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Country: India
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About Me

Profile has grown really long. !!!! But I HAVE neatly arranged it into heads. Just skip to where you need. Thanks!

Update 11/05/2018 : I've deleted the group "Regional Swaps India". It was not working. I have come to accept the fact that there will not be such swaps India only, as there are USA only (Whimsy jars, painted stones, upcycled junk show-pieces, mail something naked ... ). :'D

Also, I have added two links above where I share Art that people sent me. I've blurred the addresses, & used only usernames, not formal names, & as "owner" of the art, I display it :)

Hey! Anyone knows Cheburashka?

I am 35 yr old female from India. I'm married, & I have a daughter who is 6 yrs old. I work full time in an insurance co. I enjoy snail mails & paper crafts.

Address - I use my office address here, I've found that it works better

Chasing ratings - I try to keep track of who I have sent but not got rated, I contact to find out the problem, & I have made several resends. I do not enjoy losing my stuff to postal thieves, but I do enjoy gathering & sending, so it is not a problem. However, this is NOT an OBsession with me ... so ... IF You were expecting a swap from me, & it did not arrive, & I did not contact You, then please YOU do, I would gladly resolve the issue.

3 ratings - the older of my 3 ratings is me underestimating how difficult black-out poetry can be ... the rating pinched, still does. At that time, I was also not aware that a "does not meet swap requirements" swap can be re-done/ re-sent. I only came to know of this later, while interacting on the fora. The recent is entirely my fault. & I'm very ashamed of it. I assure you, I won't do that again.

Hosting & Angeling

I try to spread the swaps I host over different weeks, so that I can do justice to both vetting & preparing the swaps.

I will always angel Type 2 & Type 3 swaps hosted by me. I host a newbie-friendly only when I have sufficient material to angel 3 people!!!

Electronic swaps I host are designed to have all people as partners to each other. Thus, everyone already knows my responses - it cannot be angeled. Don't join it if it is too much of a risk.

Sadly, there is no way to angel a non-rated swap!


Paper is my substrate. I paint (lazy), sketch, line-draw (I dislike calling it "Zentangle, I'm following nobody's "official" patterns!!), collage (beginner), Origami (beginner). I love to paint on fabric - cushion covers & prayer flags are favourite projects.

You can sample my crafts at the pinterest link . Beware, there'd be some kiddie stuff as well :) I hesitate to call my work "creating". Creating is when one makes something out of nothing, like a work of fiction, an invention, or a hitherto unknown business! I am merely artistically inclined! I compose, I assemble :)

I'm in India, which means I don't have access to the commercial crafting supplies as in the USA. I regret that a bit, but not very much. I use mainly materials available to me in my crafts. That's shiny paper from the tons of Marriage invitations that Wedding-obsessed society of mine sends my way, magazine clippings, & some craft supplies like buttons, & fabric flowers. I do not use purchased-printed paper craft supplies. Partly because they are imported from the USA (expensive, & very "what's the point?"- importing stuff from USA & then sending them to Americans!!!) & partly because they don't appeal to me. I mean, if I use a ticket, it should be from a concert I went to, right?

It's also probably just not my style. I'd prefer to draw a composition than stamp it. Would I ever use the same image (stamp) multiple times? - except those with "pen-pal" themes!

I can send/ I can make for you

  • Teas : Darjeeling, Assam, Chai, Kahwa

  • Books (store-bought) English language, Indian authors, for grown-ups and children, comics (once) popular in india

  • trims & laces - these will be VERY glittery & kitschy

  • Tee-shirts, stoles, "jholaa" bags, cushion covers (store-bought, in Indian kitsch/pop or folk(tribal) design OR bought-plain & hand-painted)

  • Personalised notebooks/journals - (purchased blank & personalized to your profile, or theme, quirky, sarcastic or feminist)

  • Personalized address labels - I have a resource-person


Colours : No particular choice! However, I don't like fluorescent (neon) colours.

