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PLEASE do not feel that you have to add extra goodies to a swap - unless it's required. ALTHOUGH I am always happy to receive postage stamps (so remember to cut them off your envelopes you receive in case you get my name again) and postcards. As for crafting stuff, I have a lot of it and I'm trying to downsize a bit.

POSTCARDS: Naked (unless swap calls otherwise), with a little more written on it then the swap name, say something - how's the weather, learning anything new, something about your town - ANYTHING. Its disappointing to get a PC with just the swap title and your name on it. I'm collecting Latern Press PC's and Trains, but if you dont have those then choose from my PC likes below.

RATINGS: For me it's confirmation that you have received swap. I do not flake and do my best to fulfill swap requirements. If you feel I did not meet requirements or you did not receive swap, please let me know (through swap-bot message) so i can resend. I gave up following up on people for ratings, it's supposed to be done and I've had some coordinators come back with the response that they don't bother worrying about people who don't rate and don't do anything about it. So if you haven't taken the time to send me a note to tell me you haven't received your item or if you haven't rated me, I'm just going to assuming that you have received it.

I CHECK MY MAIL DAILY AND RATE THE DAY I RECEIVE THE SWAP. If I have not rated you it means that I have not received swap. Do not be afraid to send me a note to check because some areas take longer to get here than others. Do take note sometimes I may not receive your item, but if it's a PC I'm not going to send you a note and asked you to resend. But if it is a continue problem then I'll probably send you a note and say hey I haven't received it.

About Me

Hi there!
I am married and we have four adult children and two beautiful grand daughters. My husband have been married for 35 years and I'm happy to say we celebrate two of our anniversaries in Europe and looking forward to celebrate more there.

I dabble in a little bit of everything, swapping is my way of keeping busy. I just got a quilting, embroidery and knitting machine, so guess what I'm doing 😁🤣 .

I am committed to postcards, I love to read whats written on them and the picture. I enjoy sharing them with our grand-daughters. Whenever we travel I always send them postcards, whether its from a big city or a small village, if I can find a postcard it will be sent to our grand-daughters, with a little story about the area and they look forward to getting them. Our oldest grand-daughter has started looking up the postcard subject/city, like the Colliseum in Rome, she found it very interesting and told me about it when we got home. Our youngest grand-daughter will go through my travel book and pick places she wants to go to and recognizes pictures of postcards I've sent. I hope someday we are able to take them on a journey with us.


Do you just throw out your postage stamps that come on your envelopes? Save them so if you ever get me in another swap, you can just send them as part of the swap. When you cut the stamp off your envelopes, please leave a little space and do not cut right to the edges of the stamps. Know that I will greatly appreciate them.c

Post Stamps new and used
I like Canada, Finland, Netherlands and Zodiac stamps, but I do collect a wide variety so feel free to send any postage stamps. Please do not cover your stamps with tape


POSTCARDS - NAKED - written on and stamped, unless swap requires differently.



I'm excited to receive post cards that highlight areas, culture, animals, structures etc, and reading what people have to share on the back, this is why I got into Swap-Bot to begin with.

Architecture Country/State Scenic views - new ones Flags. Animals Steampunk are some ideas, but really I like all postcards.

And I really have to bite my tongue on this one, but I send postcards to my grandchildren that I think they would like. They like frogs (choke). Because they know my fear of frogs I find it amusing sometimes to send them a postcard of a frog just to shock them. Secretly I am hoping by doing this they will quit video calling me with a live frog on thier head {SHIVERS - horror stories, ugh}.

Chinese Fashion postcards


Letters/note cards
Postage Stamps - new and used - please do not cover your stamps with tape
Northern Lights
The Universe
Zodiac sign: Taurus (The Bull)
Ghost Walks
The weird and unusual.
The fun and unexpected

ANIMALS: Otters, Sugar Gliders, Sloths, Birds of Paradise, Hedgehogs, Chinchillas, Ferrets
Any animal is fine with me

FLOWERS: Colored Roses,Tulips, Sweet Peas Bleeding Hearts, Pansies, Lilacs
So many beautiful flowers to choose - lets just say I love all flowers

COLORS: Emerald Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Blue
Just look in a crayon box or the colors around you and you'll see all the colors I love.

PHOBIA - FROGS - although I don't mind postcards of them because then I can send them to my grand-daughters just to shock them. I really have problems with live frogs - serious problems!

Religion stuff

Scrap paper - I have so much scrap paper of my own that I'm trying to deal with.


