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About Me

I'm 31, living in an apartment in Austin, TX with my kitty and my many plants.

My style: rainbow colored stuff, super bright colors, loud patterns! Polka dots and sparkly things! I can be tacky and over-the-top... weird, and wild.

Check out my Instagram! (Screenname: charophyta) I am always taking photos! Typical themes of my photos: cats, plants, nature, animals, anything with bright colors, food, thrifting, pretty dresses. Also started making some posts about decluttering, organizing, and trying to use up products. I have recently created a new Instagram account to show my various collections, my product stash, shopping, hauls, candles, lip balms, nail polish, etc. (screenname: charophytas_stash)

Things I like: animals, art, bdsm, biology, board games, books, camping, candles, candle holders, cats, cheese, clouds, coloring books, critters of all sorts, crystals, cuddling, dancing, doodling, flowers, food, frogs, gardening, garlic, genetics, geology, goddesses, halloween, healing work, herbs, herpetology, hiking, hypnosis, insects, invertebrates, journaling, learning, live music, magick, mason jars, meditation, modern art, the moon, mushrooms, music, nature, paganism, painting, peppers, photography, plants, power animals, priestessing, psychology, rain, reading, road trips, rocks, satyrs, science, singing, shamanism, snails, spirals, stars, storms, the outdoors, thrifting/reusing old things, tomatoes, trees, tropical rain forests, turtles, used books, vampires, vegetables, watercolors, wildflowers, wind, words, writing.

I got this idea in my head that I want my own cute little country cottage with trees and gardens, and I'm kind of obsessed with my cottage fantasies. (Check out my Pinterest... I have a Pinterest board devoted to my beautiful future home and how I imagine it to look!) Love the idea of having a few acres of land, maybe some chickens and goats. Love the idea of having my own mini farm/homestead one day!

Favorite Themes

  • Rainbows, rainbow colors, all bright colors!
  • Other favorite colors: all deep, intense, saturated colors. earth tones, jewel tones. purple, green.
  • Nature, science, biology
  • Plants, gardening, trees, forests, leaves, vines, flowers, wildflowers, herbs
  • Celestial, moon, moon phases, stars
  • Galaxy print
  • Whimsical woodland, cute mushrooms, cute forest animals
  • Wood nymphs, satyrs, Pan, horned gods, magickal forest creatures
  • Pagan, magickal, witchy, earthy, spiritual
  • Goddesses
  • Animals
  • Rocks, gemstones, crystals, geology
  • Storms, dark clouds, lightning
  • Insects, invertebrates, spiders, snails, slugs, worms
  • Cats, cute animals, adorable baby animals
  • Snakes, frogs, lizards, turtles, all sorts of creatures
  • Mason jars
  • Cottages, cabins, country living, homesteading, hobby farms, urban farming
  • Texas hill country, Texas native plants/ wildlife
  • Chickens, eggs
  • Body positive, self love/ acceptance, diverse body types, fat girls
  • Erotic, kinky, sexy, nudes
  • Spirals
  • Hearts
  • Polka dots
  • Glitter, jewels, sparkly, shimmery, iridescent, metallic
  • Teacups


NICKEL SENSITIVITY is the one to be aware of.

If you send jewelry (especially earrings) containing metal, be sure it is "hypoallergenic" "nickel free" or "for sensitive skin." If it's a cheap metal and you don't know what kind of metal it is, it probably contains some nickel.

Tea preferences

Tea Likes: herbal teas, flavored green teas, flavored black teas, white teas, spice, sweet chili, fruity, berries, peach, dessert flavors, caramel, vanilla, honey, ginger, lemongrass, holiday/seasonal flavors. Love to try interesting teas from other countries. I like to have both caffeinated and energizing teas on hand, as well as caffeine free teas (herbal or decaf) and teas that are specifically for sleeping/relaxing/calming. (Then I have options whether I need to get amped up or wind down, hehe.)

