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I'm a former wandering gypsy, now living in Florida where the primeval beauty of the Big Cypress swamp and the longest coastline of any state except Alaska satisfy certain of my inner needs. It's also a great jumping off point for the Bahamas, the Caribbean & Latin America. I lived in India for several years working with a snake catcher; traveled with Ringling Brothers Circus (living on the train); lived on a sailboat in the Bahamas & Caribbean for 5 years. My numerous occupations have included newspaper staff writer, assembly-line worker in a cockroach trap factory, librarian, charter-boat cook, dog walker in NYC, proprietor of a shop selling beach paraphernalia in the Virgin Islands and, most consistently, free-lance travel writer. Travel, adventure & being easily distracted are all prime motivators in my life!

Writing & photography were always my creative outlets, but lately I'm exploring mixed media collage & miniature book making. I originally joined Swap-Bot for non-touristy postcard exchanges as I'm always on the lookout for quirky or whimsical imagery. But I'm a long-time fan of (and participant in) mail art, so I've become more involved in collage & handmade postcard & mail art swaps. I appreciate things created with wit, originality, a sense of humor - or just because they're beautiful or intriguing. I like clever, off-beat, esoteric stuff. Girlie cutesy doesn't cut it for me. (Maybe I'm still rebelling against a mother who tried too hard to make me pink and frilly.) But I do enjoy whimsy. I love getting postcards & envelopes decorated with art work, collage, etc. And lots & lots of cool stamps!

Though I caved to peer pressure & created a Flickr account, I'm REALLY bad about keeping it updated with images of mail art I've sent! Social media in general eludes me. There are never enough hours in the day for all the other things I find far more interesting to do.

Favorite Music

My musical taste is pretty eclectic, but I particularly like acoustic guitar, Reggae, Latin jazz, World Music in general. A few of my favorite musicians are Mose Allison, Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell & Paco de Lucia.

Favorite Books

My passport is my favorite book. I read a lot of nonfiction. When I get interested in a subject I read about it voraciously. I enjoy poetry & have been trying my hand at haiku and tanka. Theodore Roethke, ee cummings, & Shel Silverstein are often on my bedstand. Nick Bantock always inspires. Jorge Luis Borges, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Kurt Vonnegut, Mark Twain, Ursula Le Guin & Kipling are among my long time favorites.

Favorite Movies

My top 5 favorite films are La Strada, L'Atalante, The Gods Must be Crazy, Walkabout, The Triplets of Belleville. My choices seem to reflect my penchant for living on boats; circuses; exotic locales & eccentric characters. I watch a lot of foreign & indie films because I find them to be generally more subtle and thoughtful than mainstream Hollywood.

Favorite Crafts

Mixed media collage, (mainly postcards) & occasionally miniature books. Because I've always been a writer and photographer I often incorporate words and photos into my crafts.

Postcard Preferences

For store-bought postcard swaps I much PREFER RECEIVING POSTCARDS SENT BLANK, IN AN ENVIE, even if the swap calls for them to be sent naked. I understand if you can't do that, but that's my preference & I'll never rate you down for sending that way.


  • NO tourist cards please, unless the swap specifically calls for them. Even then I'd prefer something non-touristy.

  • NO more 3x5 vintage cards, please. I have way too many of them!

  • NO Christian themes or Bible verses.

  • I am not fond of color-it-yourself or Zazzle cards.


  • Ken Brown's cards

  • Glen Baxter cards, particularly his cowboy series. There's one called "My capucinno" that I'd so love to find in my mailbox.

  • cards by Brest Brest Brest, like this one which was in the Curious Feast: 100 Postcards by 10 Artists

  • Art & architecture of Friedensreich Hundertwasser

  • Cards featuring HANDS or EYES

  • Black & white photography (anything from Fotofolio & Nouvelles Images for example.)

  • Jerry Uelsmann's photomontages

  • Inge Look's old ladies

  • The graphic art of Corita Kent

  • Mythology, mythological beings

  • Astrological symbols, animals, etc.

  • Blimps, dirigibles, Zeppelins

  • Bromeliads

  • Orchids

  • The Little Prince

  • Kliban's comic art

  • People dancing joyfully

  • Mexican Loteria cards

  • Dia de los Muertos

  • Lantern Press cards

  • Unusual animals - think sloths, armadillos, aardvarks, platypuses, etc.

  • Unusual birds, tropical birds, Painted Buntings

  • The Everglades

  • Eadweard Muybrige's animals or people in motion

  • Close ups of nature, like the patterns on a beetle, the eye of a fish, etc.

  • Art cards, particularly collage artists, graffiti art, street art, "outsider" art, & found object creations.

  • Paintings by the Florida Highwaymen.

  • Some favorite artists: Magritte, Robert Rauschenberg, Charlie Harper, Joan Miro, Keith Haring, Dali, Georgia O'Keefe, Joseph Cornell, Mayumi Oda, Frida Kahlo, Saul Steinberg.

