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About Me

Hello! My name is Sarah, I'm in my Northern 30's live in Alberta, Canada and work as a Registered Nurse in the Canadian Army. I am slowly working on my Master's degree and a certificate in wound care so I am cutting down on my swaps a little bit during the school semesters, but will have the summer off from school (Yay!!).

I have over twenty years in the army in the communications branch as a Signals Operator, in the health services branch as a combat medic and now as a nurse, but it will soon be time to retire and I'm hoping returning to school will help set me up for success when I enter the civilian work force.

As a Canadian I am very patriotic, I love our Commonwealth and our Queen.

I am in a long-term relationship now after being widowed in my 20's and I like to still do some of the things that brought me joy before I lost my beautiful husband. I have his picture here because I am so proud and still miss him and think of him every day. He is in everything I do. He was awarded the Canadian Forces Medal of Military Valour for his actions in combat. I am a proud Soldier and a proud soldier's wife!

My spouse and I have had a bit of a small zoo since we've been together, although have lost a few of our companions over the years. Most recently my long-time companion and totem-cat, Emma, in November of 2017. Losing a beloved pet never gets easier and she was my most treasured fur-baby as I had her since my late husband and I bought our first home together. Still with my spouse and I are our 2 dogs and our rather large (and somewhat spoiled) house cat. In the past we have had ferrets and budgies, in the future we are hoping for goats and chickens!

Crafting is my favourite hobby and I'm trying to make sure I have time to be creative amidst the busy pace of daily life . Having swaps to do gives me inspiration and means I have to make time for it!

I love paper crafting, reading, journaling, cooking, gardening and jewelry. I used to scrapbook but when I tried to pick it up again I started to find it too restrictive so I have been enjoying my own version of a 'smash book' since I broke down and bought a Zutter Bind-It-All.

I love tea but mostly just black and green teas. My favourites are Orange Pekoe and breakfast teas (really do not like Earl Grey or herbal teas). I have a lovely collection of teapots and pottery mugs (which I have promised to try and downsize as it was growing beyond cabinet space) *this is one promise I am still working at...but thanks to Pinterest I have found another means of using some of my tea related items and I will post a photo once I'm finished (still working on this!!)

Anything vintage is awesome, I spend long hours in the antique malls locally and where ever I might be traveling for work, looking for old books with illustrations or interesting titles, postcards, photographs and various fun ephemera items. Favourite items are old ledgers (with and without writing), maps and and anything related to the British monarchy.

I have had the privilege of owning a camera for most of my life starting with a Polaroid (which I still have and wish they still made inexpensive film for!). I'm not a great photographer but I used to have fun with it and I am trying to again. I found hipstamatic on iPhone and fell in love. I'm also sort of in love with my cell phone as keeping in touch with my family and friends is a top priority for me.

I love old fashioned snail mail, being away so often there was nothing better than hearing my name at mail call. I spent my youth writing to my grandparents and while I now live close to them I still love making and sending them cards and I have standing agreements with a few old army buddies to send postcards from any future travels.

I also like to get out on my motorcycle, weather permitting. I'm learning to do the mechanical work and I was able to rewire the signal lights all by myself (with a bit of help from google), and I'll admit to a giddy sense of personal pride when I put it all back together and it worked!! Next project is a set of up-cycled saddle bags!

While I am not a specifically religious person I am spiritual and I enjoy learning about other faiths and beliefs in the world. I would love to receive anything about your faith should you choose to send it.

Favorite Books

The Fionavar Tapestry, Harry Potter, The Outsiders, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Belgariad/Mallorean series, the "Cat who" series as well as a healthy love of any sort of romance novel.

I admit that I used to mostly pick new reads by the cover art as I read so much it seemed a good a way as any. Now with my kindle and reading mostly medical journals online I rely on recommendations from friends/family and reviews.

I used to dream of owning a typewriter and writing/publishing a book and thanks to eBay, Kijiji and the local antique malls I now own and love several vintage typewriters:) I've told myself I don't need another one but in my head that sentence is finished with "right now". The writing and publishing a book would still be lovely so I'll keep it on the bucket list.