Tea Dislikes: Strong PLAIN black teas, Earl grey, English breakfast, and similar types. PLAIN chamomile tea. (If it's chamomile based and blended with other flavors, I like it.)

Favorite Crafts

I have recently become very much into the planner thing. I love my Happy Planner! It's my new favorite thing.

Because of swap-bot, I have gotten into making, swapping, and collecting ATCs!

I also like to do smash books and art journals, and bullet journaling. I like to draw and doodle. I'm a fan of the adult coloring book craze- I really enjoy coloring! Sometimes I like to write letters and used to do junk journaling back and forth with a penpal.

Sometimes I make jewelry (beading, wirewrapping). I do some collage, have done some large decoupage projects (occasionally I decoupage old pieces of furniture). I occasionally make homemade gifts for family, including simple bath/spa products such as homemade hand scrubs. This might not be an actual craft, but I also have a perverse joy in organizing and storing things. Gardening also might not be a craft, but that's my main thing! Plants are my favorite. If I didn't have plants growing, I would feel like I wasn't being myself!

In the past I've also done a lot of journaling/blogging, and photography. From time to time, I have also done painting (I took courses in watercolors and in oils years ago) and drawing classes.

I love to receive...

  • ATCs (any, but especially hand drawn or painted)

  • doodles, drawings, art pieces, mini zines, mail art

  • anything rainbow colored or rainbow themed. I also love prints that have rainbow colored stars or hearts. (LGBT pride stuff too!)

  • a used book off your shelf that you think I'll enjoy

  • small plushies or dolls... store bought or handmade... cutesy or artsy... if its cuddly I want it.

  • Anything for the HAPPY PLANNER! (planner stickers, cute paperclips, pockets/folders/dividers, etc. Does not need to be the Happy Planner brand name, I use it all, including indie printed stuff from Etsy as well! does not need to be complete sets/full sheets- I will gladly take leftover bits and pieces of planner kits/ partially used sticker sheets!)

  • Flavored teas

  • candles, scentsy bars, scented stuff (I appreciate anything that doesn't smell like cat butt... stinky cats here!)

  • washi tape or decorative packaging/shipping tape (or any type of colorful decorative tape- actually I could really use some of the decorative shipping tape right now!)

  • pretty notecards, or other nice stationery. (My notecard stash is running low at the moment!)

  • glue runners, glue dots, zots, elmer's dot runners- refills, photo mounting tape, glue sticks of all types, any similar products. Any adhesives that are good for papercrafting/scrapbooking!! (I am working on a huge smash book project and I can go through these way too fast!)

  • stickers (Likes: rainbow, sparkly, stars, moon, sun, hearts, animals, fruit, sweets/cute foods, cupcakes, woodland theme, mushrooms, plants/flowers/gardening, trees/leaves/vines, holidays/seasons, spooky/weird, cute mailing labels/envelope seals. Dislike/don't use: teacher/reward stickers, kid's cartoons, dora, disney, frozen, winnie the pooh, peanuts)

  • Pagan stuff, altar items, stones/crystals

  • simple, small musical instruments or noisemakers. I have a small collection of rattles, drums, bells, and other such things. Handmade, used or new, thrifted, all are good. I use these for my shamanic circle and in other priestessing and energy raising work that is done in a large group. it's nice to be able to pass out different instruments so everyone can join in making some sounds!

  • Anything related to Pan, satyrs, horned gods, or wood nymphs. Anything with leafy/woodland designs that looks like something a mysterious wood nymph would have. (Actually I use "Wood Nymph" as my magickal name.)

  • For postcard swaps: I like any postcard! but some of my favorites are: art postcards, science & nature themes, animals, national parks/state parks, forests, caves, natural sites, state wildflowers, handmade postcards, and funny, quirky, colorful, dirty, or weird/WTF postcards.

  • scented shower gel, bath bombs, bubble bath, lotions, body sprays, other bath products (Lush is AMAZING, but don't worry.... fancy stuff is a treat but I'll use the cheap stuff too! I especially want shower gels and bath bombs from Lush, though!)

