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Date Joined: July 2, 2012
Last Online: January 20, 2017
Birthday: May 26, 1960
Country: Sweden
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About Me

My name is Monica and I live in a small town in Sweden with my 15 yr old daughter Jessica and our two cats Kitty and Nisse. I'm single since 8 years and very happily so! I work as a Medical Admin. My fave interests are linedancing, crafts, music, travel, photography, net surfing, books and movies. I'm overweight and trying to work out in spite of aches & pains. I always send my swaps. ***** Right now I'm doing very few swaps since life is keeping me busy.

Favorite Crafts

I mostly make decos - decoration booklets - in organized swaps, which I have been doing since 2006. I make some deco squares and ATC's, but haven't really gotten into it. One of my aims here is to start some ATC trading. I make cards, but only when I need one and if someone orders one. Also do a bit of scrapbooking, but there isn't enough time...... Started crocheting again, mostly to make things for my decos. Planning on starting a smash book, but it's difficult to find the stuff here in Sweden. Do a bit of altering and I also would love to start an art journal! Just wish I had the time and energy for everything I want to do!

Favorite Music

I listen to almost anything, but my favourites are among the 70ies. Love rock, pop and punk, some metal, some country, classics, soul, blues....Try to keep up with new music. Favourites? More than one, but to mention a few The Police, The Clash, The Ramones, The Beach Boys. Love a lot of the merchandise that goes with hard rock and punk rock.

Favorite Books

I read thrillers, horror, fantasy, romance, sci-fi, historical, true stories....My number one author is Stephen King. Also love Tolkien, Diana Gabaldon, Ray Bradbury. I've read less the last few years, not sure why. Too tired maybe. It's usually enough to do a Sudoko before turning off the lights at night. But I still love books and am so happy that my daughter does to. We happily share Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Twilight series, Hunger Games and so on.

Fave Movies & TV

I watch tons of movies, this is something I love for relaxation. Watch everything, my least favourite is comedy, and the best I love action and fantasy. And movies that make me cry. I'm a big Brad Pitt fan, and as for directors I love Ridley Scott. Some favourite movies: Alien/Aliens, Titanic, The Bourne Triology, Lord of the Rings Triology, Avatar, Jaws, Miral, Hachiko, My name is Khan, Tangshan da Dizhen, The Notebook, Bridges of Madison County, Slumdog Millionaire, The Shining, Babel, Harry Potter all, Star Wars all, Happy Feet, The Matrix Triology, Braveheart, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Legends of the Fall, POTC all; and.....many more!

And for TV shows - So you think you can dance, The Big Bang Theory, True Blood, Game of Thrones, Criminal Minds,CSI. Some older ones: 24, Fringe, Heroes, Prison Break, Lost, Friends, Angel. Love sci-fi and fantasy. Love to watch the Olympics! Usually get stuck in front of a movie I've seen ten times already.

Likes & Wishes


  • handmade and/or altered items

  • handmade papercraft like ATC's, cards, bookmarks, decorations - especially love vintage style

  • happy to receive ATC's but no low quality pls! I keep getting terrible ones with a pic & messy glitter all over, please don't send them to me!!!

  • ATC sleeves

  • lace, yarn, ribbons - I especially love lace

  • pieces of old lace curtains

  • rub-ons

  • brads

  • vintage stuff

  • vintage ephemera

  • old photographs

  • old book pages

  • magazine & newspaper pages in all languages, mostly text, ads section is great!

  • newer book pages in French, English & Asian languages

  • rubberstamps - clear stamps

  • rubberstamped vintage images on cardstock

  • cool papers - love colour, b/w, paper with glitter on them, velvet paper, cool patterns, vintage patterns, origami papers

  • poetry, quotes, words

  • alphabet stickers (all kinds)

  • pens & pencils (not gel pens and pls no more pens that don't work!)

  • pens with white writing

  • candy & chocolate & licorice

  • tea (love Earl Grey)

  • penguins in any shape or form, my fave is the Rockhopper

  • looking for Scrabble tiles!!!!

