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About Me

My name is Joy, and I am a retired real estate broker from northern Ohio. I have 4 daughters, 4 stepchildren, 6 grandchildren, and 2 new, great-grandchildren. I play golf, camp with my sister, craft and travel. I used to cruise. I also love the Cleveland Indians, Cavaliers, Browns and any Ohio sports team.

Favorite Music

Music seems to be limited to oldies, classical, and anything my grandchildren (the musical ones) are involved in. Norah Jones is a fav. I really like peace and quiet.

Favorite Books

RECENTLY READ BOOKS * Where the Crawdads Sing * The Other Girl * All Nicholas Sparks * David Rosenfelt. It's even better if you listen as the reader has an east coast accent which is perfect for the character. If you like dogs, you will love this series. Courtroom drama, but funny. * Love Jeffrey Archer
* James Patterson (he writes (yeah, right)) at least 10 books a year)
* Lee Child * David Baldacci
* Love: Michael Connelly & Harlan Coben
* Rosamunde Pilcher
* Last of the Breed by Louis L'Amour (not a western)
* Philippa Gregory.
* JoJo Moyes

Books are a big part of my life, both written and audio. I will read almost any mystery or best seller. Historical novels are pretty good also. Once in a great while I'll read a "trashy love story" just to break the monotony of serial killers. My eyes get tired more often, so sometime it takes a while to get through a book. Funny how I can whip through them at camp when it's quiet and peaceful. I am downloading books on my IPad more and more. Love it!

Favorite Movies

Best movie......Green Book! TV is just a vehicle for watching movies and sports. I LOVE movies. I found that the local library has most of the just released movies, and I usually have a list of 25 or 30 at any one time on reserve. My favorite movies are: Anything Marvel, French Kiss, You've Got Mail, Moonstruck, Kinky Boots, Avatar, Chicago, Triplets of Belleville, Breakfast Club, Howl's Moving Castle. I am not opposed to any genre, except perhaps most sci-fi's. (Ok, I'm not totally square....I do like The Matrix and most Quentin Tarantino movies) I find I like Kung Fu movies, and laugh at myself. I have been watching dvds of BBC series, such as Upstairs/Downstairs, Downton Abbey, etc. I do look forward to Project Runway and all variations every year. I always loved Fashion Police.....I will miss "bleeping" Joan Rivers and the ugly red carpet dresses. Netflix is my new addiction. They carry movies, tv series and original programming that I can watch anytime, anywhere.

Favorite Crafts

My interests include textiles & fiber knitting (scarves) and crochet (afghans), sewing, and collage jewelry/button stuff. Button dolls. Any Christmas ornament or decoration. I started making my own Christmas cards. I am obsessed with ATC's. I made 5 "family history" altered books. Also trading postcards has become a new interest. . I took a class on Lampworking a few years ago and bought the supplies. I want to get serious about it. Love making glass beads. Hope to get more consistent so I can make jewelry for myself. Kumihimo braiding. I am making beaded bracelets. Very Zen-like. 2019: crystal suncatchers. Fun and easy gift.

More about me

I am not easily offended, love tasteful nudes, double entendre's, clever sarcasm, etc. I collect and hoard whatever I need at the time for my current project(s). I did purge all the supplies for past projects during the move. I feel so much lighter. There is so much to learn and do, and so little time. I do love hand made things. There is a little bit of the artist in everything hand made. I think thats why I love ATC's. The maker's personality shows through. So, do not worry about what I like. I am open to anything you love. I have recently developed a love for postcards. It's instant mail gratification...I like them naked with a nice note, or sent in an envelope (to be used for another swap). I love sending and getting little pieces of mail. My vacation shopping now includes buying interesting postcards for my swaps. Too funny!

Yes, Please

OK.... I will be adding thoughts from time to time. It's hard to list likes when there is very little I don't like.

I Love...........

  • Anything about the Royal family. I have a small collection of British commemoratives (china, postcards, etc.)
  • Middle ages (Henry VIII, etc.)
  • anything (book pages, etc.) written in a foreign language
  • Unusual colored/patterned/floral papers. All colors, especially muddy/washed out/muted colors and patterns. ATC sized papers (2.5 x 3.5 or larger). I also like hand made papers and backgrounds.
  • Rubber stamps, especially clear or unmounted ones
  • ephemera from victorian to the 50's
  • Anything Tim Holtz
  • Notecards, decorated envies
  • Used/unused postage stamps from anywhere. I would love it if you used real stamps when mailing me.
  • new or old buttons and glass beads
  • unusual yarn (not 4 ply Red Heart type) , any color, single, individual strands about 6 foot long, for a particular scarf project.
  • books and magazines on crafts, beading, buttons, or paper crafts.
  • Butterflies
  • dotees (I would like to learn to make them)
  • handmade dolls of any kind

  • POSTCARDS - written or unwritten from anywhere in the world. I prefer standard 4x6 size (NOT oversized or large) for my album unless the swap calls for something else. I DO NOT collect multi view cards or vintage or handmade. I like in no particular order:

    • people
    • real animals (not the cartoony ones)
    • art
    • lighthouses
    • touristy
    • world heritage sites
    • foreign
    • scenic
    • map
    • national parks
    • black and white
    • stadiums/sports
    • Maxicards

    • my state map collection (blank) is complete but, there is more than one design for each state.

