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Date Joined: May 24, 2016
Last Online: November 3, 2018
Birthday: November 13
Country: United States

About Me

UPDATE ON April 27 2018

I had to change my email address I've been having problems logging into my account and now I'm locked out. I thought it would be a lot easier to change my email address until I figure out how to fix the problem or what's going on. Thank you for your understanding

I have a group that I started For The Love of Mini Pocket Letters. We are going to be closing that group very soon. We have started a new group For the Love of Crafting. If your interested in joining please send me a request to join.


I was diagnosed with colon cancer in early 2017 by the time I found out I had colon cancer I was having surgery with in two weeks and had to start treatment soon right after that. There were some complications during my surgery and I have one more surgery to go. I just finish my treatments and waiting to get a little bit healthier and stronger for my second surgery.

I would like to get back into swapping again and I am hosting a lot of my owe swaps because it's hard to join certain swaps that I would like to do because I do have two 3 rating. I would like to say a Great Giant Thank You to @lou for helping with getting my score back up and I would also would like to say a Big Thank You to @Vickimac to offering to help to get my rating back up. Thank you to everyone for your all your patience and understanding for being late on sending out my swaps.

Hello there from Southern Maryland my name is Bobbie I'm 49. Married and a stay-at-home mom with two special needs children' Both of them are autistic.

I'm just getting back into Pen Paling from a long break. I'm looking forward to receiving your letters I do not want to write too much about me because it is more interesting if we can find out about each other in your letters we will hopefully write.

I'm excited about joining seap-bot. I do a lot a swaps Facebook groups it's really nice to find a small surprise in my mailbox. In addition to long and short letters, note cards and of course my favorite postcards I just join postcrossing and it's highly enjoying it.

I enjoy snacking on chocolate and trying new kinds of crackers and cheese. I like hot chocolate, flavored teas, and coffees and like to try different ones from different countries.

My favorite kind of food is Mexican. I love cooking but I don't cook as much anymore my husband works weird hours and is very picky and loves just very simple and plain Foods.

I to do enjoy trying new baking recipes. I do give most of it to my neighbor they are my taste tester and as of right now there are not complaints, My husband and kids are not big on baked goods. I'm trying to teach myself how to decorate cupcakes and cakes.

My favorite colors are yellow, purple, white and black and white mixed together.

I enjoy many styles of art from dark and grungy works too pretty bright pastels. my favorite it is steampunk, Gough, Day of the Dead, vintage and shabby chic. especially in note cards and Postcards. I do like Zazzel postcards. I don't understand why a lot of people don't like them or why you can't use them and certain swaps. A postcard is a postcard to me. I love all kinds of postcards from all different places.

I don't watch much TV. I do watch the news to tell you the truth I watch it to much. When I do watch TV my favorite shows are cop and law TV. For an example Chicago Fire and PD, law and order, law and order SVU, criminal minds, a long that line of shows. I also enjoy Syfy and horror TV shows. I like watching documentaries on wild animals and True Crimes.

I don't wear makeup but very seldomly. Please do not send makeup. When I do wear it I'm pinky about what I do where thank you.

I like Zazzle postcards I do send them out. Sometime it's hard to find postcards and if that's all I have. I do tried to send out what is on your profile. If the swap says no Zazzel or your profile says do not send Zazzle postcards and that's all I have. I will send out a Zazzel postcards. It would be great If someone could please tell why a lot of people don't like them. . I don't see anything wrong with them. Thank you.

I adore my 3 cats and we have a nice kitten for now lol and one dog all of our animals are adopted. We are looking into becoming foster parents to kittens plus it'll be a very therapeutic for my children

I enjoy putting all sorts of crafty things and receiving in my pen pal letters I also enjoy receiving news paper article in any type of letters about from where you live and even Maps of your city or town.

I love going yard saling it's very relaxing to me. Going to the Dollar Store and thrift store and finding a good sale on craft items.

Some of my favorite things are socks love love and crazy of different shape buttons - postcards (not a big fan of Tourists postcards. If you only have tourist postcards and or unable to find anything else I'm fine with them. I These are just idea of things I like but that's all it is or just ideas ) rubber stamps - I love stickers ( I love the 3d type and jot stickers from the dollar store ) wash tape ( I don't mind the kind from the dollar store) colored duct tape - note cards homemade bath products ate fine except for strong and vanilla scent do love lemon - orange - cotton linen and cupcake is my favorite

i enjoy gardening when I'm able to and walking my dog along the water.