Motifs: Paisley, Squirrels, Owls, Mushrooms, Acorns, Coniferous trees, other trees, FLOWERING TREES, Sea stars, buntings

Olaf from Frozen, Big Bang Theory, Transformers, Krtek the mole :)

Book recos : Open to everything, except hardcore horror & sexual deviance, i.e., considering domestic violence, or drinking people's blood to be sex !!! … that really grosses me out.

I'd really love to try translations of authors of other languages.

Please recommend me your favourite authors from your country, preferably contemporary, but older will also do!


Flat, non-glitter sticker sheets, cute kiddie kind. My daughter uses lot of stickers, & I am only getting gross glittery or puffy stickers in India. (She also loves other flat stuff like bows, shaped u clips, cartoon stick-on plasters !!)

Bookmarks or postcards of Book illustrations, esp. children's book illustrations

Letter stationery, esp. with Vintage design or autumn colours

I'd love to receive flower/wildflower seeds, if they are inconspicuous & do not put your mail in customs jeopardy - ones that you saved from your own flowers - I don't want you to go out BUY them for me.

I'd love to unburden you of any odd postcard-size envelope you don't have use for :P Also your odd single notepad/sheets, odd leftover buttons & remnant ribbons & laces.

Anything handmade by you, or written by you, something interesting you witnessed, or a life incident you relate to, anything You want to share, I love the feeling of “click” when I connect to a person thousands of miles away!!

Sweet nothings(feathers, sea shells, little pebbles, little pine cones, acorns, I know it's crazy) Sea glass! I've never seen sea glass.

Some Advice/ tutorial !! … like

  • How to make a dreamcatcher, real simple

  • How to use a roller stamp, with fabric paint on fabric, it looks like the thing you paint walls with, & has a floral raised design, my sister got me

  • How to make a kiddie Pirate chest, again, my DIY is not very advanced!

Trades, private swaps & wishes

I would love to do Mail Art swaps with anyone, it is the first thing which drew me to swap-bot.

I would love to know nursery rhymes from different countries (of course with a translation) & if You can send (any kind of ) pics of the characters, even more great!

I'd REALLY like to swap some children's books (English language) from other countries. I'm ready to spend a reasonable amount on both the book & the postage.

I'd like a "introduction to Steampunk". Type 1, 2 or 3. I'd like a peek into what "hearth Witches" mean. I am not thinking of "converting", I'm quite the sceptic, however, I feel so curious. I do not know what my element is, actually I do not like to feel limited by one element, but anything "earth" pulls me, like woodland animals ... I'm sorry if hearth Witch-ing is not supposed to be classified like that! AND I'm sorry, I cannot reciprocate in kind on these two topics, because, simply, I know nothing about these things, but I feel so piqued!

Amazon India Wishlist I think it can be sorted by lowest price first :)

Favorite Books

I love to read. Humour, mystery, child-literature.

My favourite authors in English are Micheal Crichton, Gerald Durrell, James Herroit, Khaled Hosseini, P. G. Wodehouse, John Grisham, Alister Mclean, Mary Higgins Clark, J. R.R. Tolkien, Terry Prachett, Lewis Caroll & Jasper Fforde.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Meg Cabot, Dr Suess, Agatha Christie, David Baldacci, Ken Follet, Frederik Forsyth, Sidney Sheldon(not all), Amish Tripathi & I am not embarrassed to include Dan Brown ...

My introduction to Arthur Haily, Ayn rand, Paulo Coelho & Robin Cook was bad! So I have to start over.

However, apart from series, there are so many standalone books I enjoyed, & though I am not right now seeking out those authors, eventually I will. Dracula, Ender's Game (& Ender's Shadow), The Catcher in the Rye, She's come Undone, Rebecca, Catch 22, 1984, The Jungle Book, The Book of Dragons ( E. Nesbit), Rule of the Bone, The Inscrutable Americans, How I taught my Grandmother to read, The Historian, Acts of Faith, Battle for Bittora (so unfortunate that now Anuja Chauhan is co-authoring withthe III-class Durjoy Datta), How to Kill, Gamechangers, You are Here (Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan), White Tiger, Lessons in Forgetting, A Case of Exploding Mangoes, Perfect Eight, The Curious Incident of a Dog in the Nighttime, The Skull Mantra (gotta read the Inspector Shan series), Aztec Autumn (Gotta read Aztec), Neanderthal ...

