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Country: United States

About Me

I'm 37, living in Austin, Texas area with my partner, my 2 cats, his 3 dogs, and my many plants.

Please feel free to message me if you would like to do a private swap. I'm currently looking for new pen pals, and private swaps for journals, letters, written notecards, junk journaling/ paper ephemera, postcard swaps with weird possibly TMI writing prompts, papercrafty things, ATCs, sticker swaps, profile based packages, random stuffed bubble mailer craft supply destash, wishlist based swaps... just a few ideas! Also ideas for things I may be hosting soon as public or group swaps.

My profile is long! I've added excessive detail to give you more options to work with for profile based swaps, but I do NOT expect everyone to read it all! I've organized the info in sections to make it easier to skim through and find info related to specific types of swaps. Please feel free to read as much or as little of my rambling as you like...

Things I like: animals, art, bdsm, biology, board games, bright colors, camping, candles, cats, conventions, crystals, dancing, decorating, ecstatic dance, forests, frogs, furries, gardening, goddesses, halloween, herpetology, hiking, hypnosis, insects, invertebrates, journaling, learning, magick, meditation, the moon, mushrooms, music, nature, paganism, painting, paint pouring, peppers, pens, plants, podcasts, polyamory, psychology, road trips, rocks, satyrs, science, singing, shamanism, sheep, snails, spirals, stars, storms, tarot, the outdoors, thrifting, tomatoes, trees, used books, vegetables, wildflowers, zinnias

My style: rainbow colored stuff, loud patterns! I can be tacky and over-the-top... weird, and wild.

I am happy to receive used items as long as they are in good condition and still perfectly usable! I love to reuse old things, I hate to see things thrown away if someone can still use them, and I have done plenty of thrifting and dumpster diving, so I am definitely NOT hung up on things being brand new and sealed in a package! I love to shop for supplies at the creative reuse center, and I appreciate upcycled crafts and art made from old junk.

Favorite Themes

  • Rainbows, rainbow colors, all bright colors. My favorite color is RAINBOW.
  • Other favorite colors: all deep, intense, saturated colors. earth tones, jewel tones. purple, green, pastel cotton candy pink
  • Nature, science, biology
  • Plants, gardening, composting, trees, forests, leaves, vines, flowers, herbs, fungi
  • Celestial, moon, moon phases, moon magick, lunar abundance, stars
  • Galaxy print
  • Whimsical woodland, cute mushrooms, cute forest animals, moss, acorns, oak trees
  • Wood nymphs, satyrs, Pan, horned gods, magickal forest creatures, dryads
  • Pagan, magick, witchy, earthy, spiritual, mystical, shamanic, healing
  • Goddesses
  • Animals
  • Rocks, gemstones, crystals, geology
  • Storms, dark clouds, lightning, rain, wind
  • Insects, invertebrates, spiders, mantids, ants, snails, slugs, worms
  • Cats, pets, cute animals, adorable baby animals
  • Sheep, cows, goats... any hooved or horned creature, real or imagined
  • Snakes, frogs, lizards, turtles, all sorts of creatures
  • Cottages, cabins, country living, homesteading, hobby farms, urban farming, garden veggies, Cottagecore aesthetic
  • Texas hill country, Texas native plants/ wildlife, Texas wildflowers
  • Raves, kandi raver style/aesthetic, EDM
  • Body positive, self love/ acceptance, diverse body types, fat girls
  • Erotic, kinky, nudes, bdsm, fetish
  • LGBTQ+ pride
  • Furry art, sheepgirls especially (see next section for my fursona)
  • Spirals
  • Glitter, jewels, sparkly, shimmery, iridescent, metallic

My Fursona

(For those who may not know: "Furries" are anthropomorphic animals, such as cartoon animals that walk on 2 legs, or the subculture of people who appreciate anthropomorphic animal characters. A "fursona" is an original furry character you can create as a representation of your animal self. Then you can use your fursona as your alter ego in the furry community, dress up as your fursona, buy art made of your specific character design, etc. It's a very imaginative, artistic, and playful way to express your identity!)

I'm somewhat new to the furry community, but I've become involved in furry events since my partner got me into it. Been going to parties, conventions, etc... and also he's been hosting meetups at our house... so I have fursuiters in my living room every week now. He's had his fursona since he was a teen, but I just created mine recently.