Although some of my friends and family find my typewriter obsession hilarious, it's true; I am a little in love with my typewriters and as my handwriting is one degree shy of abysmal I often type a note when the swap calls for more than a few lines of text.

Favourite movies & music

Movies: Too many to list!! I love all kinds of movies: comedy, action, drama, mystery, animated, documentary, sci-fi, romance etc. Not that big on horror movies although I watched Cabin in the Woods and loved the story line and originality.

Music: Love just about everything! My favourite playlist at the moment has The Eagles, Barenaked Ladies, Counting Crows, Everclear, Mariana's Trench, Tracy Chapman, Lady GaGa and the Zac Brown Band. My current second favourite playlist is all big band music: Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Glenn Miller and Duke Ellington.

I don't practice much anymore but in the past I played the piano, oboe, trumpet and flute, and occasionally I still try to learn to play the guitar.

Favorite Television

I have terrible insomnia so I watch a ridiculous amount of tv. Current favourites (in no particular order) are Bull, The Good Doctor, Happy!, Westworld, Big Bang Theory, Elementary, Sherlock & The Librarians. Perennial favourites are M.A.S.H, Murder She Wrote, Matlock, Law & Order, Doctor Who (Fourth is my Favourite but I do like Ten and Eleven quite a bit too), Star Trek of any kind (I think Sir Patrick Stewart is kind of awesome, I would listen to him read the phone book if they still made phone books;) and of course just about anything on Masterpiece Theatre:) Which stands in stark contrast to my current addiction: LivePD. I just can't help it! I'm saying it's research as I'm currently working in the busiest inner-city ER in the area, and we have a high police presence most days.

Favourite Crafts and Stuff

PAPER!! Because the nature of my job was unpredictable and I have had to travel extensively for work over the years I gravitated to paper crafting as it is extremely portable. I have dragged my journals through just about everything including field exercises, training courses, domestic and overseas deployments. I wish they looked like this:

In addition to art journaling/smash style books I also enjoy making/collecting cards and stationary that I send to friends and family.

My second favourite craft is jewelry, primarily earrings and I love to repurpose small items with lovely silver and gold findings. A piece of my work (not pictured here) was recently selected for publication in a US publication and I'm still ridiculously happy when I think about calling my Mom to tell her and thank her for the years of putting up with my arts & crafts!

I love pretty much anything vintage, postcards, old time/national geographic magazines and stamps. Constantly going through gel pens and sharpie markers.

Not my favourite...

Not big on perfumed things as I have terrible scent allergies and we have lots of pets that already test the limits of my sneezing! I tolerate the sneezing and sniffling for my fourfeets because they are wonderful, joyful creatures who desperately needed new homes:)

I like to watch Disney movies but I'm not big on Disney themed stickers, cards, stationary etc. I do have a younger family member that I could pass things on to if I receive items of that nature but even she will eventually be out of her 'Disney phase'.


I did cave and join Pinterest but I'll have to figure out how to link it here.

I do surf etsy and I've seen lots of recommendations here to post a favourites list so here goes!

my etsy favs list

Canada Post

Canada post can be hit and miss. I have had some packages arrive from the UK in less than a week while the same sized package from the US took 10 days or more. I will try to rate as soon as I receive swaps but sometimes I do wait for the end of the week and rate everything from that week all at once:)

The post office closes on weekends where I live so for swap send-by dates that fall on a weekend I will try to have them sent by the Friday whenever possible. I like to send early when I can but sometimes it does take me until send by date to make it to the post office. Canada Post removed the local boxes from the county and to mail anything you have to go in to a postal outlet now.

Please note that if the swap send by date falls on a Friday that the postmark will not always read as that date if the mail was picked up after 5pm (even though it went in the mailbox on that date!) The stamp may not be cancelled until the following Monday as thats just how our system here works!!

As I mentioned I do try to send a bit early when I can and I will ALWAYS send by the date the host picks and always to swap requirements.