I try to read English novels by Indian, & now Pakistani, authors, these mainly fall in the category of "drama" or simply, "fiction". If You would like to try some, I could recommend.

I disliked "In other rooms, other wonders" & "the Diary of a Social butterfly". The monotony & depressive mood of one, & the amazing irrtiant-ness of the other put me off. I also seriously disliked the (highly acclaimed) "God of Small Things" & "Graffiti my Soul". Open to more books by those authors, though!

I love reading Natural History, & Ruskin Bond writes naturae reading Natural History, & Ruskin Bond writes naturaa Naturalist", by Ptyor Manteufel, who was a Russian biologist & conservationist (I understand), in translation. It is my all time favourite book, reads like fiction & I still relax with it. I wish I could find more of his work in translation.

I also read in Bengali, & my favourite author of all is Lila Majumdar. Also Satyajit ray (Feluda Series, Professor Shonku series , & everything else), Abanindronath Tagore, Sunil Gangopadhyay (Kakababu series (not the later ones) & those written as "NeelLohoit"), Manoranjan Bhattacharjo (detective Huakashi & EVERYTHING), the Tenida series, The Ghanada series ....

I do like the bestsellers Harry Potter Series, Hunger Games trilogy, Skulduggary Pleasant series, I'd like to read the Alex Rider series, the Percy Jackson series, A series of unfortunate events & so on ... I really like kid-lit & young adult.

I also enjoy reading adventure based children's classics, like Treasure Island, The Last of Mohicans, You get the Idea!

I was also totally awed by Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay's "Chander Paahaar" (available in translation as "The Mountain of the Moon") , Boy! Bengali authors CAN WRITE kid-lit! (Ask me for recos on translations)

I have only read 2 Popular Science books, "One,two,three, infinity" & "a brief history of time", I enjoyed both a LOT, please recommend me if You know something similar!

I read & enjoy fantasy & sci-fi, but I do not consider these in my favourite genres. I have not read horror - yet.

I am absolutely not into any kind of perversion, disturbing images that will never leave my mind's eye - the REALITY - the NEWS is full enough of that. I have yet avoided reading 50 shades of grey & the Twilight series ... I was excited when I came to know about it, but then, as it grew on me (& the entire world), blood-sucking sex just does not agree with me.

I also read read non-fiction, but it takes me a long time :P Mitch Albom, Luce Edward, Gandhi, Nehru ...

I read Seabiscuit - An American legend, & liked it a lot. That counts as non Fiction, & Elizabeth Gilbert, right?

I have not read much foreign literature, but I would love to (in English translation) Puskin, Gogol, Tolstoy, Chekov , Thomas Mann, Herman Hesse,Rainer Maria Rilke, & obviously, hundreds of authors beyond my humble domain of recognition.

Although living a daily life in India is demoralizing on a daily basis, the sheer brilliance of the incredibly numourous authors throughout the world (& including India) makes me think life must be worthwhile!

Last but not the least, Herge' (Tintin) & Rene Goschinni & Alberto Uderezo (Asterix) which I have loved at all ages :)


I am almost-almost atheist. I dislike any attempts to pull me into any organised religion. Oh! I am okay with any kind of Holiday/festival imagery. Just not evangelizing.

I am okay with magazines cut up for craft, but not books. Please do not send me crafts made of book pages! It makes me feel bad for the books!

Blank touristy postcards. NOT okay!!!! (WRITTEN touristy postcards- welcome, non-touristy postcards - written & blank both welcome :)

Received RAK/ Angel/ Wish

Out of the blue, @Melbournegirl sent my daughter some lovely stickers 😙😙

Received CPG 10/29 RAK pretty notecards from @OrigamiGrace

RSI - Show off your art - Greeting card by @defaultisdigital = @mehimeraki , I hosted this, ... ANGELED BY @nytetears It was absolutely random & caught me by surprise!! :)

Used Vintage Postcards from @theevidenceisme 😊😊

Blank postcards - international from @piratejimbob ❤ Thank You!!

