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Date Joined: October 4, 2008
Last Online: May 25, 2017
Birthday: March 7
Country: United States
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About Me

I am participating again this year in the ICAD creative challenge.

If you are sending me a POCKET LETTER here is an ongoing list of ideas CLICK I am accumulating for what you could potentially put in the pockets.


I am a retired software engineer who is energized by peaceful nature environments, but drained by noise, crowds and hubbub. I like growing plants in the garden. I like connecting with the Earth. I like art, crafts, exercise, graphic design and computers, and the combination of the four. I live with my awesome husband.

I have an immature sense of humor at times (ok, all the time!) and am not offended at all by foul language, explicit music, fart jokes or anything like that. I just laugh and laugh at those things, heh.

I am allergic to perfumes so please don't send anything perfumed or scented.


I like making dangly charms to hang off of bookmarks, purses, journals, zippers, etc. Anyplace that needs a dangle. I love making prayer flags to string for the garden. I love making handmade bookmarks. I like to laminate stuff. Not as crazy as I used to be with my laminator. Hmmm, I should resurrect that...

I am currently obsessed with making stickers with the Print and Cut feature of my Silhouette Cameo machine.

Some of my favorite artistic mediums to work in are watercolor, pen/ink/watercolor journaling, digital graphic design, and pretty much will dabble with any type of painting and drawing. I love the drawing instruction books by Claudia Nice.

I am having a lot of fun printing on paper and fabric with my Gelli Arts printing plate. I love to slap all of my crap into various art and junk journals.

I use a Passion Planner so always happy to get new things and your ideas to use in it.

I really love to learn new art/craft techniques of any kind, my mind grabs onto new things and it keeps me motivated to learn all the time (euphemism for ADD). It is safe to say that I am a craft and art supply addict.

I am a digital image and font hoarder.


My interests include (but are not limited to): organic gardening, nature journaling, boating, goats, nature, trees, birds, graphic design, art, computers, cats/dogs, learning craft projects of all kinds, animals, outdoors, hiking, decorating, landscaping, science, spirituality, the body/mind/spirit connection, fitness, nutrition, Spinning (indoor cycling, not wool:), learning about the history and origins of all religions of the world.

Favorite Colors

I really gravitate to the bright/saturated/vibrant/vivid colors.

A couple of my favorite color combos are blue and green, and also citrus colors combo of lime/lemon/orange

Some of my favorite themes

♥ Bicycles

♥ Red poppies

♥ Those little solar powered creatures that wobble when you set them on a bright windowsill

♥ Winter Solstice/Yule, Summer Solstice

♥ Items to use for my Planner

♥ Handmade stickers

♥ lemons, limes, oranges (especially lemons)

♥ Sea Turtles (my sacred Totem animal)

♥ Toast with cute face

♥ Strawberry theme depicting berries, leaves and/or blossoms.

♥ Snails and garden slugs (cute ones, not actual slimy ones)

♥ Goddesses and fairies

♥ Fabric scraps, prints or solids

♥ Goats. Goats. Did I mention LOVING Goats?

♥ Spiritual, yoga, mandalas, prayer flags, personal growth, inspirational things, goal setting

♥ The Sun, the moon

♥ Haiku written by you

♥ Hand carved stamps

♥ Dandelions (both the flowers and the seed head); Daisies

♥ anything Food with cute faces

♥ Sock monkeys

♥ Long soft fuzzy socks to keep my feet warm in bed (and the ones with the grippy dots on the bottom since we have wooden floors)

♥ Old style Smokey the Bear

♥ Wash cloths and hand towels in citrus colors of lime, lemon or orange (or combo).

♥ Stickles brand glitter glue (made by Ranger)

♥ Higher quality decorative or funny Post-it type sticky note pads (but not the cheap dollar bin ones that curl up because they are too thin, or that won't stick to things because the glue is cheap. Also not the plain pastel ones)

♥ Whirlygig/spinner/wind sock for my garden (dollar stores have these or would love handmade too)

♥ Any items/art/craft that you are passionate about creating by hand -- I love to see everyone's creative side come out.

♥ Just mentioning goats again

Favorite Television

Orphan Black, Big Bang Theory, Glee, New Girl, Covert Affairs, PBS, Good Eats, Alias, Scrubs, Frasier, Seinfeld, Southpark, Jeopardy, Science shows, documentaries in general, Daily Show, Sherlock, Elementary, Downton Abbey, The Black List, Extant,Sense8

Movies that I never get tired of watching:

You've Got Mail, Maid in Manhattan, Star Trek Insurrection, Star Trek Into Darkness, Chocolat, When Harry Met Sally, Legally Blonde, Bring It On, Groundhog Day, Zombie Land, Whip It, Juno, Big, Trading Places, Shawshank Redemption, Catch Me If You Can

Dislikes/No Thanks

↓ For tea I prefer herbal, but nothing containing chamomile or hibiscus.

NO bath/body products!! I am highly sensitive to chemically perfumed items, even just smelling them gives me a migraine. (essential oils are OK)

↓ I don't need any blank journals or blank (non-sticky) note pads, or sticker sheets. I have too many! (but I do love your handmade stickers)

↓ I don't need any more scrapbooking papers or scrapbooking stuff.

