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joybells2426 on Oct 16, 2016:

Hello! I'm wondering if you received my card for the creative card making challenge. I'm starting to worry that you didn't get it.

LavenderSprinkles on Oct 13, 2016:

Hey there! Could you rate me for Massive Themed Recipes Swap please?

jaimierandolph on Sep 10, 2016:

Profile Check for Notebook paper recipe SWAP #2! Hope you enjoy the swap! Happy Swapping, Jaimie Randolph

ReadMoreBooks33 on Aug 5, 2016:

jaimierandolph on Jul 23, 2016:

Profile Check for Homemade Postcard SWAP#2! Hope you enjoy the swap! Happy Swapping, Jaimie Randolph

jaimierandolph on Jul 16, 2016:

Profile Check for Pick 3 Goodies #2 Your ones are to active members of Swap-Bot and although they are a little while back there is no comment on there with you trying to resend... Hope you get this fixed for the next one!
Have a great day! Happy Swapping! Jaimie Randolph

jlburke3 on Jul 11, 2016:

Hi Beth! My name is Julia and I'm your partner for the Quick Friendly Profile Comment swap. I like reading the way you describe crafting, I feel the same way. Nothing feels better to me than to receive a handmade gift from someone. One of my roommates is very thoughtful and always writes me cards for the holidays and it is just so much better than any store-bought gift could be. Take care and happy swapping!

Zindelo on Jul 7, 2016:

Hey there! Nice to meet you! Zindelo here doing the 'quick friendly profile comment' swap. For your DVD problem, what if you got a really big hard drive (a few terabytes) and ripped all your DVDs onto that? Then you could collapse the entire thing into just data and feed it to a smart TV that way. My partner has the same problem, too many DVDs and not enough space, so that's what he's doing about it.

You mentioned you like music that tells a story; I don't know if the actual music would be your style (it falls under 'symphonic metal' I think), but Rhapsody of Fire do pretty amazing concept albums- it's like a movie, with characters and plot and everything, but no pictures. Definitely a big story being told there, it spans several albums!

I had a nice time reading your profile, and also I see that you do crochet! Maybe I could interest you in a tiny private swap in that regard? Nothing that'd hassle your tendonitis, I promise.

Anyway, hope you have a lovely day!

chaari on Jul 6, 2016:

Quick friendly profile comment

Hello there Beth!

Many Greetings from Germany!

I think it is really cool that you are in a bookclub, I always wanted to be in one, but it never happened somehow. But I am sure it's lots of fun :-)

Also I really admire how crafty you are! Sadly I kind of have two left hands when it comes to crafting, but I always love looking at the stuff other people create. I always found it rather curious, that so many people in the US are scrapbooking, over here, I know noone who does this. I did not even know what it was until I signed up here. But it looks pretty impressive :-)

I wish you a wonderful day! Liebe Grüße!


sweetsugartree on Jul 4, 2016:

Happy 4th of July, Beth! I'm one of your partners for the Get that Song Out of My Head!! (Quick Turnaround) swap :)

Ever since I saw Michael Shannon lip sync this song on Lip Sync Battle, I can't get it outta my head...truth be told, though..I don't mind! I love it! Hope you will, too!

Here Comes Your Man by the Pixies

from SweetSugarTree / Wilma

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