Gallery postcards cut into found images from Dsweeny❤

Thank you @BhindBlueEyes for the coulouring pages ... I love how you frequently keep your RAKs international!

Received RAK for Carpe Librum ~ 100 Members & 1yr Celebration Paper from @changeling :) :) :)

@Soph @ShinySerra @groudhogstamper & @kellpepper sent me Requested Easter RAK & also ... @Mgallardo87 & @wolfeagle ... So grateful for such caring, generous, attentive people :) :)

Thanks @Lady for the Chinese New Year RAK :) :) (I'm not finding its link!!)

Sent RAK/Angel/ Wish

Sent @jackwomanbatman a Notebook decorated with sarcasm, because it was so much fun!!

RAK to a Terminally Ill Child

Wishlists November 2017 to @bbeth @MsRose & @LadySunshine

RAK - For My Brother TO @A123987

Holidays are hard to @Ryleighsmom

In need of happy mail @Rosina176

So.. I was cheated on.. to @dial208Medusa


Angeled Comics # 11 Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) to @LunaMoody

Angeled Fun~Green and BLACK 8*10 Envelope to @ zebragirlzebra

& also a Happy mail to one swapper's father, who passed away before it'd reach ... RIP, I hope it was a peaceful passage.

Sent to @emelardawn @Mimi7 & @user6937 for Double-sided children's illustrations

& @dictionary @smadronia @Mye @pianoheart @Bhindblueeyes @mgallardo68 @ChrisAnne @Moominbrooke & @glennasgarden for In a "Holi" mood? .

Too bad @emeraldawn later turned out to be a huge flaker :(

Flaked on in

All the news that's fit to print BY@boompowbeauty - NOT looking for angel for this one it was more fun sending than receiving!!!

2 Truths & A Lie Postcard #4 by @sweetsexyvicky

♡Marriage picture swap ♡ by @RebeccaR ...strange! she was the host%..strange! she was the host!

RSI - Show off your art - Greeting card by @defaultisdigital = @mehimeraki , I hosted this, ... ANGELED BY @nytetears THANK YOUUUUU!!

June-Dec 2014

This was the timewhen I'd justed shifted to Kanpur, was using my home address, I was losing mail left, right, & center :( :( I am listing swaps that I never received. I will NOT rate "1", becuase, in all probability, it was my post office's fault that I did not receive, not my partner's. ALL THESE SWAPS ARE UNRATED Still, if anyone would RAK these, I'd be really happy. (These days, praise the powers that might be, I am actually receiving my mail)

Carpe Librum ~ 100 Members & 1yr Celebration Paper - contacted partner - she resent. Even resend did not arrive. :( RAK-ed by @changeling - awesome read!

A Very Merry Unbirthday Postcard Swap! July 2014 - 2 partners, did not receive either. Both kindly resent. One received, one missing ...

TAKE A RISK ATC - #1 - contacted partner. Neither received the original, nor resend

TAKE A RISK ATC #2 - same story. The risk ATCs turned out to be a very bad risk for me :(

Sarcastic & Subversive Postcards #3 - 2 partners - never received anything ... now both are inactive ... feels bad to rate them low ... so late & when they've left

...& ... Mag Clippings VDAY Fandanie & RooBaRoo I set this up for her because she had low ratings & I couldn't allow her on a group swap I hosted. Then I got late assigning partners, & she was so high strung with being banned out of swaps, she searched my address from her old records ... & ... unfortunately, it was this old address. I feel bad for her regarding this swap. The swap never reached me, I could not rate her anything.

Thread of important threads


Scenario: say, I hit a ditch on my Vespa & break my collarbone. So, a passer by asks who he should call, &

Expectation : I should say "drop me out of unassigned swaps", instead of telling him where my health insurance card is. because, according to certain "stellar" swappers,THAT is the right thing to do. "But you could at least have informed!!!!". Well, sorry, I'm more things, BEFORE being a swapper.