  • acrylic paint, watercolors, varnish, diamond glaze, embossing powder

  • amigurumis

  • Asian ephemera

  • fortune cookie texts

  • crocheted small stuff I can use in decos

  • kitschy Buddhas, Jesus, Madonnas

  • angels

  • Christmas tree ornaments, kitschy is fine

  • seeds especially local flowers or veggies

  • spices & herbs

  • key chains & cell phone charms

  • fridge magnets

  • tea towels

  • matchbooks & lighters

  • smash book stuff - anything is great since I have nothing and want to start!

  • funny bandaids

  • bodylotion and handlotion with light perfume or none - I'm allergic!

  • chapsticks and lipgloss - also use a little nailpolish, eyeshadow and eyeliner

  • earrings - loops, studs or hooks

  • leathery bracelets & friendship bracelets

  • black & white postcards

  • bookmarks, bought or handmade

  • fabrics in vintage patterns (small pieces)

  • stuff with Paris, London, New York on them

  • stuff with Elvis and The Beatles on them

  • menus

  • coasters

  • vampire & punk related stuff

  • small poetry or quote booklets

  • Mixed CD with your favourite music

  • CD with your selection of images and photos

  • souvenir stuff & info from your area and/or country

  • I like Moomin, Hello Kitty, Chilly Willy, penguins, cats, owls

Dislikes or Don't Want More of

  • stickers (got tons)

  • stationary (got tons)

  • notebooks & note paper (got tons)

  • cute craft supplies (don't really use cute that much)

  • glitter glue, glitter, sequins and foam sheets (don't use)

  • homemade ATC backsides (don't use them)

  • gel pens

  • address labels (have plenty)

  • post-its unless very special in shape & colour!

  • handmade soap (don't use)

  • coffee, alcohol, chewing gum, peanuts (don't like)

  • makeup (nailpolish is fine) (use very little makeup, but on the other hand my daughter loves all makeup, so I guess it's OK)

  • Disney, Kawaii (I like Hello Kitty though)

  • heavily scented stuff like candles, perfumes - well, anything that smells really, I'm allergic!

  • postcards (love to send & rec when written on, but don't collect - except b/w cards)

  • postal stamps (got tons)

  • napkins

  • beads or any jewelry making stuff

More favourites

Favourite colours are black, pink, purple, lime green, turquoise and red.

I used to collect penguins and have a huge collection. I stopped collecting since I don't have any room for them all. But I still love receiving penguins in any form!

I also love cats, dolphins, foxes, birds, mice, fish, ladybugs, butterflies....well, I'm an animal lover so love most of the creatures. Maybe except the creepy crawlies.

Also have a collection of angels. We are not religious but I love the symbolic of it. I also have several Buddhas and Jesus figures, preferably the more kitschy kind. Like a plastic lime green Buddha head.

I'm interested in vikings and the Valhalla Gods.

I love anything Asian, especially Japanese. Also love kitschy stuff from Chinatowns.

Private swaps


  • stickers, mostly cute, Disney, Hello Kitty

  • ribbons and yarn

  • stationary pages

  • wallpaper backgrounds

  • used postal stamps

  • vintage book pages

There are other stuff I have excess of, but please ask if you are interested in a private swap! Everything is neat and of good quality.

