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! I often post things on my flicker before I send them out, so if you are my partner and want to be surprised, don't look!

I took quite the break from swap-bot, but looking to again dip my toes in. I unfortunately did not send out two items in which I fully take responsibility for. Lost my house, didn't have much to live on let alone be able to send. All is out of the way now, and I look forward to getting back into the game! I really enjoy drawing, painting, and most mediums. Traveling is my life. Every new adventure, and every new connection keeps my head up and makes me continue on spreading love and happiness.

Random weird facts: I used to believe in aliens. I think we might live in a bubble. The earth could be flat. google that shit. I don't support organized religion I learn from my mistakes I enjoy reruns of I Love Lucy I've been married in the past I surround myself with people who are hard to deal with I'm extremely open minded I have a child like sense of humor I'm at times sarcastic and witty I'm occasionally shy I worry I won't be able to leave Wisconsin I don't let anyone take advantage of me I will debate you on anything.

Favorite Music

Blue October, Bo Burnham, System of a Down

movies and tv

Film: 1. Benny and Joon, 2. The Secret Window, 3. Ring(s), 4. The Blind Side, 5. Arthur, 6. Horrible Bosses, 7. Chloe, 8. Star Wars films, 9. Pirates films, 10. Lord of the Rings films, 11. Final Destination films, 12. Saw films, 13. Harry Potter films,...

Television: LOST, Kyle xy, Heros, The Guild,. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, My Name is Earl, ANTM, South Park, Reno 911, Prison Break, Breaking Bad, Jersey Shore (eep have to say it.....) ...


Just some ideas if you draw a blank :D


*******-All things Kawaii :) (Not a big fan of Hello Kitty, although do not despise)

-I love makeup esp eye makeup!

-pin up girl things (Not Pictures)

-tattoo related things (not stick on tats)


-punkish/emo stuff


-crafts by you


-star wars stuff

-anime stuff

-japanese things

-kawaii stamps

-kawaii decotape

-bento boxes

-kawaii wallets

-rainbow brite

-fun noserings

-anime&kawaii containers/tins/wallets/bags

-foreign snacks and candies


-strange/inappropriate shot glasses

-Japanese fashion magazines

-MAC cosmetics

-Emo/kawaii/victorian journals

-Gaudy Rings (not 'kidish')


I really enjoy when people take alot of time working on their items they send to me. Art is beautiful and when I can feel the emotion put into the art you send, I feel like we've had one small connection, and that is beautiful. I love the color purple. I like to scrapbook, and LOVE MAKEUP. Also I love to draw, and I am a huge animal lover :) Im a bit punkish, so i like cute 'dark' things,the victorian era, and cute little animals. AND I loves kawaii stuff! I might re-swap something, not crafts that you made, but other stuff in case its not of use to me. i want to give it to a better home :) please dont be offended! oh and my favorite animal is a panda...I like especially kawaii looking ones

Things I wouldnt like

western cartoon items


dollar store items, spend a dollar all you would like but elsewhere, nice stuff please. i buy enough dollar stuff myself lol

country themed items

sewing stuff

dotee dolls


lisa frank stuff

holiday stuff. (unless its a swap for holiday stuff)

ratings and sending

Hey, I will always respond to you if you have a question usually within the day, but unless i post differently, i will post within 3 for sure. If you havent received what you should have from me, please contact me. Also, please leave enough time to mail.I will always rate you, make sure you let me know your username :) Im only going to give you a heart if you go the extra mile. Also, I wont judge your art on how it looks, but only on how much effort is put into it. Everyone is an artist if they put their all into it :D

I mark 'sent' right after I drop it in the mail

tags I owe: (for myself to remember :D)

Private swaps

if you need someone to do a private swap with you I would like to! just pm me we will talk and hopefully do one :)