I would love any art/doodles/drawings of or inspired by my fursona! Anything sheep related is good! Extra special bonus points for art of sheep me and my kitty man thing together. Please go crazy if any of this inspires you...

My fursona's name is Meadow. She is a pastel cotton candy pink fluffy fuzzy sheep and she is also part plant, with flowers growing out the top of her head. She wears a purple collar. She can go between a sheep bodied 4 legged form and a humanoid 2 legged sheepgirl form. In her humanoid form she is a plus sized kandi raver girl and loves to dance.

My partner's fursona is named Po. Po is a black domestic cat, but also part dragon. He is mostly black with bright green markings, green hair tuft on top of his head, green back feet and green tail tip. Red eyes, and pink nose, pink mouth, pink inside the ears.

(I do have reference images for both that I will happily share if asked. I also have a pinboard for Meadow's raver aesthetic... for some reason the link was not working when I tried to put it in my profile but I'll send ya the pinterest link if asked.)


  • ATCs (any, but especially hand drawn or painted)

  • Zines! Any you have made or any you received and need to destash. I do especially like the handwritten/ hand drawn zines more than the typed and printed out zines but all are good. I recently made my first zine and I have started to collect a few zines.

  • doodles, drawings, art pieces, mail art, decorated happy mail!

  • cute personalized address labels printed with my address, other cute shipping/mailing supplies to use for packaging my swaps

  • pretty notecards, lettersets, letter writing paper, other nice stationery

  • handmade envelopes, cute mini envelopes

  • candy and other snacks

  • anything rainbow colored or rainbow themed. I also love prints that have rainbow colored stars or hearts. (LGBT pride stuff too! I identify as pansexual greyromantic.)

  • stickers (Likes: rainbow, sparkly, stars, moon, sun, hearts, animals, sheep, cats, fruit, sweets/cute foods, cupcakes, woodland theme, mushrooms, plants/flowers/gardening, trees/leaves/vines, holidays/seasons, halloween anytime of year, spooky/weird, cute mailing labels/envelope seals. Dislike/don't use: teacher/reward stickers, kid's cartoons, dora, disney, frozen, winnie the pooh, peanuts. generic inspirational quotes, alphabet.)

  • Anything related to satyrs, horned gods, or wood nymphs. Anything with leafy/woodland designs that looks like something a mysterious wood nymph would have. (I use "Wood Nymph" as my magickal name.)

  • anything you wrote, drew, or made, a personal letter or note, a story you want to tell, any handmade crafts. handwritten letters, included with any swap, sometimes make my day! (If you want to send something extra, a nice long note is usually the best extra to send.)

  • pretty journals, notebooks, notepads, sketchbooks, to do list pads, etc

  • Pagan stuff, altar items, stones/crystals

  • candles, wax melts/ scentsy bars, scented stuff (scent likes: citrus, lemon, herbal, fruits, vanilla, raspberry, sugary baked goods, cotton candy, pink sugar, fresh clean scents, clean cotton, lavender, mint. scent dislikes: strong floral scent, perfume/cologne type scent, cherry blossom)

  • For postcard swaps: I like any postcard! but some of my favorites are: art postcards, science & nature themes, animals, national parks/state parks, forests, caves, natural sites, museums, state wildflowers, insects/invertebrates, and funny, quirky, colorful, dirty, or weird/WTF postcards.

  • simple, small musical instruments or noisemakers. I have a small collection of rattles, drums, bells, and other such things. Handmade or store bought, used or new, thrifted, all good. (I use these for my shamanic circle and in other priestessing and energy raising work that is done in a large group. it's nice to be able to pass out different instruments so everyone can join in making some sounds!)

  • essential oils or aromatherapy items

  • colorful pens, sharpies, markers, pretty highlighters, etc. the amount of pens/markers I already have is ridiculous... but I constantly use colorful pens and enjoy having lots of pretty pens.

  • lip gloss/lipstick/lip balm (My favorites are sheer, shimmery shades of coral, peach, and orangey/coppery colors. Clear or tinted flavored lip balms/chapsticks are great too.)

  • scented shower gel, bath bombs, lotions, body sprays, other bath products (especially stuff from Lush. bath and body works is good too.)

