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If you get a package from me that arrives opened or damaged, please let me know asap. I am filing a complaint with my post office and need to keep a record.

If you are interested in hosting swaps and what it takes to be a good host, I STRONGLY suggest reading the two forum links above.

Hi, my name is Flo, I live in the U.S., in Virginia, very close to Washington, DC. I am retired and live alone with 6 cats. Yes, I guess I am the typical crazy cat lady lol. I love art, mostly sketching. I used to be able to draw when I was younger but have lost that skill. Trying to gain it back. Right now I am into the adult coloring fad. I currently participate in the Postcrossing site, especially the forums. I have been on the bot for a while now and it's my new home.

alt text

Favorite Music

I like old school pop music and country from the 1970's and '80s.

Favorite Television

I like to watch historical documentaries. Anything involving ancient Rome, Egypt, China, etc. I find fascinating. I also watch a lot of real life crime shows particularly those on Investigation Discovery. I am also an X-Files and MST3K fan.

Favorite Crafts

Handmade postcards, ATC's, Handmade greeting cards, Ink stamping, Coloring cards, Coloring pages


I like

cats and anything cat related (lions, tigers, etc.), birds, Asian art (especially dragons), flowers (especially roses), Halloween themed, anything spooky or strange (skulls, ghosts, etc.), country landscapes or cityscapes, desert landscapes, portraits of anyone, collages, adult coloring

I don't need

Sports and sports-related themes, no tea or any type of food, bugs (except butterflies)

Crafts Items I'd like

Postcards: I would love anything that is representative of your country. Artwork, cityscapes, scenery, costumes, etc.

The one thing I really need is stickers, small enough to fit on a postcard. Any subject, words, pictures, cute, whatever you have. Also like postcards of any subject, washi tape, die cuts of any subject, ribbons, stuff to make ATCs (small die cuts, stickers, small papers to use as a background, Tim Holtz stuff).


My Cat Family

alt text

alt text

alt text


Comment: Thank you! Although I will have to try and cut it down to the correct size that was stated in the description of the swap requirements as that is the size I got set up to start collecting. Have a great day! :)
marinda rated for WIYM: CAT postcard customized ~ USA on Aug 21, 2017
Comment: Thank you!
Nimue rated for Mermaid ATC (USA) on Aug 19, 2017
Comment: Thanks for sending! :D
Mammybarnes rated for ATC Gangster Theme on Aug 17, 2017
Comment: Great Atc I love Bonnie and Clyde. Where did you fuse the machine gun too stinking cute. What a fun ATC. Going in the front of my book. Thank you
Comment: Loved this Halloween postcard! Thank you so much :D
NotAllWhoWander rated for Cat Items Swap - U.S. Only on Aug 16, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much. I can't wait to add my sticker
marclively rated for Postcrossing Obsessed?! 41 on Aug 16, 2017
Comment: Florence, thanks for the snail mail! Marc :)
marclively rated for Just Because PC Swap #26 on Aug 16, 2017
Comment: Florence, thanks for the postcard! Marc :)
Comment: Hello! Nice picture!! And all the beautiful stickers!!And in answer to your question: I am not related to JC Van Damme. Sometimes we make jokes about it!! I wish you all the best! Katrien
Kdguard rated for Postcrossing Obsessed?! 41 on Aug 16, 2017
shinyserra rated for One Deco Book - August on Aug 16, 2017
Comment: This deco is definitely pretty!
shinyserra rated for Newbie and Seasoned Deco - Aug #1 on Aug 16, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the fun deco!
Comment: Thank you for your lovely postcard! I love the composition, the different colours of the grapes, the leaves and vines. Very nice work! Thank you so much! :)
clorinspats rated for ATC: Cat Theme on Aug 14, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the super gorgeous cat ATC!!
Robinarie rated for Butterflies ATC! on Aug 13, 2017
Comment: Great ATC!
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely handmade envelope. And thank you for the items you sent too :) They were very sweet.
joynwoe rated for ATC newbie and beginner friendly #6 on Aug 11, 2017
JaneInSD rated for Postcrossing Obsessed?! 41 on Aug 9, 2017
Comment: I'm so sorry that it took me so long to rate you. I've been working 10-12 hour days/ 7 days a week for the last 6 weeks and things have been crazy!! Thank you for the cool card. :-)
zurdoswifey rated for Profanity Postcard Swap #3 on Aug 8, 2017
Comment: HAHA love it...its going to be used in my journalling somehow ...Thanks
Response: Glad you like it!