I love making snail mail - flip books - workin in my making junk journaling - paper crafts and pocket letters.

Anything with kitties - dragons - fairies - dragonflies bright colors - cute little dogs - steampunk - day of the dead - vintage - shabby chic. Stranger is always better it does take a lot to offends me I'm laid-back and not judgmental

I enjoy listening to country music - podcast and talk radio

Swaps - sending cards - postcards ( I like Zazzel postcards ) pocket letters - stationary and I like doing random and blind envelope swaps. You never know what you're going to get or what you think you don't need until you receive it. You can always pass it along to someone else if you are unable to use the things you received

Please give me a day or two to rate all my swap I have to do them at night expecially when my son is home. it's hard for me to sit down when his home. If you haven't received your swap from me Please don't give me a bad rating until I can fix it. Please send me a message frist. I can't make it right if I don't know. Things do get lost in the mail especially postcards.

Thank you for reading my profile. Please check back every once in awhile I'm always changing and updating Thanks again.


If I ever make a mistake or misunderstand anything on a swap. Please All I ask is Please be kind and explain what I did wrong. I'm Human and do make mistakes.

I take pride in every swap I do. I try to find just the perfect items for each person and swap. If there ever a problem my swap or anything I send please let me know and I'll try my best to fix the problem right away. If I owe any postage on any package please let me know right away and I'll will send the postage due the next day. I will give everyone several chances and the benefit of the dout to send there swap all that I ask is please communicate with me I'm very understanding and I do understand mail gets lost expecially postcards and I completely understand life does get in the way.

All I ask is please before you give me a bad rating give me chance and let me know that your going to give me a bad rating so I can make it right. I'm human and not perfect.

On January 1 2017 @bluecrayons originally gave me a1 rating without never sending me a message letting me know she never received her swap. She said she would change it to a 5 when she received her swap. She is nothing but a liar and I would beware of anything she says. I did resend and also did the swap correctly and now she is saying that I did not do the swap correctly. The swap did say I could chit chat about whatever and that's what I did. I wasn't rude like she said I was. I know she is going around giving bad rating to other people saying they have done they swap incorrectly as she has done to me


Things I like for Halloween.

Love stickers ( no teacher or reward stickers). Candy(please no whole nuts). Hot drinks in a package Witches - ghosts - ghouls - mummies - skulls - pumpkins. Really isn't anything I don't like thats not Halloween related

Store bought or hand made is fine. If it comes from you I know I'll love it. Its the thought that's counts

The only thing I really don't like it hello kitty. Besides that there isn't anything that I don't like about Halloween.


There isn't much that I don't like I'm happy to receive anything in the mail besides bills. There are just a few things that really I don't like and there are Puffy stickers - Tiny Bits of lose paper most of the time it just gets thrown in the trash - Anything Hello Kitty. Those are really only the things I really don't like besides that I'm not a picky person. I'm pretty easygoing and laid-back.


Love snowman anything with on it snowman - Santa Claus from different countries - snowflake - reindeers - Winter Wonderland - Non-Christian or Christian stickers and Christmas cards

Christmas Wish List - Die Cuts - Stickers - Washi Tape. anything that has Santa Claus from different countries. fabric - ribbon and Lace - Buttons and charms - gift tags. Scrapbooking Paper

Store bought or hand made is fine. If it comes from you I know I'll love it. Its the thought that's counts

The only thing I really don't like it hello kitty and Christmas ornaments Please no teacher or rewards stickers. Besides that there isn't anything that I don't like about Christmas

Post Office and Postmarks

With me unable to get out of the house for serval different reason and my husband is unable to leaving his office due to the type of work he does to mail any packages for me. Are post office offers a service were you can purchase stamps and they put postage on packages for you. By the time are post lady picks up or drops off are mail and gets back to the post office there all ready closes. The post office doesn't put stamps and or postage on package until the next day and the postmarks is always the after I put the mail in the mail box and there's nothing I can do about this I do wish I could get out more and right now I can't. I do try to mail my swaps before the deadline and there are times when I can't get things in the mail until the swap deadline. If the postmark is the day after the swap deadline that does not mean I mailed the swap out late if I'm going to be late on sending out my swap I'll send you a message letting you know I'm sending late. If this is going to cause any inconvenience I'm sorry I do wish I could get out more and right not I'm unable to. If you have any questions about the postmark please send me a message.

