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Hello from Mississippi! My name is Beth! I am so appreciative of those swappers who take the time to send me happy mail ! Every bit of mail makes me feel special because someone went to the trouble just for me! :) Thank you all!

Things I love to do : I enjoy drawing, painting, and photography, gardening, driving/ sightseeing, long walks, writing stories and poems.

I'm in love with nature and all animals. I even love most insects and creepy crawlies!

I have one ancient darling Chihuahua and one sweetheart pit bull, and several precious kitties. I ADORE cats but am really allergic and have to take a lot of meds to have them. Due to the allergies, my feline kids aren't allowed in my bedroom or craft room so your swaps should be safe from cat hair. =D

I've been married to my best friend for 29 years and am the mom of 3 adult children and also work full time as office manager at our manufacturing company. I live on a used-to-be farm in a small town in Mississippi. I have also lived in Alaska, Missouri, Kansas, and Louisiana and have visited 20 states and parts of Canada. Hopefully that list will continue to grow!

About swaps

If I don't receive a rating by you in a reasonable time, I'll contact you to make sure you've received your swap. I never flake on any swap so if you don't get mail from me, something has happened in transit and I would appreciate the chance to resend. I rate swaps received as I open them to make sure no one is missed. I will never give a rating of 1 without first trying to resolve the swap! Please note that I mark sent when my swap gets dropped in the box at the post office. Mail dropped off in the evenings will be postmarked the next day, or on the following Monday if it's dropped into the box on Saturday evening or Sunday.

I like these!

I rate on the swap itself and am generous with hearts- but in case you just want to send something else or it's a profile based swap, here's some info about things I like.

  • a note about your day/ week/ where you live, etc.

  • tell me about your garden or pets!

  • a poem

  • pen or marker

  • foreign coins

  • miscellaneous regular size playing cards, any theme (Even one card I can add to the collection makes me happy!)

  • state magnets

  • cute keychains or key covers

  • anything kawaii

  • anything with pumpkins or snowmen on it

  • amigurumis or crochet patterns for cute ones

  • painted or drawn ATCs

  • a postcard from your area

  • a great cookie recipe

  • book or movie suggestions


  • buttons

  • brooches

  • Christmas ornaments

  • anything Halloween

  • odd pieces of silverware

  • glass or semiprecious beads

  • thimbles

  • bobbins

  • pincushions

I do not care to receive:

  • Confetti or glitter that goes everywhere when the envelope is opened!! Seriously- just NO.

  • Scraps of paper- I have BOXES of scraps

  • Label bags, decos, x-slips, fbs

  • Recipes unless it's a great cookie recipe or I join a specific recipe swap =)

  • religious items/ crosses, but I'm ok with receiving religious holiday cards

  • teacher reward, wedding/ baby/ graduation stickers

  • stick on tattoos

  • tea (I'm very allergic!)

  • anything with cigarette smell

  • lotions or perfume (allergies again)

  • any kind of food/ candy

  • stickers unless they're super nice/ unique or I'm in a sticker swap ( I DO love kawaii sticker flakes!)

  • notecards unless they're special or I'm in a notecards swap

My Favorite Characters!

  • Molang

  • Studio Ghibli

  • Diddl

  • Snoopy

  • Garfield

  • Suzy's Zoo

  • Forever Friends bears

  • Tatty Teddy

  • Anime & Manga (not obscene- lol)

  • Kawaii (see separate section on kawaii)

  • Penny Black

  • Moorehead

  • Beatrix Potter

  • Winnie the Pooh

  • Mylo and friends

  • House Mouse

  • Gorjuss

  • Sarah Kay

  • Alice in Wonderland

  • Fizzy Moon

  • snow leopards

  • fox

  • bunnies

  • squirrels

  • deer

  • horses

  • Chihuahuas

  • fantasy (dragons, elves, fairies, vampires)

Favorite Television

This Is Us, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, Master Chef, So You Think You Can Dance, Gilmore Girls, Golden Girls, Game of Thrones, Ink Master, Breaking Bad, Million Dollar Listings (all of them,) Project Runway, Home Town, Sherlock BBC, Call the Midwife, Grace and Frankie


I never played video games or anything when I was a child but I'm obsessed with Pokemon Go! I LOVE it!