    • I ALSO HAVE (blank):
      Mackinac Island
      Pirates of the Carolinas
      Yellowstone N.P.
      Kelley's Island, OH
      Cape Cod
      Martha's Vineyard, MA
      Lakes Region NH
      Highway 49 CA
      Cascade Loop Highway, New River VA/WV
      Lake Tahoe
      Finger Lakes, MT
      Mountains & Rivers, Pacific Coast,
      Nantucket Island
      United States of America
      World Map
      Lewis & Clark Trails - Montana

  • I love Go Cards and Max cards. They are ad cards with great graphics. They are actual post cards with ads on the front and I no/very little writing on the back. I have not been able to find them in Ohio.

  • pierced earrings - I like hooks rather than posts.
  • Chocolate, especially dark or bittersweet
  • Decaf coffee
  • Anything made with love
    • Computers (I don't mean someone should send me a computer, but I spend a lot of time on mine.)
  • Movies (ditto for movies) I would love recommendations
  • Book recommendations

No, Thank You

If you can avoid these. You won't be marked down if you send something on this list.

  • Cutsy stickers (Hello Kitty, Kawaii, etc.)... It's ok if you make me something with them, I just don't feel creative using them myself.
  • Quilting-supplies or fabrics, I don't quilt- that would be a whole other life.
  • I don't journal
  • All jazz music, heavy metal, most country (I know, it's un-american)
  • Sci-fi movies
  • Most bugs
  • Spandex anything
  • make-up, I don't wear much
  • Cooked spinach - liver - mushrooms
  • squash (anything with a z or q in it)
  • perfumes and lotions. I'm not into scented anything.
  • People who send swaps or postcards without a little personal note. A line or two would be enough. I would love to hear something about you or your area.
  • Postcard dislikes:
  • multi view
  • cartoony animals/people unless it's cartoon characters
  • Oversized (larger than 4x6)
  • Handmade (unless the swap calls for it)
  • Zazzle
  • Vintage


I always send my swaps on time. I never mark sent until I actually mail my swap. However, sometimes it goes into a mail box, not the post office, so the post mark might not be the same as my sent date. If you don't receive anything in a reasonable time-frame, please let me know before you rate me and I will resend. I send all multiple partner swaps at the same time. So, if you see I have been rated by someone in your swap, you know I did send to you also. I WILL NEVER LET THE POST OFFICE WIN! I do keep track of my swaps. I know it's my responsibility to check on whether you received my swap, and as many of you know, I do. But it's also your responsibility to rate me when you do receive it. Thanks.

I promise to rate as soon as I receive your swap. (Unless I have a brain cramp that day) I appreciate thoughtful extras, but, they are not necessary for a heart. I will give hearts for good and/or caring work. If you send on time and it is the required item(s), you will at least get a 5. If you have a good reason for being late and let me know, I will be patient. Communication is the key. Sometimes life does kick us when we're not paying attention.