  • trying not to have much sugar, but I enjoy having interesting flavors of sugar-free gum and mints.

  • Quest bars... (it's a protein bar...) I can always use more of these and they come in a ton of flavors. Only one I know I'm not too fond of is the apple pie. I know the chocolate peanut butter one is good... but I like a variety.

  • essential oils or aromatherapy items

  • coloring books, coloring supplies, coloring pages. I'm into the adult coloring trend! To be honest I probably already have more coloring books than I can actually use... but... I like them!

  • colorful sharpies or gel pens (especially glitter gel). Honestly, the amount of pens/markers I already have is ridiculous... but I constantly use colorful pens and enjoy having lots of pretty pens to choose from!

  • Here's a slightly odd one for you: handmade reusable cloth menstrual pads. I just started using these and I only have a few now (not enough to get me through a cycle)- but I would like to completely switch to them. And I like them in fun prints.

  • pretty address labels printed with my address (maybe printed with colorful designs/rainbow, or woodland theme?)

  • lip gloss/lipstick/lip balm (My favorites are sheer, shimmery shades of coral, peach, and orangey/coppery colors. Clear or tinted flavored lip balms are great too.)

  • beauty, skincare, or bath product items and samples

  • hair scrunchies

  • anything you wrote, drew, or made, a personal letter or note, a story you want to tell, any handmade crafts. handwritten letters, included with any swap, sometimes make my day! (If you want to send something extra, a thick juicy letter is often the best extra to send.)

  • any images, art, photos, drawings, etc. that portray big fat girls in a positive light. Big round goddesses, sexy fat girls, gorgeous plus size fashion, whatever! I am all for self acceptance, body positivity, and celebrating the beautiful range of variation I see in women's bodies! Seeing these images helps me with that.

  • nail polish in bright or unusual colors. I am constantly trying new colors... I'm into glittery, iridescent, metallic, holographic, bright rainbow colors, jewel tones, cool effects like the crackle polishes, etc. Love green, blue, teal, purple, yellow, orange, metal/chrome colors, etc. Also like the stick on nail polish strips.

  • craft supplies, paper stuff, ephemera, bits and pieces of paper junk (to use in smash books, collage/decoupage projects, ATCs etc. I already have way too much and I really don't need more, but I can always add more to the stash... I have a paper scrap hoard but I do like to play in it!)

Please don't send!

  • Sports themed items.

  • Large amounts of sweets or candy. I have been doing Weight Watchers for the past few months and I have lost 50 pounds so far! I can eat just about anything I choose on this plan- anything in moderation- but large piles of candy don't help. (However, if you want to be supportive weight loss buddies, share healthy snack ideas etc, hit me up!)

  • Erasers or pencils. I only write with pen.

  • Anything related to alcohol or drug use. I'm doing the clean and sober thing these days! (I have not had a drink in over 3 years now. I'm happy to talk recovery/12 step if that's your journey as well.)

  • Teacher/reward stickers, children's character themed items such as Disney characters, Charlie brown, Dora, Winnie the Pooh, Frozen, spongebob, etc.

  • Napkins or tissues ... I've received some cute ones in swaps but I don't really use them and I end up reswapping these.

  • Hand sanitizer : I have found these irritate my skin lately. My hands have been very dry and I have some eczema on my hands. Both the dollar store kind and the Bath & Body Works kind really irritate my skin... so I cannot use hand sanitizer. (Although, heavily moisturizing hand lotions/creams would be great for me!)

  • Eye makeup (eyeshadow, eyeliner). I like it, but I don't wear it too often and I already own way more than I will ever use!

  • Butterfly designs on things... not my fave. Although I like moths and other insects.

I am happy to receive used items as long as they are in good condition and still perfectly usable! I love to reuse things, I hate to see things thrown away if someone can still use them, and I have done plenty of thrifting and dumpster diving, so I am definitely not hung up on things being brand new and sealed in a package!