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clorinspats on Aug 14, 2017:

Hello!! Thank you so much for angeling in the Getting to Know You swap--it's super, duper appreciated!! I wanted to let you know your letter arrived safe and sound and I'll be writing up a reply ASAP. Your letter styling is so cute! Thanks again!

anrtist on Aug 10, 2017:

THANK YOU for sending me the photo paper package for your PF RAK!!!!!
THANK you so much for the nice RAK ;-)
It came in today with a torn open box so if anything else was in the box (including a note) it was gone ;-(
i hate that happened but the package did come in OK and it is appreciated!

THANK YOU & Blessings, cc

Evelynswap on Aug 7, 2017:

Hi again! And another ATC is asigned to me for you :D Here is a sneekpeak of the ATC newbie and beginner friendly #6 swap I made today:


Evelynswap on Jul 29, 2017:

Hi! I send you a preview of the Pineapple ATC swap :)


Evelynswap on Jul 23, 2017:

What a lovely cats you have :D

supersquirrel on Jul 21, 2017:

Thank you for the kitty postcards and kitty notecard from the Animal Tag-US. They are so cute!

TakenByChance on Jul 20, 2017:

Woohoo! Received your Stamp RAK 💕 You sent several Canadian stamps that I was missing 😁 (So exciting when that happens!!) Thank-you so much! 💜💜

CraftyMommaonaBUDGET on Jul 16, 2017:

Hello, I hope you had a great weekend? I am your partner for this swap BL ~ Butterfly Color Series #2 (Yellow)

Yellow Monarch

Yellow Monarch Among the two species of Monarch butterflies, the one in North America differs from the one you will find in South America, but the Caribbean is home to both species. You can also see them in Australia, New Zealand, and several Islands lying between Australia and Tahiti, in parts of Europe and in Hawaii. The caterpillar may eat its shed skin in four of its five molts in the stages referred to as “instar”

• In the fifth instar, 10 to 12 hours before shedding its skin for the fifth and last time, the Monarch caterpillar spins a silk for it to hang. After some initial wriggling the pupa skin hardens into a protective covering for the evolving monarch butterfly inside it.

• Depending on the temperatures in summer, the caterpillar stage continues for 9 to 14 days

• The caterpillar is a voracious eater, capable of consuming an entire milkweed leaf in less than five minutes. They gain about 2700 times their original weight, and in the process, excrete an abundant quantity of “frass” (or waste).

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Papilio glaucus, the eastern tiger swallowtail, is a species of swallowtail butterfly native to eastern North America. It is one of the most familiar butterflies in the eastern United States, where it is common in many different habitats.

grammypammy on Jul 16, 2017:

BL ~ Butterfly Color Series #2 (Yellow)

Hope you like the butterflies I picked for you!

Junonia almana, the peacock pansy, is a species of nymphalid butterfly found in South Asia. It exists in two distinct adult forms, which differ chiefly in the patterns on the underside of the wings.

Eurema nicippe, the sleepy orange, is a North American butterfly in the family Pieridae. It is also found in the West Indies, Costa Rica and Belize.

Phoebis sennae, the cloudless sulphur or cloudless giant sulphur, is a mid-sized butterfly in the family Pieridae found in the New World.

Phoebis argante has a wingspan of about 54–67 millimetres (2.1–2.6 in). The uppersides of the male's wings are bright orange with a thin black or dark brown border on forewings. The hindwings are slightly paler and have two small whitish spots in the middle. The basic colour of the females vary from white to yellow, with dark borders.

yvonne401 on Jul 16, 2017:

BL ~ Butterfly Color Series #2 (Yellow)

I hope you like the yellow butterflies that I have chosen for you!

First, I have chosen for the the "Two-tailed Swallowtail".