  • beauty, skincare, or bath product items and samples

  • plastic pony beads for making raver kandi. (These are just the cheap plastic beads made for kids crafts. But they come in lots of fun colors/shapes and you can make some pretty cool stuff with them! and I'm putting my cosplay together for Meadow the raver sheep...) Or, if you want to make something let's trade kandi! I have a lot of ideas!

  • a used book off your shelf that you think I'll enjoy. maybe a witchy/spiritual book, or a light novel.

  • small plushies or art dolls... store bought or handmade. also weird little squishy toys and blinky lights and such.

  • images, art, photos, drawings, etc. that portray big fat girls in a positive light. Big round goddesses, sexy thicc girls, gorgeous plus size fashion, whatever! I'm into self acceptance and body positivity and seeing these images helps me with that.

  • craft supplies, paper stuff, ephemera, interesting bits and pieces of paper junk (to use in junk journals, collage, ATCs etc. I already have a lot, but I can always add more to the stash.)

Please don't send!

  • Jewelry containing NICKEL or cheap metal. My skin will react to it. If you send jewelry (especially earrings) containing metal, be sure it is "hypoallergenic" "nickel free" or "for sensitive skin."

  • Sports themed items.

  • Erasers or pencils. I only write with pen.

  • Anything related to alcohol. I don't drink.

  • Teacher/reward stickers, children's character themed items such as Disney characters, Charlie brown, Dora, Winnie the Pooh, Frozen, spongebob, etc. I don't have kids, so no kid stuff or mom themed stuff.

  • Butterfly designs on things... not my fave. Although I like moths and other insects.

  • Weight loss related content, discussion of dieting, complaints about how fat you are, judgmental comments about anyone's body

  • "Live laugh love" no!

  • "She believed she could so she did" please no, I'm so sick of seeing this. (In general I'm not a fan of items that have generic words on them, especially the most overused cliches that I constantly see. "Love you to the moon and back" I think we can retire this phrase also)

Favorite Crafts

I've dabbled in a lot of different crafts, some of these are current things and some are things I haven't done much lately but maybe I will get around to again...

  • acrylic paint pouring / fluid art! Looove it! And I have been covering some of my paintings in resin which looks even better

  • ATCs. Because of swap-bot, I have gotten into making, swapping, and collecting ATCs! (I've made some inchies too.)

  • Journaling stuff/ planner stuff. I kept up with my Happy Planner habit for a few years and enjoyed it but I don't think I will do such an elaborate decorative planner this year. fun, but very time consuming to keep up with thru the year. I like all that kind of stuff though... journals, planners, stickers, colorful pens, making lists, bullet journaling, art journaling, various papercrafting, etc. Used to do smash books/ altered books.

  • Drawing, doodling. Used to do coloring books but haven't lately.

  • bookbinding! I have created hand bound junk journals out of all sorts of paper junk I have stashed around, and I have custom made blank journals for friends.

  • painting ceramics. there is a chill af paint your own pottery shop near my house and I want to keep going there and painting more...

  • Sometimes I like to write letters. Used to do junk journaling back and forth with a penpal, like we would send the journal after writing in it and decorating it with a bunch of crap. I want to get back into this! I want a cool new penpal....

Just started on a cute plastic canvas needlepoint kit, which I haven't tried before. Once in a while I like to do latch hook kits, and some embroidery hoop kits but just the easy ones.

Also... I do some collage, have done some large decoupage projects (occasionally I decoupage old pieces of furniture). Have dabbled in jewelry making, beading, wirewrapping. Polymer clay. Small sewing projects. Years ago, I took drawing classes in college. I have also done classes in watercolors, oil painting, and photography classes, but it's been a minute!

Gardening might not be a craft, but that's my main thing! Plants are my favorite.

Writing in a journal is something I've done a lot since I was a kid. I have had long periods of writing regularly and then some long gaps and now it's not as consistent but I still enjoy it and it definitely helps me function when I get around to doing it.

Kinky Shit

(Update for 2023: Guess what? I'm full time freaky now! I recently transitioned my career from Call Center Agent for the cable company to self-employed Phone Sex Operator. I roleplay 2 original characters that I created, I charge $1.99 per minute, and it is more entertaining than people calling me to cancel their tv service. Now that I am working in the adult industry, I basically never have to be "appropriate" at all! I love talking about my business, but I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable, so I am not going to write anything too descriptive in my profile.)