Swap Guiderlines

I got this ideas from a fellow swappers. I thought this was a great idea to post my swap guidelines then I wouldn't have to post them every time I host a swap.

  • Must have a rating of 4.98 and newbies are always welcome - In all type 3 swaps you need to have at least 10 rated type 2 or type 3 swaps. If you don't have any rated swaps and still would like to join you must send me a message. I don't want to bane anyone we all were newbies at one time please send me a message letting me know you want to join a swap. I will always give everyone a change.

  • Please remeber to send on time if for any reason your going to be late Please send me and your partner a message letting them know your going to be sending late,

  • Please don't forget to rate your partner and PLEASE DON'T FLAKE. Please do not rate your partner a 3 or 1 if you don't not like the items that they send you unfortumately what makes someone happy may not make you happy. I will angle all my swaps but hopfully that won't happen.

  • If you have gotton any 1s or 3s in the past 6 months Please send me a message life happens I understand. If you don't send me a message. I will bane from the swap and I don't want to bane anyjone.

  • All swaps are sender choice unless other wise stated and is not a profile base swap. It's always good to check your partner profile for any ideas and what there likes and dislikes are

  • Please no drama we swap for the fun not for the drama the swaps are esay for a reason pure fun. If the swaps are to stressful then were doing something wrong.

  • If you do not receive your swap make sure to contact your partner FIRST before administering a 1 rating. Life happens trust me I know. Mail service is not always the reliable especially international.

  • ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NO FLACKING what ever will be prmitted in any of my swaps again I know life happens the only thing I ask is please please COMMUNICATE with your partner. I'm a understanding people and I'll work with you as much as I possible can to help you with the swaps and to help you with every you need. I don't want to bane anyone if I don't have to.

  • I reserve the right to ban anyone at anytime for any reason with or without explanation. If you have any questions please send me a message.

International Swaps

I love to receive iteams from all around the world and it doesn't matter if it's in a different language.

Some examples are - Book pages - Postcard new or used - foreign currency - Grocery ads and coupons - Newspaper and magazine clippings - Menus - Maps - business cards - greeting cards new or used