fortannam rated for My weekly Wrap-up PC #2 on Jul 4, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the great postcard! And your week at the cabin sounds lovely! Our friends have cabins outside of Ft St John, BC but I’ve not been up in years! Have a good week this week!
Comment: Thanks for the great letter and extra story. Love the stamps and the penny!!!
Comment: Many thanks for the extra stamps found in your envelope. I'm glad !!
knitterofhats rated for TGIF Weekend Notecard #194 on May 26, 2020
Comment: Thanks!
MsBellaDonna rated for INT: let it go, let it go on May 23, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful fox postcard, I love it! Life under quarantine has been a challenge for us all. I miss being able to go to the store "on a whim" or going out after work to meet up with friends. But we will get through this and be stronger for it. Stay safe and be well!
colleenbUSA rated for PH: Postcards + an Item #2 on May 22, 2020
Comment: Wow! Thank you so much for everything you sent! I especially love the magnetic bookmark and wolf postcard! Also the stamps, of course! Thanks again!
Comment: Got both cards and will hold on to until the next exchange. Funny that they get two Bonnies back to back :)
Response: It is 😄
Briggy13 rated for Where would you go? - Postcard! on May 13, 2020
Comment: Hey ! Bonnie, thank you so much for your lovely card representing the Canadian Rockies. I enjoyed reading it.
dmwcheng rated for TGIF Weekend Notecard #192 on May 7, 2020
Comment: Hello again! =) Bonnie, it sounds like a rad weekend and I think it's amazing you're making those masks. I debated whether to get a sewing machine last year but I wasn't sure if I would use it that often so I decided it wasn't worth the investment. (Most things I need to do are often easily solved with a tiny bit of hand sewing.) Now I wished I had so I could be "useful." I'm not patient enough for the art of sewing but once I get something made, I get a strong sense of accomplishment. <33 Rock on, beautiful human spirit.
dmwcheng rated for TGIF Weekend Notecard #191 on May 4, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the card, Bonnie. You have lovely handwriting. =) I'm a knitter too! But I haven't been doing it as often as I wish. Mild anxiety and all that - hard to focus on the bad days. Anyway, please write down the swap name next time so it's easier for me to find locate which swap I should be rating you for. And thank you for the card. Stay sane. <333
Response: Ugh... I was thinking 'I don't remember putting the swap name on last swap I sent her, wonder if I actually did?' Well now my question is answered. It's usually the very first thing I do along with swap name, guess I'm out of practice, will keep a close eye on it. 🧐🧐🧐😄😄 take care.
Comment: Thank you for the goodies you sent with your postcard :)
Comment: Thank you for the card and letter! I’m glad to hear you’re doing well! We’re doing okay, we’re supposed to be “sheltering in place” but there seems to be a lot of cars out.
Response: Not as many vehicles out but a lot of people out walking around here. We are just starting to warm up - kind of coming out of northern winter hibernation - so with the sun shining and the heat rising its getting harder for people to stay indoors.
Comment: Received it; thanks for all the fun tourist goodies.
Response: I am happy to see you received it 😄
Comment: Thank you!
suepier rated for WIYM: Woot! PC Swap time! #8 on Feb 2, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the great postcard.
Comment: Thank you for the lovely note cards are prayers. Luckily my family were not near the fires in South Australia but of course we were all affected by the smoke.
Comment: Thanks for pc’s to send on ! A nice note !
Sandy1969 rated for Christmas greeting card on Jan 13, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the Long & Lovely Letter and Christmas Card. I enjoyed your letter.
Comment: Thank you for the pretty Christmas card. Happy New Year!
Comment: What fond memories of the Xmas trees. Thank you for sharing! Emily :)

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dmwcheng on May 11, 2020:

Curious question: has someone actually mailed you a live frog before?

OrigamiGrace on Apr 3, 2020:

Have a great weekend!!


NaitomeaMinx on Dec 8, 2019:

Thank you for the story about your phobia! It was a great read! My son laughed and laughed (teenagers sigh no compassion. Though I must confess the aquarium story made me chuckle hard.). However, don't be sad my mother is the EXACT same way with "wormy" things--snakes, worms, caterpillars, etc. It's so bad my aunt STILL tells the story about the old tree in front of my childhood house, that was full of caterpillars. One day, one of those caterpillars made the sad unfortunate mistake of falling out the tree and into my car seat just as my mother lifted up from snapping me in it. Well then the neighbors got a LOVELY show of the crazy hollering and screaming woman tossing her baby and a car seat all about in the backseat of the car while she tried to "save" me from said caterpillar. That I'm not brain dead today, my aunt assures me is a miracle. Needless to say, after that and a few more free shrieking dancing numbers for the neighborhood courtesy of my mother, my uncle was enlisted to come and cut down the front tree (illegally I might added since it was TECHNICALLY on somebody else's land division). Still I survived childhood at least --and the neighbors only shot us a "few" dirty looks over their MIA tree until we finally moved a few years later I'm told.

lou on Oct 28, 2019:

NOTE: A rating from a swapper 10 months after a swap closed seems odd — that will definitely not keep you out of WIYM group!

kertasborneo on Sep 26, 2019:

Hey Bonnie, I've sent you a message on Sep 20th, kindly check!

Petre on Jan 15, 2019:

Thank you for your New Year surprise card! And welcome back to The Hague, New Years Eve there is fireworks in the Hofvijver, it looks great!


lou on May 22, 2018:

Happy Birthday Month from WIYM group!

goinjenny on May 17, 2018:

Thank you for the beautiful words on my profile!!

Cariboocarol on Dec 23, 2017:

Hi Bonnie!! I absolutely loved all the items you sent in the 'paired envie of fun'--you sent so many extras but you can be sure that I will use it all. In fact I plan to write several letters over Christmas and your paper is my first choice! I hope your Christmas drive to your granddaughter's was uneventful---you did not say where you were going though...was it to Rupert?

ellecamino on Nov 17, 2017:

Thank you so much for the post card. It's cute and I love the stamp, beautiful.

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