for the sticker flake sack, I don't have that one yet :)
Response: Oh yay!! I'm so glad you liked it! I used just about every strawberry kawaii thing I had! Glad I could add to your sack collection too!
Reilo rated for KSU: One MESSY swap! on Apr 23, 2016
Comment: Thank you for my swap! It was messy indeed! LOL
Comment: I love your cute valentine card! =) Thank you for it and the fun flakes and mini memo sheets!! Cool decorated envie, too! ♥
Comment: What an incredibly gorgeous cookbook! You're a true artist and I'm humbled by your talent. I'll be showing this off to strangers on the street just so I can brag! Just wonderful. Thank you so much. Really truly.
Comment: Thank you!
unravelanelephant rated for KSU: 25 flake stickers! on Sep 10, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the great flakes! And I loved the memos you added :)
Comment: Thank you so much!
Comment: Thank you for your card :) it's so sparkly lol
starrycat rated for KSU: Traveling Kawaii Stickers R7 on Mar 14, 2015
Comment: Thanks for the pc and the extras, Amber!
Comment: Thanks for the cute envies! =)
Comment: I love the adorable postcards! I'll get them stickered and sent out when I make the new swap ^_^ Thank you!!
starrycat rated for KSU: Nengajo! on Dec 22, 2014
Comment: Such a cute New Years PC! Thanks and Happy New Year to you also!
kasini rated for KSU: Kawaii ATC on Dec 18, 2014
Comment: I love love love the ATC you made for me :) thank you so much! I probably hang it up in at my station at the shop :)
Comment: Thank you for keeping those postcards moving along. Best wishes for a merry Christmas and the coming year.
Comment: Thanks for the gifts! The silly post-lady rolled the package up to stuff it in my box. I hope it's still okay! =) **UPDATE 12-25** Thanks for the My Melody folder and notebook! They are awesome! =)
Response: Oh dear! I didnt think to write that on the package to not bend...hmmm...maybe put a heavy book on it just to make sure everything comes out ok when you are ready to open it up.
Lila84 rated for KSU: Kawaii Christmas/ Winter Flakes on Nov 18, 2014
Comment: thank you! these were all new to me, and thank you for the extra mini memos! :)
Response: Yay!! I'm glad you liked everything!!
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: Thank you for the extras!
Comment: Thanks for the cute packages! I'll try to update this after Christmas. =) ** UPDATE 12-25** Thank you so much for the My Melody sticker sack and Chou-Fleur memo pad! =)
iamred rated for KSU: Packing tape postcard! on Sep 8, 2014
Comment: thank you so much for the excellent postcard! i absolutely love it! <3

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