I prefer postcards sent blank, in an envelope, to add to my collection. But if the swap is for naked, then I’m happy for those, too.

Some favorite subjects are:
* animals- any!
* anything autumn
* tourist
* landmarks
* landscapes
* USA states
* the ocean
* insects
* birds
* Disney
* Jetoy
* fantasy
* illustrations
* any of my favorite characters listed
* any holiday, especially Halloween
* art (not crazy about portraits)
* flowers/ gardens
* barns
* covered bridges
* mailboxes
* lighthouses
* steampunk
* Pokemon
* Greetings from...
* Studio Ghibli


I would love for you to send samples of tapes YOU like instead of you trying to match MY likes. I enjoy seeing what others find fun and beautiful. =)

By the way...

  • I'm very allergic to cigarette smoke so please don't send smoky items.

  • I promise to rate quickly for every swap I receive!

  • My goal is to give each swap partner mail that makes them smile :)

  • Oh, and if by some chance you get mail from me with postage due, please let me know and I will immediately mail you the extra stamps or money! Or I can send you the difference through paypal. But please be honest about this and not take advantage of my offer if there really was no postage due. I'm very particular about putting enough postage and weigh and calculate prices on the USPS site. However, I know that things can happen and there are differences of opinion among postal workers, so....

Kawaii Needs Its Own Section!!

Kawaii 101 for inquiring minds!

I love regular and mini note pads and loose sheets, envelopes, letter sheets, pencils, sticker flakes, buttons, deco and washi tapes, postcards if they exist (I've never seen any but who knows??) I love all the characters and themes except the poo ones, Zombitt, and the real children. I like the photo ones of animals and items, though! And all of these:

  • My newest love! ♥ Jinbei San! ♥

  • Hello Kitty ♥

  • My Melody ♥

  • Cinnamaroll ♥

  • Berry Puppy ♥

  • Kuromi ♥

  • Tokidoki ♥

  • Rilakkuma

  • Sentimental Circus ♥

  • Chou-fleur

  • Tarepanda

  • Piggy Girl

  • Puku Puku

  • Kutusita Nyanko ♥

  • Clover's Town

  • Sugar Bear

  • Kinoko No Mori

  • kawaii ghosts

  • fairytales

  • kawaii kitties, puppies, bunnies, bears

  • older Sanrio characters

  • really any kawaii except Zombitt and poo. Really.

Just because it's not on this list doesn't mean I don't like it! I may have not seen it yet! :)