My Planner

I got a 2017 Happy Planner for Christmas and I'm obsessed with it now. I would love to receive anything for the Happy Planner!

There are a ton of awesome stickers that are made for the Happy Planner and I keep seeing them and drooling over them. I have bought a few things here and there, but there's a ton of great ones out there that I don't have and would definitely use!

Favorite Books

Some authors I like: Barbara Kingsolver, Daniel Pinkwater, Christopher Moore, Roald Dahl, Francesca Lia Block, Jasper Fforde.

I read a lot of goofy, fun, light novels, chick lit, romance, funny novels. I enjoyed Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series and Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. I also like silly and weird books. I also enjoy some children's and young adult novels. Magical, fantasy, scary, or spooky supernatural books are fun.

Send me a paranormal romance if you have one lying around... that's an occasional guilty pleasure!

As far as non-fiction goes:

I am interested in learning about different forms of spirituality and magickal practices. If you have books on this topic that you'd like to pass along, I'll take them!

I have read a lot about science, biology, genetics, etc. I also collect books on sexuality, sex, relationships, body postivity/acceptance, feminism, gender, etc... I have a lot of these too. And I have a lot of gardening books. Way too many!!

Kinky shit

I do enjoy raunchy, kinky, perverted things. I love naked people (of diverse ages, genders, colors, shapes, sizes)!

I'm not offended at all by nudity, pornography, or explicit language. I DO find it offensive when people make jokes about rape or women being abused, and I can't handle anything that's hateful towards gay or transgender people. Other than that, go ahead and send me your dirty thoughts and images!

I have done hand drawn ATCs that are very graphic, but don't worry, I generally only send these for swaps that have a pervy theme. You won't get something like this from me unless you signed up for something like the "Suck my big hard cock" themed ATC swap. (Yep, that was an actual swap that I did participate in...)

However, I'll always be happy to receive erotic themed ATCs if you would like to send one! And for penpals/letters/journaling type swaps, don't be afraid to share your intimate details! I love it!!