Thank you

THANK YOU for reading my profile, for some reason most people don't! But it really is extra nice when someone actually pays attention and send that penguin postcard that will be so appreciated. I try to do the same and I'm aiming to get better at it. Can't find so much fun stuff in my little town so I need to stock up on good items to mail. I love to find lots of mail in my mailbox and it so much fun to open it. I want to bring that pleasure to the people I send to as well. If you feel your envelope was not that hot, let me know:-)


peartree55 rated for QUICK cute animal postcard #14 on Dec 2, 2012
Comment: so sorry it took so long to rate you. I have been away from swap-bot far to long. Had un-planned things happen in my life. Thank you for the Swap!!!!
Comment: They Finally Arrived Monica!! I do love them all but wanted to comment on what I like about them. It is so late so I'll PM you this week. Thanx so much...mine are out this week!! ;) PM me if you want any extras as I have SO much and I will have to pay double postage anyways!! ;)
Response: Thank you! Message is sent:-)
luv2kraft rated for ~Animal ATC~ on Oct 10, 2012
Comment: Goodness it takes a long time to get here from Sweden,you ATC just arrived. Thanks, I just love lambie-pies!(sweet nick-name,not food)
Response: Yes that's indeed a long time, it usually takes about a week so perhaps it got stuck somewhere. Happy you liked it! Thanks for the rating.
79hejo rated for VS- Alphabet ATC Series- R on Oct 1, 2012
Comment: Thank you :)
Response: Glad you enjoyed your ATC's!
79hejo rated for VS- Alphabet ATC Series- P on Oct 1, 2012
Comment: Thank you very much for this beautiful Atc - such a little piece of art!
Response: Very happy to hear that, thank you!
Janelle rated for September: Handmade Bookmarks on Sep 30, 2012
Comment: Awesome! Thanks for the extras :-)
Response: Glad to hear you liked it!
donetta rated for SS: atc with a vintage lady pre 1950 on Sep 25, 2012
Comment: Thank you for a beautiful ATC and for the lovely extra bits, Monica!
Response: Happy you liked it! Thanks for the rating.
mentalistfan78 rated for everyone, pick one! #1 on Sep 25, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the lovely swap Monica! Nice seeing you here too :-)
Response: Thanks Cyn! Sorry I didn't have any funnier elephant stuff, but hope they pleased you a bit!
TexyDeb rated for Handcrafted Bookmarks [SEP] on Sep 22, 2012
Comment: I like the bookmark you made and three cute extra ones. I got a kick out of them. thank you very much :D
Response: Glad you liked it! Thanks for the rating:-)
margoartist rated for VS- Alphabet ATC Series- U on Sep 19, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful ATC! And I love the Olympic stamps from your country, too.
Response: Happy that you liked it! Yes, I like those stamps too! Sweden is not known for pretty stamps....:-)
firstborn rated for VS- Alphabet ATC Series- T on Sep 15, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much! Loved both q & t cards :-)
Response: So happy you like it!
firstborn rated for VS- Alphabet ATC Series- Q on Sep 15, 2012
Comment: Thank you!
Response: You're welcome!
gillman rated for VS- Alphabet ATC Series- S on Sep 14, 2012
Comment: Thank you, it's beautiful!!
Response: So happy you like it!
Johkup rated for September: Handmade Bookmarks on Sep 14, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the nice bookmark and stickers :)
Response: You're welcome!
kathiec rated for QUICK ATC swap #83 on Sep 12, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the quick swap of the drama queen atc
Response: Glad you liked it!
SamiE rated for not-so-QUICK ATC x2 swap #81 on Sep 11, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the really nice ATC.
Comment: Thanks for the delightful envelope full of good things!
Response: So glad to hear you liked it, thanks for the rating!
Beckykat rated for not-so-QUICK Happy mail x2 #20 on Sep 8, 2012
Comment: Amazingly useful goods!! :D Thank you so much! Xx
Response: I'm so glad you liked it, thanks for the rating!
AliddaLawf rated for Owl ATC on Sep 8, 2012
Comment: Monica...thank you for the lovely owl ATC! I really liked your design layout :) The goodies were a nice surprise as well! Happy Swapping!
Response: Happy to hear you liked it, had fun making it! Thanks for the rating!
FundyGirl rated for QUICK Pick 5 flat swap #53 on Sep 7, 2012
Comment: Very cool stuff. Some of it I've never considered using before, so I'm looking forward to giving it a try. Thanks. :)
Response: Glad you liked it, thanks for the nice rating!

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