turboneko rated for KSU: 25/25/25 on Mar 25, 2019
Comment: WOW!! Thank you so much for this wonderful swap! You made my day <3<3<3<3<3 ^___^
Comment: Your D adjectives are so clever! I stuck to ordinary nouns, e.g., drinks and desserts. Your selection is wonderful. Thank you.
Response: My first swap since the break and it was a lot of fun. =) Thanks for the nice rating!
ccmmsu rated for KSU: 50 pieces of Sumikko Gurashi on Sep 3, 2018
Comment: Thank you, thank you!! I only have 1 lg memo pad of S.G., so I'm really excited that you sent me lots of them! And the sticker sheet is so cute. You Rock! Thank you! :)
Response: I'm so glad you like what I sent! These are adorable characters, aren't they??? =)
sebastian122 rated for KSU: 15 Pieces of Jinbesan on Aug 24, 2018
Comment: Hmmmm... I wonder what's in this envelope.... AND THE POSTAGE STAMPS!! You win! And now that I've pawed everything, I'm feeling like I didn't send enough! DO OVER!! =D Thank you for such an awesome swap. I adore it all!!
Response: I was so excited you created this swap!!!!! One of my very favorite kawaii characters! (Cause he's shaped like a happy dumpling and so am I???? LOL) I'm really glad you like what I sent! I loved what you sent, too!! =)
Comment: Looks like you got just as carried away as I did. lol Thanks for all the goodies! I LOVE the sticker sheet!!!
Response: One of my favorite characters so it was hard not to keep finding cute ones to send. =) The flowery designs are especially pretty! They did good! lol! I'm super happy you like everything!!!
turboneko rated for KSU: 50 pieces of Rilakkuma on Aug 14, 2018
Comment: Wow! Thank you for the wonderful swap! Love the new Rilakkuma designs.
Response: They've really created some sweet, soft designs lately. I love them, too. I'm so glad you like what I sent! =)
raniheartspaper rated for KSU: Summery Swap on Aug 9, 2018
Comment: Aw Beth, thank you for such a lovely swap. I love everything, it all remind me of summer but not the humid heat kind of summer. Lol Always enjoy having you as my partner.
Response: I'd love summer if it weren't so hot and, well, summery. LOL!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you like what I sent! Thanks for the nice comments and rating! I love having you as my swap partner, too. =)
Comment: What an awesome swap! I only had 1 of these sheets, so a bunch of new stuff! You are the best Beth! =) Thanks!
Response: Oh wow, I'm SO pleased to hear some of these were new to you! I'm super happy you like everything!! Thank you for the nice rating!
thegypsie rated for KSU: Join NOW! Mail Friday!! on Jul 24, 2018
Comment: Thank you for all the goodies. The turtle washi is adorable.
Response: That washi makes me smile! =) Thank you for the nice rating!!
m3i5 rated for CPG Wild for Washi - Global on Jun 2, 2018
Comment: Hi Beth, Thank you very much for your resend, very beautiful and cute washi samples, love them all! :D and thanks for the lovely Jetoy cat postcard and the special Mississippi keep calm postcard! :D
Response: I'm so happy the resend reached you and you like everything!! Thank you for being so patient!! You're the best! =)
starrycat rated for KSU: Washi Tape Samples on May 12, 2018
Comment: I love the samples you sent Beth! So fun! Sorry for the delay in rating :(. I took a short break and did not realize I had forgotten to rate this swap.
Response: I'm glad you liked them! Thanks for the rating!
Mye rated for IWTS Theme Swap: Florals on May 1, 2018
Comment: Thank you very much for the floral washi tape samples you sent to me! They are lovely! Thanks for the postcards too :D
Response: You're very welcome! Thank you for the nice rating!
ccmmsu rated for KSU: Kawaii ATC on Apr 25, 2018
Comment: Jinbesan!! Yay!! I LOVE the ATC you made! I can't draw or paint, so I always feel extra honored when I receive art from someone who can. And all of the memos you sent are new to me, so they are going straight into my collection binder. The matching postage stamps are awesome, too. :) Thank you so much!! And thank you for hosting such a fun swap. :)
Response: Yay!! I'm so happy you like everything! Jinbesan is one of my all time favorite kawaii characters so I was super happy to see he was yours, too! Made this swap extra fun to do. =) Thank you for the nice comments and nice rating and for joining my swap!!
Comment: Of course I like bunnies! =) Thanks for a super cute handmade PC!
Response: This was a fun project! I love making postcards and can't wait for the next one. =)
iamred rated for WOW: Pastel Washi Samples on Apr 17, 2018
Comment: what a fantastic selection! =) thank you so much for the the stickers too! =) ♥ you are very sweet!
Response: I'm so glad the resend made it to you and you like them! =) Thanks for the nice rating!
milamilamura rated for FS: Mail Art with Flat Surprise on Apr 16, 2018
Comment: Wow! This is some serious mail art, and I'm loving it! The drawing is excellent and I loved the fact that you used markers, makeup and nail polish, the best things in life! I also loved the surprises, all the paper goodies are amazing and I'll be definitely giving them some good use. Thanks for such a generous swap and such a wonderful envie, loved it! And thanks for the written Mississippi postcard, it's beautiful!
Response: I soooo enjoyed doing this swap and am thrilled you like it!! Thanks for joining and thanks for the awesome comments and great rating!
HelenG6 rated for IWTS: Animal Theme Washi Tape on Apr 15, 2018
Comment: Than you for the great animal washi. Where did you get the Suzy's zoo washi? I don't see any in Canada, and the locations in U.S. I check out. Weather is not good here. There was an ice/freezing rain and heavier precipitations continuing. It was an inside day today and hope for improvements by Wednesday.
Response: I sure hope spring finds you there SOON! Winter seems like it doesn't want to let go this year. I don't remember exactly where I got the Suzy's Zoo washi... Ebay or etsy... There's a seller on ebay called wangrea and the store is called Qlychee. Super selection of washi tapes and I'm thinking that's where I got the Suzy's Zoo. Hope that helps! =) ETA: I checked out that seller today and didn’t find any great tapes. =(
ArtyBeth3 rated for WOW: Roy G Biv - April on Apr 14, 2018
Comment: I love getting swaps from you! You always present them in such cool ways and you are always so very generous. These tapes you've chosen for me are wonderful, and you are super sweet to have included some unused vintage postage for me (cactus stamps, how fun)! Thanks for a wonderfully happy mail day. :)
Response: Any chance to look through the washi stash makes for a good day! LOL! I'm glad you like what I sent! Thanks for the nice rating! =)
tiggerkitn25 rated for KSU: Sticker sheet...to share on Apr 13, 2018
Comment: Thanks for not one, but TWO sticker sheets! I love them. I have to buy doubles for swaps as well. =) Thanks again!
Response: Buying doubles so we can give up one! The struggles are real! LOL!!!!! I'm really happy you like these sheets! =)
turboneko rated for KSU: 25/25/25 Kawaii Food on Apr 10, 2018
Comment: Thank you for all the yummy goodies! Thank you also for the postcard of your white tiger <3 I'm really in love with it!
Response: I'm glad you like! Thanks for the nice rating! =)