ScrapHappyGabi rated for I spy a Hat USA on May 26, 2020
Comment: Oh! yes It's camping season!! I hope the rain clears up soon for you so you can enjoy it!! Gabi
Comment: You amazing map card is finally here, was cancelled on April 1st, not sure where it has been all that time. So weird sometimes I receive cards from the US within a few days and others seems to travel for weeks
Response: How crazy!!! Thanks for the rating.
aspens rated for Tourist Postcard Swap (USA ONLY) on May 17, 2020
Comment: Hi Joy! Thanks so much for this lovely postcard of Niagara Falls. As a bartender. I was laid off really fast (mid-March). Still waiting on unemployment... I'm hoping for the best for you and that you're able to see your family very soon! Hugs, Analise
Response: Things are starting to open up here in Ohio, slowly but surely. Good luck getting back to normal. Thanks for rating.
AZmom875 rated for Artsy Fartsy AD card on May 14, 2020
Comment: Super art card. I love the art. Honored that I rate for the addesss label status. See you in the next swap.
nannydino rated for SF:Mountain Postcard on May 13, 2020
Comment: Hi Joy thank you for the Wyoming sunrise postcard. Yes that is when Nelson goes out to get our groceries seniors at 7-8 am . Cant order online anymore its so overloaded with customers. Happy Spring swapping be safe be loved be healthy
camelsamba rated for I spy-hands on May 11, 2020
Comment: cute postcard - thanks! like you, i'd love to go to Australia but I am not thrilled at the prospect of such a long flight.
simcoe54 rated for PH: Something IN Water #3 on May 11, 2020
Comment: Great water choices. Thanks
dawnakaulen rated for P&M Postcard Fun Swap 1 on May 10, 2020
Comment: Thank you! I have been to Niagara falls. It was breathtaking!
Comment: Thanks so much for the postcards, the sweet notecard, & the smiley note. Never have enough smiles, especially these days! I love the Tibetan baby, the gorgeous owl, & the voluptuous wahine! Great stamps on your envie too. Had never seen that pelican one.
Comment: Thank you, Joy. I especially like the Lantern Press Death Valley card & the Puffin card which reminded me that I've never read Edna O'Brien. Maybe now that I have so much more time on y hands... Be well.
debbiespoms rated for P&M Postcard Fun Swap 1 on May 8, 2020
Comment: Thank you very much for the Big Sur PC. It looks so inviting & wish i knew when it was safe to get back into the ocean again, since they said, the Oceans also carry the Virus. Sucks! Take care!
xninolax rated for Take Your Pick - Naked Map #10 on May 7, 2020
Comment: Thak you for the lovely Pennsylvania card! I loved looking into all of the little details on it. Must be such a pretty country! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️ Stay safe!
KatKit rated for FPRU: ABC~ ad cards Letter Z on May 6, 2020
Comment: Never thought of zazzle.... good choice. Thanks.
Response: my only choice. LOL Thanks for the heart.
AZmom875 rated for FPRU: ABC~ ad cards Letter X on May 4, 2020
Comment: Your X postcard was Excellent, and yes, exquisite, You did well, Glad you did join.
Response: I'm so Excited that you liked it. Thanks for the heart.
ccmmsu rated for PH: Scavenger Hunt For PCs #99 on May 2, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the world tour of PCs! :) It was awesome taking a mini-imaginary-vacation with them after being stuck at home for 6 weeks. Also, the cupcake ribbon is adorable and the "On Hold" tape on the outside of the envelope cracked me up.
Response: I've used that tape so much I forget who has seen it. It is funny. Glad you liked the cards. Be safe, be loved. Joy
megan1230 rated for PH: Scavenger Hunt For PCs #100 on May 1, 2020
Comment: Awesome postcards! Thank you so much!!
Comment: Thank you for the super awesome postcards! I love the Pentagon one! So cool!
Wildspoon28 rated for Haiku on a Postcard on May 1, 2020
Comment: Love the Haiku theme!
AZmom875 rated for FPRU: ABC~ ad cards Letter Y on Apr 28, 2020
Comment: Y is for Yoga, great card, and loved the RAK Abc ad card for Zippo.
Response: A fun swap series. Thank you, Heather. I do have a LOT of ad/free pc cards. 💗 Joy
nannydino rated for FPRU: ABC~ ad cards Letter V on Apr 23, 2020
Comment: Hi mamajoy , thank you for the Haitian Vodou postcard. I agree , it's lovely . we are also a self isolating household. we do mostly online shopping and home deliveries. Share food shopping excursions with family and friends. So blessed to have people helping us. I am so busy with yardwork...had a Norway Spruce tree cut off it's branches 14 feet from the lowest branch...its so big and starting to hang over the patio and the neighbors tree. Planning a garden space and planting some trees. Researching chicken coops. I can have 4 hens no roosters in my neighborhood. Happy Spring swapping be safe be loved be healthy
Response: My niece has several chickens in her backyard and a refrigerator full of eggs. She lives in a suburb. Thanks for sharing and the heart. I am staying away and healthy, I hope.

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susieq11 on Aug 19, 2019:

OK, I’m glad you liked both mapcards!! : )

susieq11 on Aug 5, 2019:

(Sorry I’m a day late!)

susieq11 on Aug 5, 2019:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Joy! Have a nice day!!!

Highlander18 on Feb 28, 2019:

WPS - Multiview Postcard #6 - You rated so very quickly - you get the star award for the fastest turn around I have experienced!

susieq11 on Apr 11, 2018:

Thank you for the PTG: Two (2) Postcards in an Envelope Tag! I looove the iguana and owl. We are desperately ready for Spring too!! OMG! xoxo

denimblu14 on Aug 4, 2016:

Happy Birthday Joy, I hope that you are having a lovely day :)

RyeRye on Aug 4, 2016:



RyeRye on Aug 1, 2016:

Happy Birthday Month!


simcoe54 on Jun 12, 2016:

The single postcard that you sent in error for PTG: "B" Is For, just arrived. It sure took its time getting here as I received your resend faster. I love the card. Thanks!!!

marinda on Dec 14, 2015:

Thank you so much for the religious building postcard! That was really sweet of you! :) I imagine the first pc falling down behind something at the post office, then some mail worker finding it weeks later and thinking, oops! Better send this off! Ha ha. Yeah, one month is very strange for domestic mail.

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