If you do not receive anything after a reasonable amount of time please pm me! I have great ratings/feedback so far and I only sign-up for a few swaps at a time. I have been flaked on numerous times now so I know exactly how much it sucks!! I will NOT do that to someone!

Fabulous Swappers

I received this in the mail in 2013. Not even part of a swap...just because! How cool is that?! Completely unexpected and very much appreciated:)

What I'd love

I absolutely love quirky/odd/strange postcards or note cards of any kind, stamped with real postage (several swappers have introduced me to vintage postage, this is good and bad because I love it but now spend far too much time on eBay!) with a nice note on the back.

Yes it is a postcard!!


MeHeartsQuilting rated for Top Swap PC on Jul 19, 2018
Comment: Loooove the PC! Thank you so much! And one feature: the stamps are not stamped, they are unused! Whooohoohoo :)))
cheapskategardener rated for Quick Turnaround PC 4 on Jul 16, 2018
Comment: great card it made me smile thanks
newrule rated for Jetoy Love #7 *INTL* on Jul 12, 2018
Comment: Thanks so much for re-sending! It arrived yesterday and I loved it! The stamp is awesome too. Thanks so much. If the first one reaches me, I will let you know. This was worth the wait!
Response: So glad the re-send made it! Thank-you so much for being patient:) Thanks too for the rating, comment & heart:) :)
Comment: Sarah! I’m so sorry I never saved this rating!!!! Thank you SO much for the beautiful envelope (which I’m saving!) and the profile related goodies!! I love all the textures on the envelope and fun, vintage stamps. Thank you so much for reading my likes on my profile and spoiling me! : )
Response: No worries, that can happen! I'm just glad it arrived, I bought a new postal scale and was worried maybe I didn't put enough postage, sometimes it takes Canada Post a long time to RTS here. Glad it arrived and you enjoyed:) I'm already looking forward to the next swap for this! Thanks for the comment, rating and the heart:) :)
knitterofhats rated for Vacation Postcard on Jul 4, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the lovely PC of NYC!
Response: You are very welcome, I can't wait to go back and get more PCs! Thanks for the comment, rating and the heart:)
JordanLea rated for Quick Turn Around PC on Jul 3, 2018
Comment: thank you for the beautiful postcard. I love postcards that give a little history about the picture. I bet the wildflowers were beautiful. :) the day you were looking at the flowers in Canada, I was at a Texas Wildflower farm, great minds!
Response: Great minds! Exactly!! Hope you enjoyed the Texas wildflowers as much as we enjoyed the mountain kind here in Alberta:) Thanks for the lovely comment, rating and the heart!!
TamiTam55 rated for IU: QUOP_June on Jul 1, 2018
Comment: 1,000,000,000 stars. You're right, the card is a little creepy, but...I can't stop making her eyes open and close. Does that make me creepy too? Hmmmm.....
Response: That's why I had to buy it when I found it, it's strangely fascinating! Glad you enjoyed, thanks for the comment, rating and the heart!
crochetjunkie rated for Quick Turn Around PC on Jun 28, 2018
Comment: Thank you for a fun and interesting pc!
Response: You are very welcome! Thanks for the comment, rating and the heart:)
Comment: Hi Sarah thank you for the Ramen noodles PC .Happy Summer Solstice peace love light
Response: Thanks for the comment, rating and the heart:) Hope your summer is starting out fabulously!!
dvmac rated for Cardboard swap intl on Jun 22, 2018
Comment: I'm a big fan of Gorey, so thank you. And the stamps were really nice, too. Thanks again! And i have a pile of cardboard saved, too, so host another one of these any time!
Response: Yay for Gorey fans!!! Thank-you for the comment, rating and the heart:)
myancey rated for Cardboard swap intl on Jun 21, 2018
Comment: Thanks so much for this but I really hope u didn’t destroy a Disney dvd box. Lol. Thanks ! And love the stamps and here in Georgia it is stifly hot. Have a good day!
Response: Technically I did destroy the box...but at least it got a second life as a PC instead of going straight to the recycle! We have had to reorganize our DVD collection into binders as we just had too many to keep in cases on a shelf. Thanks so much for the comment, rating and the heart!
Comment: Thank you! I've read about the Balloon Festival in NM and it's definitely on my bucket list!
Response: I love that I'm learning stuff with this swap series:) Thanks for the comment, rating and the heart!
Rocktopus rated for Not a Pc Postcard #1 on Jun 18, 2018
Comment: I'm glad you found my swap, I love this PC!
Response: So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for hosting and for the comment, rating & heart:) :)
Comment: Thank you for the postcard! They indeed look so realistic, love strawberries.
Response: It's almost strawberry season here, can't wait! Thanks for the comment, rating and the heart:)
Comment: Thank you for the PC. I prefer the early Sci-Fi movies too. In fact I've only seen the very first of the 6 Star Wars movies. :-)
Response: Last week here there was a movie marathon of the first 6 movies, I only caught a few but always enjoy:) Thanks for the comment, rating and the heart!!
susieq11 rated for MAIL ART - COLLAGE on Jun 15, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the gorgeous collage on vellum paper! It is so pretty, I’m saving it in my journal! I love the bird! I love love love all the goodies you sent me! Each one a huge favorite of mine. I appreciate it so much. Thank you for sending me such a fabulous swap - I am so lucky!!!!! Have a great weekend!! xxxxx
Response: So glad you liked it, and that It held up through the mail!! really enjoyed this swap, thank for hosting and thanks for the rating, comments and the heart:)
katmandu rated for Not a Pc Postcard #1 on Jun 14, 2018
Comment: OMG! I cackled when I read the front of your PC! I think I scared my kitty and he's deaf! Thank you for the laugh today!!
Response: So glad you liked it! I was a little worried it was too over the top! Thanks for the comment, rating and the heart! Happy swapping!
ahren rated for Space Postcard Swap INTL #3 on Jun 14, 2018
Comment: Hello, and thank you for a lovely card Thanks for sharing your good wishes and story.
Response: Thanks so much for the comment, rating and the heart:)
Comment: I really love the pc you sent - I am enamored of all things Icelandic and this looks to be an arctic fox! Thank you! :)
Response: I was in Iceland for a couple hours while the plane refuelled, really hope I get to go back and actually see the country some day!! Thanks for rating and the heart:)
goinjenny rated for Alice in Wonderland Postcard on Jun 4, 2018
Comment: Thank you
Response: Thanks so much for rating and the heart:)