The two-tailed swallowtail is a large swallowtail of western North America, one of several species that have yellow wings with black tiger striping. Each hind wing has several blue markings (top and bottom). Like other striped swallowtails, it has a small orange eyespot near the lower angle of each hind wing; the eyespots can fool predators into attacking the rear of the butterfly instead of the head, giving the butterfly a chance to escape. Its appearance is similar to the western, and eastern tiger swallowtails, but has narrower black stripes and usually two tails on each hind wing (rather than only one). Most two-tails have a black "slit pupil" in the orange eyespot on each hind wing, never present in western tiger. It is also usually larger than similar swallowtails within its range, although some eastern tiger swallowtails are as big as any two-tailed. The wingspan ranges from 3 to 6.5 inches (7.6 to 16.5 cm), making it the largest swallowtail in western North America. As is the case with most swallowtails, females are larger and more brightly colored than males, having more blue and orange markings on the hind wings. It does not tend to hybridize with related species as do the western, eastern, and Canadian tiger swallowtails.

The butterfly can be seen from Guatemala, through Mexico, the western United States to southern Canada in southern British Columbia, Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan. It typically lives near streams and in moist valleys but also in canyons and cities at lower elevations.

Host plants include: chokecherry, bitter cherry, Arizona rosewood, single-leaf ash, hop tree, and Arizona sycamore. In California it mostly uses California hop tree. Elsewhere in the West, it often uses green ash planted along city streets (in California, city habitats are usually occupied by western tiger swallowtails rather than two-tailed.

The two-tailed swallowtail is the state butterfly of Arizona.

The second butterfly that I will be sharing with you is the "Sleepy Orange".

The sleepy orange is a bright orange butterfly with the upper side of the wings having wide black borders. The forewing coastal margin has a small, narrow black spot. Some people[who?] think that the sleepy orange got its name from the black spot that looks like a closed eye; others say that the sleepy orange is a misnomer because, when disturbed, the butterfly has a very rapid flight. The underside of the wings varies seasonally: summer forms are bright yellow with brick-red markings, while winter forms are browner and more heavily marked. It has a wingspan of 1 3⁄8–2 1⁄4 inches (35-57 mm).

The sleepy orange may be found in or around old fields, roadsides, woods edges, swamps, wet meadows, open woodlands, margins of ponds, waterways, and valleys.

The third butterfly that I've chosen for you is the "Orange-barred Sulphur".

Phoebis philea, the orange-barred sulphur, is a species of butterfly found in the Americas including the Caribbean.

The wingspan is 68 to 80 mm. There are two to three generations per year in Florida and one in the northern part of the range with adults on wing from mid to late summer. The species habitat is in tropical scrub, gardens, fields, and forest edges. The species eats nectar from red-colored plants.

The larvae feed on Cassia species.

The final butterfly that I have chosen for you is the "Anise Swallowtail".

Papilio zelicaon, the anise swallowtail, is a common swallowtail butterfly of western North America. Both the upper and lower sides of its wings are black, but the upper wing has a broad yellow stripe across it, which gives the butterfly an overall yellow appearance. There are striking blue spots on the rear edge of the rear wing, and the characteristic tails of the swallowtails. Its wingspan is 52–80 mm. Its body is somewhat shorter than the rather similar western tiger swallowtail, with which its range overlaps; it also lacks the black stripes, converging toward the tail, of the latter. There is a somewhat darker subspecies, P. z. nitra, which is rare throughout the range, though somewhat more often found at lower elevations.

The anise swallowtail has a wingspan ranging from 52 to 80 mm (2.0 to 3.1 in). Wings are mostly yellow, with black bands along the edges of both the forewings and hind wings. Distinguished from tiger swallowtail butterflies by being smaller in size and lacking the vertical black striping patterns. There are yellowish-orange to red eyespots near the tails of each wing, each containing a black pupil. The body is predominantly black, with yellow stripes running laterally along the abdomen.

The anise swallowtail is a butterfly of fairly open country, and is most likely to be seen on bare hills or mountains, in fields or at the roadside. It is often seen in towns, in gardens or vacant lots.

The usual range of the anise swallowtail extends from British Columbia and North Dakota at its northern extreme, south to the Baja California Peninsula and other parts of Mexico. It is occasionally reported from the southeastern United States, but its normal range does not extend east of New Mexico. In all the more northerly parts of the range, the chrysalis hibernates.



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