  • Winslow Homer's paintings of Florida and the Bahamas.

  • Seminole or Miccosoukee people

  • Snake Charmers

  • Magic, magicians,

  • Weird Science

  • Cyanotypes (blueprints or sun prints)

  • Hindu or Buddhist deities

  • Edward Gorey's illustrations

  • Matchbox cover art

  • Cigar Box Label art (love those old lithographs)

  • Great graphic Design

  • Humor, particularly off-beat, droll, or dry.

  • Vintage educational charts

  • Signs, especially odd or humorous ones

  • Naughty Little People

  • Rock & Roll & 1960's musicians

  • Che Guevera

  • Cuba

  • Snoopy (from the Peanuts cartoons)

  • Ikea cards (4x6 size)

  • Kaj Stenvall cards

  • Charlie Chaplin

  • Popeye the Sailor Man

  • Anne Taintor

  • Troubled Birds (a series of postcards that crack me up!)

  • Vintage India or Afghanistan

  • Lenticular (3-D) cards (but not those "Magic Eye" cards. I have monocular vision & can never see the hidden images.)

  • Postcards that squeak!

  • Postcards with googly eyes!

  • Squeaky postcards WITH googly eyes! (I have only one - a circa 1950s alligator - and he'd so love to be the start of a collection :))

  • Upside-down heads, sometimes called Topsy Turvys, in which the image changes when you flip it. Like this:

  • Surprise me!

  • My Postcrossing favorites (link above) may give you an idea of the kinds of cards I like.

Extras/ Other Likes

If you're inclined to include extras or it's a mail art envie swap, here are some of the things I enjoy receiving:

  • Postage stamps (I can always use uncancelled US stamps, while used US or foreign stamps get recycled into my collages. For a project I'm working on I'd love any images of Queen Elizabeth ll, especially purple ones.

  • Faux postage (artistamps)

  • Cigar bands

  • Old black & white photos

  • Leaf skeletons

  • Air mail Stickers/labels

  • Match box labels.

  • Fortune cookie fortunes

  • patterned tissue paper

  • blueprints

  • I love bizarre, quirky rubber stamps.(Had a great collection in the 1980's but they melted in the tropics!)