I do enjoy raunchy, kinky, perverted things. I love naked people (of diverse ages, genders, colors, shapes, sizes)!

I'm not offended at all by nudity, pornography, or explicit language. I can't handle anything that's hateful towards gay or transgender people, or anything racist... Other than that, go ahead and send me your dirty thoughts and images!

I have done hand drawn ATCs that are very graphic, but don't worry, I generally only send these for swaps that have a pervy theme. You won't get something like this from me unless you signed up for something like the "Suck my big hard cock" themed ATC swap. (Yep, that was an actual swap that I did participate in...)

However, I'll always be happy to receive erotic themed ATCs if you would like to send one! And for penpals/letters/journaling type swaps, don't be afraid to share your intimate details, I love it when people share their TMI stories thru snail mail! Talking dirty to strange men is my chosen profession, so it seems unlikely that anyone here will shock me with a penpal letter.


mrsD rated for Anything Goes Zine Swap on Jun 20, 2023
Comment: absolutely love your seed packets zine :) xxoo and thank you for the many extra cool stickers!
Comment: Thanks for the cheerful and bright envie, and all the goodies inside!
ultracinematik rated for Badly Drawn Pet Portraits #2 on Jun 5, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the cute drawing of Mouse. She's currently on her heating pad while I rate swaps. The stickered envelope is fun, too!
Comment: I love love love the card with the cats on the beach. Thank you so much
Comment: love the stickers, thank you
DonniJane rated for CPG Just a Note + Tuck In #26 - US on May 20, 2023
Comment: Delightful! I love the colorful touches. It was super nice to receive something hand made. Greatly appreciated
MamaKek rated for Email Accountability Swap #9 on May 19, 2023
Comment: I must admit, I’m a bit jealous of all your gardening! And it sounds like you’ve gotten so much done!
Moxieroe rated for LSRUS: A Letter & Flats-USA on May 15, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the lovely swap and fun goodies! I really enjoyed reading your letter about your silly kitties. And I really loved going through all those lovely goodies!
Comment: Thank you!!! Also always nice to meet a fellow ska fan :)
alihagerart rated for Zines #8 (USA) on May 13, 2023
Comment: What a fun zine! Thanks for coloring it just for me.. I feel special ;P keep making more! I'd love to swap zines in the future :)
Comment: Thank you for your wild thoughts! So fun so do these letters, thank you for telling me about your garden and I hope you got a new garden hose. :) I loved reading it!
Comment: I love all my yellow goodies! They will be put to good use! 🤗 Thank you!
Comment: Thank you so much!
basykes rated for MJS: Magpie Journal 2023 - #2 on May 8, 2023
Comment: What a fun Magpie Journal! I will be writing you a letter. Thanks so much for all your work.
Response: Awesome, Im so glad you liked it! I look forward to your letter :)
Comment: This envelope is full of so many goodies! 🐝 These postcards are so cool, the note card is adorable, the stickers and washi and...! Oh, I think I love this ribbon the best 💛 I didn't know they made ribbon with sticky backs like this? I love it! 💜 Thank you so much for this wonderful swap, friend! (By the way: The animals are all having a fabulous weekend. I made sure to give them extra pets from you!)
Response: Yayyy thank you for the nice comments!! The adhesive ribbons, I have the polka dot ones in yellow, pink, green, and blue, and they come in a roll like washi tape, I just cut strips of the yellow one to put in the yellow swap envies! I think they might have come from Michael's.
CrafteaDragon rated for 30 Stickers #6 on May 6, 2023
Comment: Thanks for the generous amount of stickers - I especially loved the tea ones, so cute! :)
Comment: Nothing to worry about. May is just starting! Keep going!
PrairieKittin rated for 420~ Just A Letter on May 2, 2023
Comment: Thank you so much for your letter. I enjoyed reading it.
Comment: Thank you so much, Charlotte, for the fun, sticker-filled swap!
MamaKek rated for Email Accountability Swap #7 on Apr 16, 2023
Comment: Great job on your list! The color coding idea was great too…good visual to see where you’re at with things!

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