Comment: Sorry for the late rating, I forgot to mark the 5
polyk rated for Flowers out of Jeans on Oct 2, 2018
Comment: Marked sent 5/16/18 Messaged twice, but hasn’t been on in months. Haven’t received anything let alone a message. Swapper has obviously given up on Swap-bot, so I don’t really feel bad about rating a 1. I will be archiving this swap and just cutting my loss.
Anettethhjertnes rated for FairyTales miniPL, Grimm on Aug 7, 2018
TreeAnn629 rated for FTLOC - Ribbon and Lace Tassel on Jul 10, 2018
Comment: Marked sent on 5-31-18. You said your not a FLAKER you just think you can send whenever you want to. Was marked sent before your house fire. You got on Swap Bot on 7-4-18 not to take care of your swap but delete every member from the group but yourself. How sad
TreeAnn629 rated for Learn with me-ATCs on Jul 10, 2018
Comment: You marked sent on 4-14-18 contacted me days later saying your little boy spilt soda on it and you would resend still never received anything.
BeckyG56 rated for IS - Ribbon and Lace Tassel on Jul 6, 2018
Comment: Sorry Bobbie for the 1. I messaged you, to let you know I hadn't received the tassle, even though it's marked sent. Once it arrives, I will rate accordingly. I hope you are doing well, you haven't been online for a while. I will rate fairly when the tassle arrives.
Comment: Sending date was six weeks ago. Unfortunately I didin`t received the swap. Will be happy to rerate if something will arrive.-- EDIT 07/05/2018 How rude, Bobbie, that you deleted all members of our group without any communication instead of reading and answering messages.
matt319 rated for B&W PCs week 25 on Jun 28, 2018
Comment: Thank you very much!!
Comment: offline since 6/6/18. not marked as sent.
luvmesum20 rated for New best friend swap! on Jun 21, 2018
cindylouwho rated for New best friend swap! on May 29, 2018
Comment: I loved the card, note and lace. Thank you! I will write you back soon!
Comment: Sorry, I am very behind on my reviews! I am finding that spring/summer are hard times for me to sit down and get things done when I would rather be outside with the family. :) Your 9 pocket flower project was beautiful! I love the lace you added and the goodies in the back were quite cute. Thanks!
CassandraP rated for Beginners Art Journaling Page on May 24, 2018
Comment: Oh my goodness! I was so excited to participate and receive this swap and I was definitely not disappointed! I love it so much, thank you! And the extra effort you put in by adding that beautiful envelope and goodies as well! Amazing! I wish I could give you more hearts <3 <3 <3
Onaki rated for ATC - Free Themed #102 (USA) on May 22, 2018
Comment: Thank you! <3
Xtina4always rated for Newbie/beginner friendly ATC #3 on May 19, 2018
Comment: Bobbie thank you so much for the ATC I truly loved it! I loved your artwork it really felt as if I am holding a piece of art in my hands. I appreciate the ribbon as wel! I can’t wait to use it with my journal, cheetah print is one of my favs! I appreciate all the time you took after I mentioned I didn’t receive the first atc. Much love and hugs! Christina
Comment: they turned out AWESOME!!! I love them. thank you so much for these wonderful envelopes!
TreeAnn629 rated for FTLOC - Blind Happy Mail on May 11, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much loved it all. Loved loved the butterfly's
Comment: Thanks for the great card, stickers and postcards. 😻
cllfdl rated for Mother's Day Card swap #3 on May 7, 2018
Comment: Thank you!

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Cgscdy on Jul 24, 2018:


TreeAnn629 on Jul 5, 2018:

Bobbie you are a very sad and evil person. I tried to understand what you where going though with. The house fire and tryed to help you out. Because you didn't bother with getting back on swap bot to let your partners know what was going on you left it all up to me too do. Which I did And to keep the group up and running. But because I didn't reply to a message you sent me on Facebook . I didn't reply one it was my and my daughter birthday and the 4th of July and I didn't feel like dealing with it. Yes I did get upset with you because you didn't bother with letting your partners know what was going on on swap bot but you where on a Facebook group pink poodles. So then I get message from members of our group the one that I helped you start and worked my ass off for after being off swap bot for a month (I keeped the group going) you got on swap bot July 4 2018 not to explain what was going on and why you have not sent swaps but to delete every member but your self from the group including myself with I WAS a founder. You didn't hurt me by doing this I WILL START A NEW GROUP but I think this did hurt your reputation and let your true colors show. You can get on swap bot to do this but not take care of the swaps you owe or contact your partners that you flacked on and I am having to angel. I do have proof of every e-mail and message you have sent and have proof where you signed on to the pink poodles but not here. I tryed to help you and this is your repay deleting the group. And I will be sending this to administrators of swap bot

snickerdoodle21 on Jun 30, 2018:

Bobbie, Please check your messages. Ive sent you two messages and you have not looked at them. I'm trying to get you to rate the swap I sent you back in May. Please respond.

RooBaRoo on Jun 28, 2018:

For now, I am removing you from Magazine Clippings art. When your "1" ratings are resolved, if you still want to rejoin, contact me.

snickerdoodle21 on Jun 15, 2018:

Hi Bobbie, Please check your messages.

Thanks, Snickerdoodle21

yvonne401 on Apr 6, 2018:

Welcome to Butterfly lovers! It's great to have you here!



Babsmomof5 on Feb 4, 2018:

Thank you for the gorgeous mini pocket letter you sent. It is labeled I Spy the letter A, but after scrolling back a year I did not find the swap...if you can send me a link I will happily uodate the rating.

lou on Jan 27, 2018:

Happy Birthday Month from WIYM group!

lou on Aug 10, 2017:

Hi Bobbie - sure hope you are okay! Look forward to "seeing you" again - love from Lou and your friends in WIYM group

shannonlinde on Apr 4, 2017:

I sure hope you come back! I have loved swapping with you through the years! xo Shannon

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