debbiespoms rated for PH: Send 3 Postcards #27 on Jan 15, 2021
Comment: What a nice swap! Thank you for the PC choices & 4 extra. How nice of you!
Response: You're welcome, Debbie. Thanks for your rating & 💗.
Comment: I love all the animals you chose, especially the Greater Kudu. And I don't have an Octopus. Woo-Hoo! Love the envelope. Cool!
Response: Glad to add to your menagerie & happy you liked my choices & the envie. Thanks for your rating & 💗.
Comment: Thanks for the cool postcards. I love the artsy envelope you used too.
Response: You're welcome. It was fun choosing cards I thought you'd like. Thanks for your rating & 💗.
Vickyen rated for PH: P Is For (Blank or Naked) #2 on Jan 8, 2021
Comment: Hi Linda! Thank you for the lovely Poppy pc! It is a gloomy day, so anything bright is welcome! Love the joke as well, it did have me giggling and we need more of that as well!Wishing you all the best! Hugs, Happy New Year, and Happy Swapping! ;)
Response: Glad I was able to brighten your day a bit and add a giggle to these less-than-funny times. Thank you for the rating & 💗.
minniepic rated for PH: Scavenger Hunt For PCs #127 on Jan 6, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the nice postcards:) Also the envelope you made with the train and the train stamp was all so beautiful ❤️
Response: You're welcome. Glad you liked my mail offering! Thanks for your rating & 💗.
Comment: Thank you for the great assortment of cards!! I especially loved the card you sent them in with the B/W photo of Badlands. We visited Badlands this fall and it was amazing!
Response: Glad you liked the cards & happy to hear you were able to travel to the beautiful Badlands. Thanks for your rating & 💗.
Poohtat rated for Non-Tourist Postcards #22 on Jan 5, 2021
Comment: Wow, I love the selection you sent. The tattooed man and the frogs are awesome! Thank you
Response: I was hoping you'd like those! Thank you for the rating & 💗.
Comment: Thank you.
Response: You're welcome. Thanks for your rating & 💗.
jenh7498 rated for PH: Famous People #2 on Jan 3, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the great postcards & the extra’s!
Response: You're welcome. Thanks for your rating & 💗.
Comment: Thank you for the pretty postcards and the cute extra one. I mostly love The Discovery. My grandson is five and has not yet discovered. Have a peaceful and healthy year 2021.
Response: You're welcome, Inga. I remember how magical it was in those "pre-discovery" years. Happy New Year.
klover rated for PH: K Is For (Blank or Naked) #2 on Dec 26, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the postcards in an envelope. K-kiss, K, and kangaroo. Your handmade envelope is beautiful:-)
Response: I'm so glad you liked the K-cards as well as the envie. Beat wishes for a happy New Year -- and good riddance to 2020!
user6937 rated for PH: People Scavenger Hunt #4 on Dec 22, 2020
Comment: A superb collection of postcards have been received! Loved your letter - hope your luck continues (the good luck, that is). Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year. Please keep in touch - watch for an email from me :)
Response: So glad they finally reached you. Mail is so S-L-O-W these days. Glad to get your email & will respond soon. Merry Christmas!
Comment: Thanks! These are great cards! Love the one with the lights and the weird 50s decorating
Response: So glad you enjoyed the cards I chose for you. Thanks for your rating & 💗.
kydestar rated for 5 Postcards to 2 Partners #205 on Dec 17, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the superb postcards you sent, another great selection!
Response: So pleased that you like the cards I chose. Always a pleasure to swap with you. Happy Holidays.
Comment: Thank you for the great post cards you sent my way! Great ones for my collection! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
Response: You're welcome. I'm so glad you liked them. Thank you for your rating & 💗 and best wishes for a happy Christmas to you too.
lovesreward rated for PH: Four Season PC Swap #2 on Dec 12, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the postcards, the cool envelope and note. Last year at this time we were having some rain but it's been dry here in So Cal - so yes, I agree that Global Warming is messing things up for sure (thanks to man!). Ansel Adams is one of my favorite artists so thank you so much for his postcard! <3 Glad you are getting in some time in your garden. Our lemon and orange trees are going nuts - they are LOADED with fruit, so we may have lemonade in the winter this year, ha! Take care and stay safe. May the holidays treat you well and here's hoping 2021 is a much better year than this one was! <3
Response: My pleasure. I'm a fan of Ansel Adams work too. And here we have Clyde Butcher who is often called "the Ansel Adams of Florida, although his large format B&W photos aren't limited to Florida or even this country. We're having a bumper crop of citrus around here too. When life gives you lemons... Thanks for your rating & 💗.
ayahsantos rated for PH: I Is For (Blank or Naked) #2 on Dec 10, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much! Take Care always!
Response: You're welcome. Thanks for your rating & 💗 and you be safe too.
klover rated for PH: Scavenger Hunt For PCs #121 on Dec 9, 2020
Comment: Hi Linda:-) Thank you for the fun collection of pc's for this swap. ariel view-san francisco Island-Aruba Mountain/volcano-mauna-kea(dormant volcano) national park-glacier nat. park pixar or disney-little mermaid sunrise/sunset-beautiful sun set Thank you for the extras:-). Have a great day and happy swapping!
Response: You're welcome. Thanks, too, for your rating & 💗.
Comment: Oh Linda, I am so sorry to hear about the cottage. I wish you the best and will be looking forward to seeing you in other swaps. I will know all is ok. Best wishes to you on your search. And last but not least! Thank you for the wonderful cards! Loved them all! Merry Christmas.🎄🎁
Response: Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. I'm happy you liked the cards. Thanks, too, for your rating & 💗.
Comment: Wow! Great cat cards! And a Quilt! Thank you so much!
Response: You're very welcome. So glad you liked them. Thanks for your rating & 💗.

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wolfeagle on Dec 30, 2020:


mamajoy on Dec 25, 2020:

Thank you for your recommendation of Beasts of the Southern Wild. Excellent! Merry Christmas. Joy

rexypants on Jul 16, 2020:

You are welcome for the matchbox cards. Hope your July is going well. I hear you about the Covid-induced gloom!

user6937 on Jun 5, 2020:

Thanks for the b-day wishes 😁

Lorabora on Jun 2, 2020:

Thank you for Postcard Hideout postcard tag! These cards are great!

shirleyinCA on May 3, 2020:

So very thoughtful of you to remember me on my birthday with a beautiful art card plus your adorable childhood drawing of Mickey Mouse! You sure brought a big smile to my face during these dreary days! Thank you, thank you! Stay safe and healthy.

couchart on Mar 1, 2020:

Linda, thank you so much for the birthday card and kind words, I really appreciate it! I hope the mouth full of titanium isn't causing you too much trouble. I plan to send something your way soon. All the best, Cynthia

shirleyinCA on Dec 7, 2019:

Thank you so much for the Postcard Hideout tag plus extras! These Curious Feast cards are quite amazing! Yes, I love The Wind in the Willows, so Rat's picnic is very special; and I would not have known Mimi O Chun's work was soft sculpture if you had not mentioned it - when I study it closely, yes I can see it. All so intriguing. Thanks again.

MissPaula on Sep 6, 2019:

I hope Dorian hasn't been harassing you! Be safe!

dvmac on Jun 26, 2019:

Love, love, love the cards (PH Tag).Thank you. What a fascinating Peary story! Early 60s, so you must be a little older than I . Which is nice, cuz there's hardly anyone older than I am anymore. Haha. Loved the envie, too. And the note paper! Hah! Ain't it the truth!

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