I'm fully aware that I am on certain swappers' "drama swapper" list. It's their opinion & they are entitled to it.

Some people get angry that every single person on the earth is not agreeing with them. When you threw me out of your groups wordlessly, I bowed out silently. Now, extend me the equal courtesy, & if I give someone a 2nd chance, let it be my decision.

I am not stupid & I understand the need to ban poor swappers, & also to call them out.

At the same time ,I do not appreciate snarkiness in Swap-Bot & I do not understand the ABSOLUTE need & obsession to get rid of one's "1" ratings, to the point that people have advised other people to wait till the next time Rachel holds the charity event, & then buy its removal & THEN start swapping. Seriously? You advise THAT compared to a genuine acceptance of mistake & a sincere effort to build up ones rating by doing more good swapping? I'm REALLY sorry, I FAIL to see the logic. & this "case" was with a SINGLE "1", not hordes.

Then there are people who give 3s for not "sent late", but "received late", & for resends, which are basically postal system problems.

These people, I avoid. I do not join their swaps, & steer clear of their RAKs, & if I'm partnered with them in other people's swaps, then ... well... I pray.


elkalsa rated for ESG: Favorite Quotes on Jun 15, 2018
Comment: Like it "music is safe kind of high" :)
Response: 😊 thanks for the heart rating!
Scrybe rated for IU: SOC May on Jun 14, 2018
Comment: Thank you ! Nice letter.
Jaymmers rated for 3 prayer flags private on Jun 13, 2018
Comment: These are absolutely gorgeous! I really need to learn how to hand embroider better so I can step up my game! Thank you so very much for doing this swap with me. I don't even want to hang these outside. I might keep them I my house because they make my boho heart smile:)
Response: Thank you! On behalf of those creative people 😊 Oh no! I'm so sorry your extras got stolen 😓 I hope the thief at least puts it to some great use! 🤔
ittybittykitty rated for WEIRD LAWS on Jun 13, 2018
Response: Thank you!
NatPurchase rated for Music from your country (E-SWAP) on Jun 13, 2018
Response: Thank you!
Scrybe rated for ESG: Favorite Quotes on Jun 12, 2018
Comment: Thank you! Good quotes :-)
Response: Thank you! Cool swap!
annim rated for Music from your country (E-SWAP) on Jun 12, 2018
misscorina rated for Music from your country (E-SWAP) on Jun 12, 2018
Comment: Thanks for sharing your songs, I really liked the Dhan Te Nan Full Song | Kaminey | Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra
Response: Thanks for the heart! I am really enjoying this swap too!
bblue rated for Sharing Advice, Tips and Experience on Jun 10, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the thoughtful and detailed letter! You are really a great storyteller. I always thought I would get a scooter if I never ended up learning to drive a car, but after reading your letter it sounds like a scooter might be just as difficult to control.
Response: Thanks for the heart rating! Oh! If you ride a bicycle, do try a scooter, these days all are automatic 😊
lycheeSpoons rated for WEIRD LAWS on Jun 7, 2018
Comment: Thanks for sharing! I laughed at the pickle law ♥
Response: I know! :D Thanks for the heart!
Comment: Thank you for hosting this fun swap and sending a great package!!! I enjoyed your letter as well! No, I am not currently in that books group that you mentioned but have in a request to join. I would be interested in joining those possible books based swaps that you mentioned, as well. And, I would not judge you for hosting a Da Vinci Code swap. :) In fact, I have an idea for such a swap in the GASP group. :) We could give a long complicated explanation for a silly conspiracy theory that we invented.
Response: Thanks for the heart! I'm happy you liked it :) (I packed away ..... & then noticed that the chopsticks were left out (cringe!) I hope they did not get dropped from the package!!) Hey! That's a **Great** idea!! Please do host the conspiracy swap in GASP!
jacianne rated for 2 Coins/1 Banknote on Jun 6, 2018
Comment: THANKS
Response: Thank you :)
BettyVirago rated for WEIRD LAWS on Jun 6, 2018
draco rated for WEIRD LAWS on Jun 6, 2018
Comment: thank you for the interesting laws you shared
Response: Thanks for the heart! I'm loving these "search"-based swaps you're hosting ...
Comment: Thank you for the fantastic ATCs; very unique and creative! I also appreciate your note and the little "personal item" envie and explanation. What a treasure to learn from you. XO, DeAnna
Response: Thanks for the heart, DeAnna! :) I was actually unsure whether my ATCs will hold up to the theme! Lovely swapping with you, & I'm watching your profile for "Adult Internation" swaps which are mild enough for me :) :)
Ruthless rated for 4 & 4 Postcards - International on May 24, 2018
Comment: Got my postcards today! Thanks so much! I enjoyed your note. Thanks for taking the time to write. I love all of the cards but I really love the art! Excellent choices! You made my day a happy day!
Response: Thank You! :) So happy you enjoyed it, fun swap!
crescendo rated for IU: SOC April on May 23, 2018
Comment: I received both of your envelopes, you were right, the first one was unsealed and blank, lol. I am so very sorry you were having such a hard time with illness etc., I do hope things have gotten much more pleasant and you are feeling back to normal and healthy. I very much enjoy reading about your life and culture in India. I hope we will be partners again. Take care ♥♥
Response: LOL!!! Thank You, Sue, for the Heart rating, Yes, I'm fully okay now :) & thanks for hosting too!
MarieS rated for 4 & 4 Postcards - International on May 20, 2018
Comment: Thanks a lot for your envie!
Response: Thank you :)
DLRodrigues rated for **PBP April ~ Enchanting** on May 19, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the interesting page! I love it!!
Response: Thank You! :) I am loving PBP!
Anettethhjertnes rated for Pocket ATC on May 18, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the sweet atc. i hope you feel better now, if not.... Get well soon
Response: Thak You Anette! :) I am much better now!