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VivaLaDiane on Dec 26, 2018:

Merry belated Christmas!! I greatly appreciate the compliment but you're also a contributing part of this so same to ya! ♥

jenmcjen on Sep 15, 2018:

OMG I wish I knew how to put pretty pretty pictures up here!!! Thank you SOOOOO MUCH!!! WHAT FUN I HAD TODAY!!! Sorry I cannot stop excitedly yelling! I must join some postcard swapping group. I already ordered a roll of 100 postcard stamps. Because OMG WOW THANK YOU! For anyone reading this on your profile, this generous lady just sent me a GIANT ASS BOX of postcards. I mean hundreds. Maybe a thousand or more. An RAK, no swap, she won't even let me pay her. She's amazing!!! I appreciate it so much!!! I just can't tell you!!!

sebastian122 on Sep 9, 2018:

Happy day!!

raniheartspaper on Jul 30, 2018:


Beth, thank you so much for contributing to one of my sticker flake bags in March 2018. I appreciate it and have received the sticker bag back.

sebastian122 on Jul 17, 2018:

iamred on Jun 10, 2018:

Beth you are one of the sweetest most kindest people I have ever met! thank you for for all the memos, you have seriously made my day, well more than my day! ♥ thank you!.

Hell0Z0mbie on Jun 1, 2018:

That arrived super fast! I'm so glad you like it. :)

sebastian122 on May 26, 2018:

Happy Summer!

tiggerkitn25 on May 26, 2018:

Thank you for the KSU May WTA! I don't have those sticker sheets or sticker flake sack yet! =) I'll have to share it with my daughter because she loves foxes. Thanks again! =)

anicka22 on Apr 20, 2018:

You are very welcome!

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