Zindelo rated for Cheeky Phrase ATC on Sep 1, 2015
Comment: Your envelope arrived today! Cheeky indeed, thanks for the lovely ATC! Have a nice day :)
MamaD rated for QUICK ATC swap #198 on Aug 22, 2015
Comment: Love the ATC! Very original & well done! :)
kckristi rated for Batman's 75th Birthday ATC on Oct 2, 2014
Comment: August 15th was the send-by date, and I contacted you about it on September 12. It looks like you haven't been on since July, which really sucks for me, because you got an awesome Bat Man card, and I got nothing.
AlySap rated for *** Blue ATC *** on Sep 20, 2014
dippydiscoball rated for heart-Feb. on Mar 5, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the wonderful atc, it has such great detail.
dandabear rated for sender's choice -Feb. on Mar 4, 2013
Comment: Thanks so much for the cheery ATC. You made my day!
Tommie rated for 2/11 Sender's Choice ATC swap on Feb 27, 2013
Comment: it does have a lot of emotions! interesting and great work. tommie
Response: :) Thanks tommie
Comment: Thank you tons for the Awesome package!!
starrycat rated for $10 Profile Gift Swap on Sep 17, 2011
Comment: I think I got this from you...with a sweet Rilakkuma cellphone charm inside? Lol there was no note, so I have this package of goodies that I can't figure out what swap its from!
Response: Yes it is!!! I can't believe I forgot the note!!! I'm so sorry, I must be losing my mind :(
Comment: Thank you so much! I loved my package so much, I think you must have gone above the spending limit! ;)
Response: lol maybe, but I think if you enjoy receiving something great, you should send someone something you think will put a smile on their face (and I loved what you sent me)...so I'm glad you liked it
Comment: melissa! this matchbox drawer is one of the cutest things ive ever seen! i didnt even know that you could make one so big! and i really love the way it looks like kawaii characters are peeking out of windows on the top!! you did such an incredible job!! sorry im taking so long to send your package, but i ordered some more kawaii stuffs and got my order in today so i will be sending yours out in a jiffy! thanks again!!!! you da bomb!!!!
Response: Lol :) I'm glad you loved it! And no worries...take however long you need
Comment: Cutest atc ever <3!!!!!!
Response: :) yay
ChelseaLake rated for Tell me your secrets! on Sep 4, 2011
Comment: Ah! I loved your card! I must admit, I'm not sure I am pansexual. I really really really love men. Totally and utterly boy-crazy. Mmmm... However, I can totally see me being with a chick too. I had a huge crush on Samantha Ronson (don't laugh) for years. But I think it's because I like blonde boys. I digress... Anyway, thanks for an awesome swap, Melissa! <3 you!
Response: lmao you are very welcome (samantha ronson *snicker snicker) :)
dolcxvita rated for Top 5 or 10 Worst... on Sep 2, 2011
Comment: Thank you for sharing.. and apologies for delayed rating!
Response: no worries
PinkLotus rated for What are you afraid of? on Sep 2, 2011
Comment: This swap was sent late..but I do appreciate you sending it. Thank you.~~~~Update to respond to sender----it was not three days late.. it was postmarked FIVE days late.. and there was no real reason given for the lateness..It's nothing personal, but its only fair when you send late that it get marked as such.~~~~update~~ Im not going to argue with you, it was sent late and I rated accordingly - it's not fair for other ppl to make sure items were put in the mail on time and for you to get a 5 eventhough YOU didn't observe the deadline. I personally don't think it's cool to not abide by the deadlines - so I guess that makes 2 of us. I didn't respond b/c I was not going to say it was ok to mail late when I didn't agree with that.. it's not about cool or not - it's about rating properly, which I feel I did.. end of story. ~~~please note that while I have simply added to my comments in response (not erasing anything) - @conniebobear has deleted her original comments and replaced them..also now that I have issued the 3 rating, swapper is now saying she had personal reasons for being late but didn't offer me any explanantion when she originally pm'd me~~~~~
Response: Placed in mailbox 3 days after deadline due to personal issues. Contacted before deadline. no one said it's personal, not trying to 'argue' just getting it out there. ''@conniebobear has deleted her original comments and replaced them..~~~~~ '' that i did. hey cajunhillbilly...it says i sent late because of personal reasons, not that i told you that was the reason. you have to read it through. i just told you id be sending late
kells4eva rated for Kawaii Stuffed Envie Swap on Aug 30, 2011
Comment: OMG INCREDIBLE! i love everything you sent me and the envelope itself was adorable! i cant wait to mail off our private swap and brighten your day like you did mine >.<
PixelPixie rated for First Year at Hogwarts ATC on Aug 24, 2011
Comment: Fantastic artwork! Gryffindor was the house I chose for my swap too! I like that house the best. Thanks for the beautiful ATC's!
angelndevil77 rated for Top 5 or 10 Worst... on Aug 18, 2011
Comment: Sorry for taking a little to rate but it was in my spam so I didn't realize it was there.
Response: no worries :)
kikilala rated for QUICK 5 Somethings #9 on Aug 17, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the mail, I appreciate your polar bear things ;-)
Response: You are very welcome :)

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Danitium on Oct 26, 2015:

HeLLo..... I sent you a PM too..... please don't forget to rate me! Cheeky Phrase ATC... thanks!

Alphenquilts on Aug 10, 2012:

Due to the fact that you haven't been active here on Swap-bot for a couple of months, I will remove you from the Skinny Swappers group. You are always welcome again :-)

tiggerkitn25 on Jan 12, 2012:

Thanks for being a member of the I LOVE Kawaii group!

tiggerkitn25 on Sep 30, 2011:

Thank you for being a member of the I LOVE Kawaii group!

kells4eva on Aug 30, 2011:

thanks thats helpful because im in the midst of a very stressful apartment hunt! stinkin economy. but i got a package of kawaii items from an online store and will assemble your package in the next week!! thanks again for the kawaii envie, it was amazing!!

VivaLaDiane on Aug 29, 2011:

Me too. You should get in on our Bam ATC :) swap!!

kells4eva on Aug 2, 2011:

the first message i sent you was from my phone, so i was just now able to check out your profile and im soooo stoked! we have a lot in common so i will be able to send you profile surprises quite easily!!! YAY! i cant wait!

maisymoo on Aug 2, 2011:

Thanks so much for the hello kitty stickers ,for the hello kitty tag :) so sweet! x

adridomini8921 on Jul 30, 2011:

I love the kawaii buttons! Thank you!

teresamarie on Jul 28, 2011:

LOL - No - I'm in up to my ears now! LOL And having a blast!!! Thanks so much for the welcome!!!

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