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UPDATE 9/28/2011

i have moved to a new apartment, so to all my penpals and swapfriends please make sure to use my new address. message me if you need it! thanks so much!

Hi! My name is alex and i live in san antonio texas. im 24 and i live with my boyfriend. i work at a cafe downtown and love it! my favorite things to think about are INFINITY and FOREVER and OUTER SPACE. i could think about the concept of infinity for hours, and dont even get me started on the COSMOS. i love the idea of best friends forever, love for everyone forever, living with infinity in my heart and making new friends. id rather give than receive(but of course i love receiving too) and want to spoil my friends at all times! lets be penpals >.<

This is a picture of me and my BFF! Shes on the left, I am on the right :)

Favorite Movies

I love most anime, anything with bill murray, films directed by david lynch, especially "blue velvet", wes anderson movies, woody allen, pretty much any horror movie i will watch at least once..i lovvvve the horror genre, especially zombies and 70's italian horror flicks.i absolutely love peter sellers and every stanley kubrick movie. if i had to pick a top three movies i guess i'd have to go with (in no order)

  1. blue velvet

  2. breathless(jean luc goddard)

  3. spirited away

and i am 100% obsessed with harry potter, the movies AND the books...one of my favorite things to do is to geek out on harry potter, i love harry potter fans just as much!!

Favorite Crafts

i loveeeee making sticker collages! i just fill frames up with the best assortment of stickers i can arrange, and i have vintage wrapping paper and cuteoverload.com calendar photos to use as the background. i typically add rhinestones, random objects and paint with nail polish and glitter to make them extra cute!! my main focus on crafts centers around food, i just think food is so extra cute and everyone loves it, so why not?? i also make felt friends, although i am a very slow sewer so i dont make as many. some of my favorites have been the felt watermelon friend, felt fried egg, and of course a felt cupcake!

Favorite Books

i absolutely love to read! of course the harry potter series is one of my faves, but i am also really in to classic literature. nabokov is my favorite author, i have read lolita too many times to count. recently i read "let the right one in" and was blown away by how good it was. i also enjoy reading dave eggers and cormac mccarthy. i like the movie adaptations of his novels as well. :}


my arms and legs

cant wait to be finished!!!!

I am also really interested in tattoos, i am working on finishing up my left arm sleeve, and i have tattoos all over my legs. i have many food themed tattoos. i am mostly interested in american traditional styled tattoos and would be interested in any vintage tattoo ephemera.

things i collect

food miniatures

hello kitty anything


vintage clothes

vintage hats

found objects


anything japanese

anything from another country


cupcake themed items


colored glitter and

small boxes/jars

.....i just really love collecting anything cute!!

animal lover

i live in a tiny apartment with my boyfriend, so the only pet i can have right now is my hamster, petunia. she is really cute, dwarf hamster, with black and white spots. i do have two dogs at my parents house, and three cats and two birds. i look at cuteoverload.com every day and cant get enough. there isnt a single animal i dislike, even snakes and i dont kill bugs. i would love to do a pet or animal themed swap or just email cute pet pictures!!

favorite things

i love castles, unicorns, cupcakes, sunshine, beaches, japan, rodents, doggies, kittens, googly eyes, nail polish, my plants, any flowers, best friends, mythical creatures, brazilian music, psychedelic music, the 1960's, the 1970's, old people, babies and road trips to name a view.


i want a kawaii matchbook drawer so bad! i dont know how to make one but i would be willing to set up a big trade in exchange for one. if you are interested please message me!! i want to commission someone to make me a cute one!

also would LOVE any amigurumi...i have no talent for that kind of thing otherwise id make it myself but like the matchbox drawer i would totally love one and send lotsa goodies in exchange!!


jewelery! i love gaudy stuff, like FAKE gold, big hoop earrings, clunky chains and big pendants. I dont like anything that isnt kawaii OR gold toned. i dont mean that i want it to be real gold, just the color. i dont even care if its the cheap stuff that turns my skin green hahah i just like it tacky!

japanese treats,

letter sets(preferably sanrio, hello kitty or little twin stars or kawaii)

food erasers,

japanese miniatures,

food themed anything,


handwritten letters,

handmade crafts,

new bffs/penpals,

cassette tapes or mix cds with your favorite songs on there,

kawaii stuffs(anything really) or new books you think i would enjoy reading.

i am really into brazilian and latin cultures and also asian cultures. i have a close vietnamese friend so anything from vietnam would be extra special. i would also really like anything rillakuma as i hardly have anything!

i do not like

-anything religious or motivational unless it is buddhist or hindu related art.

-no disney please

-i cannot stand lady gaga/katy perry/kesha etc...lets pretend that they dont exist please.