willowsmarika rated for Helena8664's Instagram Swap on Apr 14, 2017
Comment: thanks for visiting! sorry for the very late rating :(
Comment: Hello Charlotte :) Thank you for a sweet, generous, and very thoughtful package of absolute delights! I loved reading your letter and hearing about your interests and the stories behind the things you chose for me. The jewelry you sent me is fantastic, and perfect for me. I love how the amethyst is set with the silver around it, so you can see the light through it. I'm going to display it in my studio window when I'm not wearing it. Incidentally, amethysts were the first crystals I ever discovered, and I have always been fond of them. The bracelet was a wonderful surprise, too. I have a bracelet of the same kind which I got during a visit to Zion, and it's one of my favorites. The one you sent me is just as great. The puzzle is very pretty, and I've just set up a table for doing puzzles again (I only have one other, so it's perfect timing). I like to do sudoku puzzles while traveling, and I'm quite grateful for the microns. I have one and it's just fraying, so I'll be putting them to use right away. This year is the first year I am attempting to grow herbs, and I've been wanting to plant glads for a while now-- I always grew a big variety of them each year when I was a child. I could go on and on (the seeds! and the washi! and the envelopes! and...) ... it comes down to letting you know you've got pretty amazing timing and insight--your gifts could not have been more perfect for me. I'm very grateful to you for all the care you put into this happy happy parcel of goodness, and for helping my garden grow (SO cheesy, I'm not usually that cheesy...but I mean it). :) Have a nice weekend.
BubbLeGumGirLie rated for LGBTQ - Letter - Swap #4 on Mar 16, 2017
Comment: Thanks for your really long letter :)! I loved getting to know you.
grannysimpson rated for Anything goes~25~U.S. on Mar 15, 2017
courtmm11 rated for Anything goes~25~U.S. on Mar 15, 2017
Comment: thank you so very much...
Mamabemus rated for Lots of Mail: Stickers #2 on Mar 14, 2017
Comment: thanks for the extras
JessieB15 rated for Lots of Mail: Stickers #2 on Mar 7, 2017
Comment: Thank you for these fun stickers, such a great variety!!
meganimal rated for Lots of Mail: Stickers #2 on Mar 7, 2017
Comment: Thanks so much- my favorites that you sent were the vintage looking ones! :)
Comment: Man... I can relate with you on so many levels! Loved your brutal honesty in your journal. Hey I'm proud of you.❤ We all just have to tackle it day by day, that's all that one person can do. Every day is a new beginning. Hope you have a awesome week!
Response: Thanks for the encouragement :) Love your comment!
jaz1yn rated for 9 by 12 Ephemera Envelope -USA- on Mar 7, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the ephemera. I really appreciate the effort you put in to reading my profile, writing a nice note, and trying to send only items I would like. The tarot? cards, butterfly images, and vintage illustrated book page are great. I have a lot of gardening catalogs at home (the pages you sent from yours are nice btw), but never really thought about using them in my art. Thanks for the idea!
jannieb rated for Lots of Mail: Stickers #2 on Mar 7, 2017
Comment: Loved your swap...thanks!
Ryleighsmom rated for Lots of Mail: Stickers #2 on Mar 6, 2017
Comment: Thank you! 🐸
stkirsch rated for Clean your house! #3 on Mar 2, 2017
Comment: I'm so sorry I had missed this and am rating so late. I just found this in my messages. Great job!
kbaver rated for Happy Little Notecards #18 on Feb 27, 2017
Jennifer2004 rated for Receiver's Choice ATC - HD/HP on Feb 23, 2017
Comment: Thank for the Marie ATC! I love it! :)
Itchy rated for Dinosaur ATC on Feb 23, 2017
Comment: Thank you for this great ATC! :) He looks so cool! :)
ginny19590 rated for Mature sticker swap #1 USA on Feb 22, 2017
Hag53 rated for secret goddess sister swap on Feb 19, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for a really special swap! I love everything. I am really touched by the jewelry. I will wear some of it and the rest becomes parts of other things that passes all the energies that have touched it onward. I can't say enough about how deeply this package has touched me. again thank you so much!
Response: Thanks for your sweet comment- I'm so glad I was able to pass them along to someone who will really appreciate them!
jimncinpease rated for new to you altar blessings on Feb 13, 2017
Comment: love love LOVE everything you sent!!!! abfab fantastic! giant hugs n thank you!!!
vlhafer54 rated for Happy Little Notecards #18 on Feb 11, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the note - I hope your luck is on the upswing!

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wolfeagle on Aug 8, 2017:

Thank you so much for the ribbon rak.

anrtist on Aug 3, 2017:

I just GOT the lovely RIBBON RAK!
So many artsy possibilities!!! :-)
Blessings, cc

piratecaptainmo on Aug 3, 2017:

Thank you so much for the ribbon RAK! There's so much good stuff in there!

MaryWolfe on Feb 16, 2017:

Thank you so very much for the RAK! I loved it and really enjoyed spending the afternoon going through it all! It was fun to see what was there and how I could incorporate them into my projects. Lots will be used! Thank you!

LauraM540 on Feb 16, 2017:

Thanks for the great envelope from the paper junk rack... Lots of fun stuff in there!

sabbysteg on Feb 10, 2017:

Hi! Just letting everyone know in TOW group that there is a Goddess PC Swap going on, hope to see you sign up!

njstauter on Jan 31, 2017:

So glad you enjoyed the Secret Sister Swap! Fun chatting with you. Lets do it again when we are matched as partners. It makes sending items more enlightening. You are a delight.

Goodmorningfelicity on Dec 22, 2016:

Thanks so much for Angeling the Sticker Mix x5 swap, it was an awesome surprise to receive!

bjmonroe on Nov 23, 2016:

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