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tigerlily2110 on May 28, 2018:

Alice in Wonderland postcard Hi, left you a message on 26th May, has this swap arrived with you? I'm away until 1st June, but can you let me know if it hasn't arrived by then, and I will resend. Thanks Kath

e2java on Nov 3, 2016:

So today was just an ordinary day…nothing special about it until I came home and saw an international little package waiting on the counter for me. Thank you so much for the sweet surprise! I haven't tried that brand of jelly babies but I am sure they will be delicious. I might not bother with dinner now!

ScrapHappyGabi on Mar 20, 2016:


rexypants on Nov 11, 2015:

Thinking of you this Remembrance Day.

bbsporty on Nov 10, 2015:

Today I was greeted by the best soft kitty postcard ever!! Thanks so much for the Happy Mail!

LittleRed on Aug 20, 2015:

There is a Stuff a Smarties Box Swap -Fall/ Autumn themed in the Canadian Swappers Group. We'd love to have you join!! Come by the Canadian Swappers Group and have a look:)

kerrydwynn on Jan 1, 2015:

G R E A T P R O F I L E !!! A pleasure to read!

rexypants on Aug 28, 2014:

I rock? Excuse me, but YOU ROCK! And the possibility of us both rocking? Well, I suppose I can live with that. What you said is pretty much how I feel whenever I discover something (well, anything) from you waiting in my inbox. Have a lovely weekend!

rexypants on Aug 10, 2014:

Thank you so much for the lovely RAK - it was a much appreciated surprise. Watch your mailbox, Mz. K...

picupurcross on Jul 10, 2014:

You're very welcome! I'm so glad it made it there safe and sound and that you enjoyed the surprise! 😊 Hope you have a great summer!

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