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RockyBeach on Jun 19, 2018:

Oh thanks for you hand drawn surprise postcard! So fun to find it in my mailbox after a strange day. I don't get hand drawn pieces very often. This is gorgeous! I love the beach scene, wish I would be there right now! Thanks again for creating this for me! <3 If you like a crafty swap challenge, I'm here. :)

Cgscdy on Jun 12, 2018:

Received the forum tag Draw this PC today. Tyvm loved your interpretation of nacarat. Real definition of nacarat - a bright orange-red colour.

Changeling on Jun 11, 2018:

I am hosting the silly Da Vinci Code Inspired swap in the GASP group. :)

Lady on May 23, 2018:

I so agree with you on zentangle, seems lots of the official (I don't get how they can trademark!) patterns are from the margins if our phone pads or school books, or traditional patterns whether mandala/alpana, henna designs or another culture!

tcornell on May 4, 2018:

So glad you received the re-send!!!

irinah on May 1, 2018:

Haha I know cheburashka how did you find him? He is from the Russian story

kiddomerriweather on Apr 17, 2018:

Thank you for the funny, fake movie ad from the “Draw Me A . . .” PF tag. I ❤️ it! You are an excellent artist. I thought it was hilarious. I haven’t read any Agatha Christie books and haven’t read the spoiler yet, but still found the humor in it. I was surprised to find an envie from India in my mailbox because I had forgotten about it. Then I saw the drawing and remembered instantly. I was so happy to receive mail from you. Especially something so cheerful and funny to lift my spirits. Thank you so very much. 😃

mgallardo68 on Apr 14, 2018:

Dear @RooBaRoo I received your splash of color (RAK> In a "Holi" mood?)! Thank you so much for the envie and the extras! Loved all!! ♥♥

VerreShana on Apr 11, 2018:

Thanks for your postcard angel. (Not my country pc oct) . I wish you all the best! Greetings shana

wolfeagle on Apr 10, 2018:

You are very welcome. Shreyasi is so adorable.

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