smallhawk rated for Suprise Mix Swap # 1 on Dec 14, 2011
Comment: Sorry to have to rate as a 1, but I have still not received anything. I will be happy to change my rating when/if I do receive a package from you.
joycE30 rated for Japan! Japan! Japan! #2 on Oct 24, 2011
Comment: Thank you for a cute package!
Sundisney rated for ~ New Penpal ~ for Japan lovers on Oct 23, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the lovely letter. I will write back soon. :)
Comment: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment: Thank you so much! I loved the letter set >.<
Response: awesome im glad you liked it!! let me know anytime you want to swap again! i promise it wont take so long next time :)
Reallusionista rated for Weirdo on Sep 19, 2011
Comment: thanks!! I just love the book you wrote your list in!! I love unicorns as well!!!
bluefairy24 rated for Snail Mail Penpal Swap on Sep 6, 2011
Delfinodigrazia rated for Kawaii Stuffed Envie Swap on Sep 1, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the great swap!!
ILoVeCoWs rated for Kawaii Nail Art on Aug 21, 2011
Comment: Thanks heaps loved it all
Comment: Thank you so much for the package. I really love the frame and the buttons will be really fun to use! I will answer your letter as soon as I have the time to sit down and write a response properly.
kirsti rated for Private Swap: Kirsti and Kells4eva on Aug 10, 2011
Comment: Thank u for the nice swap!
ErikaM rated for Private swap: ErikaM and kells4eva on Aug 2, 2011
Comment: Thanks a lot for the letter sets and also for the letter (I hope I can answer it someday)!
Comment: GREAT package I love everything INCLUDING your BFF's business card! Thanks!
Comment: Thank you very much for the thoughtful package. They were all items I can use, so that's great! My favorites were the paper flowers, because I don't have any. Thanks again!
Response: oh good, im so glad i got you the right things! i loved your matchbox drawer so much! thanks again!!
manders2280 rated for Kawaii Month (July) on Jul 20, 2011
Comment: Many thanks for the wonderful package with lots of kawaii that I have only seen online. Time to try my hand at bento box lunches.
Response: awesome im so happy you liked everything, i was nervous you'd be disappointed in the bento items. my city just got a really nice japanese grocery where i got most of your stuff >.<
melodia rated for Profile Wishlist Swap~Edited on Jul 19, 2011
Comment: thank you so much for the lovely package alex!! :) i love the mexican box and hello kitty stuff! happy swapping! =)
Response: thanks! id love to swap with you again, a souvenir trade. message me when you have time! :)
karli rated for Hello Kitty package swap~ on Jul 10, 2011
Comment: Loved this swap! Lovely, and thanks for your letter. I will write you one back in a few days! Karolina
Response: yes! awesome, im so happy you liked everything. penpals!! >.<
jeighelle rated for All things Cupcake!! on Jun 23, 2011
Comment: Thank you for all the kawaii cupcake stickers, wrappers and little extras!! <3
Response: thanks, so glad you liked it
Comment: OMG OMG OMG!!! Opening this package was an EXPERIENCE. Where did you get that absolutely gorgeous bubble mailer? They don't sell those down here, wow. Beautiful! Then after getting over the beauty of the envelope, the goodies inside had me going nuts too! I loved the Lisa Frank stickers! The geisha Hello Kitty ones are gorgeous! I have no idea what I'm going to do with them ROFL. Oh you have lovely handwriting by the way! I'm in love with everything you sent me! The Hello Kitty pen is probably going to be my favorite pen from now on. You definitely put a lot of thought into this package! It's nice to receive something that has clearly been thought out! I appreciate it! :D :D :D ♥
Response: YES!!!! im soooo happy that you like it!!! you are a great penpal >.< thanks im glad you like my handwrtiting, i always thought it looked lazy hahaha cant wait to do this again let me know when yoou would like another swap. and the bubble mailers are sold at the post office, they have lotsa designs!! arent they cute? just a few dimes more expensive :)
sebastian122 rated for Leftover Kawaii Stickers on Jun 6, 2011
Comment: Very fun!! Thank you so much for the stickers! I love the pizza ones! Great extras, too. Thanks for the goodies and thanks for joining my swap.

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Ribbons on Dec 21, 2011:

Hope you are having a wonderful time. :) All Text

anicka22 on Oct 26, 2011:

Goodmorning friend,did you receive my letter? Hugs, Anicka

petitpaindepice on Oct 24, 2011:

Hiiiiiii Cutie ! I received your letter and I totally LOOOVED it, thank you so muuuch for everything <3 <3 <3 I'll answer to you soon =)

petitpaindepice on Sep 5, 2011:

Hi sweetie , did you receive my parcel ?? just wanted to check...I hope it wil arrive soon if its not in your letterbox yet! btw, my sephora order has been cancelled , i dont know why, i tried a few times and they wont take it :( I think ill wait until you moved in to try again ( not to overwhelm you ). so, how s everything doing ? i cant wait to write you my last news too ;)

conniebobear on Aug 30, 2011:

I bumped the date further since neither of us has sent yet. So no rush! I'm already done with yours, I just have to get to the post office

theannieHall on Aug 14, 2011:

yeay I thought you'd get a kick outta the lolita coasters! i hadnt been using them and I thought it was time to do a passdown so the coasters would have some justice haha. But, haven't read any of the dave book and I love trying new authors so yeah send him down. plus, nabokov is your favorite author and hes one of my alltime favorites too so clearly we have similar literature tastes, yumm haha. also I think in the letter for my # i might have said 422 but its 622- i mix those up sometimes

petitpaindepice on Aug 13, 2011:

Hi Sweetie (^_^).thanks for reading my blog, yes i looove my new color lenses too, I was dreaming about it for so long time :D Oh and this week I made also new super geeky glasses for when my eyes are tired with lenses. ill put pix on my blog soon. oh great i cant wait to see your new letter papers! but dont write to me now, I already wrote you a letter, and its still on my desk , I just need to go to the post office to buy new stamps to send it! You will receive it soon promise! ♥☆ Take Care o(^▽^)o

theannieHall on Aug 8, 2011:

What the hell man! I sent you a package a week ago and I just got it....instead of you. A 3 was an 8 opps. Soo... fixing that, sending you this package out today for good this time! :3

conniebobear on Aug 2, 2011:

bwah! I'm so excited to do this swap :)

uniquerobot on Jul 27, 2011:

Aw I just looked over your profile and realized that we have a lot in common! Your tattoos are so beautiful, and so are you! Can't wait to swap :)

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