↓ I am not into the altered/colorized vintage/victorian photographs of people, nor the Zetti style, nor steampunk. There is something about them that is just eery and disturbing to me. No children with wings, crowns or duncecaps. I am not trying to criticize these styles if you love them, but they just are not my cup of tea and I cannot explain why they creep me out, they just do.

↓ No items that smell of cigarette smoke, or, especially don't try to cover it up with perfume (including scented dryer sheets -- triggers migraine -- sorry! I'd prefer to air out cigarette smoke than get a migraine!)

↓ No items that are the color "mauve" (I have a strange and passionate aversion to this color for whatever reason)

Non-swap Tracker




Deluxx rated for Dear Data PC on May 25, 2017
Comment: Fabulous! Love this. Thanks.
Bhindblueeyes rated for IU: SOC May on May 23, 2017
Comment: Loved the doodles!!!! You may hate me for this, but I feel that I am lucky because... I hate pie. One of my closest friends has yet to forgive me for it. :)
Response: I strive to embrace all belief systems.
makestuff rated for My Spirit Animal on May 22, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the cute turtle ATC! I'm also a turtle :) Surprise is not very far from me. Do you ever go to Scraps of Love in Peoria?
kfaye rated for CQ Stuff my Stocking May USA on May 18, 2017
Comment: It's too pretty to even open! Thank you :)
whytewillow rated for WIYM May Stocking Stuffer USA on May 8, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much. I give hearts regardless of what may be inside. It's no different than at Christmas, you open a present and are excited, or not...But you still appreciate the effort. Mine wait till Yule and then...what fun. Happy day to you.
SayruhK rated for Pinterest: Gardening on May 7, 2017
Comment: Excellent! Thank you so much!
Comment: THANK YOU so much for the GORGEOUS ATC! I just love it. I love all the elements you included in this one-very nice. Hope we can swap again soon.
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful ATC and I think the canvas texture is wonderful as well.
Comment: Very Pretty, Thank You!
fruitypebbles rated for IU: SOC April on Apr 28, 2017
Comment: Sue, Your SOC letter was awesome. You are a writer. I appreciate how open you were about yourself. I giggled quite a few times. Insightful AND entertaining. Physics? How about a creative writing class? Thoroughly enjoyed it, along with the doodles. Two thumbs up! And a heart.
bjmonroe rated for CQ: Stuff My Stocking - April- USA on Apr 17, 2017
Comment: Putting my gift away for Christmas but do want to thank you for the nice note you took the time to write and for the Snoopy card.
KatlynAva rated for Pinterest: Gardening on Apr 16, 2017
Comment: thanks for sharing your board, though my name is just kat (not katlyn).
Response: oh, sorry!!
Slippy8 rated for WIYM- stocking stuffer April- USA on Apr 15, 2017
Comment: Thanks for adding to the stocking stuffers for my friend Dave. I can't wait to surprise him in December! Always fun to swap with a fellow Washingtonian!
Wildchild rated for Pinterest: Gardening on Apr 12, 2017
Comment: Some interesting pins, thank you for sharing
HoneyBadger rated for Dirt Dancing! on Apr 10, 2017
Comment: There will be a lot of bone shaking going on at your "party for the departed"! Such a variety! I know most of the songs, but some new ones for me in there, too. Thanks for sending so many.. makes for a good playlist. Also makes mine look tiny and already forgotten. :-( Although, don't forget: "It's okay if your pants are shiny, if your dick is big, or your dick is tiny". So glad. I was worried about that! lol
Bhindblueeyes rated for IU: SOC March on Apr 10, 2017
Comment: :) Thank you!!!
Stickerz78 rated for Fill My Stocking - April on Apr 8, 2017
Comment: Gifts received! Saving for Christmas! Lovely wrapping too 😊 Thanks!!
Bhindblueeyes rated for HFF: Give Up on Apr 7, 2017
Comment: Hey there! This is a GREAT goal!!! Wishing you the best of luck with it - you can do it!! :)
LizzyJo rated for TPD - Mystery Supply Swap #9 on Apr 6, 2017
Comment: I absolutely LOVE what you did with the mystery supply! Awesome swap! (I got the same color foil paper as you did.)
aprilivy rated for HFF: 30 Day Challenge on Mar 17, 2017
Comment: Sorry for the delayed rating :)

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jamicam on May 24, 2017:

Hope you're having a great day!


From Healthy Journaling

MiRdLHWY43 on May 6, 2017:

That sloth is too cute, thanks!

Bhindblueeyes on May 4, 2017:

Because I loved this .gif so much, I just have to leave it for all of the HFF members :)

jukejan on Mar 30, 2017:

Hey remember that commercial when the big toe is sticking out of the sock, the coming of Spring? I think that you are the big TOE! YAY

MiRdLHWY43 on Mar 20, 2017:

Hello, my missing poster needs an update.

jukejan on Mar 17, 2017:

Hey sorry that I missed your birthday, but you may have gotten a PC from me around that time. The one with the big blue eye?

edgetorn on Mar 10, 2017:

Happy Birthday !

Margothecat on Feb 22, 2017:

Was it you who sent me the package FULL of Cat's Eye ink pads???? OMG you made my day! Thank you so very much!

kiddomerriweather on Feb 20, 2017:

Thank you for the Valentine's Day card and the stickers from my February AATW wishlist. I really appreciate you thinking of me this month. :)

bjmonroe on Feb 19, 2017:

You are so sweet. I enjoyed the surprise envelope and the mimi PL. Thank you

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